OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain

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OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 2 420
Kishan Ramsundar
Azzy normally makes a video then jordie is watching on his phone or iPad ting idk 😐
Brandy Hampton
Brandy Hampton 2 hours ago
Lol, Jordi in the background chillin'. Love you Azzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths 12 hours ago
Lol how doesn't ur boyfriend hear u
Aaqib Mohamed
Aaqib Mohamed 4 days ago
Do you see Jordi in the bed 🛏
Kevin Riney
Kevin Riney 5 days ago
Im not a boy I a girl
Kevin Riney
Kevin Riney 5 days ago
Im not a boy I a girl
That Playlist Channel
the optical illusion is that the boat did not get smaller so it was like it was growing. Like if you caught that.
Rainbow Unicorny
Rainbow Unicorny 6 days ago
3:07 that's a power outlet not a light switch
Kevin Kvapil
Kevin Kvapil 6 days ago
Jordi just chillin
Yang Ping
Yang Ping 6 days ago
Does anybody see Azzy's boyfriend in the background? If you do hit that thumbs up button
Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips 8 days ago
1:34 Azzy! The optical illusion is that even though the person is backing away from the window, the view in it looks like it's growing big or just staying the same size!
Steven GVM
Steven GVM 8 days ago
2:52 it makes me very dizzy
Bunny kookie
Bunny kookie 8 days ago
Bunny kookie
Bunny kookie 8 days ago
J Berg
J Berg 11 days ago
The Sydney Opera House appears to get bigger even tho the camera is backing away from it. It SHOULD get smaller...that’s the illusion.
Alex Prasek
Alex Prasek 12 days ago
There's a optical illusion place in Singapore you should go to!
Angel Alonso
Angel Alonso 14 days ago
I know right
Ashok Chaudhari
Ashok Chaudhari 14 days ago
I saw Nordic in background 👇 hit the like if you saw too
Aimee Kaye
Aimee Kaye 11 days ago
Who’s Nordic
Ayan Afzal
Ayan Afzal 14 days ago
Is that kwebblecop?in the TLC (top left corner) 2:46
Rosalind Beltran
Rosalind Beltran 17 days ago
Who is the guy in the background am i right click the thumb up
Ayan Afzal
Ayan Afzal 14 days ago
Hey thats jordy the kwebblecop
Katie Lamothe
Katie Lamothe 17 days ago
Azzy jordi is on your bed.why does he have sun glasses on?
Antonia Valverde
Antonia Valverde 22 days ago
azzy doing a video that all people is seing Jordi/azzys boyfriend like you never seing Jordi
Yana Stozkovs
Yana Stozkovs 25 days ago
:40 no
Cooper Katis
Cooper Katis 26 days ago
You just see Jordi in the the back on the bed Who is watching this in December
Carlos Antuna
Carlos Antuna 26 days ago
Y is he on the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marcela Gutierrez
marcela Gutierrez 26 days ago
Look at his boyfriend in the background Like if you see him
Andre Flys
Andre Flys 29 days ago
You can just see Jordi on the bed
gacha_samwolf_ Burda-Alia
gacha_samwolf_ Burda-Alia
Azzy:guy! Stop the car! Me:dude why are you talking to the video
Dwanny Edwards
Dwanny Edwards Month ago
Wolfie Gacha
Wolfie Gacha Month ago
The optical illusion is thatthe boat is big when you see it at far its tiny when you see it close
Whats that illusion called when the car passed the poles
. J O R D I
Tommy 44 hd
Tommy 44 hd Month ago
I see Jorde
Itz cindy
Itz cindy Month ago
At 1:00 .. I've went to that art gallery and.. I still learned nothing :-; ... I dont understand it still..
Hannah Price
Hannah Price Month ago
Hi Jordi🙃👋
Trina LaBerge
Trina LaBerge Month ago
I can just se Jordy just relaxing on the bed in the background
Khia Smith
Khia Smith Month ago
Who noticed jordi in the back? тнαикѕ fσя тнє ℓιкє
Cezar G. Pacho Jr.
I just noticed jordi at the backround
Nails by Mezz
Nails by Mezz Month ago
Hey Geordie
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Month ago
I see jordi
Sofija S. Savic
Sofija S. Savic Month ago
Jordi must be proud and... really annoyed...
Lisa Almazan
Lisa Almazan Month ago
Jordi in the back
Grainne McIvor
Grainne McIvor Month ago
I sow your boy
Lily Read
Lily Read Month ago
Azzy: doing what she does best Jordi: chilling like a villain 🦹‍♂️
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez Month ago
Kwebbelkop is behind you
연지 Month ago
Who is behind you
Patty Tseng
Patty Tseng Month ago
Jordi is just chilln
Adam Dilati
Adam Dilati Month ago
The optical illusion with the Sydney Opera house was that it got bigger as the person backed away
Manal Alkhateeb
Manal Alkhateeb Month ago
But why kwebbelkob here?
nolan James vlogs
Why Is jordi in da background
What kind of illusion was called when the car dodged the poles
gekom Month ago
Is Jordi at the back
Gamer Luna Desiree
I was mind blown
JigrGamesJr Month ago
2:36 is the best to see Jordi
JigrGamesJr Month ago
1:28 The Sydney Opera is smaller then window frame when your close to the window but when you go farther the Sydney Opera gets bigger than the window frame.
Carine Lara Kala M. Dinglasan
Azzy can you try the try not to laugh chaleng
Shahan Shahan Km
Those things look like they r not moving because ScIeNcE
Heng Nath
Heng Nath Month ago
I see jordi in the backgroud
L'Oreal Edelen
L'Oreal Edelen 2 months ago
It felt like the hotel was moving
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