Opinion | 'Read the transcript': How Republican Fox News fans view the impeachment inquiry

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Fox News watchers are more committed to President Trump than other Americans. Post media critic Erik Wemple went to Fox Nation's Patriot Awards in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Nov. 6 to find out why. Read more: wapo.st/2NGmNkm. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson 3 months ago
Erik Wemple is successful.
Marvin Turner
Marvin Turner 5 months ago
Proving Blazon
Proving Blazon 6 months ago
"Bringing our troops home" hmmmm
Susan L
Susan L 6 months ago
Some typical traits of the pathological cult leader: Demands blind, unquestioned obedience. Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders. Has a sense of entitlement-expecting to be treated as special at all times. Is arrogant and haughty in his behaviour or attitude. Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) that allows him to bend rules and break laws. Is hypersensitive to how he is seen or perceived by others. Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy. Is frequently boastful of accomplishments. Needs to be the centre of attention and does things to distract others to ensure that he or she is being noticed, e.g., by arriving late, using exotic clothing, overdramatic speech, or by making theatrical entrances. Communication is usually one-way, in the form of dictates. Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is part of his personality. Behaves as though people are objects to be used, manipulated or exploited for personal gain. When criticized he tends to lash out not just with anger but with rage. Has “magical” answers or solutions to problems.
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson 6 months ago
Did he say bullshit?
Metonymy1979 6 months ago
The amount of stupidity in one place is amazing. You know these guys didn't read the transcript
Donna Kramer
Donna Kramer 6 months ago
It’s not fake news. They really believe what they are saying. It’s fake reality.
Jonas Soichy
Jonas Soichy 6 months ago
If this Washington post fake news he try to change their mind but they can’t
law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe
The political party Voters with a World Wrestling mentality & intellect. Hurray for my side. Who needs a conscience. Wait till their daughters bring home a Trump like date. Keep your wife & daughters nether regions covered up Dad.. You blatantly ignore warnings
Jasmine Salas
Jasmine Salas 6 months ago
I like how all the people who voted for him were white....like tf
Marilyn McDaniel
Marilyn McDaniel 6 months ago
Washington Post is fake news!!
Derka Derka
Derka Derka 7 months ago
There is a St. Petersburg in Florida? That's funny because most people know about st. Petersburg in another country.
D D 7 months ago
Conformation bias gotta love it.
Roman Zolanski
Roman Zolanski 7 months ago
You poor bastards.
mr fake news
mr fake news 7 months ago
wow democrats are brainwashed..... you idiots really think Biden committed no crimes in the Ukraine..........lmfao cant make this nut house, communist, drama up...
C.L Mckenzie
C.L Mckenzie 7 months ago
It’s willful ignorance- they purposely don’t want to be told the truth. Head in the sand. Shame.
C.L Mckenzie
C.L Mckenzie 7 months ago
Bruh I live in Florida - that wall got nothing to do with me lol I’m no where near it lol I can’t tell a difference if it’s built or not lol so to see a Floridian demanding a wall is so ludicrous to me lmao 😂
ed gj
ed gj 7 months ago
So sad
s sw
s sw 7 months ago
I disagree....people need some kind of political analysis. Yes, CNN is unwatchable and MSNBC has left bias but that can easily be filtered. If someone is intelligent enough to make their own opinions on C-span, can see through some of Nicole Wallace's emotional outburts... And for God's sake, stop trying to apear balanced by comparing CNN and MSNBC to Fox News "state TV" like propaganda.
British Knight
British Knight 7 months ago
I know Fox newscasters show their lack of knowledge every time they open their mouths but I would think Republican Senators would do what they were elected to do and represent the voters and uphold the Constitution. Huffman was jailed for bribing a college with her own money. GOP Senators say it's OK for Trump to bribe a foreign government with taxpayers money. It's Ok for Trump to intimidate witnesses. Trump is a known lier, these witnesses have served the American people with years of devoted service. Which do the Republicans believe
james marino
james marino 7 months ago
The corruption was within the democratic party ever since they lost the election onto the russian investigation and to what is transpiring today. What a joke. We all can see this and we all know on both sides this is a case of cry baby sore losers. What an example to make for our children to see adults in high places act so poorly. Ukraine corruption is written all over the dems. Do your research the president has the right to investigate corruption. If the corruption has attached one of the candidates he's running against so be it. This is the game they are in. These politicians are getting millions of dollars and acting like spoiled little kids who didn't get their way. And here's the parts the dems are up in arms over - Attorney General Barr and what he discovers. -"justice cometh and that right soon!" Lets see if Biden and the dems are laughing when the shift hits the fan. The best is yet to come folks. You are going to see some real investigations and some big people have to answer for what has been taking place. THEY BROUGHT THIS ON! And let me add they will never get 19 republicans to vote Trump out. It will never happen no matter what these democratic disgruntled employees testify to. You dems should have focused on winning at the ballot box not in a kangaroo court. Never going to turn 19 republicans. sorry. Now deal with what you started! Funny thing is, the ones who will face the music won't be the ones running this kangaroo court. They will walk with egg on her face while the ones in trouble will be all alone to take it in deep up their shifter!
M L.
M L. 7 months ago
Read the white house transcript? Just release the audio tapes.
Ricardo Serna
Ricardo Serna 7 months ago
I'm disappointed that people can be that stupid.
BS1 8 months ago
The Repbulicans in this one will go down in History as the quest of Power instead of the quest for justice. Mass Respect to the Ambassador and thank you for your service 🌷
Gregor Resch
Gregor Resch 8 months ago
The Ambassador to Ukraine has Trump all a titter as he tweeted away this morning. He is the very depiction of CORRUPTION.
Pasha Pindrik
Pasha Pindrik 8 months ago
Impeachable offense is when a president steals 10 trillion dollars from us and distributes them among his supporters to insure that his party will be in power forever and will keep stealing. Unfortunately that president belonged to a privileged race. Any questions ?
Pasha Pindrik
Pasha Pindrik 8 months ago
Not a single comment that has any sense or logic. Just lots of adjectives, zero substance. With these demo rats who needs enemies. What is the impeachment all about ? That Trump is forcing Ukrainians to investigate. As if they are resisting. In fact Ukrainians wanted to investigate Biden, Burisma, Victoria Nuland all along. Except Biden threatened them. All Trump did was to give them ok.
Pepper Quin
Pepper Quin 8 months ago
When reporters interview these people, please remind them Article 2 Section 4, and the monument law... and then re-read the transcript. Then ask, if Obama was to do this, how would you feel?
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion 8 months ago
Stogie Smoker
Stogie Smoker 8 months ago
Tяump is like a snowflake: _white, fragile, and with any luck gone by spring_ ❄
Clovis Meroclovis
Clovis Meroclovis 8 months ago
Amazon hates Trumps supporters
rich s
rich s 8 months ago
Trump is a dick and so are you
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 8 months ago
Undeniable proof that 3 out of every 5 trump/fox supporters are as braindead as the other 2 🤭 Fortunately their numbers are not nearly as high as we are being led to believe and soon they like past scourges on our beloved country will be just a bad memory. These United States of America will ALWAYS be free, united and strong. 🇺🇸
Ruvi 8 months ago
These people talk sense, much sensible than the interviewer.
Tony Rock
Tony Rock 8 months ago
Did they read the transcript. NO!
John Matrix
John Matrix 8 months ago
There is a text lie at 3:40. Goodbye you snake in the grass reporter.
connie jean
connie jean 8 months ago
• Guy says he’s improved race relations. WTF? Hate crimes are up 40%. White nationalist and KKK organizations have grown significantly. That man is delusional. • The woman says if he was a really bad guy we would know it. Doubtful. My parents only watch FauxNews. I talk to them about extremely important things that he’s said and done and they have no clue and don’t even believe me. - Trump fans get SO angry when you call them low information voters. But low information voters are the only people that would believe the things these people believe from FauxNews. SAD!
trublu97 What does that have to do with my comment?
trublu97 8 months ago
How is the russian collusion story going? Cohen has the goods? Oh, look, Avenatti is on CNN for the 310 time...
Consultant Mentor
Consultant Mentor 8 months ago
Yolanda Sosa
Yolanda Sosa 8 months ago
It's So Sad That These People Have A Wool Over There Eyes.. And That's Scary
trublu97 7 months ago
@shadowblack10 \ I has been, since March 10. "No collusion, no coordination, no cooperations" and TeeeVeeee, your gods, lied to you all that time. Booohooooo. Maybe you can watch an Avenatti interview on youtube for old times.
shadowblack10 7 months ago
trublu97 Face it. It’s over bro🤣
trublu97 8 months ago
russian collusion. don't you feel exploited at all by MSM?
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 8 months ago
Damn just give them the damned kool aid and put them out of their damned misery. Talk about blind stupidity, oh well to each their own! 😳😂🤣😂
trublu97 8 months ago
Got any russian collusion on ya? No? Hey, Avenatti is on CNN again, giving expert analysis, go tune in.
And of course they are all white people
Karen From Finasse
Karen From Finasse 8 months ago
Yeesh are Americans getting stupider or is it something in Florida's water?
Raytracer452 7 months ago
I am getting suspicious that Florida puts a lot of cool-aid in their water.
BS1 8 months ago
It's our fast food that's made by scientists and our music that stands up for nothing!!!
chitown23 23
chitown23 23 8 months ago
It's old people that have nothing better to do then sit around and get brainwashed by faux news
Logan Gritsky
Logan Gritsky 8 months ago
Impeachable Offenses committed by Trump: 1) Extortion of Ukraine: ""I need you to do us a favor, though" before supplying Ukraine with previously promised military aid. 2) Abuse of Power: Putting personal political campaign interests ahead of U.S. National Security interests. 3) Quid Pro Quo: "We do that all the time, get over it." Did you not know this modus operandi is the definition of unethical? 4) Obstruction of Justice: Ordering White House personnel Not to comply with congressional subpoenas for impeachment inquiry. 5) Obstruction of Justice: in the Muller probe. 6) Broken Oath of Office: Not upholding the rule of The Constitution supreme. Making exceptions for himself. 7) Embezzlement: Of charitable monies from his own damn charity! 8) Adultery: With a freaking PORN STAR. Eewww, Scummy Husband ! 9) Tax Evasion: Just ask his former hometown, New York City. 10) Collusion with Russia: There WAS evidence of collusion, just not enough to go to trial on. 11) Illegitimate Presidency: How could it EVER be legit when Trump is blatently, out-in-public-on-live-TV asking foreign governments to influence U.S. Elections.
Leonardo Suarez
Leonardo Suarez 8 months ago
Has anyone noticed the overall age group of Fox News fans. These are Boomers who been through several different Presidencies. They have experienced but..... not perception. These are who havent adapted to modern trends or understand them at all. I'm a Republican who values the social morality of modern society. I study the issues based on the now and not how we can be like before. Times have changed and markets are different. Climate change is actual fact and technology is different then back then. To be honest I'm not surprised on why this age group believes in Trumpism.
Leonardo Suarez
Leonardo Suarez 8 months ago
@trublu97 ?
trublu97 8 months ago
And, people should pay more attention to an age group that as a whole, lives at home longer, makes less money, can't start family, in debt, and snorts tide pods.
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 8 months ago
This people are blind
Chucks Grace
Chucks Grace 8 months ago
Simple it's a one sided soft coup attempt. The next insurance policy. And when it inevitably fails they'll move back to emulmentents, stormy and obstruction.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 8 months ago
It takes strong man to denied what's in front of them. -Spec Ops: The Line
Saddest News
Saddest News 8 months ago
Or weak minded to not believe what they are seeing
X 8 months ago
Repugnant Republican sycophants being brainwashed by a propaganda network whose currency is lies and the gaslighting of a narcissistic manchild.
trublu97 8 months ago
When is Mueller going to release his report? I hear it is a bombshell, with the wall closing in, and it is just like watergate.
Jocelin Silva
Jocelin Silva 8 months ago
The way he smacked his backpack in the car thoo
R Brown
R Brown 8 months ago
The one that is writing this Fact checked claims is stating Fake News. I frankly don't believe any news these day's including Fox because of the Bias. I would rather watch fox knowing I am being lied to 25 % of the time than watch CNN or MSNBC knowing I am being lied to 85 % of the time. I support Trump over Fox news by a long shot.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 8 months ago
Love the fact checks they have in there
Carolus 8 months ago
They love their bubble. With Fox News and Trump, their world is secure. All the brown people will be sent away and they can keep all their guns and Christianity is safe. Can you blame them? They're happy and THEY VOTE! It's up to us to get to the polls in 2020 and out VOTE them!
jlfliberty 8 months ago
So you don't like Brown people or Christians. The Germans also added Jewish people. How about you?
M K 8 months ago
Read the actual transcript in the private server like they demanded to read all of Hillary Clinton’s emails from the private server. Sounds fair, doesn’t it
Above All, United
Above All, United 8 months ago
Boomers running the asylum
Debbie Massey
Debbie Massey 7 months ago
I’m a boomer and quite frankly I’m tired of being lumped in with these idiots.
John Bean
John Bean 8 months ago
Imagine what kind of stable genius paints himself into a corner while standing in an oval office.
Glen Blanton
Glen Blanton 7 months ago
@Burning snow Watch you Dem/Communist! The Dem Party, Hillary and 95% of Obama administration higher ups and Obama himself! It became treason when their ILLEGAL activity continued once Trump was elected President! The reports coming out will place MANY in prison all the way up! Dem/Communist constantly attacking people who support a real American President is getting out of hand and will cause the end of these people very quickly!
Burning snow
Burning snow 7 months ago
@Glen Blanton Awfully strong word to throw around. Can you provide tangible evidence from multiple sources that backs up your claim?
Burning snow
Burning snow 7 months ago
@Glen Blanton What makes you use the word traitor?
Glen Blanton
Glen Blanton 8 months ago
thank God you idiots will not be or have a President for MANY years to come! Time to clean up you traitors!
David Ryan
David Ryan 8 months ago
Exactly right, read the transcript. If you read the Post, you get nothing but lies. This rag has been lying about Trump since he was elected.
Chris 8 months ago
98% of thee most Sadly Stupid!! FOX Propaganda Network!!!!
Linda Camacho
Linda Camacho 8 months ago
Telling Republicans to read the transcripts really doesn't mean much when you are addressing people with a reeading level of Peter Rabbit.
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. drops mic.
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart 8 months ago
Can't fix stupid. These people (brainwashed dumbfucks) are a lost cause.
trublu97 8 months ago
I see Avenatti is on CNN again, and he says the walls are closing in, a bombshell report is coming up, and Mueller report.
branden burks
branden burks 8 months ago
How does CIA owned Washington Post play on my auto play!? If NEVER watch this or any other United States establishment news. Get this bullchit out of my algorithm!
Pitbull Romans 5:8
Pitbull Romans 5:8 8 months ago
Tricky Dick's Watergate is topped by Tricky Trump's Ukrainegate.
Global Mask Penguin
Global Mask Penguin 8 months ago
Now I know how American morons look and sound like
Dictator Orange Baby Man
Kids supporting kid.
technicolor tabby
technicolor tabby 8 months ago
Watching this is sad and fristrating. How can you reach people who are so disconnected from reality and truth? Willfull ignorance and cognitive dissonance is a tragic combination afflicting these people. They truly behave as if they are in a cult.
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. WaPo has zero respect for you pushing that fake news, and here you are, wanting more
Phil 8 months ago
Abandon ship.
Frank Gary
Frank Gary 8 months ago
Brainwashed cult followers. I love the woman that said the only impeachable offense would be Trump lying under oath. Trump never ever lies
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. How is the sucker? any bombshell reports coming out?
Cesar Aguilar
Cesar Aguilar 8 months ago
Scary 40% exposed to the world to have in consideration, no education, no Morality.
crissi gräbner
crissi gräbner 8 months ago
Oh my Goodness
Bill Miller
Bill Miller 8 months ago
Trump will release a 2nd "transcript", to become the most transparent president in the history of the USA. If you have an IQ of 100 or more, you can see right through him. Unfortunately half the citizens of the US are below average,. with 5 states significantly below average in education. They are West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Trump visits these states when he needs a boost from his base.
Bill Miller
Bill Miller 8 months ago
@trublu97 "Look at the statics?" Is English your 2nd language, or did you drop out of high school? I have lived in the big city, and I have lived in rural areas. I worked for several fortune 500 companies and am a military veteran. I give you verifiable facts, and you give me your opinion which you state as fact. You throw percentages around like you have done research. But, you give no references for your alleged "facts". You think that poor stupid addicts swarm to the polls on election day, to vote Democrat? I'll give you my Trump response to that....Me Clueless?...., NO, ..... YOU CLUELESS!"
trublu97 8 months ago
@Bill Miller well, you need to look at the statics to understand them. The cities hire people from all over the country to work and run their companies. Boston, NYC LA, SF, Philly. Most, if not all, are from out of state. From flagship universities in the midwest. the south. The actual city people in these liberals cities are dumber than a box of rock, drug addicts, criminals. That number is around 90%, all of whom vote for democrats. People like me, from middle country, get hired and relocate, but are very much in the minority....5% max. People leave middle america because the gov had gutted the manufacturing base so the "smart people" have to relocate. Those "smart" liberal states are anything but. LA/SF/NYC/Boston has some very smart people in the top5%, but below that are poor, stupid, and addicts. Thanks for exposing yourself as having no clue, don't work at a profession job, and don't have a marketable education. If you did, you would know this.
Bill Miller
Bill Miller 8 months ago
@trublu97 You can verify my comments by googling "education level, states". Then, you can google a red/blue map of the 2016 presidential election results. You will see that the lowest average citizen education levels are in the following states: West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Kentucky is #45. They all voted for Trump in 2016. I give you facts, you give me your opinion. My facts are based in logic and reason, and your opinion is based in belief. That's the difference today, between a Democrat and a Republican. Follow Lindsey Graham's lead and refuse to watch the impeachment hearings. You can only be exposed to facts which could undermine your beliefs.
trublu97 8 months ago
60 percent of white males with a college education vote trump. 98% of inner city minorities making less than 30K vote democrat. Got anything else, "Bill"
Dodgy Trump
Dodgy Trump 8 months ago
Wow tRumpanzees are so ill informed by Fake Fox News it’s astonishing that they are still allowed to exist at all.
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. how did that go again?
Peter Rees
Peter Rees 8 months ago
Brilliant - “Opinion Hosts” need less of them. “No I don’t want to speak to your brand.” Need less of them. “He hasn’t done anything up till now.” Need less of them. “ Abuse of power? Not that I can see?” Put simply please give us more Erik ... love him. Get him out there more often please.
mac2phin 8 months ago
Dunning Kruger. Thinking with my enormous mind that I know my snake oil from my snake oil salesman.
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. fell for that one, sucker.
CAILZZZ 8 months ago
So many idiots here ... just like the commentator who can't even spell correctly. Facts checking with their own quotes/lies. W.P. is pathetic ! Another media for the usefull idiots and easily mindcontroled. Sheeps with no critical thinking and no knowledge of society. Idiotcracy at it's best ! Clap clap !
Christopher Elam
Christopher Elam 8 months ago
They're so, sooooo dumb :(
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. fell for that one, sucker.
Justice Dodson
Justice Dodson 8 months ago
Looks like he has a mouthful of something before this video
Donna Inari *
Donna Inari * 8 months ago
Shouldn't WaPo be "fact checking" from a source other than themselves? It's kind of like saying "I'm right because I said so".
Florida Patriot
Florida Patriot 8 months ago
Exactly, the wapo is just like CNN and MSNBC, all in bed with the democrat party. They are American hating globalist that seek to destroy America, the despise President Trump because he is trying to reverse all of the policies, taxes, regulations, and foreign trade deals that have screwed Americans over for decades!
Heng Ung
Heng Ung 8 months ago
The sad thing is fox is not the only propaganda machine. Washington Post and CNN as well as NBC and many others are just as bad just extremely left . PS: reading the transcript (which is real) is better than believing Schiff's parody of it (which is a horror story Schiff made up). Who is more sheepish?
Серж Шуляченко
Українські бойові гелікоптери Ми-24 завдали повітряного удару з використанням штатного озброєння по бойовиках ADF (Allied Democratic Forses) у Демократичні Республіці Конго. Подія сталася днями у районі Семуліке, провінція Північне Ківу, ДР Конго, у відповідь на обстріл однієї із військових баз Місії ООН, повідомляє Генеральний штаб ЗС України. “ Екіпажі Мі-24 зі складу 18-го окремого вертолітного загону Місії ООН зі стабілізації в ДР Конго здійснювали супровід південноафриканського транспортного вертольоту TP-1 Oryx. У відповідь на зухвалі дії бойовиків командуванням Місії ООН зі стабілізації в ДР Конго було прийнято рішення про негайний вогонь у відповідь. Отримавши відповідний наказ про вогневу підтримку наземних сил та координати цілей, пілоти українських «двадцятьчетвірок» нанесли повітряний удар з використанням штатного озброєння. Після атаки Мі-24, бойовики припинили вогонь та відступили вглиб джунглів. У результаті нападу бандформування жоден миротворець не постраждав.
Judith Aldridge
Judith Aldridge 8 months ago
Only at a "Fox Not News" event would you find so many people who are dumb as a bucket of rocks.
trublu97 8 months ago
Mueller report. fell for that one, sucker.
Florida Patriot
Florida Patriot 8 months ago
You are the bucket of rocks, since you obviously believe the lies spewed by the WAPO and CNN and MSNBC!!!!
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