Opening Retro Basketball Packs NBA 2K19 Draft

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Troydan opens cards from the 80s, 90s to try and form an entire roster on NBA 2K19 #NBA #NBA2K19
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Jul 13, 2019

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Comments 2 568
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones 2 days ago
The rust lord
Luca Mandel
Luca Mandel 5 days ago
Name is David
Safe Alsahqani
Safe Alsahqani 7 days ago
He has 2 point guards
Lunar Lightning
Lunar Lightning 9 days ago
Jose De la cruz
Jose De la cruz 11 days ago
U had 2 pg😂😂
Lilit Hovhannisyan
Lilit Hovhannisyan 12 days ago
Buck is in the game
Riot Kid
Riot Kid 12 days ago
Cris mullen
Riot Kid
Riot Kid 12 days ago
Riot Kid
Riot Kid 12 days ago
Skylar Conradi
Skylar Conradi 13 days ago
Jimothy name the kniffer jimothy
Shamar Gooding
Shamar Gooding 13 days ago
Lively Pizza
Lively Pizza 13 days ago
If you don’t hit the like button you are a yarn makin bag of lemonade 🤔
Come get this Ligma
17:30 "shut the door and screw a fox"
Jinx 6505
Jinx 6505 19 days ago
This man really took Detlef Schrempf over Chris Mullin. Bruh
quaddy098 YT
quaddy098 YT 19 days ago
Uwe blab XD
Joaco van Haezevelde
Kolioko Live
Kolioko Live 20 days ago
I see Troy watched trailer park boys 😂
Mike Villegas
Mike Villegas 20 days ago
It’s a sign that Opal Wilkins was gonna come out
Jeff Crow
Jeff Crow 20 days ago
ol rusty or little victor
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 21 day ago
Troydan: "I only got one point guard." Spud Webb: "Excuse me WTF?"
Santa Soriano
Santa Soriano 21 day ago
Arnay Murray
Arnay Murray 23 days ago
First pack he had Penny Hardaway too
Samraj Mangat
Samraj Mangat 24 days ago
lau tat chun
lau tat chun 25 days ago
defiant lion
defiant lion 25 days ago
1:49 we should call it tetanus
Justin Martin
Justin Martin 25 days ago
Nobody: Troydan: I have no players!
Kaleb Zavala
Kaleb Zavala 26 days ago
Name your razor Suzan jr
Jackson Klaas
Jackson Klaas 26 days ago
Chief_ 27 days ago
Can you just make a trading card opening channel😂
TheMountain 307
TheMountain 307 27 days ago
I want that Eric leckner!
Ada Varga
Ada Varga 27 days ago
22:12 white people are crazy
Lil Hander
Lil Hander 27 days ago
Troydan: *looks at first card* “Oh thats the one” Also Troydan: *looks at next card* “OO THATS THE ONE”
Jams Batista
Jams Batista 27 days ago
akeem is his real name 😀
Sicko Kannon
Sicko Kannon 28 days ago
Brad daughtery is a diamond. Bruh.
Rodney McCoy II
Rodney McCoy II 28 days ago
Rusty Dan
Preston Dowling
Preston Dowling 28 days ago
craig ehlo is still in the game as an emerald reward, actually has A shooting
Jack Amorin
Jack Amorin 28 days ago
Should have took magic then Michael
Cooper Cleveland
Cooper Cleveland 28 days ago
There was a penny hardaway in the first pack
Michael Ahonen
Michael Ahonen 29 days ago
22:12 😭 iykyk
Green best Games
Green best Games 29 days ago
Craig ehlos card is crazy
ImLittt 29 days ago
Inexpugnabilis 29 days ago
Hakeem Olajuwon changed his name to Hakeem when he decided to be a Muslim. Before that his name really was Akeem
Inexpugnabilis 29 days ago
Uwe Blab was a german basketball Player. You pronounce him Oové
Brahma Bull Gaming
Brahma Bull Gaming 29 days ago
You should’ve taken Magic and Mike both 🤷🏻‍♂️ they were both on the card so its only right to take them both
Katrina Williams
Katrina Williams 29 days ago
Imma need u to learn the history of the game if ur entire channel is basically all NBA. My guy picked Wardell Curry II over Alex English lol
Brendan The Gamer
Brendan The Gamer 29 days ago
My step bro has a retro pack
Jud Good
Jud Good 29 days ago
21:16 trailer park boys reference💀
Jm Spideyy
Jm Spideyy Month ago
Call it rusty
Jace Reyes
Jace Reyes Month ago
Eljoyza Yap
Eljoyza Yap Month ago
Name it rustu
Jaimie Han
Jaimie Han Month ago
Why did he take dell over Alex English’s?🤨🤨 still my favorite 2k RUvidr Dan
Jaimie Han
Jaimie Han Month ago
Jaimie Han
Jaimie Han Month ago
And detled over Chris mullin🙀😫
Corndog Lover
Corndog Lover Month ago
💩 poop 💩 poop 💩 poop 💩
Corndog Lover
Corndog Lover Month ago
michael god
michael god Month ago
I shut the door and screwed the Fox.
Margaret Olson
Margaret Olson Month ago
mark ellis
mark ellis Month ago
you drafted 2 point guards gary payton and spub webb
mark ellis
mark ellis Month ago
I would take moses because I think gary payton dosent have a galaxy opal but moses does
SeVenMiller i
SeVenMiller i Month ago
Does he not know that Alex English lead the points in the entire 80s
valorfloress flores
can't believe i give a like just by hearing the intro lol
BloodFox 45
BloodFox 45 Month ago
Anyone gonna realize how he didn’t recognize Jerome lane?
vSpiffyy Month ago
Michael Cage is a commentator for the Thunder these days lol
Corey Billups
Corey Billups Month ago
Liam Calhoun
Liam Calhoun Month ago
Call the razor rusty
Ethan H10
Ethan H10 Month ago
Why does everyone sleep on Alex English?
Yolande Jean
Yolande Jean Month ago
roman the best
!Exclamation Productions!
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Month ago
I can’t believe he passed on Alex English
Mr. SportzMaster
Karen the razor blade
fxmous.k Month ago
really skipped over alex english
murillotwin murillotwin
Spud Webb is gay
Riley Mema
Riley Mema Month ago
It should Patrick
Connor Burke
Connor Burke Month ago
The name of the blade should be Dirty Dan
Kotuku Macky
Kotuku Macky Month ago
Akeem Olajuwon is Hakeems twin brother.
sam regier
sam regier Month ago
His videos are still entertaining as fuck but it’s hard to watch sometimes cus he just gets teams full of opals and he doesn’t really have to use shitty teams, Troy Dan is still goat tho
A1- Aimz
A1- Aimz Month ago
Call the new razor blade “dirty dan”
1k subs if your a gamer
Lonzo Blade
KM - 06WS - David Leeder MS (1544)
Name it lylol
Bryce Davis
Bryce Davis Month ago
All he says is Soary and out here today
Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Month ago
Can a monkey draft a 2K Team? In 3 weeks: 310K
Gojyo Gaming
Gojyo Gaming Month ago
Darryl the deck opener
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