OPEN BASE ON DAY ONE! - Rust DUO Survival #1

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This could be the easiest start I've ever had...
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Oct 22, 2018




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Comments 502
MrMemeio Year ago
OH BOY DO WE HAVE SOME JUICY CONTENT COMING YOUR WAY, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. (literally) Big shoutout to the homie 'TheBigGeee' for helping me not be completely garbage solo for once, you're gonna be seeing him a lot over this series, so check him out! TheBigGeee: bit.ly/2PH8n1N Also, because you're reading this far ahead and I love you, just a reminder that I'll be at Pax AUS (Melbourne) from Oct. 26th - 29th !! If you're there, keep an eye out for Buzz :) Thanks for watching! I really hope you liked it.
yeet man
yeet man 11 months ago
Pok3q 11 months ago
MrMemeio he lost ur MP5, what an idiot
Cindy Baxley
Cindy Baxley 11 months ago
MrMemeio I liked the vid and subscribed
Thomas Vathke
Thomas Vathke Year ago
uncut airsoft
uncut airsoft Year ago
Joaquin Fideles
Joaquin Fideles 10 days ago
2:31 when you go to Walmart
AceNep_15 14 days ago
If this isnt scripted
YT_ Quartz
YT_ Quartz Month ago
ur the best i love ur channel please keep up the good work on your rust videos and your whole channel :)
x Zeeq
x Zeeq 2 months ago
Noooo they missed the box under their 2 could of been aks or Tommy’s maybe customs nooooo
Illusions 3 months ago
lol memio got killed by anti-memes several times xD
Akeim Joseph
Akeim Joseph 3 months ago
Amazing intro, I sub now
100 subs with 0 vids
bruh why was he using he tommy with a 4x? thats nooby
Iqbal Fadhila
Iqbal Fadhila 3 months ago
Fuck vidio
Austin 4 months ago
Montoya monsters
Montoya monsters 4 months ago
This video was posted on my birthday
King_ Kieffer_
King_ Kieffer_ 4 months ago
They faked this
77 Weary??
77 Weary?? 4 months ago
7:18 stop copying stevie
Big Bubba
Big Bubba 4 months ago
I'm confused you said you were 5inutes into the game when you found the loot but when back to a base to store it HmMmMMMMMmMM
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 3 months ago
Gee had made the base before memeio got on
Myles Haysham
Myles Haysham 4 months ago
is this scripted?
Filip čepon
Filip čepon 4 months ago
Am i the only one thinking this was scripted... Cmon man
CJ Lilac
CJ Lilac 4 months ago
Filip čepon yup your the only one
mountain slingshots
mountain slingshots 4 months ago
that lisp tho
tako taceddin
tako taceddin 4 months ago
i follow you bro pls also rust always rust ok?
coolnoodleboy !
coolnoodleboy ! 4 months ago
WHY DID you not destroy the beds and than tc build a new door and keep all the loot
Voozle 4 months ago
Fuck you why u end it
Excel Thr4sh
Excel Thr4sh 4 months ago
He gets killed Me this game is easy I try it 2 days I throw my pc out the window
xamurai00 5 months ago
One thing i enjoyed about memeios last series was that he was talking to us.. now hes just talking to someone else.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 5 months ago
I want to get rust soooo badly but I don’t know if my parents will think it’s appropriate, Any thoughts anyone?
Jack Cerutti
Jack Cerutti 5 months ago
Should have destroyed that first bases tc with the fire arrows in the base!!!
RedMist YT
RedMist YT 5 months ago
When you chop wood fast Me: oof thats some good editing New players to game : HACKING!!!!
BufABuffalo 6 months ago
Your aim is so damn garbage. But I like your vids.
PRANK STARS 6 months ago
Give me somme of that SWEAT CONTENT
10k subs with no videos?? ?
If you play rust and you’re seeing this I’m looking to play again I have 1k+ hours and I need a teammate REPLY IF YOU wanna play with me plz have experience
pikaparty 219
pikaparty 219 6 months ago
Only video I have ever claimed being scripted
Russian doge
Russian doge 6 months ago
Have you done a rust academy ? hmmmm ?
Jim Pickens worshiper
I don't think he did most of his content isn't staged.
Frank Klaus
Frank Klaus 7 months ago
In the beginning I was done with that server
Frank Klaus
Frank Klaus 7 months ago
Gg man that was my base
Ninja Shinobi
Ninja Shinobi 7 months ago
You Stole A Mans Only Loot And House He Was Crying (Maybe) When He Came Back
eehnis 7 months ago
That fucking intro was so nice
Ned P.J
Ned P.J 7 months ago
3:30 ill RACK the ladders too. That’s how u know ur Australian.
Asura Br
Asura Br 7 months ago
720P send a Hug
Mr. FrenchFry
Mr. FrenchFry 7 months ago
U and wilsonator should do a duo
Icy Flickz
Icy Flickz 7 months ago
His pc over heated
ShadyTree Tea
ShadyTree Tea 7 months ago
Open locked doors used to be a glitch from years ago. all doors of every base got opened but stayed locked. Crazy shit. but just on one base? lol drinking while farming not a good idea
Fortified_Teen TV
Fortified_Teen TV 7 months ago
When you first play rust uncensored..... joins new game until he’s a woman
The zombies slayer 1234
Can u play with codfish aging good quality content
Victor Matautia
Victor Matautia 8 months ago
This may be scripted, but either way, it is enjoyable.
fysox PLAYZ
fysox PLAYZ 8 months ago
You easily scared him and then followed him right to his base not only would get your stuff back also juicy loot
Jonas Nordli Bamrud
Jonas Nordli Bamrud 8 months ago
Nah, its staged
Sneaky 8 months ago
What servers do you play on and which are good
Bernt Magnus Myraunet
1:43 ok, so by the looks on this base, and this is vanilla. your pretty late into the wipe? how does people have full high quality and wb 3 in a new wipe??? when its vanilla. must be 4 guys grinding 10 hours lol
Jim Pickens worshiper
People saying it is staged I don't think so what do you think.
DaRk RmN
DaRk RmN 8 months ago
please just dont say that word fuckin....u say that 1000 times i need ur videos with no bad words pls
THE GHOST 8 months ago
ScRipTeD Joking
Juvo IOS
Juvo IOS 8 months ago
Good content man you just earned yourself a subscriber keep up the good work!
GAY BOYS UNITE 9 months ago
9:38 nice assassins creed whistle
MAK3XUTH1LL 1ZML 9 months ago
I can't never play rust good I always die 😂
The last FPS
The last FPS 5 months ago
Gabriel Thegod I also can’t English good, lmao
Young Blood
Young Blood 9 months ago
You had a satchel and metal for a codelock and door and you tend just to run.mmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmhmhmh well this jits dumb
Austin Kopp
Austin Kopp 9 months ago
Fake and gay
Mat The Bat
Mat The Bat 9 months ago
Keith Jones
Keith Jones 9 months ago
I love rust
Mat The Bat
Mat The Bat 9 months ago
John Taylor
John Taylor 9 months ago
I don't think its scripted I think they were upgrading then the game crashed
Onyx 9 months ago
thats retarded he could have satcheled tc and put on a airlock and got all the loot.. fake
AdvertoB 9 months ago
OMG I just noticed that was my base and left it open xD 😂😂 I’m not even joking
Mat The Bat
Mat The Bat 9 months ago
Yeahhhhh suuuurrree fortnite virgin you probably only have fortnite cuz ur broke fortnite is trash you shit
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