Only The Family & Lil Durk - Hellcats & Trackhawks (Official Video)

Lil Durk
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Shot by @Jerryphd
I remember claiming Dipset (Let's get it)
I had some bitches on my line, I told them bitches get they lips wet (Bitch, get your lips wet)
Lock that door, where them bows at? (Let's get it)
Search for his gun, where his pole at? (Where his pole at?)
We on his ass, where his shows at? (Where his shows at?)
He get away, we on his ass, where he parole at? (Where hе parole at?)
I be hatin' when thеse rappers call these rappers brothers (Brothers)
Only The Family in my eyes, bitch, we got each other (Yeah)
I popped a Perc' and drunk a gallon, man, that hurt my stomach (Man, what?)
Doin' the dash inside the Lamb', that shit had make me vomit (Yeah, yeah)
Fuck from the back, I pull her hair, she screamin' while she cummin' (She cummin')
Got foenem' G-locks, they be clutchin' every time they servin' (Gang)
With all that rah-rah, like you like that, come around, you nervous (On gang)
Sneaky talkin' like you like that, now you actin' turtle (On gang)
Yeah, you ain't like that, you ain't catch a murder
Opps be threatenin' me in my DM, we ain't never worried (We ain't never worried)
Bleed, free Lil Steve, yeah, I call him Curry (Curry)
He be to himself but he'll catch a murder (Catch a murder)
I'm smokin' weed, I don't fuck with dirty (Fuck with dirty)
Can't trust a E, 'cause these bitches dirty ('Cause these bitches dirty)
I feel like Gleesh when I clutch my .30 (Uh)
Get out the streets, bitch, you touchin' thirty (Touchin', uh)
Dski been trappin', he just touched a thirty (Touched a-, uh)
Rich O be cappin' but you know that's brodie (Yeah)
Uh, ayy, Booka put the switch on for me broski (Broski)
Uh, these niggas lookin' like these niggas know me (Know me)
Yeah, you ain't my brother, you ain't my dawg or homie (Homies)
We got poppin', now they all our homies (Woo, gang)
I just had a threesome with two thick bitches (Let's get it)
They just suckin' dick 'cause I don't lick bitches (Gang, woo, gang)
He know I fucked his BM, now he sick with it (Gang, gang, gang)
Shot in his shit so when he spit, you know he twitch with it
Hellcats and Trackhawks (Let's get it)
They got Timmy on the turn up, finna blast-off (Go)
He wouldn’t got caught for that body, took his mask off (Take is mask off)
She a ungrateful lil' bitch, I take her ass off (Take her ass off)
Give me them titties back, bitch
They call my phone like, "Get them glizzys back", bitch
Tell your favorite rapper we ain't feelin' that, bitch
Tell your favorite trapper we ain't hearin' that (Let's get it)
He want four thou' but I got two, so nigga give me that (Man, give me that)
This stick up easy, this shit pity pat (This shit pity pat)
Know how I bleed, this where my city at (Where my city at)
I'm from the 'Raq, you know it's litty there (You know it's litty there)
I ain't never bleed, that rap’ll get me there (Yeah)
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Mar 26, 2021




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Comments 99
The Bul Bk
The Bul Bk 35 minutes ago
The Bul Bk
The Bul Bk 35 minutes ago
Taariq Robinson
maaaaaannn whaaaaaat
_NBGD_NLE Savkke
Raheem TV
Raheem TV Hour ago
I’m Jay
I’m Jay Hour ago
All ways fire
IC3 v.1
IC3 v.1 Hour ago
I’m here before tiktok
thrax! 2 hours ago
Von would have been so hard on this
Vlogg with jocelyn
Vlogg with jocelyn 2 hours ago
Purrrrrrrrrr♡♡♡♡♡♡ go lil durkkkkkkk
Paper Cutz28g
Paper Cutz28g 3 hours ago
They got Timmy on a turner Finna blast off he with his guy caught that body take his mask off
Dream Lol
Dream Lol 4 hours ago
Weeeeee eeeeeee yeeeeeeee
Busy Poptart
Busy Poptart 4 hours ago
The beat itself is just a menace
TIME PASS 4 hours ago
Niggatello the 5th Ninja Turtle
Why this sound like young ma
Niggatello the 5th Ninja Turtle
@Brandon Walker ?
Brandon Walker
Cadan Washington
Cadan Washington 5 hours ago
i was sleep in the car and this came on and turned my dream into a nightmare
XC0MB4T 5 hours ago
So we all here bc of cj so cool
The Youngest Flexer 84 Da Great
Turn down for what I got whatever you need surplus got you surprised we want his head body an soul no saying sorry you apologize I don't want no beef you boring they burning shirts I'm burning bridge's we not go mix business with pleasure play it safe or get rolled over
The Youngest Flexer 84 Da Great
No thinking strength is absolute I givem the boot if they lazy an don't cook I wrote my own story name unknown I'm in the zone shout-out to my clone you'll never be me fully I fill in like phill I be in that water like Phelps sharks swim in Everything but they own blood what up homie I can't you see you lonely take this up off my hands for me
Dre Capone
Dre Capone 5 hours ago
Nasir 5 hours ago
Wish bra rap like this all the time.. I know the auto tune shyt bring the money in, in this new generation. But erytime he come wit no auto tune its always 🔥
YxngTre14 5 hours ago
0:10 who clocked Joshlaurent's Hellcat 🔥🔥
OTK Aceova
OTK Aceova 6 hours ago
“jus cause y’all rep the same thing don’t mean them guys 💯”
OTK Aceova
OTK Aceova 6 hours ago
I hate you nigga cause ik what u did to von nigga, but this shit fye, guess that how it is when yo soul ain’t yours nomo
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 6 hours ago
child's OTF Lil Durk OTF Lil Durk music new song
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 6 hours ago
Quade 7 hours ago
"Ay Booka put the switch up for me broski !!!!!!"
J D Brockington
J D Brockington 7 hours ago
You did von wrong
HIROX 8 hours ago
Life Uncut
Life Uncut 8 hours ago
Cesar cesar
Cesar cesar 9 hours ago
Best part is when it starts right away
Tiffany Martin
Tiffany Martin 9 hours ago
This go hard no cap
kingtez20 10 hours ago
kingtez20 10 hours ago
loon2x 11 hours ago
kno hw i bleed dis were my city 🔥🔥💯💯💚❤414
loon2x 11 hours ago
Michael Vigil
Michael Vigil 13 hours ago
Man King von deserves that murder rate increase. Where that get back?!
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams 4 hours ago
Ain’t gon be a get back and that shouldn’t bother you, you a fan, that type of shit does not concern you
Divine savage
Divine savage 13 hours ago
Divine savage
Divine savage 13 hours ago
0:19 go crazy
Sandis11:11 13 hours ago
before king von died he wasn't that good! 🤔🤔🤔
Murm BiZ
Murm BiZ 14 hours ago
This need 2 b camkat intro 🤣😂😂
Murm BiZ
Murm BiZ 14 hours ago
Saint squad BiG red eye u like that 🤣😂🤣
Timmy Timmy
Timmy Timmy 15 hours ago
My name Timmy
corisma ward
corisma ward 15 hours ago
“Tell yo favorite rapper we ain’t feeling that” sorry durk I love u and all butt✨🏀we ain’t feeling that😭😭
The green Way
The green Way 15 hours ago
Shit trashe he talk all shit ain’t do nun for von
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams 4 hours ago
Who cares nigga, get over it, that shit don’t concern you and you not gon do shit about it
ZzY LenBoi
ZzY LenBoi 15 hours ago
LIL DURK just promoted mopar😂
107 JR
107 JR 16 hours ago
I’m going to his show on June 4th in okc ima sneak my hammer in tha bitch
hass Wrld
hass Wrld 16 hours ago
mr s
mr s 16 hours ago
How to listen to this song- 1- Get a hellcat charger/challenger or a trackhawk. 2- Gather all your homies. 3- Install subs on car. 4- Find big empty parking lot at night. 5- Do crazy launches, drifts, donuts and burnout. 6- Have fun. 7- Repeat everytime you feel down. Also feel free to add your own steps.
Noah Hance
Noah Hance 17 hours ago
Efrain Velez
Efrain Velez 18 hours ago
Spazz finesse “ BEEF WITH ME” feat. Dee Trendyyy
Aden Barnette
Aden Barnette 19 hours ago
Am I the only person see durk leave him hangers
Aden Barnette
Aden Barnette 19 hours ago
Hanging *
Cj 19 hours ago
we got timmy on the turner
Michael Fernandes
Michael Fernandes 20 hours ago
Cj so cool right now 1:50
suckmaballz25 20 hours ago
Sounds like von living thru durk maybe we gonna have another crazy story
Barson Cackwood
Barson Cackwood 20 hours ago
1:41 he leaves mans hanging. 1:44 he was notified his mans was left hanging and respectfully shakes, realizing his mistake.
Gonzalez Hernandez
Gonzalez Hernandez 21 hour ago
Durkio pissttt 😤
Da’vy Youngin
Da’vy Youngin 21 hour ago
My guy josh Laurent and wasn’t playing lol I see big red eye baby boy.!
ZyDaGoat 223
ZyDaGoat 223 23 hours ago
Bruh this has to be to the hardest song durk song I know I'm not the only one who thinks so
Valentin Stephens
Valentin Stephens 23 hours ago
lock the door where the boats at 😂😂😂
Monty-_- Clapzzz
Monty-_- Clapzzz 23 hours ago
Aj Legacy Stanley
Aj Legacy Stanley 23 hours ago
Let’s go!!! Turn up
Heater ChristCloud
Heater ChristCloud 23 hours ago
You are in my good thoughts
Sodak Joint
Sodak Joint Day ago
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Stojanovski
the beat put of the world no cap
Jae Penhkeo
Jae Penhkeo Day ago
He get away We on his a** where his. Parol at🤞🏼😈🔥
YoKai Watch
YoKai Watch Day ago
Bro who made this beat bro tht shit is too hard🔥🔥🔥
The Lich
The Lich Day ago
jihad, jihad, malla malla durk durk durk.
Nigel Aluyi
Nigel Aluyi Day ago
when i open apack of gum and they open their hand 1:25
Ricardo Castilla
Search for his gun where his 🔫 at
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez
Tobias Lewis
Tobias Lewis Day ago
did he sneak diss yb ?
Spirito Libero [Nosce te ipsum]
TaiwoLyrics Day ago
This fucking beat badddddddd
Brayson Thompson
dis was droped on my birthday
Dekeevious Young
Doing a dash inside my lamb that sh!t hurt my stomach
Jayden Martin
those von chains
Vx Tho
Vx Tho Day ago
Polo g is my favorite rapper so
Omar Marts
Omar Marts Day ago
NSG YoungStunna
ruvid.net/video/video-YuWYX6dS6EM.html yo
when your siblings know all of the words but not you 😭😭(ima learn it)
noarules Day ago
Who here after cj and royalty broke up 1:50
Dionté Day ago
I bet artists like Durk have the best stereo systems in their whips , bass dumping 🚗🔉
NSG YoungStunna
ruvid.net/video/video-YuWYX6dS6EM.html yo
Denver Miles
Denver Miles Day ago
NSG YoungStunna
ruvid.net/video/video-YuWYX6dS6EM.html yo
Glokid Official
Carlita Paliefe'
“Get out the streets Bitxh you touching 30” 🔥👏🏾😂
MrMcNastyy Day ago
This might be the hardest song n video out rn
brock turner
brock turner Day ago
Durk killed this ... repping that O Block I love it
Kolbi Escobar
This beat is so🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brianna Day ago
This stick up easy this shit pitty patt
Eurosurvival vids
NSG YoungStunna
Juan Chavez Juan Chavez
this beat go hard asff word to my motha
VTrey Day ago
Josh hell cat
Sofia Johnson
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Day ago
Your so cool sofia😭😂
jusblowk Day ago
Ok Sofia 🧑🏻‍💻🧑🏻‍💻🧑🏻‍💻👎🏽🤡🤡🤡🤡🍆
Ryan W.
Ryan W. Day ago
My Brother Durk-This CS from RVP Studios ShowCase Tour in West Haven CT-Yo doing great. This song going to hard. I am proud of you bro and grateful you turned all of your Hardship from your journey into Achievement. I hope you know Chicago IL AA in person meetings/soberiety got your back they lightminded🙏✈️
Anthony Sanford
Lil durk mad goose with aggressive rap songs
Marc V
Marc V Day ago
At the end he said “I aint neva believe that rap would get me there” thank me later
Micah autoserv.
This shit lowkey trash