Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes For A Day

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Every so often a 24 hour challenge spreads around RUvid that I want to try. Maybe I'll actually get 3 healthy meals in for once, or maybe I won't get enough food and it'll be a bad day. We shall see!
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Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 6 063
Lunar Willson
Lunar Willson Hour ago
You need to do more things with Lauren Z side
Karoll Lopez
Karoll Lopez Hour ago
Just one dayyyy~ -BTS
Ruby Parish
Ruby Parish 2 hours ago
I'm so savory 😂 I would eat chips and rice for breakfast if I could 😑👍🏼 such health am I right?
Kitry Marceli
Kitry Marceli 2 hours ago
Me: After Seeing Kassie Eat Rice And Wing 🍚....It Made me Want some to eat now...
Valis Walker
Valis Walker 4 hours ago
Bro I be mmmm dem wigs oh to be honest I be having like 20
I ate pizza for breakfast once i felt *rebellious*
3liza.a :3
3liza.a :3 4 hours ago
So when she said *starvation or normal* i useally eat the starvation one and im like *oh im full*
Megan Daley
Megan Daley 5 hours ago
3 pieces of chicken and 1/4 cup of rice isn’t so bad. People in the world are starving and would consider 3 pieces of chicken a full day worth of food and YOURE the one saying you’re starving.
ThatWeirdo Fox
ThatWeirdo Fox 7 hours ago
Love wings and pizza for every meal!! 😍🥰❤️
Douglas Nissley
Douglas Nissley 9 hours ago
Arrow Wolf
Arrow Wolf 10 hours ago
I get up at 8am to let my 3 dogs outside, then feed my 3 dogs and 3 cats, after I take my pills then go back to bed. I normally sleep till 12 or 2:00 😅 but hey, I ain’t complaining! Love your videos Gloom! 🐺♥️🐺
Random Potato
Random Potato 10 hours ago
I eat pizza for breakfast
Dave Bansal
Dave Bansal 11 hours ago
Wendy Gaddis
Wendy Gaddis 11 hours ago
I love Pizza 4 breakfast
Karen Ng
Karen Ng 12 hours ago
Poor Cassie 1 like=she can get any type of food she wants from all around the world
cookie the cat turtle
In the UK we have sort of poptarts but they are pizza. They are made for breakfast
Claudie Smith
Claudie Smith 12 hours ago
I'm eating pizza for breakfast!
Alejandra Agarrado
Alejandra Agarrado 13 hours ago
How to get thin: eat recommended eating sizes 😒😂
Vada Bailey
Vada Bailey 14 hours ago
2:14 = wiiiiiiiiiiing tiiiiiiime
White Wolf
White Wolf 16 hours ago
Kassie:do you eat pizza for breakfast Me: oh lord I ate pizza for breakfast XD
KendallTheCoolGamer AjRobloxEtc
Ya pizza for brakfest
Lucia Rizzo
Lucia Rizzo 18 hours ago
I eat spaghetti for breakfast sometimes
Ejiro Kirishima
Ejiro Kirishima 19 hours ago
Kassie: right when the video was over I would just eat that **camera points at dog** Kassie: ......no
joanna roy
joanna roy 19 hours ago
I had pizza for breakfast two days ago
Sweetie the cat
Sweetie the cat 19 hours ago
I love pizza for breakfast
Mary Hansbury
Mary Hansbury 20 hours ago
How are you so skinny but you have WINGS FOR BREAKFAST
melanie peters
melanie peters 20 hours ago
I don't eat pizza for breakfast.... I eat pasta, nachos and my favorite... gloom video's and poutine I'm cAnaDiAn Deal with it
Miko The raccoon
Miko The raccoon 20 hours ago
I eat pizza for breakfast
miss fluffy
miss fluffy 22 hours ago
I love cold pizza
TheCubingPirate 22 hours ago
10:23 ??????!!!
IMMORTAL_UNICORN _ 22 hours ago
Loading PC
Loading PC Day ago
Classic asian rice for breakfast (im filipino so dont at meeeee) please..
Gwendolyn Parmenter
Ghazal Babashahi
Who are you? Sweet Savory Like=savory Comment=sweet Also right in comments for both Like meh
April Atkinson
April Atkinson 37 minutes ago
juanita Vargas
Hi read more Did I trick you?
juanita Vargas
Angela Troshani
Are my long lost sister
Poppa Love
Poppa Love Day ago
I eat pizza for breakfast and sometimes cereal I'm sweet and savory
Claire Bartlett
How can you eat alot but your body stays so gorgeous? Love you Kassie! I've been with you since the start!💓
Silverswift Day ago
I dont have breakfast
Tiffany Pierce
Comment your go-to meal/food Mine is Mashed potatoes and bread
*_Penguin Lover_*
4:37 I usually eat the starvation........... I’m overweight cuz apparently that’s too much....... I get full on the amount of food I eat. I usually eat 2 wings and less rice than that, along with way more veggies cuz I actually don’t really like any type of meat. *_WHY, tf does nothing work out for me!_* 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
*mochi cream*
Did anyone else think the thumbnail had a pic of ice cream with a drizzle and strawberries? Btw i think it's only me
Clara Mccarthy
Ur so funny kassy
Creappy Dusk
Creappy Dusk Day ago
The rice and wings part was soo funny im subscribing if your videos ar that funny
Unicorn Panda Lover
I eat pizza for breakfast
tall giraffe
tall giraffe Day ago
What is kassie eating The serving size on my rice is like a cup (BTW I eat brown rice) But sill wut kind of rice??
Artsy Jellybean
I love how she's just so childish during the entire thing!
I’m like you
Woofy Fox
Woofy Fox Day ago
Yes I eat pizza for breakfast cuz I don't know why but I just can't stand to eat cereal. So my breakfast today was 1 slice of pizza and a cup of pepsi, even tho I prefer coke.
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