Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes For A Day

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Every so often a 24 hour challenge spreads around RUvid that I want to try. Maybe I'll actually get 3 healthy meals in for once, or maybe I won't get enough food and it'll be a bad day. We shall see!
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 10 576
Emma Araujo
Emma Araujo 4 hours ago
8:58 I put that much cheese too it’s nice to know that I’m one
Crazygirl 6468
Crazygirl 6468 8 hours ago
Im savoury :D
Shreya Baral
Shreya Baral 13 hours ago
I love any kind of food
PrettyMuchEdits !
PrettyMuchEdits ! 14 hours ago
I love pizza for breakfast #savoryperson
samantha olive
samantha olive 22 hours ago
Yaasssssss wing and pizza for breakfast
Christina Coppola
Christina Coppola 22 hours ago
I love you so much Cassie
Zheng Durong
Zheng Durong Day ago
Zheng Durong
Zheng Durong Day ago
jj playzz
jj playzz Day ago
This is how many pounds I am 👇
Big Family Little Adventures
The serving sizes are ridiculous
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares Day ago
Gloom, I am SUCH a savory person. I don’t normally eat breakfast but when I do I eat pizza or wings or even just a big bag of chips lol yet I’m still healthy
chaudhry umar
You could just move your pan around so the oil gets all over the pan duh
chaudhry umar
That is to much
Slytherinzenn Ship Jerine and Rayneth
*raging *takes knife away
Alysa Gustafson
“Go to Pizza Hut and get your Happy Meal” -Kassy
Jazmin Franco
Jazmin Franco 2 days ago
Yes I love you
Yen Chau
Yen Chau 2 days ago
How bout’ Donutes for breakfast? Eh eh? Make this blue if you do! | V
Ismael Zarate
Ismael Zarate 2 days ago
You are haleruys love your channel
6Kimberly Joseph
6Kimberly Joseph 2 days ago
Cold pizza for breakfast is heaven!! 👌🍕
Jessica Kowalski
Jessica Kowalski 2 days ago
I hate when I eat dinner foods for breakfast and people say that its not a "breakfast food". It food. If I want to have lasagna for breakfast, then I will. Also, people have no problem having breakfast for dinner. Why do people like breakfast food so much?
It’s me GG
It’s me GG 2 days ago
Pizza for breakfast is it but I can handle some sugar
starryshi 2 days ago
I’m savory person so I’m gloom sister
XxHqppiness xX
XxHqppiness xX 2 days ago
Annabelle Cupcake
I eat pizza, rice, pasta, and other actual food for breakfast
I love pizza for breakfast
Makayla D
Makayla D 2 days ago
11 minutes of gloom torturing herself
Katie Pickett
Katie Pickett 3 days ago
Why haven’t other people done this
Sandy Clark
Sandy Clark 3 days ago
I hate how much they recommend 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Annika Kells
Annika Kells 3 days ago
Don’t you need a like cooking pan or something to keep the cheese from melting and ruining your oven
Cgk Vvn
Cgk Vvn 3 days ago
Love gloom. Video
Carla Epperson
Carla Epperson 3 days ago
Whoever eats pizza pockets for breakfast make 👇ⓣ ⓗ ⓘ ⓢ 🅱️ ⓛ ⓤ ⓔ
Stephanie Reed
Stephanie Reed 3 days ago
Who's mom always says that youtube is ignorant
cringe channel
cringe channel 3 days ago
Are we infusing the pane hhahahha
cringe channel
cringe channel 3 days ago
Am sweet and no sweet
Leah Bredbury
Leah Bredbury 3 days ago
If I ate the recommended serving sizes I would literally die🤫
Kourtney Kenese
Kourtney Kenese 3 days ago
Kourtney Kenese
Kourtney Kenese 3 days ago
I had pizza for breakfast today
were_da_bananas ATT
Ok I see people this but your supposed to eat 12-o14 servings I think a day 😑
Alexaundria Marie
Teacher: write 5 to 10 sentences Me: write 5 sentences
AliceTheWolf 321
AliceTheWolf 321 3 days ago
I dont understand to from the cereal 21?!
mariefitzy09 Playz
That’s a LOT OF RICE! (Like the big bag)
mariefitzy09 Playz
I eat pizza for breakfast when there is left over pizza from the night before
Susan Harp
Susan Harp 3 days ago
Kassie:there's two people in this world, savory people or sweet people Me: WhAt AbOuT sAlTy PeOpLe 0.0 =_=
Susan Harp
Susan Harp 3 days ago
I am dumb
zZBunny123 3 days ago
Gloom: A tablespoon of soy sauce is way too much. Also Gloom: *drowns rice in soy sauce*
Cocoa Pusheen 阳性
Gloom: A tablespoon of soy sauce for this much rice is way too much.*
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez 3 days ago
At school of mine sometimes they serve pizza
2:22...I wanna know
Anthony Potter
Anthony Potter 4 days ago
"Ya girl loves her chicken wings" me boi same mouth waters mmhhh!
cici doggo
cici doggo 4 days ago
Terry:Why are we out of food Kassie? Kassie: I don't know......
Asheba Williams
Asheba Williams 4 days ago
crazy gall
Juliet Muhire
Juliet Muhire 4 days ago
I eat pizza for breakfast sometimes
KK Awesome
KK Awesome 4 days ago
Fact: the recommended serving size on the nutrition facts labels are based on how much people eat in the 80’s
Shaan Singla: S.S Productions
KK Awesome really?
Bella Diallo
Bella Diallo 4 days ago
i eat chicken wings while everyone is asleep
Izuku 123
Izuku 123 4 days ago
Yass WINGS!!!
Puppygacha 4 days ago
I am with you girl!
silver hornet!
silver hornet! 4 days ago
Yes I do eat pizza for breakfast And french toast for dinner
Jemica Thomas
Jemica Thomas 4 days ago
Jemica Thomas
Jemica Thomas 4 days ago
Elysium Vanukoff
Elysium Vanukoff 4 days ago
She got hangry
L&M Show
L&M Show 4 days ago
Can we have a recipe lol
Mitsou Mielleuse
Mitsou Mielleuse 4 days ago
Pizza for breakfast
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