ONLY BUILDING IN ONE COLOR Minecraft Challenge Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

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Watch another video to help our channel - NORRIS NUTS COOKING TEAMS ruvid.net/video/video-yvBV0pHJfIY.html I'LL BUY ANYTHING YOUR COLOR ruvid.net/video/video-Niinb59QTLI.html ruvid.net/video/video-2qT5Ia8Y4cY.html EAT MY SISTER DIET ruvid.net/video/video-rcJiDq2Mxqc.html
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Jan 19, 2020




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Comments 5 049
Norris Nuts Gaming
WATCH Sockie + Biggy VS Sabre + Naz IN COOKING CHALLENGE here ruvid.net/video/video-yvBV0pHJfIY.html
chris hamilton
chris hamilton 21 hour ago
Esma Yüzüak
İ lıve u i subscribed and hit the thunmbs up 😊
Steph Burrows
Steph Burrows 3 days ago
Norris Nuts Gaming I need to tell you something...I love Naz no i mean I LOVE Naz
Oliver Wetherill
Oliver Wetherill 4 days ago
You guys should make a zoo
Sunset Robloxian
Sunset Robloxian 5 days ago
𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚑𝚒𝚝 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚗 𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚜!!!
Sanam Arfan
Sanam Arfan 54 minutes ago
Sabre I'm just like you I love dounts to and I am the same age as you
Ivy Tan
Ivy Tan 2 hours ago
Did anyone notice that they are wearing the colour they got? Like Naz: Green Sockie: yellow Sabre: Blue Biggy: White They are all wearing their colours, like this comment if you moticed
Hannah Schmarr
Hannah Schmarr 9 hours ago
I have
Lauren Haywood
Lauren Haywood 11 hours ago
You should do more Minecraft
Yanna Mbugua
Yanna Mbugua 11 hours ago
Thank you for doing my suggestion!! I am so happy to a part of the legends, it has been 3 and a half years!! ❤❤❤
Disha’s World
Disha’s World 12 hours ago
Naz never wins! Does it kill to let your little sister to win like good big brother and sisters!😡
Lesley Sings
Lesley Sings 15 hours ago
Naz says that she never did a firework button but she has
Hannah Valentine
Hannah Valentine 18 hours ago
Is it just me our does anyone want more last to leave .i have dreams about biggy
Symmetric 19 hours ago
This is so cringe and shit
Owen Hulme
Owen Hulme 21 hour ago
Did anyone realise the color they builder in is the same color as there clothes
ALF4LIFE 22 hours ago
It’s the end of the video and I’ve only just realised they’re wearing the colours they have to build in.
Saule Raudona
Saule Raudona 22 hours ago
Love you but don't scream
Nicki Broadhurst
Nicki Broadhurst 22 hours ago
To,Sabre,Sockie,Biggy and Naz You make me laugh,You make me Smile,You all shine so brightly and I Hope u never quit youtube :)
Alyssia Toa'Fa
Alyssia Toa'Fa 22 hours ago
sock live LA
Alyssia Toa'Fa
Alyssia Toa'Fa 22 hours ago
norris nuts love u love vids
Ty Grange
Ty Grange Day ago
I just noticed they're wearing their own colours.
James Braund
James Braund Day ago
Buggy 1vs1 me
I love pandas
Jane Fraser
Jane Fraser Day ago
Gamer dad stop letting sockie win and let Naz win
Niema Ali
Niema Ali Day ago
Norris nuts live in lygon street carlton Vic in Melbourne.please
Linsy Retana
Linsy Retana Day ago
I love blggy
Maddie Hermann
Hey y’all how are y’all going I am going good but I just really hope that you are going good because you know.. being good is hood
What was wrong with Sabre’s nether portal?
amiracutiess _
Papa called sabra naz
Robert Miller
Umm. I am asking do u like Minecraft better or roblox better comet back to me sok big sab naz
brooke-samaya mawanda
sabre sockie biggy naz what are your 2 favorite colors because theses things call gimp and i want to make you guys some -your biggest fan brooke
Addie Trisky
Addie Trisky 2 days ago
Papa:how many other features do u have? Sabre:about 20 Biggy: oh we’ll count them
Penny chanel
Penny chanel 2 days ago
More minecraft please
amazing Amy
amazing Amy 2 days ago
biggy is my favourite out of all the norris nuts
Madison's world
Madison's world 2 days ago
I'm so upset because you all ways say this is for the UK legends and you never do the Australian #legend
Jenny Liu
Jenny Liu 2 days ago
Did you know that Sockie got white but she turned again cause she didn't want it
Sahil Naidu
Sahil Naidu 2 days ago
Susana Ferrer
Susana Ferrer 2 days ago
i like your RUvid i love you gieys 💛💜💚💙
Susana Ferrer
Susana Ferrer 2 days ago
im a legend
Akshyata gurung
Akshyata gurung 2 days ago
This is how many times sockie Did happy arms #lejendsarentperfect #sockie #catchmeknucles | | | | v
Lilly Senne
Lilly Senne 2 days ago
My name is lilly like a lily pad
lunafantastica Martinez
I love there merch
Brendy Cruz-Rodriguez
Everybody got the color they wanted except poor Sabre
JustGemma 2 days ago
Sabre got 17 more Pictures
Xo unicorn Xo
Xo unicorn Xo 2 days ago
Who gets the joke “sabre look behind the nether portal “ plz tell me
Xo unicorn Xo
Xo unicorn Xo 3 hours ago
Karimux thanks
Karimux 21 hour ago
Its that the mobs can come from behind
Sylwester Wyczesany
i thought sab shoulda won
Viral Rathod
Viral Rathod 2 days ago
I really love your challenges
Georgina Mortimer
Papa nas never win and she try really hard that's not fair I'm one of your biggest fans plz let nas will
[Łåzý Sůňđaē]
8:30 saberes house What is that light thing?
Tilly and Iris
Tilly and Iris 3 days ago
I wish I could live in Biggys house it was so nice 🍩
Amanda Dove
Amanda Dove 3 days ago
Sabre had 11 features
Nathaniel Odaro
Nathaniel Odaro 3 days ago
Sockie is so rude she smells of poo and sounds like a grany
L R Day ago
Nathaniel Odaro 😂😂
Magda Toro
Magda Toro 3 days ago
do more minecraft videos
Michaela Whittington
I know this isn't about this, but I really think Naz should have her own song😀
Maryam Unicorn
Maryam Unicorn 3 days ago
Play more Minecraft
Reese Wilkinson
Reese Wilkinson 4 days ago
I do not like biggy
Ross Cameron
Ross Cameron 4 days ago
Is it just me or does Justin always look really warm in the video s
Gabriela Harasim
Gabriela Harasim 4 days ago
Guys you should do who builds the best airport or nether house or cinema
Sienna Lucey
Sienna Lucey 4 days ago
Billie-Jade's World
ily sockie! AND the rest of the Norris nuts, imagine if she liked my comment!
Malia Auen
Malia Auen 5 days ago
Ibtissam Yakzan
Ibtissam Yakzan 5 days ago
I in the next video please add me my name is space Eli on fortnite
Layla Vlogs
Layla Vlogs 5 days ago
Just a question but does Nazzy have glasses
Katie Gentner
Katie Gentner 5 days ago
Love you 😍
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