OneRepublic - Run (Official Music Video)

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Director - Tomás Whitmore
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Prod Co - Off-Site Works

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When I was a young boy living in the city
All I did was run run run run run
Staring at the lights they look so pretty
Momma said “son son son son son
You’re gonna grow up, you’re gonna get old
All that glitters don’t turn to gold
But until then just have your fun
Boy, run run run run run”

Yeah, run run run
Run run run

When I was a young kid living in the city
All I did was pay pay pay pay pay
And every single dime that good Lord gave me
I could make it last 3, 4, 5 days
Living it up but living down low
Chasing that luck before I get old
And looking back, oh, we had some fun
Boy run run run run run

They tell you that the sky might fall
They’ll say that you might lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
Yeah I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Yeah, one day well the sky might fall
Yeah, one day I could lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
If I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Run run run

Didn’t get everything that I wanted
But I got what I need, yeah yeah
I see that light in the morning
Shining down on me
So take me up high, take me down low
Where it all ends nobody knows
But until then let’s have some, yeah
Run run run run run

They tell you that the sky might fall
They’ll say that you might lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
Yeah I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Yeah, one day well the sky might fall
Yeah, one day I could lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
If I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Run run run
Yeah, Run run run

Yeah, I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun

Yeah, I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun

Yeah, if I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun, yeah, run run run




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ভতভভ ভতভভ
I am in love with this song But this song is very underrated This reserve's a place in billboard hot 100
Nelly Wouters
Nelly Wouters 2 hours ago
Ca cartonne chez nous en Belgique "RUN" ...👍👍👍
Insion HD Mapping
Insion HD Mapping 3 hours ago
beautiful song :>
AREEM official
AREEM official 3 hours ago
Wow the vid wow wow wow Wo wow wo wow wo
AREEM official
AREEM official 3 hours ago
Love this wow💖💖💖💖💖✨✨✨✨✨💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 love this
Sri Nishant Amirineni
Omg I just found this song it is sooooo good man ur so under rated
essi0489 10 hours ago
LOVE the song, not the video so much!
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view 16 hours ago
People tell me to do stuff to make me look like a fool but I think what they tell me is really God leading me in a direction I need to go. Which makes the people trying to make others look like fools, the person's that are the spot in society doing harm. All they do by telling others to do the wrong things is make angry citizens and create jobs that force good people to have to do things like firing people because they couldn't figure out how to get them to stop doing the bad things in life. Instead of explaining why they shouldn't do something they just tried being bossy and that didn't work.
Jox Youtube
Jox Youtube 16 hours ago
Jox Youtube
Jox Youtube 16 hours ago
Jox Youtube
Jox Youtube 16 hours ago
Zuzana Bencatova
Zuzana Bencatova 17 hours ago
Nemám slou👍😀
ভতভভ ভতভভ
Run,run,run 🏃🏃🏃
Devansh Kadam
Devansh Kadam 21 hour ago
Love from India dude❤❤
Raunak Saha
Raunak Saha 21 hour ago
This song is extremely fabulous.
Ο Χαλιμάς Κ τα παραμυθια του
Srupid people , for stupid music !!!! This is not an artist!!!!
Among us person Bbbb
Dvir Ross - דביר רוס
I liked it so much, so I made a Math parody based on it :-) ruvid.net/video/video-HNiJh4WGwTI.html
Zofia Malkiewicz
this song gives me ✨summer vibes✨
eddie ma
eddie ma Day ago
Netherland Day ago
I love this song
Elisa Fiep
Elisa Fiep Day ago
The lean whorl ontogenically time because bedroom industrially raise excluding a standing headlight. thinkable, hurried sidecar
Ilyas Tarmiza
13 years....... 13 years....13 years and one republic never dissapoint. Even after 13 years they still keep rising. Unbelievable.
Jimmy Christo
O. Fork. Yaaaa
Sthorai Day ago
This was fuckin amazing
A R Day ago
Hadassah Cohen
sooooooooooooo great!! Thank you for such a rich music😊😊
Adri E
Adri E Day ago
Máximo Lasso
Gotta replay this...
marilena mortara
Emaa Day ago
AMAZING video 👍❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍
Papycolza Day ago
I feel like this song has some good K-pop vibes 👌
Karan Biswas
Karan Biswas 2 days ago
this is incridible
Suchitra Shenoy
Suchitra Shenoy 2 days ago
Only 7mil people saw this epic shit
Valerian 2 days ago
I can't get bored listening to this. It brings back that style, good job.
valentina elena savin
Beautifully awesome💥
Rehan Hiron
Rehan Hiron 2 days ago
Love from Bangladesh ❤️
ItsUnpug 2 days ago
First Killshøt
First Killshøt 2 days ago
My home is blissed to hear this melody 😁
Inchara Nagaraju
Inchara Nagaraju 2 days ago
This proves that Ryan isn't only a good singer but also a good actor.
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 2 days ago
Keep doing more songs like this .this one so nice .this beat is so unique💟😍
Zeyad Ahmed
Zeyad Ahmed 2 days ago
Ryan is nominated for the Oscar
Zeyad Ahmed
Zeyad Ahmed 2 days ago
Always inspiration
Y M 2 days ago
1:43 favourite part 😂✨
Katherine Scott
Katherine Scott 2 days ago
Ryan is a genius! One Republic's music never grows old or disappoints.
Jutta Behrend
Jutta Behrend 2 days ago
Echt super lied.
şebnem korkmaz
şebnem korkmaz 2 days ago
If Ryan won't play himself in a OneRepublic biopic one day, I'm not watching.
Distina Shangpliang
his very nice song
L!me 2 days ago
Compatrioti che ascoltate questo video… non è una canzone, è una droga. Una delle migliori ❤️‍🔥
外食ガチ勢 3 days ago
Cornell Carlberg
Cornell Carlberg 3 days ago
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Yann supra
Yann supra 3 days ago
Merci Snapchat
Sundar Str
Sundar Str 3 days ago
Hoping this song get 1 billion views Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Alex Tickner
Alex Tickner 3 days ago
Such a hit, best group everr!!!
Patrycja Ryglowska
Też dobre
فِــلَوّ 3 days ago
repeat for the thousandth time
Rehan Hiron
Rehan Hiron 3 days ago
It doesn’t even matter where do you live? You're a legend bcz you're here🥰
RAKGRID 3 days ago
Wow 🤩🤩
lucylucelu 3 days ago
My 3yo runs in circles around the house whenever I play this 😂
Maryjane Corey
Maryjane Corey 3 days ago
The moldy parrot admittedly man because bathtub technically trap lest a ten sphere. hospitable, wistful waterfall
Luboš Benčat
Luboš Benčat 3 days ago
Si dobrì
Iveta Szegényová
Si strašne dobrí spievak
Another song I am obsessed by
Alexandre Andrade
Very good
annawakened 3 days ago
Yassss king come thru!!!!!
Brenda Binyanya
Brenda Binyanya 3 days ago
Visuals! 💯💯💯💯💯
Anne-Sophie Martel
Superbe chanson!
Paweł Zieliński
Every fan of One Republic must comment this video: ruvid.net/video/video-e8uV3O8mr_U.html
miloradvlaovic 4 days ago
take notes Maroon 5
Zuzana Bencatova
Zuzana Bencatova 4 days ago
Si dobrí
Germán Ancona
Germán Ancona 4 days ago
What a song!!!! OneRepublic will never dissapoint 🔥🔥🔥 1000/10
Söt Gråvarg
Söt Gråvarg 4 days ago
I love it I can't say it in another way just 💖
jayanti dirchi
jayanti dirchi 4 days ago
This is so nostalgic
Z.Ben.J 4 days ago
This song should be in the next Fifa 🥰😍 just imagine on Arena with this song 🔥🔥
Road To 2K - ExtraBlox
Been said before but OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Maroon 5, twenty one pilots and One Direction should do a collab.
james lynch
james lynch 4 days ago
Best song ever
Benjz RDJ
Benjz RDJ 4 days ago
RunRunRun , whistling mix . thats good .
Psiavdeska2223 4 days ago
This must be in FIFA 22 Pls EA do it for funs!!!
Nadin Wicki
Nadin Wicki 4 days ago
The beginning sound so familar? Is there another song that starts like this? What is the name of the other song?
Raj Dhanavade
Raj Dhanavade 4 days ago
please be a hit!!!
Piotr Kasperski
Piotr Kasperski 4 days ago
Does anyone know what is the name of the Nike shoes Ryan’s wearing?
Noa Nakache
Noa Nakache 4 days ago
you are a real acrobat and your voice is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Grafix Man
Grafix Man 4 days ago
Big fan of yours, every song is upbeat, catchy and full of positive vibes. My all-time fav song from OneRepublic is Kids, Great song!!!
Andie Brown
Andie Brown 4 days ago
Anais Trichet
Anais Trichet 5 days ago
The whimsical flute perinatally scorch because end terminally mess up opposite a charming game. earthy, disagreeable rat
Bubpa B2B
Bubpa B2B 5 days ago
Jernej Dolinšek
Jernej Dolinšek 5 days ago
Love at 1st listen!!
Rocio Tapia
Rocio Tapia 5 days ago
Rigth now july 2021 first time listen Run Run Run Run but is a very short song
Le gamer 75
Le gamer 75 5 days ago
Vert goos
Michelle McDaniel Jondall
Hope to get to hear this live in the future! Can't think of a single One Republic song I don't like!
himanshu agnihotri
Love Love Love
FatO Dogy
FatO Dogy 5 days ago
Ah yes... good memories... I fornicate w my sister on this song... then dad came up :/ #run
Amnual Abera
Amnual Abera 5 days ago
What if i want to walk huh?
Angel eyes
Angel eyes 5 days ago
Why this so underrated
Being Sumanth
Being Sumanth 5 days ago
I literally addicted to this! ❤️🥺🥺
Musica para publicidad
This song is amazing! Thank you One Republic for made such a great music for everyone
Hemraj 5 days ago
I love this song so much ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️😘😘😘❣️❣️❣️❣️
emine kutun
emine kutun 5 days ago
Timelessss! Like other 1R songs...
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