OnePlus 7T Review: High Refresh, Low Price!

Marques Brownlee
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OnePlus 7T brings 90Hz and triple cameras for $599. Yes please high refresh rate all the things.
OnePlus 7 Pro Review: ruvid.net/video/video-PVWLD3064Ng.html
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Sep 26, 2019




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kanishka Tanikonda
@mkbhd can I have three link for wallpaper used in OnePlus 7t vedio
michael bernard
michael bernard 2 days ago
This intro is💯🔥🔥🔥
Nicola De Nigris
Nicola De Nigris 4 days ago
I just wonder why is oneplus sending glacier blue oneplus 7t's to reviewers. The frosted silver in my opinion looks way better
Coleman Day ago
Apparently their opinion differed.
Ibrahim Shamail
Ibrahim Shamail 4 days ago
One plus 7T or 7T pro or 8? Just best phone overall someone pls reply. (Also which has best camera?)
Ibrahim Shamail
Ibrahim Shamail 3 days ago
PandaDad whatchu mean
PandaDad 3 days ago
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa 10 days ago
You can slide from the side form either side to go back lol .
Abhilash Gupta
Abhilash Gupta 15 days ago
Finally a review in which I can say "watching this with my OnePlus 7t"😂
Govind Naiya
Govind Naiya 16 days ago
I wanna know the name of the music app that flashes at 1:01
Erik Pierce
Erik Pierce 16 days ago
I love my 7t.
Raf Steinbuks
Raf Steinbuks 17 days ago
the way he holds it at 6:18 makes me cringe so hard
Andrew Navarro
Andrew Navarro 19 days ago
Why does the OnePlus 7T have such bad reviews on their website? I wanna get the phone, but while looking at the reviews im not so sure if I should buy it now.
Dushyant Singh Cheeta
Am I the only one who doesn't find the rear camera design ugly??
Spidy Sunil
Spidy Sunil 20 days ago
Finally bought it today👊
Sadatul Islam
Sadatul Islam 24 days ago
I'm facing high ping issue on my OnePlus 7t, OnePlus isn't solving this. On community app i got to know that there are so many people facing this.
DI弓HONOR D 27 days ago
Who loves the Hamburger menu?
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith 28 days ago
Got mine last week, absolutely loving it!
Thomas Varghese
Thomas Varghese 28 days ago
Is there an option to hide the notch?
Abhay Saini
Abhay Saini Month ago
*ROG 2 VS 7T*
Apple Bacha
Apple Bacha Month ago
Let me tell you guys if u r confused between oneplus 7T or Oneplus 7 pro Go for one plus 7t it has better processor and charging capacity that is the most important thing we need today
boxcpl Month ago
If the 8T occurs and it's not a flat screen, I hope I can find a 7T available for US.
V K Month ago
Please suggest one clear choice to buy between oneplus 7t oneplus 7pro and S10 lite, confusion is because of low price of 7t , beautiful screen 7pro in just 39990 and increased price of s10 lite 42999. Please suggest one phone for practical uses , I mean a complete package phone which I can use for at least next 2 to 3 years. Your suggestion will be a great help. Thanks in advance.😊
Kakoli Ghosh
Kakoli Ghosh Month ago
Intro music plzzZ:??
Shalom Ahava
Shalom Ahava Month ago
Stupid phone....no accidental touch prevention
Bhausaheb Kadam
Bhausaheb Kadam Month ago
7t has a camera it looks like T
trash battery for 90hz
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore Month ago
that camera better be good cause the back is kind of of ugly but if it is good , it makes sense.
Praetorian 61
Praetorian 61 Month ago
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Month ago
Is it good to buy one plus 7t now can any one please suggest me
neo Month ago
yes its great, i got it a few days ago, i got it for 500 euros
Eron Sebastian Ermino
mind says phone needed laptop
chris dsouza
chris dsouza Month ago
Just bought the 7t....the oneplus 8 is a downgrade to force you to buy the 8 pro.
Vaibhav Nishad
Vaibhav Nishad Month ago
Leaks aka Promo 😂😂
Naman shah
Naman shah Month ago
Wallpaper on 7 pro?
Ohso Ready Redd
Ohso Ready Redd Month ago
Hands down the best phone for price. Glad I didn't get the Galaxy s10e 🤤😁 love my OP7T!
SnickersSucks Month ago
I'm thinking about getting new phone. I'm in between this phone, the, 7t, or the iphone 11. Currently I have an samsung s9. Any suggestions?
murder bear
murder bear 28 days ago
Eros Q i honestly dont understant why people use their phones for gaming like there are gaming consoles and pc for that lmao
Eros Q
Eros Q 28 days ago
I sold my ip11 to 7t. if youre a gamer ip11 has a problem on multitouch but if you want a quality camera go for ip11. before ip11 im using ROG 2 so gaming experience is way more different and I missed that. ^^
murder bear
murder bear Month ago
iphone 11 for performance and future software updates
Anish rokport
Anish rokport Month ago
Can someone hook me up with that wallpaper?
Aaditeya Rawat
Aaditeya Rawat Month ago
All those guys asking about the intro track: Its Drop by Jordyn Edmonds 🔥🔥
Macaron Month ago
The only real problem I see is with this rainbow effect. I just ordered a 7T, so I'll see how bad it is in person. My current LG G6 doesn't have it at all, though it's LCD. The difference might annoy me.
Techy Hayston
Techy Hayston Month ago
Nishanth Ferrari
7T or 7pro?
siddu arigela
siddu arigela Month ago
@Vinay 7t is overclocked version bro... Performance is better in 7t than pro model... & 7pro has curved display some people may not like T hat kinda displays.. N price diff
Vinay Month ago
@siddu arigela any suitable reason?
siddu arigela
siddu arigela Month ago
Mustafa Malik
Mustafa Malik Month ago
You had me at a 30W charger.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Month ago
I don't understand the difference between 7, 7 pro, 7t and 7t pro. It doesn't seem like one is better than the others in an obvious way. They're just all different.
A V T H D Month ago
Chadalla Sudhakar
Please drop your every wallpaper link , below the like button Those are awesome ♥️♥️
Honest Mike
Honest Mike Month ago
Trying to buy a new phone during the covid crisis when living on an island is not great. I'm debating buying this because it's one of the only half decent things available to me right now, but I'm basically still looking at paying it's full RRP even though the oneplus 8 is now out (but not available here) This is made all the more frustrating by the fact I don't really want it, I just feel like the phone market has stagnated and there's nothing good available anymore. A bunch of identical glass pebbles with identical specs. I'm upgrading from a razer phone 2 which I got brand new for 400 USD, and frankly even these 800 dollar phones are only marginally better in some aspects and worse in others. The phone market really hit a brick wall a couple generations ago and it's really frustrating.
Siddharth Jain
Siddharth Jain Month ago
which is better- 7t or 7 pro??
chris dsouza
chris dsouza Month ago
Get the 7t....the 7 pro just has qhd which drains more battery at 90hz....plus 855+ on the 7t is marginally better than 855 on the pro and flat screen is anyday better than curved..... finding good tempered glass for curved screen is very tough
FEARLESS Month ago
im here to say 8t should follow 7ts stragedy..then im going for it..or else you can walk alone 1+
Salman Nasir
Salman Nasir Month ago
Also made a video on oneplus 7t download and upload speeds
AFNAN Hamza15
AFNAN Hamza15 2 months ago
jhlords2 2020 TM
jhlords2 2020 TM 2 months ago
am I the only one who thinks that that camara bump looks cool?
J Month ago
No I also like the camera bump, it looks minimalistic in its own way.
Shajir Cherlakkad Stories, Reviews and Games
Which one is better ? One plus 7t pro or one plus 8 ?
J Month ago
Spec and battery wise, the OnePlus 8 is better than the OnePlus 7t, but the 8 does lack a bit on camera unlike the 7t. I'm not saying the OnePlus 7t is bad, I really think it's such a bang for your buck, especially in the states.
amarcord1988 2 months ago
I have an OnePlus, I could not be happier until I need to have a phone call, OnePlus has a huge issue. If you need to speak over a speakerphone, which everyone needs to, their noise cancellation is so huge that after some time, the mic stops working, this is a software issue they are having for years, feel free to explore this. Handsfree is impossible to use. The third-party apps work just fine and recording, but Whatsapp for example and phone calls no way. What is the point of having a phone that is useless for calls? So I will never again buy OnePlus.
Angelo Lagman
Angelo Lagman 2 months ago
Before I thought he's saying "I'm KBHD"
Isaiah Dennings
Isaiah Dennings 2 months ago
Does anyone know where I can find this wallpaper??
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 2 months ago
I bought this phone 256gb varient gor $501.11 (to be precise) here in India
gerson polino
gerson polino 2 months ago
U can swipe from right to left bruh
gerson polino
gerson polino 2 months ago
The macro mode
gerson polino
gerson polino 2 months ago
The rainbowing is caused by the screen protector
Mayank Daga
Mayank Daga 2 months ago
OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8? Who wins?
Kymonlyte 2 months ago
I wanna get this phone and was wondering 2 things, wheres a trusted online place I could buy this? and does it work with koodo?
Ace SK
Ace SK 2 months ago
in australia rn the s10 is the same price as the 7t
Ayoun Ghosh
Ayoun Ghosh 2 months ago
Finally time to upgrade from my iPhone x
Trendy potato
Trendy potato 2 months ago
That intro beat tho!!
Ameya A.
Ameya A. 2 months ago
I regret buying this phone for one and only reason. ITS HEAVVVYY!
Lolo John
Lolo John 2 months ago
Click bait! That's not low price for rich people like you then YES... You disappointed me... i would rather buy the Mi10 Pro than this....
Talha Rafi
Talha Rafi 2 months ago
Hamburger menu. Hmm
Константин Орлов
Телефон пушка. Обзор как всегда на высоте!
Brad Volz
Brad Volz 2 months ago
Thanks Marques. I'm looking for a new phone, particularly for photography; nature, flowers, and macro. My budget is $500. Would you recommend the oneplus 7t, used pixel 4 xl, or xiaomi mi note 10? Or something else.
0penthaugtz 2 months ago
@Brad Volz I hear ya, my current phone is used, it's good but I'll probably get the 7T soon.
Brad Volz
Brad Volz 2 months ago
thanks, I'm looking for a recommendation based on having used or experimented with all these phones.
0penthaugtz 2 months ago
You can get the 7T new for $500, no need to get used.
DNexus 2 months ago
A reminding and attention for all ppl who interested this phone: i got it yesterday, and it has a common issue with AMOLED screen display with serious color tint issue in low light mode, also it's unable to be fixed still until today. if you are Photographer or illustrator, i don't think this phone is for you, you have high chance get same issue with your new phone like me! today i just applied returning phone to shop...
Filipe Coelho
Filipe Coelho 2 months ago
Would you recommend this or the 8 (non-pro) and why? I'm undecided :(
The Shadow
The Shadow 2 months ago
I would prefer the 7T honestly, but if you have Verizon or TMobile you can get it on monthly payments for $33. Might get it with Verizon and try it out since they have a 14 day return policy
0penthaugtz 2 months ago
7T is $500 new, if you don't wanna flagship from this year, the 7T will do just fine.
M N Harsha Vardhan Reddy
One plus at 7T launch : " There is no other phone faster than this". One plus at 8 pro launch : " This is 30 % faster than the one plus 7T ". Oneplus at 10T launch : " This is the speed of yhe flash phone " Me : What's next speed if the light phone??
Shalom Ahava
Shalom Ahava 2 months ago
The phone pocket dialed everyone in my contacts i can't have any stored contacts!!! This phone will pocket dial the pope...I hate it
MaximusPrime24 2 months ago
Just got a OnePlus 7 Pro since it's 50 bucks cheaper than the 7T with 256gb storage and 8 gb RAM. I think it's a better deal. Only downside is there's no more Nebula Blue color :(
Mr Awsomeness
Mr Awsomeness 2 months ago
Better than the shitty OP8
Mike c
Mike c 2 months ago
This or 8
B. M. Shaymon Anike
B. M. Shaymon Anike 2 months ago
Watching 1+7T Review in My 1+7T phone after 7 month ❤️
Karan Amin
Karan Amin 2 months ago
The back of that phone is kinda ugly that camera like they could have implemented it in a better way
karan sharma
karan sharma 2 months ago
Disappointed by one plus8
Galaxy 20
Galaxy 20 2 months ago
7:50 You really don't know that you can also go back from the right?!!
Akhilesh Bandi
Akhilesh Bandi 16 days ago
It's not about going back, he's fed up that whenever he pulls the hamburger menu it goes back instead of bringing up the menu. Having buttons enabled allowed him to use his phone the way he's familiar with.
Happy John
Happy John 2 months ago
Thinking of upgrading from my 5T now with the release of the 8 two days ago 4:04 PM 4/16/2020
Chng Cheng Wei
Chng Cheng Wei 2 months ago
Who came back after the launch of Oneplus 8? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Jefferson Kennedy
@KTASpawn I see and I hope that you will take the perfect phone for you !
KTASpawn Month ago
@Jefferson Kennedy I'll wait 2 more weeks for some more reviews and comparisons, but so far the 7T had my preference!
Jefferson Kennedy
@KTASpawn For the price you can get it !
KTASpawn Month ago
I'm thinking about getting the 7T instead of the 8...
Jefferson Kennedy
@Filipe Coelho the camera is better than the 8
pranav acharya
pranav acharya 2 months ago
0:47 that's because you have an american accent and pronounce seventy as 'sevendy'.
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