OnePlus 7T Review: High Refresh, Low Price!

Marques Brownlee
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OnePlus 7T brings 90Hz and triple cameras for $599. Yes please high refresh rate all the things.
OnePlus 7 Pro Review: ruvid.net/video/video-PVWLD3064Ng.html
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Sep 26, 2019




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NUKE 2 days ago
So this phone is just a oneplus 7 plus but ugly BUY cheaper
Zak Day ago
It's much better than the 7
Prithvi Pujari
Prithvi Pujari 4 days ago
Been using this for a month. Everything has been smooth and oxygen OS is a champion!
Prithvi Pujari
Prithvi Pujari 2 days ago
@Amit Kumar Das haven't noticed any such issue.
MR. StickMan
MR. StickMan 2 days ago
Yes I wanna know too, planning to buy on tuesday
Amit Kumar Das
Amit Kumar Das 3 days ago
Did you notice display tint (pink or green) in grey backgrounds with low brightness? It is visible in Chrome incognito & RUvid dark mode
Christopher Jordan
You don't mind having to move your hand to hit the back button on an iPhone? Do you? Why do you take issue with having to move your hand to hit the hamburger menu in an android phone?!!
Sangeeta Sharma
Sangeeta Sharma 9 days ago
Realme X2 pro
ƵiRro 9 days ago
My Mind: OnePlus 7T My Heart: Samsung Galaxy Note S10+ My Budget: Keep Current Phone
maryam khan
maryam khan 11 days ago
rog phone 2 is best
maryam khan
maryam khan 11 days ago
hate the camera module
King 12 days ago
I wonder how the 120 hz screen would look when the galaxy s11 line comes out🥺🥺
Jade T.
Jade T. 10 days ago
Like the Razer phone or asus rog 2 but with the samsung brand
ryanl2167 12 days ago
Just bought this on black friday sale! Stoked to be upgrading from the pixel 2xl (still a great phone but it's time has come)
Sharkys 11 days ago
There's a black Friday sale?
ItZz HaRdY
ItZz HaRdY 13 days ago
Can any one help me out Which oneplus 7 series is best for gaming oneplus 7 , 7t , 7 pro or 7t pro ?
յσßιη 2 days ago
offcourse 7t pro
Ruki Roka
Ruki Roka 14 days ago
Will be buying this phone. Feel like my Honor 8C showing it's age, although in just 6 months of use.
Penguin Bitch Slap Ohh Yes
Buy an iphone, u can get the iphone 8 than this shit, buy iphone
Harsha Gurram
Harsha Gurram 15 days ago
Unless you get the pro for a lower price than the 7t
arshiya dawe
arshiya dawe 16 days ago
but it doesn,t have good slo mo videos as iphones
Rakesh Botadkar
Rakesh Botadkar 16 days ago
Guys that wall please! 🙁🙁
WSM Relax HV
WSM Relax HV 16 days ago
@MKBHD: 30w silly fast . . . @Realme: X2 pro 50w Charging !!!!??
Arif Ikbal
Arif Ikbal 17 days ago
I am a OnePlus 7T User. Everything is good but battery life is not good and there is mild heating issue during gaming.
mohammad ahmadi
mohammad ahmadi 18 days ago
hi Marques , you have a lot of nice phones . pl give me that oneplus 7t pro, i know you don't need it i don't have much money to buy it. :)
Raihanur Rahman
Raihanur Rahman 18 days ago
Which would be better to rog phone 2 or oneplus 7 pro
Ventus 123
Ventus 123 18 days ago
Razer phone 2 is $400 and is 120 hz and 1440p
Meena Bindal
Meena Bindal 19 days ago
Shot on OnePlus @4:36....!!!!
Reddy Tex
Reddy Tex 19 days ago
Dont know why Oneplus isn't marketing the macro mode on this phone much. Its literally LIT. For the sake of prospective buyers i made one video showing its capabilities.
BLACK BIRD 19 days ago
THANK you Oneplus for pushing the market
B. Wolf
B. Wolf 20 days ago
Can you disable the teardrop?
Martin Gomez
Martin Gomez 20 days ago
Question is, should I buy the 7pro or the 7T coming from a 3T??
infernape716 19 days ago
Same situation here. I'm going for the 7T because it's smaller and has a flat screen both of which make it easier to handle.
Rakesh Botadkar
Rakesh Botadkar 20 days ago
Wouldn't it be better if Google and oneplus did the back gesture navigation from the sides in the middle of the sides? Like how Samsung has it with their One hand Operation app? You should probably have a look at that app and make a suggestion to Google and Oneplus both.. 😀
szewei85 20 days ago
Haha nice
Prem sharma
Prem sharma 23 days ago
Which would you prefer OnePlus 7t or Asus Rog phone 2 for the same price though I am not a hardcore gamer and I don't even wanna compromise with camera
Quantum Gigahrtz
Quantum Gigahrtz 23 days ago
Oğuzhan Şahin
Oğuzhan Şahin 23 days ago
Is there any heating problem with games like pubg? Bcs no water cooling system
Saber Cat
Saber Cat 24 days ago
Honestly, the 7t looks great on paper, but I hate the name and I had the huge disk camera thing
Simon 24 days ago
swiping from the right to go back is FAR better 😰😤🤬
JF TORMENTA 24 days ago
you are very right, i prefer the oneplus 7 gestures
Erangel 25 days ago
In my country 7 pro and 7t is same price
Dipesh Pury
Dipesh Pury 25 days ago
I wish i could subscribe u 100000000 times ❣🙏
Aaditya Desai
Aaditya Desai 26 days ago
Bought this phone over a week ago and I've been using this since a week😁....my kind of mkbhd line
Gal 26 days ago
For $420 USD on AliExpress (256GB version) it's hard to say no :) My heart is still saying LG V50 though (really better everything on the V50 except software).
Nik 27 days ago
Please review REALME X2 PRO
Mohamed S. Hassan
Mohamed S. Hassan 27 days ago
OnePlus 7T or Samsung Galaxy S10!??
Guilherme Zordan
Guilherme Zordan 29 days ago
absolutely agree!
russell perez
russell perez Month ago
I totally disagree about the remark made concerning the haptic motor, this one is weaker than the 7pro. Big time
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