OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Flagship Killed?

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We’ve been comparing OnePlus devices with the latest Galaxy for years, and usually the OnePlus wins. See, while the Galaxy has always been a better phone, the differences were never enough to warrant the substantial differences in price tag. The OnePlus was just good enough.
Thing is, that dynamic has changed. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a completely different beast that now doesn't just compete with specs and price. This wants to be a better phone than its competitors, and still priced aggressively. The question is if the bar is high enough.
I think the biggest question that comes to mind is why should you give OnePlus a chance? Samsung has been in the market for years, and they own the most popular brand in the Android Space. The answer is actually quite complicated if you want to compare hardware.
Watch our full comparison to learn more
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Jun 18, 2019




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Comments 1 374
JDL 14 hours ago
The V50 is a beast.
Tenshi's Kiss
Tenshi's Kiss 3 days ago
I just realized I stopped using the headphone jack. When did that happened???
buster colin
buster colin 5 days ago
If you prefer the 1+, could you send me the S10Plus please.
Harshit Bhatt
Harshit Bhatt 7 days ago
My OnePlus 7 pro Nebula blue is a beast .... compared to S10plus
Oliver Espinoza
Oliver Espinoza 9 days ago
Are you Honduran?
s ga
s ga 9 days ago
Youre just afraid to call it like it is.
phani kumar simhadri
Good Review, finally OP7 Pro is winner according to price
bobsta 12 days ago
Nice balanced review. I can see the difficulty in choosing between the two phones. Might wait for the 7T Pro to come out.
arunachol man at war
i go with galasxy s9 plus as its 490 $ only hahhahahaaha y go for 700$ n 999% for only wide angle camera😊
Ivan Nunez
Ivan Nunez 17 days ago
Thank you. Your vedio was very helpful. I made my decision to get the OnePlus 7 Pro, your show was very informative. I have been with T-Mobile for almost 20 years. It will be nice to have a flagship phone from my career. I am making the switch from iPhone XR
Bench Monster
Bench Monster 17 days ago
Only things that I hate about the One Plus 7 Pro is No Memory Expansion and curved glass.
tikogto 14 days ago
I have wireless charging on my nightstand and in my car, can't use the One Plus on them.
Tokyo Dragon master lee
Planning to get me a one plus 7pro ,you did a good review.
Darren Michael
Darren Michael 18 days ago
One + all day
Cameron B
Cameron B 22 days ago
For me the pricing does make a big difference, but I would also say that I could say that for some, the choice might balance on camera functionailty / options, which the S10+ would likely win. The phone camera is used functionally in my work, but not a critical necessity in terms of the finer details, so the camera in the Oneplus is easily more than enough for me and the additional cost of the S10+ really doesn't gain me any more for that cost. I am surprised though that you didn't mention the stylus hardware and the associated software for the S10+ as I would imagine that might have a significant degree of importance for some people. Again, it really doesn't concern me, but I know people who would struggle without the ability to take notes and use some of the additional functionality that the stylus offers. It's a pretty significant feature that's not replicated much in the phone market and certainly not something that the Oneplus matches in it's feature set.
russell perez
russell perez 23 days ago
I just love to watch Jaime pretend like he's talking on the phone
ispianist 25 days ago
Got the one plus 7 Pro nebula blue
Eric Staggs
Eric Staggs 25 days ago
Honestly would get the s10 + if I could afford it but I am getting the OnePlus 7 pro 5 g Monday cause it’s 20 a month not 40
Tim B
Tim B 25 days ago
OnePlus in a heartbeat if it had wireless charging. This is something I use ALL the time. Since it doesn't, I haven't yet decided.
RajR96 *
RajR96 * 28 days ago
If they’re both the same price which would you get?
theacp127 28 days ago
That comes down to personal taste. I would still prefer 7 Pro since the screen in 90hz instead of 60hz, and no holes in the screen.
David Dorrian
David Dorrian Month ago
I've used Samsung for the past 5 year coming from iPhone. I think I'm ready to jump ship again, the OnePlus gives me everything I've been wanting and has gotten rid of new features I haven't been bothered about to give me better features in what I am bothered about. I have zero brand loyalty 😅
Festus Abernathy
ALOT of butthurt comments. Mr Jaime is in America he would not know all the prices around the world. With these two phones, I think either would be a good purchase so by whats more economical for you. Great video
도로시 Month ago
s10 5g is best..... my phone
Mohammed Wael
Mohammed Wael Month ago
If I can buy a oneplus 7pro or s10+ in the same price what should I choose ? Even though I'm all into the oneplus but i love the s10's camera and I know it's better but is it so much better than oneplus ? Please answer me guys
Dalil eddine Slimani
S10+ if you're obsessed with swimming with your phone everyday.
jacek ciesielski
Got the OnePlus 7 pro and no regrets whatsoever. Winner in my book.
Just A Black Atheist
Besides the size and the vibration motor, I agree.
Prathmesh Deshmukh
Prathmesh Deshmukh 25 days ago
@BlaZeZ it is
BlaZeZ 26 days ago
@Prathmesh Deshmukh 7t pro is not better than the 7 pro dude lmai
Prathmesh Deshmukh
Why would you buy it when oneplus 7t pro is just around the corner
VARUN G Month ago
I choose one plus7 pro its price and features with best display and design
This guy says his name way too fast to take him seriously.
P M Month ago
My one7plus pro almond gold is the best ! 😃
I was not impressed by the panorama pictures the OP 6+ takes, did it get better with the OP 7 Pro ?
R Waits
R Waits Month ago
the last test on the video at 4k, he prefers the samsung and looks gray on the samsung camera??? skin tones much, much, better on the the Oneplus. Samsung never gets the skin tone right on selfies....NEVER
midwest Tech
midwest Tech Month ago
300 is 300 but i would pay the extra 300 to have an all around phone that has everthing then not have, wait i did go buy the S10 plus because it is more bang for my buck. With no drop offs, i played with the 1plus and i will say after 2 weeks of use the 90hz RFR was not there i couldnt really tell the difference and i found out why. One plus 90hz only kicks in when picking apps or running though built in apps outside of the apps it drops back to 60hz not coo 0ne plus not coo at all.
saurav verma
saurav verma Month ago
I'm frustrated with Oneplus Camera now. Really.
Jam Marcaida
Jam Marcaida Month ago
One Plus 7 Pro ♡
James Edward
James Edward Month ago
You got that Frog look🐸🐸🐸
Brian Langhorst
Brian Langhorst Month ago
Tired of Samsung with their behind the times updates... and when they do send a new update your way it totally resets all your settings and home screen pages for you without your consent... Samsung price is outrageous too... Enjoying the 7pro so far... Super fast...
MrZero Month ago
The photo samples part of the video was no good. The animation to go to the next photo was a bad idea. Messed it up because can't see the difference quick. We'll that's just me.
Chheangheng Seng
S10+ cost 1000$ while oneplus 7 pro cost 750$
William LeGod
William LeGod Month ago
S10 price and 60hz sceeen has left the chat
YRN Juvy
YRN Juvy Month ago
Samsung lags alot
Vikram Mundra
Vikram Mundra Month ago
Bottom line.... If you want best screen quality and better photos then Samsung is the best. Period
kikinvago Month ago
I appreciate how you pronounce your name even when speaking English.
Ashanta Abdur-Rauf
Ashanta Abdur-Rauf 24 days ago
I was going to comment on how cool he sounds when he says his name. I wish mine sounded so awesome!
kikinvago Month ago
@Coronado G I know, and that's why I appreciate it, it sounds right.
Coronado G
Coronado G Month ago
That's the Spanish way of saying his name xD
Abdul Month ago
Ikr I'm not even Hispanic and it just sounds right
raphael seraf
raphael seraf Month ago
I'mmm.... jaimierivera
Shak81 Month ago
One plus all day!!!💥💥
Entertainment Train
one plus definitely has the better low light pics, but besides that.. samsung is better. but wow.. those low light pics of the one plus is sooo good.
Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
I'd say nah. Not a killer, unless you are price conscious. On the OnePlus 7 Pro now. Love so much about it, but wish the curve on screen edges were less prevalent.
DrunkLofii Month ago
It's really not that much curve. I have the phone.
Pedro Fernandes
Pedro Fernandes Month ago
Get the Google camera app port for the OP. Camera problem solved...
Pedro Fernandes
Pedro Fernandes Month ago
@Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe god damn, I don't remember the website now... If you google it you will probably find it. There's some guys that "hack" the Google camera app so they work on other phones. Pictures instantly come out better
Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
Which app, just Google camera app?
Tricia Newton-Rahima
Hands down the 7Pro! Mine is on it's way.
DuckPin2011 Month ago
Funny he gives the win to the Sammy for pics and videos, when the pro clearly doesn't wash out his face like the Sammy did in the selfie video. I liked the pro pics better, hands down. The only this the Sammy has going for it that the Pro doesn't, is the headphone jack, IMHO.
bluemaki1 2 months ago
My choice would be 1+7. Why ? Its a stupid act to customize stock OS.
Nagappa Pattanashetti
The spelling of his name: Jaime Rivera Pronunciation: Haima Rivera Mind blown!
nig ward
nig ward 2 months ago
Op7 camera is just okay Its midrange quality even oneplus admitted that
Tara Downs
Tara Downs 2 months ago
I have the s10+ but if I waited a little longer and seen all these new phone out now, I would have got the 1+ 7 pro
Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
You made a good choice you have a headphone jack and expandable storage with the 10 plus. less screen distortion
Outcast 2 months ago
It's not a flagship killer, but it definitely gave Samsung a run for their money
i will go with samsung s10 plus, i wil remove the stock os and install oneplus 7 custom rom
M.Rajiv Raja
M.Rajiv Raja 2 months ago
One plus 7 Pro
ItsAndy1031 2 months ago
I upgraded from the S8+ to the S10+. I'm enjoying my S10+ but I have noticed the 1+7pro, looks like a good phone.
Pijush Sarker
Pijush Sarker 2 months ago
Not gd better bro
Pritesh Panjiker
Pritesh Panjiker 2 months ago
Video quality is not comparable atall
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 2 months ago
Are you working for Galaxy? OnePlus 7 Pro images are clearly better and more detailed than Galaxy which is grainy and light saturated in your comparison videos.
Insert name HERE
Insert name HERE 2 months ago
Flagship competitor, not a killer.
Jon Chrymes
Jon Chrymes 2 months ago
Bro, that 1080p on the Oneplus 7 Pro at 8:30 wiped the floor with the 4k on the Galaxy S10+
Josef Griveas
Josef Griveas 2 months ago
Next videos