OnePlus 7 Pro: First 10 Things to Do

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We know that more than a few of you are planning to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro when it goes on sale May 17. I can't say I blame you either, since this phone has so much going for it. Should you buy the newest from OnePlus, we've got you covered on the first 10 things you should do with the phone right out of the box.
In this latest "First 10 Things to Do" series entry, we cover the items first worth tackling on your 7 Pro. From setting up both face unlock and the in-display fingerprint reader to utilizing that 90Hz display and the various display options, this should get you going nicely. You'll also find walk-throughs of the various gesture controls, how to get your home screen setup properly, which utilities to consider, and how to access the three separate cameras in the OnePlus 7 Pro, as well as all of its modes.
OnePlus 7 Pro Review: drd.life/2JE0NoF
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May 15, 2019




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Comments 80
C2tha J2tha
C2tha J2tha 10 days ago
Where to get this wallpaper??!!
Maria Andersen
Maria Andersen 14 days ago
hello, I just got my first oneplus phone, a 7pro and I'm having trouble understanding the system. When I first power up the phone it took for ever and then gives me 3 options to 'wipe data and cache' , Advanced or exit. Why would I want to wipe data and cache on a brand new phone?
justinisasquare 18 days ago
This helped me out so much! Love it!
michael s
michael s 2 months ago
i have a question..How do i make conference calls???When I had my S8,it's right there,on the screen,while you're talking,called 'Merge'...But this phone does not have that option..I also have to move screens now just to get to the call screen page to answer calls..
Abubaker G
Abubaker G 2 months ago
New to OnePlus and Android Thanks
pradeep sekar
pradeep sekar 2 months ago
7pro or 7t which one is best to buy
Dan Hack000
Dan Hack000 2 months ago
I just ordered mine cuz it was way cheaper from tmobile. I just liked and subscribed to your page. Your video was very thorough and that's what I look for at times. 👍 I hope I'm not missing out on this phone. I will get it next Tuesday. Keep up the nice work.
Tanner Hall
Tanner Hall 3 months ago
The fingerprint reader is really great security! It will also get faster and safer over time as it will learn more about your prints! Do your research before you say stupid things
M pip
M pip 3 months ago
Hi brother I want to know the best virus protection program for OnePlus 7T McLaren Edition
Jääger 3 months ago
Icon pack?
graphictank 4 months ago
Crap, gonna have to change my screen pattern now.
Rohit Pingulkar
Rohit Pingulkar 4 months ago
Can I get that wallpaper link Please
Raghav Agarwal
Raghav Agarwal 4 months ago
Finally watching this on my one plus seven pro 😍
Per Arne Kleiven
Per Arne Kleiven 4 months ago
I’ve been using iPhone since 3GS - XS Max but my next phone will be OnePlus 8 Pro when it comes out. I’m actually tired of iOS and looking forward to use Android, especially when I saw the similar gestures that my phone already have.
Quintavious Dove
Quintavious Dove 4 months ago
Coming from an original android user, I've had the G1 the HTC M8 The Note 3&4, Honor 8x, Honor 10 lite, S7, S8, recently the s9plus to the Oneplus 7t currently, I believe I've experienced almost every variation of Android and each company's software, but I have to say OnePlus has the most fluent software out of all the phones I've had, damn I love OnePlus. Edit: I've also had the IPhone 7plus and 8 as well as the 10xMax and nothing is topping OnePlus.
smart phone
smart phone 4 months ago
GCSE GURU 4 months ago
i just bought the oneplus 7t pro mclaren edition and it is honestly incredible!!!! I HAVE CONVERTED TO ONEPLUS!!!
NEMOSmokes24 4 months ago
The face unlock is nice and looks really cool but seems like it would wear out the selfie camera way way faster so I'm weary of doing that
Jamie 4 months ago
can I disable the app drawer?
Maershon Lerand Alveron
What is that weather widget? Does anyone know?
XO Tahmid
XO Tahmid 4 months ago
The first thing to do is give us that wallpaper
Roni Hirvonen
Roni Hirvonen 4 months ago
i want that wallpaper
Maranda Conway
Maranda Conway 5 months ago
It doesn't work in my 2016 Nissan versa for aux audio tho
Exul 5 months ago
I'm waiting for the OnePlus 8 so I will look at stuff about the OnePlus 8 and 7 for the time being until it's out
Sdot Fir3
Sdot Fir3 4 months ago
Same i want a phone with the newest specs and with wireless charging
shashank Reddy
shashank Reddy 5 months ago
Wallpaper link????
Soroosh Ahmadi
Soroosh Ahmadi 5 months ago
Watching this on my OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren! This shit is just a masterpiece 😍😍
Sdot Fir3
Sdot Fir3 4 months ago
I played around with it at TMobile it was amazing could not keep my eyes off of it
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 5 months ago
What's the weather widget?
Elderith 5 months ago
I had a similar problem with the fingerprint reader with my thumb. but all I had to do was recalibrate for that finger.
saby8765 5 months ago
What you said about the fingerprint reader is true, the fingers you've registered but don't use often, will be read slower. For example, I've registered my left hand thumb and index finger, but mostly always use my right hand, so if I try to unlock the phone with left hand, it's very noticeably slower.
Doudoulaz 5 months ago
Does this phone support call recording built in phone plz?
CuriouSteve 5 months ago
Wow I didn't realize OnePlus had such an awesome user interface. Basically like if Nova launcher made a phone.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 5 months ago
I had just 5 minutes to play with the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition (Jesus that's a pain to type and say) and the difference between 60 and 90 Hz refresh rates is shocking! Sadly, T-Mobile dropped the regular OnePlus 7 Pro in favor of the OnePlus 7T but I was left very impressed!
Manoj Pathak
Manoj Pathak 6 months ago
When i record song feedback sound lag,how can i adjust feedback sound
Monetisation 6 months ago
He plays altos odyssey
Devon Troyer
Devon Troyer 6 months ago
Gonna get 8 g ram version
Nytron 6 months ago
The fingerprint reader is the fastest of any phone on the market. And the more you use it, the better it gets. It is literally self improves, eventually learning all the weird angles you might apply your fingers.
I Hassan
I Hassan 6 months ago
Why I don't have 11:50 back home on my op7tpro McLaren
Alessandro Dima
Alessandro Dima 6 months ago
@I Hassan nope
I Hassan
I Hassan 6 months ago
@Alessandro Dima is needing a root for device or not
Alessandro Dima
Alessandro Dima 6 months ago
Check here: www.androidpolice.com/2019/09/20/how-to-bring-back-two-button-navigation-on-the-oneplus-7-and-7-pro-running-android-10-beta/
Alessandro Dima
Alessandro Dima 6 months ago
@I Hassan but you can enable It by a ADB command
I Hassan
I Hassan 6 months ago
@Alessandro Dima aha that's why
I Hassan
I Hassan 6 months ago
Finally, I am Watching this on my OnePlus 7T pro McLaren edition
Twerk 4 months ago
Soroosh Ahmadi
Soroosh Ahmadi 5 months ago
Same 😍
anime buster 4000
anime buster 4000 6 months ago
T1NY L3G3ND 6 months ago
The fingerprint reader learns your finger better over time
fonzeey 6 months ago
How do you activate Google discover instead of shelf ?
Rishik Dulipyata
Rishik Dulipyata 6 months ago
MJMT 6 months ago
Good video. But you failed to mention private space, which is one of the best settings I think.
Dharmendra Rana
Dharmendra Rana 7 months ago
It's probably best choice now since price drop
Tomini 7 months ago
OMG, thanks! My father struggles with Xiaomi phone (we all have Xiaomi, now I'd ditching my sh!tty one for OP 7 Pro). He wanted just one thing - have a option to choose to open app from lock screen when unlocking. It was there, but after update MIUI 10 deleted that option. Update=downgrade xD And OxygenOS has like draw "W" and open app "XXX"?! :O he will be so envy and I'm so wet for the phone, I can't wait for it :D
Gautier 7 months ago
Hi what is the name of your widget ?
its just luke Revive
Bought it during Black Friday, can't wait!!
Underdog Rising
Underdog Rising 7 months ago
Solid tip. Input each finger 3 times in the security settings. He mentions that it can be slow. Doing the same finger 3 times increases the success rate and therefore the speed.
Sam Wilcox
Sam Wilcox 7 months ago
Anyone else watching this cause they bought the $550 Black Friday deal?
Shivang Patel
Shivang Patel 6 months ago
@Jason just get a VPN server and change it to a different country and then delete it. I did that and it was successful update
Nytron 6 months ago
$475 now on OnePlus's website with StudentBeans, or $499 without. No tax even in states that require tax, and free shipping.
Sam Wilcox
Sam Wilcox 6 months ago
@Jason Rooted = Jailbreak. It's the Android version basically if that makes sense. Can't remember incremental or the other. You can find videos on it I think. Hope you get it figured out!
BubbleBro 6 months ago
Yoyo guys got myself the McLaren edition. Oneplus is the best Phone ever !!! What so you think about Google-Pixel.apk ?? IS IT worth IT? What config are you using?
Jason 6 months ago
@Sam Wilcox incriminatal update or full update? Also I don't know what it means to have a rooted device
Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal 7 months ago
How to enable single tap wake?
Francis Veda Nazareno
Im watching this for my own OnePlus7 pro ❤️❤️❤️
Agnel Natho
Agnel Natho 7 months ago
And the private password is there or not
Agnel Natho
Agnel Natho 7 months ago
How the gameplay is there
Samm Dewangan
Samm Dewangan 7 months ago
Good video
western11h 7 months ago
Is this available on Verizon
Al- Amin Patwary Shan
Is there any pocket mode in oneplus 7pro? If it’s there how can I find it? TIA.
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 7 months ago
How to enable dark mode in OnePlus 7 pro?
rexuvic 7 months ago
I just wanna know how to change the navigation bar.
Ben Reeves
Ben Reeves 8 months ago
Currently setting up my OP7TPRO McLaren edition!
Qasim Qayyum
Qasim Qayyum 8 months ago
I left my iPhone xs Max 😂 and i love my one plus 7 pro woow amazing I am free can do anything
preben nielsen
preben nielsen 8 months ago
Which cover do you have on here? It looks nice and slim
alcylon 8 months ago
cant get 1 tap to work?????? later: got it 😆.
azlife 8 months ago
Great info if you did not talk so darn fast. Hard to watch.
Boost Killer
Boost Killer 8 months ago
Apple users are confused
loags22 8 months ago
I just got the 1plus 7t. Can you do a video about that
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 8 months ago
You didn't even change to full gesture navigation to remove those dates buttons! Dark mode!
Abhi 8 months ago
WATCHING ON MY ONEPLUS 7 PRO I wanted to say this for a long time 😅😆
Abhi 8 months ago
And it is smooth and snappy af man !
Abhi 8 months ago
And the speaker in this thing is Boombastic 🤯😆😆😅
cipherguru 8 months ago
How to get macro mode on the camera of this phone?
Maria Nicolette Caubang
@cipherguru Well I guess to stimulate sales for the 7T and 7T Pro. OnePlus said that the macro mode is not available even through software updates. You need to buy the T versions to be able to get one.
cipherguru 8 months ago
@Maria Nicolette Caubang why?
Maria Nicolette Caubang
The macro mode is only available for the 7T and 7T Pro.
Andy Peter
Andy Peter 8 months ago
i dint have the option of digital wellbeing on my one plus 7 pro wt to do ?
zExiLy 666
zExiLy 666 9 months ago
OnePlus 7 Pro: First 10 Things to Do - safe money 10 years
ITZNATME 9 months ago
What about Android auto? It works?
fellafella 9 months ago
Also I love this phone for mine a few weeks ago it's the best phone I've had since the iPhone 6s Plus
fellafella 9 months ago
What weather widget do you use??? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS URGENT!! SOS if anyone knows the name of the weather widget please let me know
Tayźa Yaüng Ćhi
Tayźa Yaüng Ćhi 9 months ago
I waiting for oneplus 8 pro .that my type
Sanskara Dukkata
Sanskara Dukkata 9 months ago
How to make so many notifications (+5) appear in the status bar of Oneplus 7 Pro? Or it's native?
Mahesh Kapase
Mahesh Kapase 9 months ago
Please share your home screen wallpaper
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 9 months ago
I left Apple just for this phone. I haven't had a device this amazing for less than 1K in a loooooong time.
Àngel Wehr
Àngel Wehr 7 months ago
@imStasiu annoying, shut up bro, you dont even work yo must be under 15 years old
imStasiu 8 months ago
you probably never had a phone for more then 1k
Andre Reis
Andre Reis 8 months ago
@Sedking COCwhich one? I've tried a couple of gcam but none are stable... 7 pro with OOS 10.01
Sedking COC
Sedking COC 8 months ago
@Andre Reis get the google camera app
Andre Reis
Andre Reis 8 months ago
@Jonathan Vasquez I get your point and I that might be the reason why some reviewers kind of say the camera is "similar" to the iPhone: because if you spend your time with it, the pics might look as good as the best options. Problem is that most of my pictures these days are of my son (if you haven't had one, you'll know one day lol). And they demand a device that is always in hand and quick and easy. Thus my disapointment.
wookie one
wookie one 9 months ago
This is my first OnePlus and last its the android version of a iPhone.
nickh424 9 months ago
So what were the 10 things again? seems like you ran through the entire settings menu. lol
Thomas Simmonds
Thomas Simmonds 9 months ago
Anyone know why the Digital Wellbeing doesn't show up in the Settings for me?
Arkaprava Datta
Arkaprava Datta 9 months ago
Wallpaper link?
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