OnePlus 7 Pro BEAST! Pop-up Camera & 90hz Madness!

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OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Review In Nebula Blue! Insane hidden camera & 90hz refresh rate display! This phone exceeded ALL expectations.
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May 14, 2019

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Comments 2 830
EverythingApplePro 3 months ago
1 like = 1 tan for my camera man
Sam Jeffrey
Sam Jeffrey 13 days ago
Good work
Pad 21
Pad 21 14 days ago
Samsung made the screen
Jake Miknuk
Jake Miknuk Month ago
So it’s been two months, how do you like this phone now?
NinjaBacon Pro
NinjaBacon Pro Month ago
@dRT no headphones no ip rating no jack no wireless chargingand less than descent camera quality
NinjaBacon Pro
NinjaBacon Pro Month ago
@gert jansen only 5 ppl agree lol
I dont know if its just me, but f*ck the time your saving through animations. I absolutley love these super fluid animations it makes everything feel more soft and bouncy and just more fun. Its great for the eye. But people that dont give a crap about stuff like that, I do understand that they would like more time saving instead of animations. Just my opinion/feeling about it.
Lil Bar
Lil Bar 2 days ago
7 Pro’s camera completely blew the iPhone out of the water
samsung_legend8 3 days ago
Oneplus 7 Pro: i fear no man, but that thing *points at water* Oneplus 7 Pro: it scares me.
Joca Von Ninamann
4000 mAh battery really helps with the 90Hz screen fluidity I understand from this review... what would I do without YT techies?
Amano Yuuji
Amano Yuuji 4 days ago
I love that 1+ makes that slogan fits everything very well in fact i have come up with something Never settle on just one company for phones
V3n0m917 6 days ago
As someone who has this phone. I won't lie .. dont believe the hype. I was a loyal apple user until the X came out. Switched to Huawei p20 pro... Best damn phone I've ever used. Now I have the OnePlus 7 pro... P20 is still on top. I can't believe this phone is the best of 2019. Yeah... Right 😂. Ask me what's wrong and I'll tell ya.
xXuidmod 8 days ago
For the name EverythingApplePro your one of the most unbiased RUvidrs I’ve seen.
therealzeee 9 days ago
1 like = global warming increases
Dennis 10 days ago
Completely blew Apple out of the water 🤷🏼‍♂️ Apple better pays attention to OnePlus
Adam Pratt
Adam Pratt 6 days ago
All the companies should pay attention to OnePlus. For their first one they knocked it out of the park with the OnePlus One and they've spent the intervening years getting even better.
MJ 11 days ago
Thanks for the great video tips and info. I am loving my new Oneplus 7 pro. 12 /256 unlocked directly from OnePlus. After the latest oxygen camera updates from Oneplus the pictures are great, then adding the Gcam from XDA with their recommended settings they almost look like you can walk right into the picture. I'm not a camera expert but for me it makes me want to take a lot of pictures
Corey Tucker
Corey Tucker 12 days ago
I have this phone with iMessage working flawlessly on it. Absolute beast of a phone. Finally broke free from Apples chains Lol
Adnan Fotih
Adnan Fotih 12 days ago
Where the final thoughts of OnePlus 7 pro ✌️
Lambo Goham
Lambo Goham 13 days ago
How many boxes?
arun k.c
arun k.c 14 days ago
dude drops phone like its nothing.
Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens 14 days ago
"Better phone in every way" - there you have it apple fans, your apple information supplier has basically said try out new phones because better ones exist 😃
Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens 14 days ago
"Eventually the iPhone will get here." Keyword - Eventually.
Dennis 10 days ago
aGu 15 days ago
I like this guy. He likes Apple but he isn't one of those stuck-up Apple enthusiasts that refuse to admit anything wrong with any iPhone and whenever they see an Android act like it's a bomb or a fire hazard. Thanks for being the most respectable Apple fan!
Ric Donato
Ric Donato 16 days ago
Yes, I like One+ offering. My main reason using a iPhone is the Apple Watch. There is not anything on Android compatible.
Satyadeep Tiwari
Satyadeep Tiwari 16 days ago
Hi.. Can you please compare between Oneplus 7 pro & iPhone XR ..Pros & Cons of both devices & the verdict ? If possible. Please keep us posted regarding same..
janska 17 days ago
I love bow he even compares it to the XS max even though its under the price range of the XR speaks for itself
Gabriel Malek
Gabriel Malek 18 days ago
IPhone feels cooler but they're at equal temperate probably means one of them is worst at conducting heat away since your hand only feels temperature changes not actual temperature.
Jamarius Pierce
Jamarius Pierce 18 days ago
OnePlus7Pro by far my favorite phone...that's coming from an apple person since iPhone 3GS
Zebby Knight
Zebby Knight 19 days ago
I have an insane and mostly likely sounds impossible and stupid. How about putting the iPhone XS Max internal pieces into the one plus 7 pro body?
Satisfied 21 day ago
When he picked up the iPhone and out it next to the 7 pro for the unlock speed, I instantly how unattractive that phone looked
Evan Shabo
Evan Shabo 21 day ago
What fuck with curved screens I wanted this phone but the curved screen is dumb man doesn’t serve any purpose for me Jesus just quit those curved screens
Giovanni Freniere
Giovanni Freniere 22 days ago
Watching with my OnePlus 7pro
Nigel Fortes
Nigel Fortes 22 days ago
Elliot Alderson
Elliot Alderson 22 days ago
obviously he is now getting bored with Apple and might change his channel name soon 😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 24 days ago
why does this guy keep whining about his fucking apple
Fun1PRN 24 days ago
Which smart watch would best Pair with this phone? Great Review!!
Nathan Hassani
Nathan Hassani 25 days ago
" one of the most technological advances phones on the market today" you must be kidding, terrible audio ( compared to the competition, terrible camera ( compared to competition) the only thing oneplus focuses on is the SPEED, 90hz, most people don't need it, and if doesn't make a huge difference in games, if you want a phone for its high refresh rate then get a razer or Asus Rog, if you want the best, then get the iPad pro with 120hz. if this phone were cheaper then it would be worth it, but sorry other phones out there do better jobs, Xperia 1 selling for £700 better camera, superior audio, better build quality, may not be faster, but who really needs a phone to be so fast, it's a phone, phones released nowadays are plenty fast for most people. if OnePlus want to come out of the " budget sector" then start putting premium features in your phones, better audio, better camera, then charge the same price. not impressed.
Nathan Hassani
Nathan Hassani 25 days ago
Joel Casas
Joel Casas 26 days ago
I need that phone Felipe
Joel Casas
Joel Casas 26 days ago
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain 28 days ago
I like u r videos , but u have wait too much of advertisment in u r videos i had to switch to other channel.
Eric Mendoza
Eric Mendoza 28 days ago
Battery life on the oneplus 7 pro sucks, just like the xs max, I switched back to samsung
ABC DEF 28 days ago
Why do almost every youtuber forget the case ?
Mikayel Միքայել
Btw the vibration motor is a joke i have felt it and it is not as good nor are the clicks as deep as what my s8+ can do i would say its in par with my old s7edge so no way anywhere close to apple
Rich Dan
Rich Dan 29 days ago
I just took off my screen protector that came on my OnePlus 7 Pro and the screen is absolutely amazing
Bashir Solomon
Bashir Solomon Month ago
shimmer n shine😁
Bashir Solomon
Bashir Solomon Month ago
packaging is mad🤗
unOriginal Gaming
Doesn't matter. Made my mind before stumbling upon this video. To be honest, I'm just sick of Apple. You know there's something wrong when you've been loyal to a brand for 5 years and yet you somehow get frustrated on your phone sometimes. I'm an ex user of 6 plus, 6s plus, x, and xs max. Gotta say one thing that I hate the most is the camera. Like bro, why the box so small? What generation are we living in that wide camera doesn't exist around us?? There are also many other small things that I'm sure most of you have stumbled upon while using their latest smartphone. Well you know what? I'm done, I sold that xs max off and I'm getting exactly this 7pro. I would switch to Android if it means I can finally be a happy man with little to no frustration again. Oh btw, iphone u can use wide camera, but you need 'another' camera app for that. Was forced to buy one camera app too just for the manual settings. And their night photography sucks ass :( I'm glad I took the step and move forward to a futuristic generation. iPhone is a luxury brand, sure, but one thing I've learned while using Apple all these years are that people don't really care what phone you're using, and also you're just limiting yourself from technology advancement that is happening around us. I went with Apple all these years cause of their optimized apps, but that's it. Until they change the way their product is, I'll be a happy man with my 7pro
MS TK 8 days ago
@unOriginal Gaming Try out the Open Camera app. It's pretty cool. I use it because I am able to tweak video quality settings. Was on iPhone 3gs long ago and switched to Android. Since nougat Android has been getting better. The cool part is despite slower updates I don't miss out on new features because of other launchers and apps. I have the note 9 now and becoming a Samsung fan because of the multitasking and good lock features. I have considered OnePlus before but I'm happy with the note line. I have an iPad and iMac which I barely use. To each his own. I tried the 8plus for six months and went back to Android. Unless iOS becomes more Android like feature wise I doubt I will switch to an iPhone any time soon.
unOriginal Gaming
unOriginal Gaming 18 days ago
@Kumar P Depends. For me, a guy who switched from XS Max, this phone camera is totally far from comparison, especially the front facing camera. I've always been the guy who loved a natural tone camera. The front facing could use some improvements, which we'll mostly see from firmware updates soon. The rear camera is amazing, it's sharp and the detail is crisp. On a sunny day, I love how they make my pictures look natural as possible yet the HDR makes it look even cooler. It's basically an Instagram ready photos with rear camera. I haven't tried the any portraits yet but I know it won't look as good as XS Max/Pixel 3. Then again, not something that software updates can't fix, if you actually know what kind of lens they're using for this phone which is quite powerful itself. The video is great though at night. I just recorded a video while playing basketball outdoor during nighttime with all the lighting around me. The camera somehow makes it look good and lively compared to my XS Max while filming at the same spot, same time. So that leave me confused whether to like the camera or hate it, but for now I guess I gotta deal with it. After all, I can't really complain on the quality I'm getting off the price.
Kumar P
Kumar P 18 days ago
unOriginal Gaming thanks for responding and is the camera as bad as they say it is ?
unOriginal Gaming
unOriginal Gaming 18 days ago
@Kumar P I got mine for USD751 here in Malaysia, although it's an imported set from China flashed with OxygenOS. Local set is way too expensive for some reason and they don't bring in my favorite Almond here. Battery life is not bad, with location services turned on, 90Hz display, google assistant running at background and so on. Battery life not something that I care much since I mostly use it for social apps. But it does last me a day with around 10-20% left. Only when I play games will I put them on battery saving etc. No complain there, I don't care about that if I'm going to get awesome experience off the phone every single day.
Kumar P
Kumar P 18 days ago
unOriginal Gaming how much did you get it for and is the battery life good ?
Edge93l Month ago
one plus 7 pro is better but still use iphone as daily driver
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez Month ago
PaulDo Davis
PaulDo Davis Month ago
Just sell the XR in 2022 and buy 2 one plus 7 pros then
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
If Apple does that, their phone will cost at least 3K
kramdens1967 Month ago
Lol, I laughed at that comment, "It's accomplished something even Apple hasn't done" that's because Apple is usually three years behind 🤣🤣
rijuhdas1 Month ago
I am going to use my iphone X for another one year. Will see apple comes with no notch phone. Otherwise i will switch to any of the best android phone.
E-M Month ago
Off corse I phone But one plus is a good device
Igor Teller
Igor Teller Month ago
You know that 90 hz is wasting more energy I do not think it's worth it.
usachatnow Month ago
Are you still planning on that full review on the one plus 7 pro
Tyronne Person
Tyronne Person Month ago
But you want to keep paying those over priced prices for IPHONES. I'll gladly take my One Plus 7 pro😁
Jonathan Harlin
Was going to buy the 2020 iphone but nah, oneplus is a much better value Phone. Will get either the oneplus pro 7t or the oneplus 8. Put that money i save in my savings instead of Tims pocket 👍
usachatnow Month ago
I'm in love with the one plus 7 pro it's just a beast of a phone. I'm using it more then my iPhone xs max
Tyler Christensen
Same that screen is just 😍😍
mikellasa Month ago
If only the camera were better this would be the ultimate all around phone
SS Creations
SS Creations Month ago
everythings great excep the camera
Jonathan Pabon
Jonathan Pabon Month ago
Be honest with your self apple will stick with the notch for the next 5 years and your going to be stuck with mediocre hardware and shitty battery life with an ugly ass notch because you're too stubborn to to get out of the ecosystem maybe you should stop sucking apples dick and hoping for them to actually give a fuck about what people want cause thats never happening💁🤷
Chetan Jain
Chetan Jain Month ago
why does he compare everything with iphone dude look at the amt u r paying for each one of them
Ayouuubbb Akkari
'Please apple give me this' . Okay in 2030
Brandon Dau
Brandon Dau Month ago
Great review, hard to pay attention to the phone when the guy reviewing it is eye candy. 😍🤤
Brian Meers
Brian Meers Month ago
I love your tech reviews but I can’t help but to notice them guns! 💪🏻 😂🤤
o: 26 days ago
Volcanic Gaming
Volcanic Gaming Month ago
Hey what’s is up guys everything one plus pro here
NMA_ YT Month ago
Almost broke my heart when you dropped it
Rojay Rojay
Rojay Rojay Month ago
Hi I am asking if you can give me one of your phone please I really need it
Tim Hundley
Tim Hundley Month ago
I Subscribed months ago. Why am I still seeing those damn ads?!
Anthony Hernandez
how did he have all that extra stuff???
Calvin Chan
Calvin Chan Month ago
Only concern is if it will work on my carrier. Heard I might need an unlock code to be able to use the phone on my network. No carriers in Canada currently have it so I would have to order from OnePlus directly.
Brian Beltre
Brian Beltre Month ago
No, they come unlocked. No need of a code or something like that.
Eric Vengeance
Eric Vengeance Month ago
@EverythingApplePro So are you going to use the *OnePlus 7 Pro* as your *daily driver* much like you did with the *S10+.* Or you’re still sticking and would like *to be stuck* with the *big notched* and *60 Hz* of the *iPaidMore Xs Max??*
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ Month ago
Please make your video 60FPS
Henrique brustolin
This guy really need a bandaid sponsor
jdfromtexas Month ago
"Please apple, give me this" Fucker! OnePlus already gave it to you! It's 2019, Androids don't suck anymore. Stop paying for overpriced apple products when you have far superior Android devices right in front of your face. lol
Ahmad Hamidi
Ahmad Hamidi Month ago
To all iphone fans: i apologize for all these toxic android fanboys they're just not right in the head.
Matthew Henley
Matthew Henley Month ago
I got mine today and it's amazing, the screen is something else. I just wish they'd included a dongle for my headphones.
Alex McLellan
Alex McLellan Month ago
Do group messages work on android now?
Isak Kjellström
Does anyone know if the oneplus 7 pro works well with apple AirPods gen 2?
JACK D Month ago
Love this cell even better then Samsung s10 plus. I have only bought and used samsung cell phones but I am buying the one plus 7 pro but the only thing is no head phone Jack. If it had a headphone Jack it would be a perfect cell
Tramaine Jones
Tramaine Jones Month ago
What is that grey device on the Apple Watch band
Country Conn
Country Conn Month ago
I would likely switch to this from my iPhone BUT they charge WAY too much for accessories like car charger and power bricks. I travel for work and am not paying for two of everything from them. It would make it more expensive than my iPhone with not near as many cases and other extra accessories.
MoonShadow Month ago
I have the One Pluss 7 Pro
King. Jonesy
King. Jonesy Month ago
I feel like apple sucks after watching this
Omar Hawari
Omar Hawari Month ago
EverythingApplePro shading Apple for 12 minutes straight
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