OnePlus 6T Revisited: Better than Pixel 3?

Marques Brownlee
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My wishlist for OnePlus 7: A better camera.
OnePlus 6T GCAM mod (with night sight): goo.gl/Bzgb3Q
OnePlus 6T Review: ruvid.net/video/video-_6-XjSvbJsE.html
My problems with Pixel 2: ruvid.net/video/video-5_5zZnuB71w.html
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Mar 1, 2019




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Comments 6 585
Nick Syahril Storror
I love Google pixel😍😍✌🏻
2 STROKES 7 days ago
Bro which one Gcam there are many of them and some are not working on my device too.
ABM Farhan khan
ABM Farhan khan 17 days ago
Who's here in 1 jan 2020
80greaty 17 days ago
I used a Pixel 1 for 3 years and the performance became absolutely terrible, background apps barely stay open. It acts like a 1GB ram phone.
Shane Horne
Shane Horne 17 days ago
Actually the OnePlus is water resistan
Todd Barraza
Todd Barraza 19 days ago
In 2020 would you recommend pixel 2 instead of pixel 4 for those switching from iPhone
OMGitsLM 22 days ago
i swear if this happens with the pixel 4! for once we need a whats on my phone which is not a google phone
Kane Sidhu
Kane Sidhu Month ago
I have so many issues with the 6t, endless accidental screenshots, fragile back glass, software crashes and really slow camera (which can't panorama at all).... makes me think these reviews show your short-term usage
Muhammadadnan Adnan
I would like to prefer google pixel 3xl beacause its better camera & better speaker !
Nate DS
Nate DS Month ago
I would much rather have warp charging than wireless charging+slower cable charging
Rajat Kushwah
Rajat Kushwah Month ago
Man you confused me more 😂
Lyles music
Lyles music Month ago
!!!!! 6t wins as far as performance but that camera sucks !!! Google wins in the camera department
matycee 2 months ago
6T "excellent performance" in another vid of yours regarding the 6T, you mention the battery was crap and you thought this phone ought to have been for sale for $400 less and... have been produced two years ago
ANAS OLAVANNA 2 months ago
What your opinion about 3a xl vs 7t
A B 2 months ago
I rarely use ma camera so I would go with one plus
Prabhjot Singh
Prabhjot Singh 2 months ago
Why not use a galaxy phone ?
Jun Lau
Jun Lau 2 months ago
Does anyone want a sequel to this? AKA Oneplus 7 Pro vs Pixel 4?
KAI 3 months ago
Marques’s description: “wish list for OnePlus 7 : Better camera” Boy that wish came true didn’t it
James Middleton
James Middleton 3 months ago
Dude the OnePlus 6t has water resistants it's just not official but it's there
D 1080
D 1080 3 months ago
So we need a Oneplus 8T Pixel? Hint hint Google, A Oneplus partnership could do you some good.
Krishnan Sasikumar
Krishnan Sasikumar 3 months ago
Time to do a OnePlus 7T vs Pixel? Want yo see how much the camera has improved
Pranav Ganesan
Pranav Ganesan 3 months ago
Android user problems Can’t relate
TechWise08 3 months ago
If you hate notches wait for the one plus 7pro lol
Brandó 3 months ago
Imagine being fed up with a phone to the point where you can switch to another phone and vice versa
Sai Nishanth
Sai Nishanth 3 months ago
We can wish if Google makes a phone in association with Oneplus in order to get the best of both worlds... But that ain't gonna happen
otto schmid
otto schmid 3 months ago
is there an apk for the oneplus 6 as well?
Le Sploosh
Le Sploosh 3 months ago
Anyone know what the intro music is?
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 3 months ago
You idiot your so fan by fixel. Look at shot. They not superb. One plus are more natural n detaild. Don't be deceived by that buckshot fixel. Fixel are paid this vidio 😁😁😁😁
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 3 months ago
You can see the shot in one plus 6t is very detaild than Gcam are u bilnd
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 3 months ago
Am not a fan of the google camera or Gcam. Don't be so deceiving by that. I still love the stock cam of one plus 6t😀😀😀
El Pinguino
El Pinguino 3 months ago
*I'm from the future, the OnePlus 7 does have a better camera*
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 3 months ago
Try to use Spotify then open Snapchat on low battery mine crashes everytime
Saber Cat
Saber Cat 3 months ago
Honestly I love my note 10+, but the oneplus looks pretty dope too. Certainly has more appeal to me than the newer pixels and iphones.
succ me up
succ me up 3 months ago
Åge Kush
Åge Kush 3 months ago
Poorer performance on the Pixel? Absolute dealbreaker. Personally I'd take a worse camera over poorer performance.
Tyler Hildreth
Tyler Hildreth 4 months ago
Love the video! And the Vulfpeck intro...
Derai O'Brien
Derai O'Brien 4 months ago
Basically the whole of this video is about the google camera is top dog🤷🏽‍♂️
wilcox tam
wilcox tam 4 months ago
performance over camera anytime
Maverick 4 months ago
Just buy a point and shoot camera you had all the money to do that mkbhd
Baachi 4 months ago
There's a lot of Big butt in this vidéo It's interresting 🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐
damaged gpu
damaged gpu 4 months ago
My Samsung Galaxy s10e with exynos and 6gb of ram or oneplus 6t with 8gb of ram
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 4 months ago
@damaged gpu I would go for OnePlus 7...
damaged gpu
damaged gpu 4 months ago
@Kleropunt YEET Cyprus
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 4 months ago
@damaged gpu which country do you live in?
damaged gpu
damaged gpu 4 months ago
@Krish Chaudhry I wish it was cheaper in my country
Krish Chaudhry
Krish Chaudhry 4 months ago
damaged gpu buy a one plus 7. Cheaper than the 6t and has refreshed specs for 2019.
Marko Jagar
Marko Jagar 4 months ago
The perfect phone is a mith !!!
Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller 3 months ago
Pallav Desai
Pallav Desai 4 months ago
Basically, don’t chose any and use an iPhone
Allan Howey
Allan Howey 4 months ago
who cares about a c+ camera on the oneplus 6t when the performance on the pixel is c+ performance?
Garrett 4 months ago
pixel 4 will at least be competitive spec wise. im sure the camera will be the same, still great, but the same.
Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah 4 months ago
no. of 'BUT's he used ⬇️
brian johnson
brian johnson 4 months ago
Wireless charging... No biggie. It's slow
Chedi Chemi
Chedi Chemi 4 months ago
1:36 but... that’s a big butt. 🍑
machinez 4 months ago
AlexGetting 4 months ago
It seems like an easy decision? One feature you use constantly whenever you want to open anything on your phone, the other feature you use a few times in a day if that. 6T all the way (7 Pro now is the ultimate smartphone)
thresh 4 months ago
OnePlus is for users who care about performance, but not the camera because they barely take pictures (like myself) Pixel3 would be for users who take pictures almost every 5 minutes but don't use the other features of the phone, so performance isn't as important for them
BlueLabrador 4 months ago
I'm about to upgrade my s7 but can't decide between the pixal 3xl or the s9 plus. It's honestly doing my head in. Yeah I know, 1st world problem but hay, it is what it is
Matthew Holland
Matthew Holland 4 months ago
BlueLabrador wait for the pixel 4
SonicRising 5 months ago
But the One Plus is Chinese, so you get to be spied on for FREE!!
SonicRising 4 months ago
@Kleropunt YEET Regardless if it can be hacked or not, your argument was that the US is doing the spying because they make the Processor. You're putting the blame on the manufacturer when you should be putting it on those that use their product in a malicious way. Would you blame a gun company because someone used their product to murder somebody?
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 4 months ago
@SonicRising so, everyone can hack it
SonicRising 4 months ago
@Kleropunt YEET The processor simply "Processes" commands from the software. If I give you a blank hard drive, it's not my responsibility what you put on it. Even if the processor can be hacked, you can't say that it's hacked by the company that made it.
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 4 months ago
@SonicRising the processor in a phone is the brain of a device... And the brain can always be hacked...
SonicRising 4 months ago
@Kleropunt YEET Snapdragon is the processor, that has nothing to do with it. That's like saying every persons computer running an Intel chip must be a hacker.
Diddy mohd
Diddy mohd 5 months ago
Watching on pixel 3
Jeff Noll
Jeff Noll 5 months ago
Diddy mohd ok
Tony Diaz
Tony Diaz 5 months ago
In terms of the camera app experience, I think you missed the mark because you didn't mention LG. And... well, I like your videos, however, I've noticed you have a bias against LG. Anyway, I have a V30 and looking to get another phone, I am leaning towards the OnePlus 6t, maybe the regular OnePlus 7 (not a fan of mechanical cameras, plus I think the waterdrop notch looks kinda elegant in a display, but hey, it's a matter of personal preference).
Skunky Stinkerson
Skunky Stinkerson 5 months ago
the Google pixel is awesome but the thing that fucks it up is it's dim screen lighting.
Armaan Bhangoo
Armaan Bhangoo 5 months ago
You didn't talk of battery life
Ahmed Saleh
Ahmed Saleh 5 months ago
JLH 5 months ago
Ok so if both these phones were the same price which would you buy I'm using the 6T which I love but seen a pixel 3 cheap which I can trade in for
Vijit Chandna
Vijit Chandna 5 months ago
Watching on a OnePlus 7 💪
Devon Schamp
Devon Schamp 5 months ago
I'm on the 1+6t and it's spec's for the price is hard to beat the only downside I can see is no stereo speakers no headphone jack and no UAG or OtterBox car for this model but other than that good phone.
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