OnePlus 6T Revisited: Better than Pixel 3?

Marques Brownlee
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My wishlist for OnePlus 7: A better camera.
OnePlus 6T GCAM mod (with night sight): goo.gl/Bzgb3Q
OnePlus 6T Review: ruvid.net/video/video-_6-XjSvbJsE.html
My problems with Pixel 2: ruvid.net/video/video-5_5zZnuB71w.html
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Mar 1, 2019

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Comments 6 579
Kazzy Li
Kazzy Li 8 hours ago
That's another big butt!!!
Victor Adatsi
Victor Adatsi 2 days ago
why don't google and oneplus team up . Better still why don't google buy oneplus
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 3 days ago
Can you switch the double tap power button to open the GCam?
Ajr Alves
Ajr Alves 6 days ago
Even a Mi A2 with 4GB RAM runs faster than a Pixel 3, don't get why pixels are so laggy.
Sharath Gowda
Sharath Gowda 8 days ago
Which one would I prefer one plus 6t McLaren edition or one plus 7
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 7 days ago
go for 7
EJFinn 9 days ago
Note 9: Camera: A- Performance: A Build: A Battery Life: A- Display: A+ Get the Note 9. Problem solved
Kaveesh Pasindu
Kaveesh Pasindu 12 days ago
What should i go for. A Samsung Galaxy S9+ or a OnePlus 6t ??
Sourav Roy
Sourav Roy 12 days ago
Pixel 3 is camera king
tHe tRoLl
tHe tRoLl 13 days ago
The notch on the pixel makes the phone look ugly.
milan Budha
milan Budha 16 days ago
My fav phone-oneplus and google pixel 3xl
AbhishekMusic 17 days ago
Honestest review. Great content 😍
Yap Hao
Yap Hao 17 days ago
In a nutshell, Google pixel good for taking pictures, One plus 6T performance beast.
Anon 22 days ago
I like face unlock and that popout selfie cam is ridiculous. Who thought this was a good idea? Face unlock takes long enough already. Reminds me of pop out antennas and headlamps on old cars. Also abandoned due to unworkability.
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh 22 days ago
Breed both the phones together
Pluto 23 days ago
I prefer one plus, great performance with a reasonable price.
CRISS CROSS 27 days ago
Digital Wellbeing is the culprit of your Pixel 3XL. Just turn it off and you will get butter smooth performance. If that doesn't fix , may be 4GB ram is less for Pixel 3XL
samir jumaa
samir jumaa 27 days ago
6t way better to me
Jacob Andrew Pratt
Jacob Andrew Pratt 29 days ago
Tikus Keriting
Tikus Keriting Month ago
butt... your butt
LoneWolf Month ago
I have a doubt! Does the picture shot with the pixel look sharper because it has a higher resolution display?
Thomas Tressel
Thomas Tressel 28 days ago
No. There's no correlation between the 2. It's the same reason why, for example, phones with a 1080p screen can film in 4k. The camera, not the phone screen, determines the image quality. If you compare pictures from both phones on the same display, the pixel photos look better.
vickimon Month ago
Gcam mod for my Oneplus6t keeps crashing.... anybody know a fix?
SkyreeXScalabar Month ago
try the open camera app
Alex_TheForest Month ago
Buddy you're not in 2018 :).Pixel 3 doesnt have the best camera anymore.Get over it
last cigrate
last cigrate Month ago
Alex_TheForest its still the king
First Last
First Last Month ago
Inspired by notch he has notch in his head. Blacky
First Last
First Last Month ago
Mkbhd is so black
Abhiram Sajai
Abhiram Sajai Month ago
Could someone please link the correct gcam apk for the 6t ?
Mustafa Abdelrahman
It's all good, but OnePlus 6/6T's camera is not C+ tho. Maybe a B+ or A- camera! It got 96 DXOMARK points!
arya baskara
arya baskara Month ago
The Heavy Gamer
The Heavy Gamer Month ago
I have a oneplus 6t with gcam and its just awsome and record videos 4k 60fps with one plus camera which better than gcam....performance amazing .....value for the money...bugs non
Alif Pratama
Alif Pratama Month ago
Bro give me wallpaper on that oneplus
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara Month ago
I don't give a shit about camera that much so I pick the *One plus 6T* because it has great performance. So yeah
D C Month ago
Just buy a frickin iPhone
Angelo Alaban
Angelo Alaban Month ago
Giveaways pls! 😊
Alexandros K
Alexandros K Month ago
What you are asking from those two phones you can get on an iPhone :) But i guess you allready know that , hence the iWatch that you always have.
Dale Francis
Dale Francis Month ago
Is the camera on the oneplus 6t that big of an issue? Like I'm not really a camera guy but I find the galaxy s8 plus camera to be very good. Is the 6t camera comparable to that?
H. Kashyap
H. Kashyap Month ago
@Dale Francis You're welcome buddy. We all have different tastes. I wished to buy the OP7 Pro, dropped the decision for several reasons. I might end up ordering the vanilla OP7, but the camera keeps pushing me back.
Dale Francis
Dale Francis Month ago
@H. Kashyap Thanks for you feedback man. I'm going with the 6T because overall I think it applies to me more.
H. Kashyap
H. Kashyap Month ago
@Dale Francis I bought Samsung GS1 to S10+ skipping None in between- all lagged till s8+.Note 8 lagged slightly after a year. S9, S9+, S10+ = NOT AT ALL. OneUI is a crafted UI. Having said this, I prefer OxygenOS over OneUI.
Dale Francis
Dale Francis Month ago
@H. Kashyap I understand. Thanks. It's just that I don't don't want a phone that tends to lag overtime(the galaxies are known for that).
H. Kashyap
H. Kashyap Month ago
S8 plus,S9,S9+,S10,S10+ take way better pics than OnePlus 6,6T,7,7 Pro. That's a hard to digest truth.
alecks Month ago
3XL. The bigger the notch the bigger the crotch
Sorry not sorry Yikes
Google pixel or one plus ?
minedful Month ago
I can't download the Google camera on my OP6T. Help?
Raymond Chenon
Raymond Chenon Month ago
I came back. Pixel 3a XL Revisited: Better than Oneplus 7Pro ? The price tag is reversed.
Arif Syakirin
@Alex Hernandez go for op7pro👍👍
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 3 days ago
Alex Hernandez I have the same problem mate. Still dont know which phone I should choose.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 5 days ago
I’m debating between getting the pixel 3a xl or the op7 pro. I’m looking for a two year phone and I’m happily switching iso to android. Care a lot about software, but mainly op 7 pro got my attention bc of all display no holes or bezels, no notches. Idk what to choose from ??
Hari Sankar
Hari Sankar Month ago
@Raymond Chenon Pixel 3a XL is better than OP7Pro only with respect to camera and slightly faster software updates. Everything else on the OP phone is superior. However OP7Pro camera improved significantly after recent updates and with OP camera, you get more versatility as well.
Raymond Chenon
Raymond Chenon Month ago
@Chaeruls but the Oneplus camera still lags behind . I went for a Pixel 3a XL
Ninja Hathoda
Ninja Hathoda 2 months ago
Performance(6t) wins over features(Gp).
Simon Gebraad
Simon Gebraad 2 months ago
Use code @t to get €10 of when you buy a OnePlus 7 pro.
Surya Sekhar
Surya Sekhar 2 months ago
Is the samsung s8 support the google camera in india???? Please reply
SuperBeeTV 2 months ago
thanks for the review.
tony theo
tony theo 2 months ago
Here's the thing tho,99% of the people are never going to have both phones side by side just to compare the photos and 99% of the time most of the people are most likely to like the photos they would take with the OP 6t but when the performance starts dropping with the Pixel, that's when you start getting fed up with it.The performance of the 6T more than makes up for the less able camera which at the end of the is not that bad if we're being honest.
Vishnu Lal
Vishnu Lal 2 months ago
except for software updates, I think the features mentioned hold up against each other!!
Talha Irfan
Talha Irfan 2 months ago
What's the 6t ip rating?
Dax Frost
Dax Frost 2 months ago
You're the best reviewer of phones, bro.
W kj.
W kj. 2 months ago
Wating for one plus 7 pro review 😍
xyoxus 2 months ago
Fix your title you're comparing the 6T (McLaren) with the Pixel 3 XL not the 6T with the Pixel 3
Huzefa Motiwala
Huzefa Motiwala 2 months ago
You are*
Jack 1059
Jack 1059 2 months ago
6T revisited? Lol. I'm still on the 3T. And it's still brilliant. Love your reviews by the way. Excellent work.
Green Monkeyz
Green Monkeyz Month ago
How long ago guys u got your 3t and how does it perform to this day?
Brainiac V
Brainiac V Month ago
Still have my 3T as well, my lightning fast fingerprint scanner says hi lol. I think besides the wireless charging, honestly you wouldnt even need wireless chargers with the warp / dash charging because it charges up so fast. Even on my 3T it has become a non-issue whenever it drops to 20%, you can just dash charge so quick
Vipul Singh
Vipul Singh 2 months ago
+1 The 3T flies through tasks even today.
Etiene Carlos
Etiene Carlos 2 months ago
more videos like this please!
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