One Zoom to Rule Them All | Reunited Apart LORD OF THE RINGS Edition

Josh Gad
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It's the Return of the KINGS - Josh gathers the Fellowship and then some, to go on a very important mission.... quest.... thing.

Directed by James Merryman
Produced by Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell

Sean Astin
Elijah Wood
Dominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd
Orlando Bloom
Ian McKellan
and many more!

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May 31, 2020




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Comments 100
VideoPipistrella 2 hours ago
Oh man, I cried when Billy started singing...
VideoPipistrella 2 hours ago
I spent 50 minutes smiling , thank you!!
Maude l'artiste
Maude l'artiste 3 hours ago
This episode was magic, so much emotions ! The cast, Billy Boyd singing, the laughs, just everything. Wow !
Jason Winde
Jason Winde 3 hours ago
Some say this video is the most screen time Sean Bean has ever had
vaishnavi t
vaishnavi t 5 hours ago
i want to cry
Unspoken 6 hours ago
God Damm ... i miss them so much
Amy Utting
Amy Utting 8 hours ago
I wasn't even alive when the first film came out; my parents went to see it with my uncle and aunt, and it was actually at dinner after the screening that my mum told my aunt and uncle that she was pregnant with me. Naturally, that means I was never able to watch them at the cinemas, though I grew up with them and my dad has even named our wifi "Gondor". In December last year, my local cinema here in New Zealand dedicated one cinema to showing all three extended editions, beginning at I think either 10 or 10:30am and finishing at about 11pm, with half-hour breaks between each. It was a legitimately breathtaking experience - watching them at home absolutely *cannot* compare to witnessing the films on the big screen. Plus, given how much I love the Battle of Helms Deep, it made for an incredible cinematic experience and it was 10x better than watching it from home. Game of Thrones *wishes* it was as good.
amir javadi
amir javadi 11 hours ago
It s pure gold. Dragon gold i mean
Tristan Laurente
Tristan Laurente 11 hours ago
Because of this video, I terribly miss Sir Christopher Lee.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 17 hours ago
it's amazing gandalf/magneto is still alive.
Travis Neill
Travis Neill 19 hours ago
Jesus, Mckellin could make a bit seem epic with just his voice
GreyProx 19 hours ago
Can we stop a second to salute how bad their mics are :')
Harmony Ritter
Harmony Ritter 21 hour ago
I love this!!
kate Granados
kate Granados 22 hours ago
Mia Opal
Mia Opal Day ago
Omg I was trying to not get emotional .. and then they whipped out their matching tatts 😭😭 probably the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in a minute
Ranger Day ago
30:06 Gandalf! I never knew u were gayy!!!
Mark Owen
Mark Owen Day ago
This movie was so perfectly cast that when i read the books (every year) I can only imagine their faces when i visualise the text. Wonderful :)
Leona Annie Stark
I didn't realise how much I needed this until now
You know who is going to enjoy this video the most, is the people in this video
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
the eLVISH tongue CAN nOT BE LOST
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
OMg,I can SEE the MOVIE when they do this but still gonna watch it again,lol
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
I just can't say enough! If asked a question pretty sure i'd shet myself!
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Day ago
Limpan 04
Limpan 04 Day ago
i was missing biblo
Marion Baggins
Avengers Endgame: I have the best people appearing seen!!! Lord of the Rings Cast: Hold my One Zoom Ring!!!
Sonu bhadana
Sonu bhadana Day ago
So beautiful 💗
Angela Shrestha
This thing has to trend all the time, always
Miranda Strecker
These videos give me such joy and amazing reminiscent of my childhood.
Gravity two
Gravity two Day ago
Crying like a baby through parts of this!
Gravity two
Gravity two Day ago
Sean Astin should have gotten a Best Supporting Actor nomination!!!! I think People mag or Entertainment pointed that out once. I know his mother was a suburb actress and she didn't get the credit she deserved. Oh well, I don't watch the Oscars or the Emmys anymore!
therealJONU 2 days ago
Liv Tyler though... Jesus
Lesley Morris
Lesley Morris 2 days ago
Quianoo 2 days ago
Rewatched this. Why am I crying?
Nomad Games
Nomad Games 2 days ago
Been watchin a lot of "in isolation" videos lately. This one... this one rules them all.
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson 2 days ago
29:41 I love you Andy Serkis!
Mirania 2 days ago
Best thing Ive seen all year! It will hold my hand all the way through 2020.
Todd Robbins
Todd Robbins 2 days ago
Your telling Karl Urban, Billy Butcher himself, played Eomer ?!
Ashton Musselwhite
I legit for a second wondered where christopher lee was and then remembered... sad life
cullermann2 2 days ago
This was amazing to watch. I smiled throughout the whole thing. The love all these people still have for the movies they worked at now 17 years ago, its amazing
Constance Kim
Constance Kim 3 days ago
I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Thank you Josh!
co fr
co fr 3 days ago
dkn 3 days ago
i actually cried when liv said "if you want him..come and claim him"
Robin Dorita
Robin Dorita 3 days ago
Love this ! ruvid.net/video/video-dyB4AZyK860.html
Jotaro Joestar
Jotaro Joestar 3 days ago
Thanks Josh, i cried and smiled almost 50 minutes.
MsKoki57 3 days ago
Wow, at 44:50 Viggo knows No.8 wire, encapsulates Kiwi mindset. And Bernand enters at the end, lol
Michele Bucci
Michele Bucci 3 days ago
Liv tyler is like wine
TTV SWAYZE 3 days ago
i just purely smiled again
Kowan McGarry
Kowan McGarry 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-D3wYqB3WKLM.html Into the West Annie Lennox
Kowan McGarry
Kowan McGarry 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-NJVxEaGrHS4.html May it Be Enya
Daniel Fernández Sánchez
Sería genial que el video estuviese subtitulado a otros idiomas (Español por ejemplo :)) Me encantaría poder disfrutarlo al 100% y realizar una donación
Lauri Luik
Lauri Luik 4 days ago
My new favorite video on RUvid.
Carlos André Silveira Freitas
6:26 This moment!!! ;-)
André Oliveira
André Oliveira 4 days ago
Caroline 4 days ago
I keep watching this over and over and I dont want to klick off 😭🥺
Bee S.C
Bee S.C 4 days ago
So so amazing!!!! You guys are epic!!! The movies are unbelievable!!!
Xavier Lambert
Xavier Lambert 4 days ago
I loooove this. So damn much.
Michael Baptist
Michael Baptist 4 days ago
I love that the first scene Vigo shot perfectly fit his character. The other actors weren't yet comfortable with them and he had to prove himself.
Furkan Kaya
Furkan Kaya 4 days ago
26:50 Music name - Merry's Simple Courage
Pieter S
Pieter S 4 days ago
Ok i now officially have a crush for Liv Tyler
Val Lara
Val Lara 4 days ago
Ian mckellen being an absolute ICON @30:00 "Gandalf the gay"
GreenWasp 4 days ago
This was defiantly the best thing I've ever watched on youtube!!!
Kyle Platz
Kyle Platz 5 days ago
Dude Sean Bean is the same age for eternity.
Riley Mullin 20
Riley Mullin 20 5 days ago
they should have done the lines "legolas what do your elf eyes see" "the uruks turn northeast.... Theyre taking the hobbits to isengard"
K.A.R.D ashian
K.A.R.D ashian 5 days ago
please get reunited again! omg i love lotr so much!
Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı
where is farmir?
Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı
29:48 what is that :d
Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı
Aysegul 4 days ago
@Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı Merry's simple courage Ayrıca bulan ben değilim. Başka bir Lotr hayranı buldu 👍🏻
Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı
@Aysegul gece 3'e kadar şarkı aramayan da 😅😁🤣
Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı
@Aysegul ismi neymiş peki söyler misin?
Aysegul 4 days ago
@Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı Bulundu ✔️
Aysegul 4 days ago
@Frodo'nun kopan sol işaret parmağı Bazı müzikler vardır insan takıntı haline getirir. Bende de o oldu sanırım 😓 Teşekkür ederim geri dönüş için 🙏🏻
Aysegul 5 days ago
26:50 Music name 🙏🏻
Aysegul 4 days ago
@Furkan Kaya Lotr hayranlarını görünce mutlu oluyorum 😇 Size de iyi dinlemeler..
Furkan Kaya
Furkan Kaya 4 days ago
@Aysegul ne demek ben de arada doz almaya geliyordum güzel denk geldi. İyi dinlemeler :)
Aysegul 4 days ago
@Furkan Kaya Çok teşekkür ederim 🙏🏻 Extended bölümleri izlemiştim ama bu müzik gözümden kaçmış demek ki..
Furkan Kaya
Furkan Kaya 4 days ago
Merry's Simple Courage
winterfishes 5 days ago
when it came to the quoting part I just squealed uncontrollably the whole time.
Jungletraveler00 12
This is incredible!
mank demelord
mank demelord 5 days ago
Elijah really looks like he’s been in the Undying Lands this entire time.
Daniel Tav
Daniel Tav 5 days ago
Wow such a great time i had watching such an amazing cast reunited n talking... This movie was the best movie never before seen.... LOTR forever
Captain Cosy
Captain Cosy 5 days ago
Rest in Peace Ian Holm and Christopher Lee. 🤍
João Vitor Ribeiro Alves
Do one for Six Feet Under and The Wire, please.
Austin Quezada
Austin Quezada 5 days ago
When Sir Ian came on I shed a tear I’m not gonna lie 😢
Robert Cook
Robert Cook 2 days ago
Hearing him say that quote brought back so many memories
Austin Quezada
Austin Quezada 5 days ago
This video is amazing! I love this
Kevin Kee
Kevin Kee 5 days ago
This is weird, I literally just finished binge all three LOTR extended versions (btw, iTunes has sales for all three set complete with documentaries) then I found this.
Melanie Carbery
Melanie Carbery 5 days ago
No “I am no man” from Miranda? Criminal.
Nathan Woods
Nathan Woods 5 days ago
Time stamp for when Sir Ian Mckellen said "Bilbo" instead of "Frodo"?
cos 1
cos 1 5 days ago
Do one of these every year year
SBwarriorwolf 5 days ago
8:01 I really can't express how much I love this man
E M 5 days ago
“This is glorious.” Truer words were never spoken.
ARGhostie 6 days ago
Dom's self-promo in the back haha.
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar 6 days ago
Take help of Billy Butcher and rip some orks aye
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar 6 days ago
Samwise Gemgee got older but Frodo stayed the same. May be the power of the ring.
L2design 6 days ago
NOW I have to WATCH THEM ALL PLUS THE 50 HRS OF extra stuff!!! Elijah looks like an ANGEL STILL!!!
Nalu Iwata
Nalu Iwata 6 days ago
Do A Rudy reunion
Ariel helwani's nose
Shutup, so what if i cried, lmao
Sarah Ande Anderson
Gandalf the Gay
Helena Leite
Helena Leite 7 days ago
Gandalf the gay
Sean K
Sean K 7 days ago
Man, the smile on their faces when Sir Ian came on. And I love that Liv can still speak Elvish to this day.
caspergrimaldi 7 days ago
This show is the best thing that came from COVID. Seriously!! It's not just the concept that's brillant, it's how it's brought and it's delivery. F**KIN (scuse my french) BRILLANT
sv 98
sv 98 7 days ago
Aragorn kissed her forehead
This is freekin GLORIOUS!
Mimir DaSmortestManAlive
Did Ian just say Gandalf the geiy lol
Mimir DaSmortestManAlive
Cory Stephens
Cory Stephens 7 days ago
Did he really say Gandolf the gay?? 😭😂
ANGEL ATWOOD 7 days ago
I actually got emotional watching this. And lots of laughter and smiles.. Love everything about this zoom meeting!
Carol Rainbow Bridge
They just Made me laugh at lockdown quarentine and thats it's a HUGE love act direct from Tolkien's family.Hugs from the highest Andes of the Américas: in Argentina were we can still hear the call of the mountains.💙🏞️💎
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