One Simple Trick to get 100 miles per gallon with less pollution!

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I take the time to educate you on some simple concepts regarding fuel consumption and pollution. Then I give you the concept behind my invention that is capable of producing the results titled and discussed.
Canadian Patent #: 2,876,642

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Mar 28, 2017





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fan1701 28 minutes ago
In every case the vacuum of the cylinder intake stroke vaporizes the fuel. If the fuel didnt vaporize it would not burn because liquid gas can't burn. Many problems with this video or to simplify my response, "NO". When any video starts with "One Simple Trick" just say no.
Chris Caccone
Chris Caccone 7 hours ago
I just watched 16 minutes of crap!
allah satangod
allah satangod 14 hours ago
Yaaaaaawn!!!!!!!! Zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ricksli1 2 days ago
Another one who claim he as the anwser
longshorts3 2 days ago
Wood gasifiers used during the 30's and 40's should be another source of fuel that can be used when modernized with today's tech. Any scrap wood can be used. The wood gas, properly filtered, can be used in any internal combustion engine, especially fixed engines. This guy is only partially right, and can be misleading.
longshorts3 2 days ago
Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and several other so called "greenhouse gasses" are used by trees and grasses in the chlorophyill process to feed and grow. Stop cutting down old growth forests, manage renewable forests used to make lumber ( no "clearcutting"), stop cutting all trees down for new housing construction ( trees provide cooler air and shade for your home reducing cooling costs) and your "carbon footprint"will reduce radically. No soil banking should be allowed, planting the land with plants that can be turned into alcohol fuel should be the modern way to farm. This video is so wrong.
Charles Angell
Charles Angell 2 days ago
you ARE drinking the 'koolaid'....EPA is bought and paid for....100mpg, easy, small high boost diesel hybrids.........oh and forget about the excess battery weight, you don't need that much ballast...just enough for starting.. that's it.
undeserved 2 days ago
what is the purpose of fuel pressure regulator on fuel injection systems?
S Lee
S Lee 2 days ago
Amazing. This guy has shocking knowledge that he is keeping away from industry and he is giving it exclusively to you, his loyal viewers. I have used his well guarded secret and I was able to not burn down one of six cars! Startling
Barry Burgert Potgieter
How about pumping Hydrogen Gas instead of Air. That should cause a better explosion and use Introduce less Gasoline as Hydrogen has its own explosion properties.!
crazy squirrel
crazy squirrel 3 days ago
Look up Hydrogen embrittlement. It takes a lot of energy to produce hydrogen. more than what you get out of it.
greenvue 3 days ago
do the math and show everyone what the difference would be. great job
Charles Long
Charles Long 4 days ago
Not even 20% of the energy contained in the gasoline is used to drive a car down the road. Most of the rest of the energy is tossed away as waste heat in the radiator and in the catalytic converter. One might think that a car could have an air compressor attached to the engine. Then the fuel could be mixed with air and compressed. The injector would replace the intake valves, as what Is injected is a compressed mixture of fuel vapor and air.
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith 4 days ago
There is a a brand new fuel called Bi-Hydrogen Oxide, it's safe, clean and will allow to get up to 100 miles per gallon even on 18 wheelers. Just pour it in make few adjustments and there you go 100 miles per gallon easy.
JL Mealer
JL Mealer 4 days ago
I use a special method to get 45 MPG out of my 2002 F150 5.4 engine.... Well... Not yet, but maybe one day
Stephen McCoy
Stephen McCoy 4 days ago
There's already LPG vehicles , not very common but their out there.
Ronald Reed
Ronald Reed 2 days ago
When I was a young teen the phone company vehicles used CNG and I'm 63 now so its been done for a long time its just not popular. When I think of the Nat Has that's been burned off from oil well sites for decades it makes me sick.
heydonray 4 days ago
Utter BS
JohnSmith M
JohnSmith M 5 days ago
Easiest way to get better fuel economy is buying a siphon hose.
Charles Angell
Charles Angell 2 days ago
S Lee
S Lee 2 days ago
And even cheaper if you just take one from walmart.
grayfurnaceman 5 days ago
Done in the 1930s. A friend's father did it. Burned down 2 cars. Dangerous, not effective. If it worked and was safe, the manufacturers would do it. GFM
Robert Burchell Jr
Put a hollow metal ball between carb and intake manifold it atomizes and vaporizes gas doubles gas mileage and cleans up emissions this works please try this it works!
Charles Angell
Charles Angell 2 days ago
Sounds feasible, I'd like to see Fuel used in a TRULY 21st century way!! The inefficiency of our engines is appalling at best, a patronage of Rockefeller rim job. Ever wonder about prohibition? Rockefeller played puppet master there...research Women's Christian Temperance League... Don't think they pulled that off.. THINK BIG MONEY
James Devito
James Devito 5 days ago
Some Guy
Some Guy 6 days ago
Getting to 100% combustion of the fuel doesn't solve the biggest efficiency problem of internal combustion engines, which is all the energy lost as waste heat, both from the hot exhaust and heat transferred into the engine block, cooling jacket and eventually the radiator. Your invention might help reduce pollution from unburned fuel making it to the exhaust, but the calalytic converter already handles nearly all of that. Better luck next time.
brianbirc 7 days ago
i have seen full sized V8 4x4s get better mileage than that. Like this one...stevestowingfl.com/towing-service.html
cruz47144 7 days ago
Oil will never run. There has been research into what was thought to be empty wells and guess what mother nature refill the wells. We also has shale. USA is going to be completely independent oil producer. Oil shortage is bullshit we are drowning in oil. All that oil shortage bullshit from the 70's was just scare tactics. Folks oil will never run out. This guy is a crackpot.
lee shafer
lee shafer 7 days ago
maybe Scotty will expose this BS
lee shafer
lee shafer 7 days ago
should we look for this guy on American Greed?
Dana Wilkes
Dana Wilkes 7 days ago
Back in the early 1980's we were using a setup similar to this. It was called a "Pogue carburetor". It worked fair. I did not spend a lot of time on it, as it was hard to make it work at all throttle openings on a Pontiac 350ci. motor. I think I still have the paperwork on this somewhere. Haven't thought about this in years.
Danny Creech
Danny Creech 8 days ago
First straight up lie is that we are going to run out of gas. Fact is that crude oil didn't just appear. I has been making for many years and still even as we are using it it is making. Plus we can make gas (ethanol) out of corn. But no need to using gas at all, we can make another product and put it in our engines NOW. The original diesel engine was designed to run on plan old oil. We can make that all day long. Next he talks about turning liquid gas into a vapor gas and then burning it in the engine. Hey Mr. Canadian, have you ever heard of a propane engine? I've got one. In the tank is a liquid and as it come out and expands it quickly turns into a gas. No special module needed. Now the reason that engine you showed got 70 miles per gallon is that it was on a close course running at a set speed. This is not how the average person drives their car. Most are stuck in traffic or ripping along at 75mph where wind affects their performance. I am totally into saving money at the pump and I want nothing more than a car that gets 100mpg. Sadly nothing you said was new or will actually give me that. It's just a pipe dream. So, for now I am stuck with my VW Jetta getting 52 mpg on a good day and 48 on a bad day. Yes it is a diesel. So I can burn cooking oil in it as well. ;-)
Mike scott
Mike scott 8 days ago
What makes you think big oil would want you to get better gas mileage? Joe Newman machine will never make it either. If u don't know what I'm talking about, check out Joseph W. Newman This guy fought the government for years, never got a patient from the government because the rich would loose out on making the world a better place..
BOB WADAS 9 days ago
We will never run out of oil. America is the only place that believes that oil comes from fossils. Around the world it is believed thatoil is generated by the eart,hence that is why the dry oil wells that were dry are now filling back up.
SOLAR TIME 9 days ago
Get an ELECTRIC vehicle...all these Problems with Petroleum vanish!!
Rolando Enriquez
Rolando Enriquez 9 days ago
What Happened to Tom Ogle? ruvid.net/video/video-_pXG12Fbdhc.html
Jeremy  broyles
Jeremy broyles 9 days ago
What useless video
Mert Mertil
Mert Mertil 10 days ago
when I was a kid, I am now 66, a young engineer I am not sure where he was from but I remember my Dad saying he developed a carburetor that got 100 miles to the gallon, he sold it to Shell for $200,000.00 US. a lot of money in those days. So you know what Shell did, they shelled it. As in destroyed it. I have also heard there is a cure for cancer too, but Greedy people will never let either be known.
Commie Slayer
Commie Slayer 11 days ago
Where is the cooling and lube for cylinders mentioned by the old fashion way of injecting fuel compare to vaporizing/mixing it with air before entry into the cylinder? Someone mentioned in the past that by compressing a vapor it would turn into a liquid again.
Ola K
Ola K 11 days ago
In Sweden we pay a bit more for the fuel! Todays price is 1,69 (Checked with XE Currency converter just now). It takes billions of years for earth to make fuel. The human race is millions of years (about 10). One more thing: Fuel will never "end". There is more oil available than our dear fragile earth surface can take before we go extinct. Source: Greg Palast in "Armed Madhouse" where he goes through the concept of peak oil quite thoroughly. It´s great you go through this at such a basic level but the facts could be more background checked.
Chad Cervantes
Chad Cervantes 12 days ago
Is that 16x/sec for 1 individual injector? If so thats a lot of spraying for all the injectors functioning at once.
Jackie Pierce
Jackie Pierce 12 days ago
Didn't the last guy disappear die or something that tried this
BLH BSIT 12 days ago
There is One Borne Every Minute. You managed to get 741k of them to watch this entire video. What a waste of my time to watch 1/2. Have you ever heard of stoichiometry? Don't you realize that, in older cars (carburetor) when a car is cold, the fuel is not vaporized. Engines run rough, terrible, until warm. When the car is hot, the engine and intake warm the air and gas. Exactly what you proposed. Car gets better mileage and horsepower when hot. Fuel Injection is a very precision way of Achieving stoichiometry by spraying extremely fine droplets of fuel into the chamber. If such Bologna as you advertise worked, every auto manufacturer would be doing it. The principal and application are just extremely easy and already happening in a much more precision and metered process usually injection.
Banned Deplorable
Banned Deplorable 12 days ago
The Real J.S.C.
The Real J.S.C. 12 days ago
Ken Webster BELOW sorry canooks!!
The Real J.S.C.
The Real J.S.C. 12 days ago
Yeah we all did, and also you did one test for 300 miles now did anybody tromp that pedal to the floor like 90% of the people do and if they did would the engine overheat and then would you ruin your engine? so once you've tested for a year and done 20 million miles with 20 different Vehicles than you got something to talk about, until then you're babying one little engine and just putt putting around to get results you want.. of course it would work just like running canola oil BUT not in ALL VEHICLES and NOT in ALL SITUATIONS!! Thus you need to OVER-DUE the fuel... JUST LIKE WE HAVE BEEN DOING !!
Larry Reagan
Larry Reagan 13 days ago
takes you back to a Pough or Poe carburetor.
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
can I buy a system that does this?
Sizzlean 14 days ago
The Fossil record is without a doubt nothing more than proof of Noah's flood. Coal has been produced in the laboratory that is indistinguishable from coal taken from the ground. Wood, water, a minute amount of clay and heat is all that were used to produce it. Oil is produced in a similar manner using slightly different procedures, the same conditions that are found deep in the mantle...proven by russia with it's deepest well and known by all oil men. Many supposedly empty and closed oil wells have been found to have refilled all over the world, this is not a secret. I'm no fan of the oil men or of pollution but there is more than enough oil for all of mankind but it should be used as lubrication and not for burning. Paul Pantone has already shown the world how to burn any molecule that has energy in it's bonds including water and youtube and google and the oil men don't want you to know about his work, that is why they only offer you stupid and ridiculous videos should you look for free energy devices. There are millions of people who have a geet plasma reactor on engines they use for either transportation or power generation, this cannot be debated and geet is taught in University automotive tech classes in France but your USA government will do anything to stop you from using his technology and invention to power your ride all while they speak out of the other side of their mouth green energy and peace. Anyone can make their generator burn water for less than 100 dollars using easy to obtain hardware available at lowes and home depot or any hardware store in the world. geet also (when properly tuned) produces about 25% oxygen in the exhaust which is of course 5-6% more than is drawn into it. Which is better? A gasoline engine that gets 100 MPG, 250 MPG, or an engine that burns Water and gets 50 MPG and outputs Zero carbon, sulphides, nitrides and 25% oxygen and your oil never needs to be replaced? Anything is better than what we have now but understand that gasoline is made using crude as power and it has most of it's energy removed in the cracking process and refineries are owned by companies that have nothing but their greedy stockholders interests at heart so even if you get 100 MPG using gasoline you are still making the richest greedy bastards on earth even richer and don't forget every war going on today is on their behalf. The first thing Isis did moments after ass-raping Kadaffi with a survival knife on live tv for all the lybians to see was to declare to the world that they had just opened up the "Lybian World bank of Crude Oil" and were ready to do some trading. Imagine if they had told the public that on the nightly news!
Chad Cervantes
Chad Cervantes 12 days ago
I'll be the 1st to like your comment. Never heard of Geet, but i'll definitely look into it.
Mike Mallows
Mike Mallows 14 days ago
Theory is Ok, but how do we do it, don't leave us standing in the air ay.
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 14 days ago
Gas is a "fossil" fuel and we're almost out of it! Horrors. More BS. We can create fuel and everyone knows it. We were supposed to be bone dry in 1986 they kept telling us. Well guess what, we're 33 years later and we've probably still not hit peak oil. Some wells that were dry in the 1970s are producing again. So much for "running out" BS.
Goth Pop TV
Goth Pop TV 12 days ago
The Earth is a giant organism that recycles itself. Even the Ozone repairs itself. I do think we should have a national holiday called "Breath Day" where no cars, planes, lawnmovers or gas is used except for first responders.
bnodosa 14 days ago
Wow - this guy doesn't have a clue. Whenever he mentions something technical - it's wrong ! ... LOL @ 15:56 ! His proposition is to simply put less fuel into the engine and you will burn less fuel. The funny part is that he does not recognize that less fuel = less power, but instead says the the issue is that not enough (liquid) fuel reaches the cylinder wall TO LUBRICATE the cylinder. ..... Wow two misconceptions in one go. Note that liquid fuel does not lubricate the cylinder - it, if anything will strip the the fine oil film deposited by the piston oil ring group. If you know a few basic things about engines - you will be entertained, if you don't --- Please do not watch this as this is a 3rd graders distorted view of basic reality. .... better yet - look up 'flat earth' videos.
DMP Me 14 days ago
Been down this road before.. just get a prius... and hypermile it.. something you can do today, rather than dreaming bout it.
GrrMeister 15 days ago
*Several easy tricks is no 1) Run only Downhill, No 2) Slipstream a Lorry (Truck) No 3) Light 'Gas' Pedal No 4) Get A Diesel and keep Revs low. No 5) Keep Car in Garage and warm up to 90° Before Starting Engine. No 6) Do not exceed 58 MPH. If Obeying all these instructions with overinflated tyres you can get over 100 mpg. I never have but regularly get 74+ MPG (UK Gallon) in my Mercedes B200 CDi AMG Line.*
Chad Cervantes
Chad Cervantes 12 days ago
Nice to know but it doesn't seem very practical for the common everyday driver. I wish it was.
Raymond Babcock
Raymond Babcock 15 days ago
This is one lame video.
Ab Ba
Ab Ba 15 days ago
Great Video. There used to be several popular videos showing how to create a gas/ air chamber for super mileage cars, but were consequently taken down by youtube after google bought youtube.
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