One Simple Trick to get 100 miles per gallon with less pollution!

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I take the time to educate you on some simple concepts regarding fuel consumption and pollution. Then I give you the concept behind my invention that is capable of producing the results titled and discussed.
Canadian Patent #: 2,876,642

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Mar 28, 2017




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Comments 2 171
MrCoolcustomer 5 hours ago
Why haven't you sold your patent to manufaturers like Toyota. THOSE THAT ARE CREATING BATTERY AND HYBRIDS FOR OUR FUTURE and why are you doing garage demo's. I don't even have to understand what he's saying. Everything about this is screaming shaddy.
E. Nelson
E. Nelson 15 hours ago
The only thing this "scientist" is burning is THC and the only gas in the room is a result of pulling his finger.
Jl Babb
Jl Babb Day ago
gasoline changed from liquid to gas means unwanted kaboms!!!!
u2ooberboober 2 days ago
I tried using an ultrasonic water fogger used in those chinese fountains to aerosolize alcohol but it did’t work. Maybe I needed more power...
Sonny Burnett
Sonny Burnett 2 days ago
In the 70’s a genius guy found a way to separate the hydrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules with the byproduct being h2o dripping out the tailpipe. Of course he was murdered shortly thereafter. Before that in the sixties another poor fellow discovered powering an engine on fuel vapor and invented the 100 mpg motor. What do you think happened. Then yet another guy found it in the seventies and survived three attempts on his life before he died in an auto accident. And there have been still others, so here we are today. Check out certain sites on here or elsewhere. The point now seems to be if a guy uses it on only his car he is left alone. But if he tries to sell or manufacture it, he goes. Gas engines run quite well on vapor alone without damage. If either one can still be patented the inventor must insist whoever buys it must manufacture and sell it in a certain amount of time and cannot sell it to yet another entity who sits on it.
Locharald Johansson
And we already have this gas, its called PROPANE.
gunsnwater Day ago
2x speed this gas bag, thank me later.
Locharald Johansson
Charles Long
Charles Long 5 days ago
Note that in a reciprocating engine the pistons and connecting rods must accelerate to high speed and then stop twice per Revolution. This produces a lot of wasted energy. The pistons and rods get hot, and the heat must be dissipated in The radiator. However in a gas turbine the motion is always perpendicular to the force, so no work is done. We should all be driving gas turbines, with pressurized hydrogen as fuel.
Filip 36
Filip 36 6 days ago
Some really believe their own nonsense. Must be another "gasoline head" !
Howie Phelt-Ersnatz
I was hoping someone would call this out for what it is.
ed nja
ed nja 6 days ago
He says oil was created over millions of years. LOL. There's no proof that the earth is more than about 6,000 years old. It's been proven that oil can be created in short time - not millions of years.
Andromuda Galaxy
Andromuda Galaxy 8 days ago
There is no way you can put more weight out of your exhaust pipe than you put in your fuel tank. Impossible.
Robbert James
Robbert James 8 days ago
Cars today do not pollute. With Cytolytic heaters ( converters) and a form of recycling unburned gas they produce water vapor and CO2 (carbon dioxide) only. No more dangerous CO ( Carbon Monoxide). We need both those gasses to sustain life on this earth. Cars are actually man’s best friend. Better than a dog or the horse. Try living without vehicles, CO2 and water.
Zeze Zeze
Zeze Zeze 9 days ago
run on fumes, add electric water pump, electric power stering ,slip cluch on alternator and more...
K. Michael Rademacher
A Coleman camp stove works with the same principle.
Rocktv JoeRock
Rocktv JoeRock 9 days ago
How to get your device ..? Email me at rockfamillia@gmail.com
Davey Bernard
Davey Bernard 9 days ago
If I sit thru this square-jawed man's boring talk, is there a payday?
Charlie Jeans
Charlie Jeans 11 days ago
Gas is not dinasoar goo. And will never run out. 3rd most abundant resource. This guys talking sheet. Want 25% more power, turn off the altinator. Find a better elctrcal.system. 12 volt is the most inefficient system avaiable. Robs your engine of a very significant power, and cost you more feul just for that crap 12 volt battery.
Robbert James
Robbert James 8 days ago
Charlie Jeans Now...I would love to hear your reasons why 12 volts sucks.
Robbert James
Robbert James 8 days ago
Charlie Jeans I like he way you think. Oil is not a fossil fuel. It is abiogenic. The Abiotc theory has oil being produced constantly from iron oxide and other minerals in the extremely hot mantle of the earth, water under extreme pressure, Methane, propane butane all the trace gasses that natural gas consists of plus many bacteria that thrives in that hostile environment. Capped dry oil wells have been reopened years later and found to be full once again. How did that happen if we are pumping all the oil fields dry and it’s non replaceable like the oil companies want us to believe. As long as the earth has an iron core and a mantle that keeps forming new magma....oil will be produced in massive quantities. There are so many subjects like this one that very few people ever question. They take it for granted we are always told the “Gospel” truth.
Rick Morrow
Rick Morrow 12 days ago
over a hundred year of cars we should be swimming in it. tons of anything musts come down, I haven't tripped on it ..hummm.
Robbert James
Robbert James 8 days ago
Rick Morrow Exactly. The sky is falling trick seems to be working ...can u dig it
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson 12 days ago
Easy buy a tesla. Lol
Indrekk Pringi
Indrekk Pringi 12 days ago
What are you showing this shit on youtube for? Why don;t you show it to Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell corps? They will tell you hey are not interested because the more gas they sell the more money they make you fucking moronic idiot imbecile.
Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson 12 days ago
I hope people really don't believe that the powers that be are not aware of this. They are absolutely aware and they use fuel injection and carburetors specifically to dump these emissions in our atmosphere. It's been the plan from the beginning so that one day, they can charge you a carbon tax and literally charge tax on everything required to live. Right now they charge tax on food, Water, Shelter. The only thing left to charge you tax for that is an absolute necessity is your air. You will pay tax to breathe. It's coming and it's by Design
Roy Mardis
Roy Mardis 13 days ago
This is the “Hot Vapor” engine, built by mechanical engineering genius Smokey Yunick, of NASCAR fame, back in the 1980s. www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1009-what-ever-happened-to-smokeys-hot-vapor-engine/
Drew N
Drew N 13 days ago
You may have a problem with Nitrogen Oxide ( Smog ).
Drew N
Drew N 5 days ago
@Howie Phelt-Ersnatz Yes. If your exhaust pipe is white, that's nitrogen oxide and you're running too lean.
Howie Phelt-Ersnatz
Oxides of nitrogen?
Flapping Flight
Flapping Flight 13 days ago
The idea of vaporizing the fuel ( gasoline) prior to coming in the combustion chamber isn’t new . LPG fuel systems up to 4th ( sequentialLPG -CNG injection systems in gaseous phase)generation works this way but I have seen at least few patents ( all of them quite old) where the gasoline is completely vaporized before entering the combustion chamber . Pros of such a solution are : the better air fuel mixture ( its more homogeneous) , less necessary time for complete burning of the air fuel mixture ( since the evaporation is already done outside of the combustion chamber). Also when the fuel coming as a vapors in the combustion chamber it can’t dilute the oil lear on the cylinder wall so generally the cylinder , piston rings and the piston are lubricated better and they will last longer . The statement that the liquid gasoline act as lubricant is completely wrong BTW! Cons : 1 When the fuel coming in the combustion chamber as a vapor its volume is hundreds of times larger than when it is coming as a liquid. So this way you reduce the remaining cylinder volume for filling with fresh air , respectively you are reducing the power of the engine . There is a solution of coarse if you direct inject the fuel vapors in to the cylinder after closing the intake valve on the beginning of the compression stroke such power reduction will be avoided. 2 Fuel vapors are unable of such a level of internal cooling of the combustion chamber as liquid fuel is , so especially on regimes of max ( or close to) power overheating problems of exhaust valves occur. Also since gasolines are relatively lower as octane ratings than LPG and CNG most probably detonations will occur as well. Here as well exist a solution which as well isn’t new: if additional water injection is employed just for cooling the internals of combustion chamber on regimes close to max power the problem is solved . This been used in aviation engines during WW2 . 3. Vaporizing liquid fuel in the intake manifold cool down the air fuel mixture and increase its density which reflect in increasing of the power - with vaporizing fuel somewhere else you are loosing this effect . Again with additional water injection in the intake this can be solved also this prevent detonation. 4. Now days most of the engines are direct injected ones . This allow creating of rich enough (for igniting by spark) airfuel mixture around the spark plug electrodes and very lean ( impossible to ignite only by spark airfuel mixture ) in the rest of the combustion chamber . This is much difficult to be achieved by infecting fuel vapors in the compressed air inside the combustion chamber because they both are gasses with much similar densities. 5. The level of emissions depend much more of the type of fuel used than the phase state of the fuel when it is coming in the combustion chamber! So you couldn’t expect much cleaner exhaust gases just by vaporization of gasoline before entering the combustion chamber . CNG for example is the most clean burning carbohydrate fuel because contain only one Carbon and four hydrogen atoms in its molecules.
Flapping Flight
Flapping Flight 9 days ago
Ralph198431 it work ,but just not exactly as the author expect pls watch the video to the end ruvid.net/video/video-IuGWHfWqWtg.html
Ralph198431 11 days ago
Flapping Flight You are totally correct -- this does not work and never will - I have experience with it and it has been around for years and just keeps coming back
Brownie VP
Brownie VP 13 days ago
?!?!? fuel cooling the engine? your mama must be proud of your ideas...
Dustin Adamson
Dustin Adamson 9 days ago
Fuel is used to cool the combustion chamber and lubricate the upper cylinder. This is the reason Catalytic converters are needed, some of the fuel is not burned after ignition and comes out the exhaust from the slightly richer air fuel mix. The Catalytic converter chemically burns off the remaining fuel coming out of the exhaust.
Mike Becket
Mike Becket 14 days ago
Total crap junk science... It takes X amount of BTUs. To move a certain abount of weight as an example a ten year old kid cannot push you're car up a bloody hill. It takes energy ..just as heat of a candle won't make a plane fly...or boil a pot of water energy needed to move a car is a fixed reality...and you are never going to get eighty miles per gallon unless you vehicle weighs two ounces so yet again junk BS crap junk science. Lying to the uninformed...Oh but the fool draws a nice barrel Like that is going to do a damn thing to rationalize his abject insane. .BS..... Pure crap on a stick !
DIRTDIVER882 15 days ago
It could have been done A LONG LONG time ago brother. Unfortunately the "ppl" that run those "fossil fuel" industries also coincidently run the policy makers & leaders of us little ppl. So we are stuck pulling this semiotic fluid from the earth faster than she can produce it 😔
Another text book retard ruvid.net/video/video-oLCHc8kTmbU.html
Take the red pill Wilson
That’s a big lie. Oil is not fossil fuel . The earth renews this oil . Many men have invented water 💦 fueled engine. But they kill them all
Corinne Scott
Corinne Scott 11 days ago
Here I thought I was the only one who thought the earth constantly renews oil, nice!
Your right on point
Guy Connell
Guy Connell 16 days ago
He speaks fluent Canadian.
steve eber
steve eber 16 days ago
If he is right that liquid fuel is needed to cool the cylinder walls then this procedure should destroy your engine.
steve eber
steve eber 13 days ago
I was just pointing out the disconnect in this fools logic. In fact standard engines run just fine on propane with no modifications other than the injection system.
Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts 13 days ago
steve eber . exactly. it would take self lubricating cylinder design. otherwise, we could just fill our tank with hydrogen. which i thought would work, but now i dont know. didnt know about the lubricating aspect.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 16 days ago
HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN=commonly know as water,H2O,works wonders in an engine,ZERO EMISIONS,water vapor is all that comes out the tailpipe,JUST NOT IN AMERICA,they use it all over the world,just not allowed in america because, the OIL COMPANY CRIMINALS RUN THE COUNTRY AND NO ONE CARES,they love their slave masters..and getting screwed...
jess d
jess d 16 days ago
Where is the simple trick? Just a bunch of rubbish. I wonder if his engine gets 100mpg?
hello hh
hello hh 16 days ago
This already happens with your ugly gas guzzling, shaking, rumbling, loud oil hogs in the charcoal canister, charcoal canister vent valve and charcoal canister purge valve gas dont enter the engine, vapour is... nice observation though... Maybe you'd be better off convincing everyone to buy a Tesla
John Smith
John Smith 16 days ago
Nope. The gas isnt turned into a gas... The gasoline is atomized, very small droplets. It's not turned into a gas at all. You are incorrect.
paul ford
paul ford 18 days ago
Geez get on with it do you have to torture us with the kindergarten explanation
paul ford ruvid.net/video/video-oLCHc8kTmbU.html
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair 18 days ago
Coleman lamps and stoves, as well as old world blow torches use 'white gas' in a pre-heating regenerator system and have for a hundred years. They have mostly been phased out by other power/fuel sourced devices.
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair 18 days ago
Neither jet aircraft or ships use gasoline. This device, while perfect for gasoline burning engines, is ineffective in diesel and turbine type engines.
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair 18 days ago
1: CO2 is NOT pollution! It is a CRITICAL gas for LIFE! Without CO2 n earth, we all die 2: Petroleum [ "petro" = 'from rock', "oleum" = 'oil' because it comes from the rocks DEEP in the earth where everything is molten, NOT from dead dinosaurs ] and if it WERE a fossil there would be no life to produce it because there would be no carbon on the planet to combine with oxygen to become CO2 for plants to breathe to turn into organic matter to follow into the theory, 3: Plants decay into LIGHT alcohols, LIGHT hydrocarbons, and hard carbon. They do NOT decay [or pyrollize] into long chain hydrocarbons [oil]. 4: We are NOWHERE NEAR peak oil. It just took fracking to realize the deeper, more dispersed oil.
John Salmons
John Salmons 18 days ago
Despite the disparaging comments, lean burn is better than catalytic converters but the system will never fly because all the giants (who run the world) saw no profit in it. However they saw a huge profit by investing in platinum before every vehicle in the world now manufactured required it. You'd get a better result banging your head against the national reserve vault doors. How about converting your car to LPG then rejet it to take gas from your home supply, you'd save a fortune and the planet. The only problem is your government will send the police round and remove you and your goods from society. Whilst sitting in your prison cell it may occur to you that your government doesn't give a shit about our planet or you.
Kurt Pokorzynski
Kurt Pokorzynski 18 days ago
I'm just wondering why a Corolla and Impreza gets 24 and 28 miles per gallon and the Camry and the Legacy gets 38 to 39, even the Melabu gets better than the Cruze. WTF. Why are we such idiots in the 21st century?
Paul Fekkes
Paul Fekkes 18 days ago
The trick is to convert liquid fuel tanks into log fuel tanks!
ahmed khider
ahmed khider 19 days ago
If you like to use gas not liquid then use LPG instead gasoline and it is cheaper!
trackrunner11 10 days ago
I once talked to man who burned exclusively propane on his 75 Ford Pickup.He once told me that if you pullrd the the heads off ,you would find the valves clean like they were new all because of the way it burns fuel with the absence of carbon deposits.
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann 20 days ago
Will it work on a Ford Transit 6 cylinder 6.7 leader Engine? Where do we purchase it? It’s on a 26 foot MotorHome that currently gets 15.4 mpg as an average. Kathyfann@gmail.com Please send me information
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann 20 days ago
I bought a EV 3 months ago and I enjoy it. But I need to get better mileage in my other vehicle
Mike Becket
Mike Becket 14 days ago
Good after noon ...well here...the Looney insane EPA nut cases took lead out of the gasoline, lowered the compression in the engines and smogged up the engine so in esssnce it's like you are trying to breath but have to breath through a bag of flour or run with a sock in your mouth....it's just wasting fuel makes you're engine work harder and wears it out sooner. AND DOES ....NOR DID ANYTHING TO CLEAN THE AIR SOLVE POLLUTION AND COSTS YOU TWICE AS MUCH TO DRIVE. EPA MORONS TOFU BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS FEEL GOOD NATURE FREEKS. AS IN PURE UNTESTED UNPROOVED JUNK BS SCIENCE......ONE VOLCANO PUT MORE CRAP OUT IN ONE DAY THAN ALL THE CARS..VEHICLES DO IN A YEAR. BUT JUST DON'T TELL THE TOFU CROWD AS THEY MIGHT FEEL SAD....IT MAY COME AS A SURPRISE BUT ALL THIS JUNK SCIENCE HAS NOT FIXED CURES STOPPED A DAMN THING JUST MADE POOR FOLKS EVEN MORE POOR.....WELCOME TO THE BRAINDEAD.ECO FREEKS NO EDECUATION ...IT'S ALL BASED ON THEIR FEELINGS.... JUST GREAT HUH! And it's the one hundred percent honest truth! Mike. and yes I used to work as a mechanical , chemical electrical and physics instructor for both CALTECH. and MIT Have a great day Mike
bailey c
bailey c 20 days ago
. Although, I do not know what increase in wasted time may be realized should you actually put this in your pipe and try to smoke it, however, often, I find that the substance in these comment sections is to have far more an interesting value than the incoherent subject matter of a presentation such as this, which, obviously, can not hopefully intrinsically generate anywhere near the same amount of B.T.U.s caused by the non-vaporized disappointment attached hereto, I'm thinking somewhere in the 300 mpg range Oh, and the ( . ) peroid at the begining of that sentance above, that means it's over with before it even starts - thank you very much, have a nice day
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 21 day ago
Gasoline, is not a fossil fuel. It does not come from dead dinosaurs. Almost every crude oil Source on the planet is from deeper than any creature ever lived. The fossil-fuel concept is only a theory postulated in the 1850s. It has been proven false several times. We know this because we know how much oil there is in any given oilfield oh, and we also know how much oil we've taken out of that oilfield, and all of them seem to have more oil in it than they should have. Which means either the Earth is still making the oil or it's not coming from dead dinosaurs. It is a geological construct. Not a dying dinosaur and vegetation construct. As for the pollution aspect, hydrocarbons we're almost completely eliminated by the end of the 1970s with catalytic converters. So much so that your car puts out less hydrocarbons than the tree sitting in your front yard. Getting better fuel mileage however, he is a wonderful thing. Especially when you're being ripped off to the tune of $5 a gallon in Ontario Canada. If you think medicine is expensive now wait till it's free like it is in Canada where you pay $10 for a $3 roll of aluminum foil at the grocery store. Add that up and see how much your free medicine is actually costing you. If you're getting better fuel mileage You by definition have to be, not maybe, have to be creating less pollution. By the way CO2 is not a pollutant. And it does not cause global warming. It's actually a factor in restarting the precipitation engine which cools the planet. Global warming is caused by, wait for it, the Sun. Just what is the fundamental difference between injecting raw fuel into the air circuit and allowing the air circuit to draw raw fuel. 7 minutes into the video you haven't said anything this needed to be known that anybody who might be interested in this subject doesn't already know. Fuel injectors are not a fundamental change from carburetors. They're a more accurate fuel delivery system and that's all. Has a point of understanding the first company that put electronic port fuel injection on a vehicle was Chrysler Corporation in 1956 or 57. The problem was the electronics were not capable of consistently controlling the fuel metering. Charles Lindbergh busted the argument of running an engine lean during World War II what he doubled the patrol radius of the P-38 by leaving the fuel mixture down to about 14 and 1/2 to 1 or even less with no detrimental effect to the engine. The only thing you had to remember is if you had to put additional stress on the engine you had to Rich the mixture back up to the more conventional 12 and 1/2 to 1. So much for your running lean will cause you mechanical issues. Please study history and the actual physics of an internal combustion engine. You could run an engine lean when torque is not being required of it. I fully agree with your system for solving these issues, I don't understand how you got a patent for however. You're basically using the same basic principle that people have been doing on automobiles since the 1970s. Introducing air through the fuel and using the the vaporized mixture to go into the engine. It works wonderfully. Your engine isn't as powerful, you actually end up with a mixture that is primarily conditional on the vaporization capability of the gasoline. The advantage you seem to have so far as I've seen it, is that it's in a device that works independently of running that vaporized fuel mixture all the way up from the fuel tank. Which could prove to be disastrous in an accident. And then you don't offer any way of studying what you've made or selling it or any access to this marvelous invention what's makes use of that mixing of the fuel before it gets into the intake plenum. This is less informative then the guy who's actually doing it on his 1980s Dodge Dakota for the Last 5 Years
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 18 days ago
@Peter Darr and you can add ethanol made from corn 2 gasoline and stretch the gasoline. But you're still burning your food which is a stupid idea. Not only that it takes 1.1 gallons of oil-based fuel to produce one gallon of ethanol, and that's the best exchange rate for fuel usage to create ethanol. That's going the wrong way you're not actually stretching the fuel your using it. Saw Grass Grows much faster but it takes a slightly different method to convert it to ethanol. Which is a piss poor replacement for gasoline in the first place because the specific gravity so far out of whack from gasoline it is not an efficient way to run an internal combustion engine. Last point, that still doesn't mean that oil taken from the ground comes from an organic source. That is still a myth that comes from a wild-ass guess from a Russian geologist in 1853. The primary reason they keep telling people this crap is that it allows them to make people believe that we're running out of oil so it has to constantly raise in price. When there is no evidence that we are actually running out of oil anytime in the foreseeable future.
Peter Darr
Peter Darr 18 days ago
@44 Hawk A dumpster full of turkey carcass discards can be turned into a "crude oil feedstock" in 40 minutes of basically auto-claving, thus turning landfill waste into "energy". North America burns 400 MILLION gallons of fuel EVERY DAY, but YOU want to somehow rely on ANCIENT water (for the Hydrogen) and calcium carbonate (for the carbon chain) as a LIMITLESS and automatically renewable energy source?? Wouldn't the Mantle eventually be depleted of these hydrogen and carbon sources, as the average density of the mantle is 4-5g/cc and the density of water is 1g/cc and calcium carbonate is 2.7. I just looked up the composition of The Mantle, and of the 12 listed molecules, NONE OF THEM bear ANY carbon. Reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth%27s_mantle Your theory seems busted. . . sorry . . .
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 19 days ago
@Peter Darr that is a completely false assumption. Because not all of the Earth's crust is in the same Condition. It's only a quarter mile thick at Hawaii while it's two miles thick in other places in the world. And as for finding oil where they previously didn't think it would be, they are finding oil in places they didn't think it would be. They're also drilling down, in some places well in excess of 1600 feet, to get at it. And I know of no fossil fields that are between 2500 and 3500 feet below the Earth's surface. I would cite you an excellent example. Diamonds are created bye pressure and heat, associated with ancient volcanic activity. But not everywhere that there's been ancient volcanic activity can you find diamonds. And as for manufacturing oil that way, as I said it would be prohibitively expensive. You can make gold out of mercury. But it takes you about $3,000 worth of electricity to make a gram or two of gold in that manner. Just a little bit inefficient.
Peter Darr
Peter Darr 19 days ago
@44 Hawk If this is true - that the Mantle generates "crude oil" just due to heat and pressure, and has nothing to do with surface carbon from organic life. . . -then- You would find oil fields EVERYWHERE; You could just "Drill Baby Drill" no need for Geologists or exploratory drilling. -but you can't- There's no oil in Germany or Japan, for example. There's AWESOME OIL in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but none next door in Israel. It takes Ancient Shallow Seas to make oil.
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 21 day ago
@Peter Darr I understand subduction zones but tests have shown that you can take marble and water or even calcium and water and put it under intense pressure and come up with oil. It would be prohibitively expensive to manufacture oil in that fashion. But it has been done. I'd also like to point out the subduction zones apply to solid strata. If solid strata is subducting underneath a another piece of solid strata over the top of it it would, by definition, sheer off any settlement above the solid rock layer. The mud and other settlement would not travel underneath the rock wall that it hits. So therefore, the order must be coming from the pressure if it exists at the depths that it's currently drawn from. Many of those oil fields are not anywhere close to any subduction zone. Some of the earlier ones may have been but certain geological features made it easier to spot those. When they figured out how to spot the ones that were much deeper and much further inland, that criteria did not is easily apply
jessica kiefer
jessica kiefer 21 day ago
For all of you that say it will create more gas usage.....no it won't. It will save us tons in gas mileage, for our vehicles, which will cut the usage by 90%...then, it takes less product to make actual gas so, there's that. People, we are running out of natural gas. I heard we could be without it by 2050...completely. This method could help us replace it. Or we could stop using any type of combustion in our machines....then, just use gas for other things. Either way, we are running out of our natural resources at an alarming rate. Also, this method cuts pollution!!! That is a great thing to me.....any little thing that helps us is a good thing, in my opinion.
jessica kiefer
jessica kiefer 21 day ago
WOW….EXCELLENT teacher!!! This stuff is very difficult to learn...it takes years to do so and this man did it in one video. Just wow!!!! Thanks!!!!
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 21 day ago
What are you talking about he's using a totally misunderstood constructs and doing the simplest of understanding of a 4 cycle engine that I've seen in decades. And he's talking about a principle which has been used since at least the 1970s. Maybe you're new to this?
JOEL THOMPSON 21 day ago
You would still need to address the issue of compensating for the cooling capacity lost and also the lubrication. I believe this would not be very difficult. Also, is your invention for sale? I didn't see a link in the description like I expected. Also, like another person said; please be careful how you interact with "big-oil" and "big-energy." My advice is to maintain a high public profile on social media that makes you as connected in real time as possible(Periscope? ) to other people that could identify and verify the identity of any person who may interact with you, disguises aside. I don't know how you would address every threat, but I will pray that you and the others like you, myself included, will be successful at holding our fellow man, and anyone else, accountable, as we also allow them to hold US accountable. A new day is dawning where no longer will the activities of the night be hidden in darkness. Make your path straight, and live in the light and ask God, no matter your perception of him, for wisdom. Shalom to you and us all.
p.messinger 21 day ago
This guy has swallowed the BS from the eco-industrial complex all the way down to his grant. He believes 2 + 1= 97%
p.messinger ruvid.net/video/video-oLCHc8kTmbU.html
donh. 22 days ago
Wow I read a lot of the comments and I'd say about 98% of the comments said basically this is well what one common said snake oil.
james nichols
james nichols 22 days ago
so good info for what else,,could off kept that, so what can i do with that.
james nichols
james nichols 22 days ago
i know from oil biz folk we got enough oil to last 90 more years,,theres untap reserves in many places on earth
LTrain 45
LTrain 45 21 day ago
"let my grandkids worry about it"
LAudioS 23 days ago
initial intent was lost at the end of the vid . if you save gasoline on cars and apply it to more uses . over all consumption will be much greater . I would prefer hydrogen . free you can not run out . politics again . you like good ideas you have to have good politician .
John SmithDE
John SmithDE 24 days ago
ALL of the people that come up with these great ideas get killed, please don't get killed! Are you running it like a coleman stove or are you gassifying with cold air?
Joe Sammy
Joe Sammy 24 days ago
Drive operate vehicle are all terms of art And require strictly comercial activity You cannot purchase a vehicle Automobile and vehicle are not interchangeable Apples and oranges are fruits But are not the same Automobile and vehicle are both conveyances. But one is commercial for generating revenue for a carrier The other is for exercising a right of locomotion and cannot be lawfully regulated Any Questions?
DusKeyOwl 25 days ago
right dude, your argument might of had more validity if you weren't showing video from the 70's.Plus everything is possible with a whiteboard.
Michel Bisson
Michel Bisson 25 days ago
As Wiseman proposed
See Nomore
See Nomore 26 days ago
...OMG!! The world IS NOT going end in 12 years now. ...you made my day!!
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