One Simple Trick to get 100 miles per gallon with less pollution!

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I take the time to educate you on some simple concepts regarding fuel consumption and pollution. Then I give you the concept behind my invention that is capable of producing the results titled and discussed.
Canadian Patent #: 2,876,642

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28 мар 2017





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Dave Exline
Dave Exline 21 час назад
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez День назад
I fart into my tank and get 150 mpg
Chris Longski
Chris Longski 2 дня назад
Not possible unless the rules of stoichiometry (combustion science) have been repealed...
Cedric Proper
Cedric Proper 4 дня назад
I just finished reading the patent. patents.google.com/patent/CA2876642A1/en It might be possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption with a device like this one, however I would not recommend cooking food with gasoline.
Tim Cortner
Tim Cortner 5 дней назад
Have have bad news for you oil is not a facile fuel. They now are pulling oil out deeper than time frame from dinosaurs. It is now known that they called it a facile fuel so they can charge more because it may run out. Oil to earth is like blood in your body.
Catalin Petrea
Catalin Petrea 5 дней назад
Why then US gov killed the two inventors of vaporizer in 1960? Shell bought the invention for $1 million bucks and buried that project. There is no modern car today having that much fuel economy like those prototypes cars back in '60. To solve pollution is simple, burn alive those mother sookers paedophile satanist govs in every country and problems will vanish... of course before they finish to exterminate us.
edward toner
edward toner 9 дней назад
Heat makes the different . This is Bull shite
robert lewis
robert lewis 9 дней назад
Some folks like there engine to make it over 30,000 miles..
Victor Hettinger
Victor Hettinger 10 дней назад
I thnk ur great. Thanks for sharing
Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts 10 дней назад
Another comparison: How many remember the "Pump-It-Up-till-Pressured" type paraffin/kerosene stoves sold years ago?. The LIQUID is pressurized by hand held mini piston/one way valve. the LIQUID squeezes up through two U-shaped tubes ABOVE the small bowl where flames are formed.Then get vaporized/heated by the tubes,come out to of the "burner holes" underneath. Had to be PRIMED at first with "meth-spirit",set alight before using the kerosene. After 2 minutes,start the pressure buildup.........Kerosene heated,gas,burns,sustains the heating of following kerosene......
Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts 10 дней назад
First 11 minutes describe known technilogy and standard methods of fuel delivery to a a (petrol) engine. Then starts the "make it a gas by heating it" idea. Google "Pogue" to see.
mr. nobody
mr. nobody 11 дней назад
Smokey Yunick did that back in the early 90's on a 283 Chev by profection of the old 200mph carb... Gas has define stages (5) of flash points... He provided waste heat to the gas in stages of the flashing - the process of the 200mph carb was literally limited do to the fact that it didn't work with the chemical flash point of fuel and it's weakest design flaw - expending mixture. So when Smokey provided the heat for the 5 stages and used a compressor to pressurize that mixture into each cylinder - the engine made HP and MPG unlike anything before or now This info should help rexresearch.com/yunick/4862859.htm www.allpar.com/old/200-mpg-carburetor.html Watch this boomtastic.com/gallery/videos/Smokey-Yunick/Horsepower-TV/ I know he had a 283 build up - Car Craft I believe... Here a little more info rexresearch.com/yunick/yunick.htm
Don Hunt
Don Hunt 12 дней назад
The auto companies and the oil companies have always been in bed with each other just as your insurance company and your health care have always been in bed to steal your money also
George Meade
George Meade 13 дней назад
They did this back in 30 s
George Meade
George Meade 13 дней назад
NOx will happen if the air gets over 2500 that's why we have to cool and cat to burn this.
DD More
DD More 14 дней назад
Would like to know more. I've spent time and funds and researched the hydrogen cell to assist gasoline. I also know you're correct about your gas concept. I would like to talk to you regarding my input yo ur concept and design.
Dave Briscoe
Dave Briscoe 14 дней назад
Ok’ So what’s the punch line.
Casey Shelton
Casey Shelton 16 дней назад
Ultrasonic vaporizer. I did this years ago.
Casey Angeletti
Casey Angeletti 17 дней назад
In order to produce a mass of 6 tons you would need to start with at least that amount. That equates to burning 5 gallons of gas per day 365 days a year, not far fetched for some but not most. Then the 6 tons of gas would have to be somehow by magic converted into 6 tons of carbon. Now that's actual carbon not co2. So if 18 lbs of co2 gas are created by combusting 6.5 lbs of gasoline then the actual carbon content of the co2 gas is less than a gram. so going buy your bs figure of 6 tons we would need to burn several hundreds of gallons of gasoline per day per vehicle. I'm not aboot to start drinking your koolaide. You sound like the idiot farmer Al Gore.
Casey Angeletti
Casey Angeletti 17 дней назад
Besides that Gasoline is a byproduct of kerosene diesel production. So where does all that kerosene fit in your master plan?
fm00078 18 дней назад
I got 100 MPG... secretly added another equal sized fuel tank.
Roy B
Roy B 19 дней назад
patents.google.com/patent/CA2876642A1/en Don't understand why he just didn't put this link up in the first place.
tom parankewich
tom parankewich 19 дней назад
We have free energy the Govt does not to loose tax money
Robert Herman
Robert Herman 20 дней назад
AND i thought fuel injection was around way before the 1970s
Slick1G3 20 дней назад
call it what it is HYDROGEN !!!!!!!
Patricia Scammell
Patricia Scammell 21 день назад
OMG, where did you guys go to school???? The only smart comment here is from 'Seqmicheal' a former former automotive (car) designer, who knows exactly that this guy is right. He already HAS a patent on his stuff and doesn't need to proof to you all, that his gadget works. It was already reviewed by the engineers of the patent office. He only wants to get someone to bankroll his great idea, not convince you guys that it works - it obviously does work. And a fuel is everything that burns efficient. A fossil fuel is comprised of ancient formerly organic (fossil) matter, go to school again! This is not click bait, it's a legitimate sales pitch (not everything is DIY on RUvid,) The 'proof of concept' is at the patent office in Canada. Great job, smart Canadian!!! (From a smart German who knows about cars.)
Jes Salvo
Jes Salvo 21 день назад
Neetz R
Neetz R 21 день назад
Somebody tell AOC its ok. The world doesnt have to end in 12 years. Tell her to put on some coveralls and get to mechanicin.
Steve Mably
Steve Mably 21 день назад
So the million dollar question is how do I convert my F 150 !!
Lois Cashner
Lois Cashner 21 день назад
Show me how I want to do it
David Goldstein
David Goldstein 22 дня назад
Hi, you're an idiot. Fix your click bait title and quit wasting everyone's time trying to show the viewers you misled how smart you are. You're full of shit...
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 22 дня назад
Oil is not a Fossil fuel !!! It is abiotic...not biotic... understand????
Brad Bjornson
Brad Bjornson 22 дня назад
Best thing about fuel injection is that it stopped that annoying run on !
TheBloodcleaner 22 дня назад
hasnt this guy heard of the pogue carburettor , they used this method in WW2 running tanks at 100miles per galon ( i said a tank) the government is owned by the fuel and pharma companies ...imagine how much money they have made since WW2 ...they are telling car makers how to build their engines ...20 years has passed since i got my licence cars have androids , variable controlled cam timing , multi point fuel injection, quad camshafts and the fuel consumtion hasnt changed on the vehicles !!!! WAKE UP tesla built an electric car in 1902 that pulled 90 miles an hour powered by a shoebox sized power source that didnt run flat...the army and fuel companies have all the technologies...
William Mason
William Mason 22 дня назад
A while back VW got busted cheating on emissions. They had made their cars act one way when it was plugged in for testing and yet another when it was just driving down the road. That way they could have a car with plenty of pep and yet pass emission tests. Only in reality they were polluting more than people knew. They paid out an insane amount in fines and had to reprogram a ton of vehicles. If VW has to resort to cheating I am pretty sure there just isn't a better way of doing things. If there is truly a way to get 100 MPG then someone would have done it and would be making freaking mint. I hear many claims but have never see a proof of concept.
joracer1 22 дня назад
It's Ogle patten from 1980.... we ordered a kit, $100 we build it in 1983 we went from 21mpg to 85mpg, lost about 1/2 the power of the engine, it was a buick v8 so it still had plenty of power.....we used the exhaust running through a stainless steel tube in another stainless can, it was used to heat fuel, fuel was sprayed on the hot coil, the fuel boiled turned to a vapor, then it moved through a tube to feed the carb, 2 .187 jets fed the engine, it lost some power but ran rather well you need another valve to allow extra vapor in during big hills or accelerating plus you need an existing carb to run engine until it warms up. After warm up you can kill the gasoline carb run off the new vapor carb ... also exhaust fumes were non existant. This is nothing new, it does work, and you are right, but push it too hard and your person safety will be jeopardized... think they are moving 60 billion gals of oil a day, they might object if you cut that to say 6 billion. Word of advise. Build one for yourself and keep you mouth shut....
Jeff Hague
Jeff Hague 21 день назад
Well I have an old portable cook stove in my camper that runs on unleaded gas Pour gas into the tank pump up the pressure and the burners look clean and blue like the propane models Have never checked to see if it’s more cost effective tho
1st Amendment
1st Amendment 22 дня назад
If you still believe Oil comes from fossilized Dinosaurs. You need to rethink your education.
Allen Wayman
Allen Wayman 22 дня назад
I wonder what this guy is working for anyway America the governments already have other technologies that people should be able to transport themselves around the world without using gasoline and it’s free they won’t give it to us they’re keeping us a slave to the money system so they can keep themselves in power that’s the real thing.
Adrien Pitre
Adrien Pitre 22 дня назад
It seems like a good simple method but forgot one thing ...... they will not make money if they come out with something like this. lol and we all know who they are lol
George Germain
George Germain 23 дня назад
Just look what they did to Stanley Meyer! If you don't know look him up
vtg100 23 дня назад
Anybody pushing battery powered cars please remember they have to be charged...using power from??? Coal/nuclear/oil also batteries have environmental costs too. Even solar panels have to be made from rare earth ingredients requiring mining/processing.
vtg100 23 дня назад
Great. Turn it into gas first. Then compress the gas...which turns it back to liquid ??? Mmmm. So what?
dcbourbonireland 23 дня назад
thanks for the comments was able to stop video at 3 minute mark save some my life what i saw is what i already know
Don McWilliam
Don McWilliam 23 дня назад
Bogus waste of time.
Dar Tice
Dar Tice 23 дня назад
I don't really think you know what you're talkin about. You need to spend some time watching the RUvid channel engineering explained.
Centurion Wizofid
Centurion Wizofid 23 дня назад
Well - one thing is for sure. 45 years ago, I found the vapour carbs of the 20's and 30's. They were large and since it was readily combustive, you had a explosive mixture during an accident. Metals were not as strong as they are now. You could burn exhaust valves quick. The one thing I recall is that 4 barrels were good at burning or at least dumping fuel down the intake. The smog stuff, the CAT is only there to make sure that everything out the pipe is charred and no hydro-carbons escape without being reduced with O2. I drove a V8 in the 70's and it got 14 to 30 mpg depending on conditions. Today, a 1/2 ton V8 gets about the same mileage as I did all those years ago. Have we really improved anything, or just muddied the waters and you don't know. It matters not what you or I believe, we are both right. Cheers
Sparky Runner
Sparky Runner 24 дня назад
Stuck out in the middle of the desert at night for 5 hours until someone came to rescue us after a friend had installed the gas saving wonder to save mankind. The police rescue team said it has more to do with the motor, the outside temperature, weather conditions and the quality of the gas , extra super premium is not what you think it is !!! Next time get a modle T Ford or a smart car this unnecessary rescue will cost each of you $1,000 a piece we could charge you for the helicopter service but you were just lucky they were just in the area at the same time or that would have been an additional 5 thousand stupids ! So we were smart an became police officers to rescue other smart idiots !!!!
JazlDazl 24 дня назад
Kenneth M. Price Jr.
Kenneth M. Price Jr. 25 дней назад
You are absolutely correct about the use of gasoline vapor verses the fueling systems that we have today. But don't forget that Big Oily has the plans to the Pogue Carburetor, 1936, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Nelson_Pogue and hundreds if not thousands of designs like it. So why don't we have this simple vapor technology? Because they want us to burn the volumes of gasoline that they sell us. They do not care that the expense of their profits is our human environment. For the full story: theriseandstallofthepistonengine.weebly.com/
doug wathen
doug wathen 25 дней назад
the problem is that is the government likes money rather than saving the planet
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 25 дней назад
Spark plugs do not ignite a fuel and air mixture (5:11). It ignites a gasoline and air mixture. Gasoline and air = fuel, not fuel and air. Thanks for the education.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 25 дней назад
Unfortunately Smokey Yunik beat you to the punch, he invented the super heated hot air engine concept in the late 80's... Where he preheated the intake / fuel charge to the point where the fuel was vaporized before entering the combustion chamber... his results were amazing, except for the fact that the engine ran so hot that the oil in the crankcase literally cooked itself to the point of being useless.... BTW you could have saved 12min. and got to the point...
brad Payn
brad Payn 25 дней назад
This guy knows the basics of int combustion engines but nothing else. I hope that he is happ in his little world. Every engine manufacturer is in on the joke? All those engineeres know nothing HUH?
Murray Runge
Murray Runge 25 дней назад
Doesn't make a difference at what point the gas as liquid turns to a gas it still burns the same amount but it is much more unstable as a gas so that is why it is much safer to mix it inside the engine than outside of it. Just imagine a flash back would be like a bomb. What a crazy idea! Burning wood gasses after filtration was done in olden times and it was very unsafe. Better to change the wood gas into wood alcohol and run that through a carburetor or injection system. Your half ton likely gets 15-20 miles per gallon so this concept does not increase mileage by 500% it may increase but not noticeably. I think your just a goof who likes to talk but not say anything.
Stephen Parsley
Stephen Parsley 25 дней назад
perhaps the answer is to use lithium - then use the savings to invent faśt charge tech - like super-capacitors, or quick change, universal packs!
RC Adventure
RC Adventure 26 дней назад
I think everybody on this planet knows gas comes from oil
John Andrews
John Andrews 27 дней назад
Boy! This guy must be rolling in dough with the patent he has on this one simple trick!
Mark T
Mark T 27 дней назад
Fuel is formulated to Burn DIRTY ! They fix it that way ! Cerma gas additive breaks to oil molecules free to burn ,i know i drive a bmw m3 with a 12 to 1 com using 87 Octane even better gas MPG UNHEARD OF ! ALL TRUE
Joel Nazara
Joel Nazara 28 дней назад
If each vehicle is creating four tons of air pollution each year, how would you weigh that if it's floating in the air? Four tons? That sounds like sudo science being regurgitated to me. But I totally agree with you on the uses of gasoline as a "gas". A nice old man that used to work at Chevy's invention department showed me the exact thing 30 years ago. Can you help me do it for myself and so I can help others? I mean real instructions.
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson 29 дней назад
Fuel as we know it is going to be history soon. We need more technology in solar and hydrogen fuel, and fill it up with water and keep going.
Jim Yost
Jim Yost 29 дней назад
Usually the 'simple trick' costs a lot of money.
gary vonneida
gary vonneida Месяц назад
Stalin really wanted the media (newspapers) and Hollywood ( people's diversionary dream world expectations---ta-da---aint it a gas?
gary vonneida
gary vonneida Месяц назад
Tesla was destroyed when His Mentor(s) realized free power would "net" Them nothing--ta-da!
gary vonneida
gary vonneida Месяц назад
The continual re-mixturing of fuel chemestry negated Charles Pugh's fuel to piston DEVICE worked a wonder--Tuning the device to "faulty fuels" made mass production's eventual problems eventually unsurmountable.
gary vonneida
gary vonneida Месяц назад
Charles Pough developed a carburettaor (?) that developed 100 mpg in a V-8 Ford flat head. Some attained 300 MPG.
gary vonneida
gary vonneida Месяц назад
Figures can lie and Those that figure regularly lie. Gary
Mick Carson
Mick Carson Месяц назад
WTF is this shit, Mr Professor? We already know the secret but still don't have any other means of running a car on water
Indrajit Majumdar
Indrajit Majumdar Месяц назад
So basically the concept is to take fuel and air mixture in a separate burning chamber to burn it continuously and as cleanly as possible to create a continuous supply of high pressure gas and feed it in a controlled way to the block-piston-crank setup to run it. Just like a steam engine. So, why not feed some FREE natural liquid water in the external burning chamber to use the already existing heat to make some more extra gas to contribute??? But, however we decide to do it, when it comes to a external burning chamber concept then the feeder pipe diameter and the piston chamber diameter ratio have to be maintained (maybe controlled) properly to have a good acceptable power and acceleration balance. But that's a instant realization that the fuel will get much more time to burn so will burn much more cleanly. But as the external burning chamber is burning continuously so also getting fuel feed continuously so when feeding the gas to the piston chamber it will tend to get some un-burnt fuel too. So my question is how will you prevent that or so to say minimize that??? Maybe burn it again in the piston chamber by mixing the feeding gas with some fresh air ?????? (Just a thought.) EDIT: My English is excessively good ;) and I am unfamiliar with your accent so I maybe completely or partially misunderstood your "trick" concept. So that's a disclaimer. Feel free to correct me.
lite azwell
lite azwell Месяц назад
My Hemi has 16 plugs
TBull Cajunbreadmaker
TBull Cajunbreadmaker Месяц назад
Crude oil is a renewable resource and is abiotic. It is generated continuously by mother earth. It is one of the most abundant liquids on Earth. It is not running out it is continually being created in huge volumes all over the world just about anywhere and everywhere.
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Месяц назад
Dream on!
Rich Resident
Rich Resident Месяц назад
Pay no mind to the naysayers..I think that you are on the right track..
brad notachance
brad notachance Месяц назад
Petrol is not made from fossils fossil fuel is a lie . Research it.
James Grasso
James Grasso Месяц назад
I think the 4K likes were all Canadians
DrQuadrivium Месяц назад
*_"It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled"_* ~ Mark Twain. .
D.T. Baker
D.T. Baker Месяц назад
Oh bullshit.
Jeff P
Jeff P Месяц назад
PA Sucks
PA Sucks Месяц назад
I note that you avoid talking about horsepower and torque... what you are basically saying here is you can get better gas mileage by "burning less fuel... which in turn cuts down on both HP and torque, 2 VERY important things.. with less hp and torque you get less acceleration more throttle use to maintain speed against road resistance, wind resistance etc
Kathleen Norton
Kathleen Norton Месяц назад
My sister's pastor's son bought a new truck that was getting 70 miles per gallon. He was naive enough to call the makers of it and report it. Government agents turned up at his door and consficated the truck. Apparently he accidentally recieved a new truck that according to the powers that be they didn't want him to have.
Kathleen Norton
Kathleen Norton Месяц назад
+D.T. Baker Hey bud, yours is made up, mine isn't. The pastor and family are descent, honest folk. Maybe you can't relate.
D.T. Baker
D.T. Baker Месяц назад
Yeah, well my cousin's mechanic said that his sister knows someone who knows your sister's pastor's son's former teacher's neighbor and they heard it was bullshit.
Rick Deuel
Rick Deuel Месяц назад
Another fucking dipshit who's too dumb to finish the story. Employing what he's says will work, how much LESS fuel per day will be used in North America? How many tons LESS Carbon and pollution will be dumped into our atmosphere? Give this guy a rubber glove, a condom and five or six minutes of privacy.
David Bartch
David Bartch 2 месяца назад
How do you Create MORE pollution in tons than what you put in your tank ? facts are numbers where are the numbers?Why mess with gasoline use hydrogen!
Napolion Bonaparte
Napolion Bonaparte 2 месяца назад
Is FALSE that gasoline turn to pollution HC or CO. IF the automobile the engine injectors, sensor, and compression are in good working condition the Focil fuel turn to water, good combustion becomes water at the end of the exhaust.
sptrader 2 месяца назад
If you want more MPG, tell the government to stop adding ethanol to our gas ! Ethanol lowers gas mileage by about 8% AND Pollutes MORE. (Even Al Gore admitted that).
troy5007 2 месяца назад
BS.... Airplanes use 20x that in pollution. Why not do your research on some facts. Yes an engine can and will run on fumes .... Not hard to understand. Airplanes pollutes the air 20x more than cars do 😉
David Brown
David Brown 2 месяца назад
Pouge. Did this years ago .He heated gasoline and vapor injector was his invented system.He sold out and avoid death .And became a millionaire.H e never talked about it after he sold it.
SANTA MUERTE 2 месяца назад
We will not live that long so why worry about it..we be dead
Kendall Lewis
Kendall Lewis 2 месяца назад
To all the negative comments, legally he can not tell you the trick, but if you have any mechanical ability at all it's all very simple, he told you time and time again, turn the liquid form of gas into a vapour, he just did not use these words , so I'm telling you as I really dont care if they tell me I can't say it, TURN THE LIQUID INTO A VAPOR, then introduce it to your fuel injection rail, or your throttle body injection or your carburetor, it will them be sucked in through the intake stroke and there wont be any pollution from the exhaust stroke
Greg Miller
Greg Miller 2 месяца назад
Where can I buy one?
goatmaster76 2 месяца назад
fuel does not lubricate your engine. Ask anyone who owns an LP forktruck. A lean fuel conditon will cause higher combustion chamber temperatures in lp or natural gas engines too. Atomizing fuel so far away from the engine will just cause a separation of fuel and air before it enters the combustion chamber. I call BS on the 100 mpg thing. Cut the totally wrong physics lesson and show results.
Bil Andersen
Bil Andersen 2 месяца назад
Been gas not liquid fuel. Produces far less polygons as well. So gas up your vehicle folks!!! :-)
Bil Andersen
Bil Andersen 2 месяца назад
Here is a guy who is doing it! ruvid.net/video/видео-Ssfanvq_YRk.html
Richie melen
Richie melen 2 месяца назад
Ok! and what is that simple trick? How do we do it in our cars?
ukchris123 2 месяца назад
You explained how when liquid fuel is sprayed into the cylinder it helps cool the engine and if it isn't sprayed in evenly it causes overheating problems. You fail to explain how you achieve that cooling effect when you are no longer spraying liquid fuel into the cylinder, but a pre mixed fuel and air gas instead, or did I miss something. When I was learning about engines back in the 70's, I was taught that carburretors mixed fuel and air into a vapour, so liquid fuel was not entering the cylinder, it entered as a gas. So it seems your NEW idea has actually been around for a long time already. You also say that to increase mpg and reduce pollution, simply reduce the amount of fuel entering the engine. Yes, but that means less power from the engine. So buy a smaller engine. I'm never going to get this 16 minutes of my life back.
Guy Rankin
Guy Rankin 2 месяца назад
And that drove me KRAZY just watching this ?????????
Jason Littlejohn
Jason Littlejohn 2 месяца назад
The fuel isn't lubricating the cylinder wall. The reason you can't put less fuel in is because it will run lean and you get engine knock and damage to the cylinder.
Ken Parker
Ken Parker 2 месяца назад
Don't watch you will never get back your wasted 16 minutes of your life, CLICK BAIT.
neovask 2 месяца назад
Thank you for wasting my 16 minutes..................
Robert Hokerk
Robert Hokerk 2 месяца назад
I always read the comments on a video b4 watching! It has probally saved me hours of worthless crap. The people who are making comments are a lot smarter than the posted content. Thanks!
LeRoy D
LeRoy D 2 месяца назад
Throw the gas engine out and replace it with electric motor. Sure the biggest downfall is the battery. but that's getting better too. How about: using an electric motor and powering that motor with a self looping generator. A couple of battery's is only used for starting the motors ups that will power the controller. extra 12 v bat is for the cars radio ect. It'll weigh less and you can go as far as you want. When your not driving the car you can switch it over to run your house. problem solved...
Ajax Ashford
Ajax Ashford 2 месяца назад
Oil is not created buy fossils! It's natural and will never run out due the the pressures that created it.
muss.mal.nachdenken mensch
muss.mal.nachdenken mensch 2 месяца назад
Gasoline neither cools the combustion chamber, nor does it lubricate. You will have a lean condition because you end up with more air than fuel (deviation from stoichiometric), for the fuel to burn properly. That in turn will give you unwanted burn byproducts out the tailpipe.
casca cadinelli
casca cadinelli 2 месяца назад
can you manufacture & sell me one for my vehicles
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