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Sometimes you just have to come clean.

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial where two men are talking about the new Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash from the Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. While playing basketball on their backyard basketball court, one friend brings up the recent arguing between the other friend and his wife over his “men’s body wash” and his arguments that “men have skin too.” He confesses that he hasn’t been honest and has been borrowing his friend’s Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash too. His friend is excited-“This body wash is for us men!”-and all is forgiven as he goes in for a dunk. Wait, was that Deon Cole and Thomas Q Jones?!


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Feb 9, 2019




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Comments 985
Bruh the fake guilty face so funny
Gene Zhao
Gene Zhao 4 days ago
0:38 beautiful one piece esque trumpet
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 11 days ago
Old Spice should influence men to sit and pee.
Marc Bibanga
Marc Bibanga Month ago
Rotfl 😂 😂
Greg Helton
Greg Helton Month ago
These cms are hilarious!
The_17th_Dragon Month ago
I thought he was gonna say “she smelled me and now i stole your wife”
「Ace_Nexro」 Month ago
I had to come here from a ad LMFAOAO *Nice shot*
Al Caholik
Al Caholik Month ago
Nice shot , nice shot, nice shot
mfpv_detroit Month ago
Florian Stollmayer
It's a nice scent and leaves skin feeling smooth. I like it. Funny commercial
Tah Boogie750
Tah Boogie750 Month ago
..hehehe.....shoot... 😆😆😆
mike cornelius
mike cornelius Month ago
Nice shot. Nice shot. Nice shot Old spice ads have been killing it for about 15 years now.
Micah kal-el
Micah kal-el Month ago
He was relieved at 27 sec lol😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤭😎👊
johnny doe
johnny doe Month ago
Why am I watching old spice commercials? 😆
Jerry D.
Jerry D. Month ago
Who starts conversations with "Hey, I know you and your wife have been arguing"?
misstrice84 Month ago
I thought that was Derrick Jaxn in the thumbnail
Mrs LJ Mitchell
Mrs LJ Mitchell Month ago
Wow it was funny and the shots were 👍! 😃
Joannah Month ago
Deon Cole please spend some of your pennies at the dentist. That snaggle grill is 'jacked up'.....
Jack Birchwood
Jack Birchwood 2 months ago
What is that song?
Al Willi
Al Willi 2 months ago
Like that "Karl Malone" dunk
Al Willi
Al Willi 2 months ago
Chi from Luke Cage Netflix 🏆
Midwest 219
Midwest 219 2 months ago
bryce smith
bryce smith 2 months ago
Well it’s good to see that Thomas Jones is still doing good things
Clisez 2 months ago
In the nice shot. There’s cutscenes.
orange 3 months ago
What the background song
BuckThe BackUpMod
BuckThe BackUpMod 3 months ago
YES! use old spice I love Old spice!
T-Pose God
T-Pose God 3 months ago
Bro it's really a series tho? I'm dead 💀😂😭
Yachee Leo
Yachee Leo 3 months ago
washed my brain................
EliteCactus13 8
EliteCactus13 8 4 months ago
I love old spice and these commercials
Joseph Castro
Joseph Castro 4 months ago
Going out to buy old spice because of this ad
Joshua Thooyavan
Joshua Thooyavan 4 months ago
Barry FitzHugh
Barry FitzHugh 4 months ago
Bodywash for the dudes on the Down low, damn, not surprising this Judas porchmonkey circus clown buffoon was recruited to perform Stepin Fetchit antics character assassination subliminal propaganda style considering his Gomorrahian agent of satan past.
Carlos Anderson
Carlos Anderson 4 months ago
70's vibes are strong.
EarthThatWas 4 months ago
Anyone remember Buffy 6x20 Villains?
guerrotx 214
guerrotx 214 4 months ago
Anyone know the song when they're shooting the basket ball and the other guy saying nice shot? It's kind of catchy lol
Fortnite Day and Nite
KingJacobElijah hajilEbocaJgniK
Lol I actually had to find the video to like it, great content...
Jared F
Jared F 4 months ago
Anyone know if the body wash actually works? Like is good or bad?
Mordecai Israel
Mordecai Israel 4 months ago
I feel like I'm missing something... When was this man in his house, even did he get the bodywash, why is he taking an apologetic tone, etc? What does the wife arguing with him have to do with this? And the that's it response... I'm confused. Was the commercial playing on a confession of the friend smashing the wife or something?
DJ Flip
DJ Flip 4 months ago
When's the Old Spice movie coming out??
Jake harkunc
Jake harkunc 4 months ago
How’d he know they were arguing and how’d he get the body wash?
Chaise? 4 months ago
old spice has only good advertisements on youtube atm
joey singh
joey singh 4 months ago
*well, that escalated quickly*
Wideline Andre
Wideline Andre 4 months ago
Komedyen lakay
Celsius Dragneel
Celsius Dragneel 4 months ago
How did he borrow it from his shower? The wife? Where was he? Food for thought!
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 4 months ago
Not as good as Chaz Smith. Who’s with me on this one???
Rocking Youngsterz
Rocking Youngsterz 4 months ago
OMG!!!!!!! I NEVER KNEW!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! 💩
Martinez Family
Martinez Family 4 months ago
He dunked at the end 🤣😂🤣😂
Armando Salinas
Armando Salinas 4 months ago
Stop sending me these commercials I don't care for them
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell 4 months ago
I seriously love these ads. Each one so far in this series is hilarious 😭
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez 4 months ago
dav rogrz
dav rogrz 4 months ago
These Old Spice commercials are getting blacker and blacker.
Slice Tee
Slice Tee 4 months ago
Nice shot Nice shot Nice shot Nice shot
Obey Jaws
Obey Jaws 4 months ago
Max Solis
Max Solis 4 months ago
Charlie from Blackish is balling out here?
ShaggyNicholas 4 months ago
Skinny ice cube
QB_SteppinOn OppsX2
QB_SteppinOn OppsX2 4 months ago
Jacob Lengner
Jacob Lengner 4 months ago
Love old spice
Trevor Mention
Trevor Mention 4 months ago
I'm watching these because it's like watching a TV Show. I wonder what will happen next.
PvPParasite 4 months ago
I watched this just because I respect RUvid and wanted them to earn some money
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