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Sometimes you just have to come clean.

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial where two men are talking about the new Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash from the Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. While playing basketball on their backyard basketball court, one friend brings up the recent arguing between the other friend and his wife over his “men’s body wash” and his arguments that “men have skin too.” He confesses that he hasn’t been honest and has been borrowing his friend’s Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash too. His friend is excited-“This body wash is for us men!”-and all is forgiven as he goes in for a dunk. Wait, was that Deon Cole and Thomas Q Jones?!


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Feb 9, 2019

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Comments 973
orange 17 days ago
What the background song
BuckThe BackUpMod
BuckThe BackUpMod 17 days ago
YES! use old spice I love Old spice!
T-Pose God
T-Pose God 21 day ago
Bro it's really a series tho? I'm dead 💀😂😭
Yachee Leo
Yachee Leo 21 day ago
washed my brain................
Ultra Instinct Boi
I love old spice and these commercials
Joseph Castro
Joseph Castro Month ago
Going out to buy old spice because of this ad
Joshua Thooyavan
Barry FitzHugh
Barry FitzHugh Month ago
Bodywash for the dudes on the Down low, damn, not surprising this Judas porchmonkey circus clown buffoon was recruited to perform Stepin Fetchit antics character assassination subliminal propaganda style considering his Gomorrahian agent of satan past.
Carlos Anderson
Carlos Anderson Month ago
70's vibes are strong.
EarthThatWas Month ago
Anyone remember Buffy 6x20 Villains?
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Month ago
Anyone know the song when they're shooting the basket ball and the other guy saying nice shot? It's kind of catchy lol
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Month ago
KingJacobElijah hajilEbocaJgniK
Lol I actually had to find the video to like it, great content...
Jared F
Jared F Month ago
Anyone know if the body wash actually works? Like is good or bad?
Mordecai Israel
Mordecai Israel Month ago
I feel like I'm missing something... When was this man in his house, even did he get the bodywash, why is he taking an apologetic tone, etc? What does the wife arguing with him have to do with this? And the that's it response... I'm confused. Was the commercial playing on a confession of the friend smashing the wife or something?
DJ Flip
DJ Flip Month ago
When's the Old Spice movie coming out??
uva fan
uva fan Month ago
How’d he know they were arguing and how’d he get the body wash?
Chaise? Month ago
old spice has only good advertisements on youtube atm
joey singh
joey singh Month ago
*well, that escalated quickly*
Wideline Andre
Wideline Andre Month ago
Komedyen lakay
Celsius Dragneel
How did he borrow it from his shower? The wife? Where was he? Food for thought!
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Month ago
Not as good as Chaz Smith. Who’s with me on this one???
the fun dream star
OMG!!!!!!! I NEVER KNEW!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! 💩
Martinez Family
Martinez Family Month ago
He dunked at the end 🤣😂🤣😂
Armando Salinas
Armando Salinas Month ago
Stop sending me these commercials I don't care for them
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell Month ago
I seriously love these ads. Each one so far in this series is hilarious 😭
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez Month ago
dav rogrz
dav rogrz Month ago
These Old Spice commercials are getting blacker and blacker.
Slice Tee
Slice Tee Month ago
Nice shot Nice shot Nice shot Nice shot
Obey Jaws
Obey Jaws Month ago
Max Kickn
Max Kickn Month ago
Charlie from Blackish is balling out here?
ShaggyNicholas Month ago
Skinny ice cube
QBSavage K
QBSavage K Month ago
Jacob Lengner
Jacob Lengner Month ago
Love old spice
Trevor Mention
Trevor Mention Month ago
I'm watching these because it's like watching a TV Show. I wonder what will happen next.
PvPParasite Month ago
I watched this just because I respect RUvid and wanted them to earn some money
Samuel FlaBra
Samuel FlaBra Month ago
Nice shot
Recordeer Chrispo
Not when I'm done with them ÒwÓ
CHP Productions
CHP Productions Month ago
The darker skin guys plays in the Netflix series “Luke Cage”
Jay Maxwell
Jay Maxwell Month ago
Thomas jones was also a running back in the nfl
PinkSoldier z
PinkSoldier z Month ago
Yes... This video exists
Jas Uni
Jas Uni Month ago
I nurture my skin
James Williams
James Williams Month ago
What a great commercial.
Deon cole!! He so funny!! His stand up on Netflix on The stand ups
peace maker
peace maker Month ago
0:38-0:41 and 0:43-0:46 watch the basket net very closely in the bottom right you’ll see a weird rest/movement with the net I think they just looped him making a swish three times lol anyone else notice that
Gabriela Rangel
Gabriela Rangel Month ago
Of course men have skin to
Jimmy Kruse
Jimmy Kruse Month ago
Does white skin matter equally? Or nah? I'm hella woke lol
Trotsky Steel?
Trotsky Steel? Month ago
Who needs skin?
Mau Hau
Mau Hau Month ago
Your ads suck
American Gamer
American Gamer Month ago
As a white man I can not identify with this add so can not watch it.
Love Majesty
Love Majesty Month ago
That's the guy that played on Being Mary Jane. He is very handsome and thick.
Christophe Abiel
Katrina Tee
Katrina Tee Month ago
Smokin. HOT. 🔥🔥🔥
Nick Lanford
Nick Lanford Month ago
Is that the guy from Straight Outta Compton that was stalking Jerry???
Irongirltoni Month ago
I have the old spice whistle as my notification, so when I heard it in the video I thought I got a text or something
Peter Bottino
Peter Bottino Month ago
Use the Shea butta so you don't be getting ashey
Mr. Swooshy
Mr. Swooshy Month ago
Men have skin too
BiggQue Month ago
That's right.
Faux Shizle
Faux Shizle Month ago
Old Spice hates white men. White men stop buying Old Spice. Old Spice is now in the "locked" display Old Spice goes bankrupt.
Evan Dowd
Evan Dowd Month ago
Consistantly one of the best advertisers around, lol
Thatblackguy Month ago
The 2.5k dislikes are from jealous women who want the old spice
Artsy girl
Artsy girl Month ago
The tittle made me think “well no shit Sherlock”
Sanaa w
Sanaa w Month ago
alien sauce
alien sauce Month ago
no they don't
LastLvLBoss Month ago
That slam dunk made me spit lol!
Yeh Boi David
Yeh Boi David Month ago
Soo you're telling me that men never wear old spice till they said men have skin too idk if you know what I mean🤔💩
Nocturnal Ron
Nocturnal Ron Month ago
I love these
SharpTheDemon Month ago
Name Less
Name Less Month ago
Nice shot Only took 3 takes
Shelcore Fox
Shelcore Fox Month ago
Name Less you want me to go back
was that Tyrone he famous now? ....wtf
John Gift
John Gift Month ago
Evil Jones!
DidUKnow Month ago
3E55 D345
3E55 D345 Month ago
Superchunk123 Month ago
The dislikes are femenists
Zah mauria Gaines
stupids your face is not real
Zah mauria Gaines
Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson Month ago
Lol ! He said from your shower dude ! I guess you were tired of her anyway ! 😂😂😂
Jackcrossvids Month ago
"nice shot! 😁" "I know you and your wife have been arguing 😐" Seems like the appropriate response 😂🤦
1castellp Month ago
I want soap that smells like motor oil and steak, not strawberries and winter blossoms.
Fake PewDiePie
Fake PewDiePie Month ago
nice shot
dxs xpac
dxs xpac Month ago
Love the commercials but I got week armpits allergic to anything but dove I smell like a woman all day😭😭😭😭😢🤫
Goonboy Nelly
Goonboy Nelly Month ago
Subscribe to my channel for new content
Ashiwol Month ago
men have skin man... they need this...
Henry Simmons
Henry Simmons Month ago
Lol..nice shot.. nice shot....nice shot...nice shot
Pedro Luna
Pedro Luna Month ago
Muy n
ray taylor
ray taylor Month ago
Your ads suck
CandyDream Month ago
It would be scary if men didn't have skin. Imagine if every boy was just a human muscular system.
Eddy Lazaro Ortega
Frank Crawford
Frank Crawford Month ago
This guy is cool!
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward Month ago
498flower AJPW
498flower AJPW Month ago
Misery Go Round
Misery Go Round Month ago
Sheesh! Why so many dislikes??
BigBad John
BigBad John Month ago
How can I love their commercials so much, but will not buy their products? Am I missing something?
Glitching NPC
Glitching NPC Month ago
Old Spice is indeed a manly smell, love it so damn right I want my man to smell that nice. Only problem with Old Spice is choosing which one.
who am i who who who who
Really I did not know
Clippa Marshall
Clippa Marshall Month ago
I See Dion Keepin It OlSkool Chicago Wt ThomasJones...ThatNigga N Da Paint(NFLField) B4 TheMattForteEra 💯
ChoseDeath Month ago
Never change Old Spice 💚
Osbern Lewis
Osbern Lewis Month ago
Dray Dwire
Dray Dwire Month ago
The power of Old Spice Moisturize™ with Shea Butter Body Wash I tell you.
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