One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History

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Residents of the valley of Vajont in Italy had reservations about a new hydroelectric dam--especially when cracks began to appear in the nearby mountain. Their worst fears were soon to be confirmed.
From the Series: Make It Out Alive: Dam Disaster bit.ly/2A13Q2r


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Nov 3, 2017




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Comments 2 176
Freddy Cabazos
Freddy Cabazos 59 minutes ago
So I thought this was gona be a video about women’s rights
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 3 hours ago
It fell into the basin like a meatball fell into my mama's ragu!
Devil's Island
Devil's Island 10 hours ago
Americans are the worst human creation
Maxwell Allard
Maxwell Allard 14 hours ago
Alex Renotte
Alex Renotte 16 hours ago
220,000+ people died in the Japan nuclear bombings and they were nearly all innocent civilians so this dam, although how devastating, isn’t close to being the worst man made disaster.
jquest43 19 hours ago
Town full of idiots.
Game Cooker US Rocks VR
Well you mess with mother nature in you're going to get spanked. Sorry about the inhabitants. It's a real shame. I wonder if anything like this has happened in China since they were putting dams up all over the place.
Game Cooker US Rocks VR
Scientist believe this stuff because they see it happening but they deny that there could have been a global catastrophic flood that the Bible talks about. There's so much evidence out there the show that things can happen very quickly even if something small on the environment gets changed. now imagine all the water on the planet becoming displaced. The scientist that didn't happen or never could happen. But on Mars it definitely happened...⁉😵😕
Jeebuz Day ago
Thanks, Trump...
Italian engineering at its best.
H. N.
H. N. Day ago
One of the worst disaster in human history is "Bengal famine", artificially created famine which took over 3 million lives And yeah, it was done by the British
Chliewu 11 hours ago
Even worse is the great hunger in Ukraine in the thirties caused by the collectivisation policy of Stalin.
DARKLORD 71 19 hours ago
+H. N. agreed
H. N.
H. N. 19 hours ago
+DARKLORD 71 well We can take it too But I was specifically talking about "Artificial disasters" The famine was artificially induced. The region was bad for decades though, but their farming, management and other techniques balanced all of that. British broke that balance, and it was horrible. Dead people laying on the streets, and plenty of things Killing 3 million at least.
DARKLORD 71 19 hours ago
Ohhhhh how about the spanish who wiped out countless using civilizations using small pox and measles no? Ok
Kitanai Koneko
I'm confused they knew it was gonna go. Yet the town was not evacuated.
Raoul167 2 hours ago
They didn't know how massive the landslide was going to be, in fact some people were on top of the dam to watch the landslide.
Thanos Lee
Thanos Lee Day ago
Humanity are god worst creations ever.....where ever human do and goes there will always be ruins and disasters
I'maRealPloy 12 hours ago
jc how edgy can you be?
Giuseppe rimauro
welcome to Italy.the most corrupted country in the world.still today!!!
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 2 days ago
AngyNags 2 days ago
And here I thought this video is about the bollywood film 'Hero' 😉. That also qualifies as the biggest manmade disaster
Tharali Express
Tharali Express 2 days ago
the government is making a damnin my town too ,another man made disaster..
Matthew Meditz
Matthew Meditz 2 days ago
Someone needs to stop these white supremacist landslides. Why did trump do this?
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox 2 days ago
Only 30 miles an hour ?
Amedi Kalid
Amedi Kalid 3 days ago
What about the man who made the nuclear (Japan)
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler 3 days ago
0:42 wait.. why does the translator have an accent..
Fred Frederickson
Abradolf Lincler the other guy talking had one too
aldous huxley
aldous huxley 3 days ago
Aoc ruled
bear0134 4 days ago
The company, CEO, managers , engineers, all of them involved in the decision-making should’ve been jailed for fucking life.. But have a guess how many people went to jail not one fucking person!! Because bureaucracy government fucked all the people that died in the arsehole.... and to this day in 2019 continue to do so..... and because people are so stupid naive and little fucking lambs, you continue to get fucked in the arsehole..
Conan the Destroyer
Justin Wheeler
Justin Wheeler 5 days ago
Poor quality video of the actual events.
Lorrie Harkey
Lorrie Harkey 5 days ago
Rory Tennes
Rory Tennes 6 days ago
Moral of the story. Never live below a dam. Never trust authorities.
Rory Tennes
Rory Tennes 4 days ago
CFITOMAHAWK2. Yeah. Mountains never move. Right ?? lol I am amazed at man's confidence sometimes.
CFITOMAHAWK2 4 days ago
They were there before the dam was built and there were lied to about how safe it was to build it between 2 huge mountains.
Life Saver Gummy Bear
Oh somebody messed up.
Mario Cassina
Mario Cassina 7 days ago
I have been there
deanmoncaster 9 days ago
Do we thumb this video up for the documentary but look like we're happy to see a man made disaster kill hundreds of people. Or do we thumb this video down because the disaster was bad and People died but look like we didn't enjoy the documentary? I'm confused.
IamNot StephenKing
Mother nature said piss off!
Jack Russell
Jack Russell 9 days ago
The biggest man-made disaster is Donald Trump☝️
1988deef 9 days ago
That's why I don't want to live near a river or dam.
Fioravante Esposito
Just in Italy, the engineer ( carlo semenza)knows about the fracture up to the mountain, but he didn’t care, anyway......
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell 10 days ago
Ron Tompkins
Ron Tompkins 11 days ago
Yer an the call themselves engineers . should be charged with 2000 counts of murder ..hopefully that may stop the fraud
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott 11 days ago
Thank you for uploading that, I had never before heard of that tragic event. It happened just after I was born in 1961. Terrible
William Anthony Leasure
Its ok, it's ok. We'll spin it, a bunch of jobs just opened up to rebuild the town! Thats how humans do it
osiris f
osiris f 12 days ago
Man disaster 😂😂😂 I don't think so. That disaster was created by the one who pay for the jop.
KELLI2L2 12 days ago
Don't you think you'd be leary to build on ground that's subject to EARTHQUAKES... and bad construction 🚧 Did their blasting to change the topography, weaken the mountains ⛰ around that reservoir❓
peruda hudson
peruda hudson 13 days ago
bush and blair are the biggest fuckups
Doug Billman
Doug Billman 13 days ago
Should have drained it, when they found out, the mountain was sliding........
Angelus 14 days ago
Traduzcan al catellano, la pita que los pario
theone 14 days ago
nature 1 humans 0
Lloyd Gilliam
Lloyd Gilliam 14 days ago
The bottom line ... the "authorities" always lie there way out of it...
P Joubert
P Joubert 11 days ago
There, their, they're. They sound the same but they're all different. You meant "their." Using the proper word allows your comment to make sense.
Jason Green
Jason Green 15 days ago
The foreskin is healing, thanks.
Caroline Paquier
Caroline Paquier 17 days ago
The before pictures were a NEON WARNING SIGN. Any engineer who didn't see that coming should have his license revoked!
CFITOMAHAWK2 4 days ago
The Mob in charge. They made him a hero afterwards. Propaganda works very well with suckers used to lies and BS.
Dafty 18 days ago
evry tiem a women opens her legs she creats a mini-manmade disaster. every child born is a neuclear explosion and there are billions of us. humans are the biggest disasters in history.
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect 18 days ago
Go read In The Heart of the Sea. I'll wait.
Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere
Big things about to happen.....for sure!
Randy 19 days ago
Donald Trump!
Martin S
Martin S 20 days ago
And right wingers don't like regulations
Martin S
Martin S 20 days ago
Keith Bell
Keith Bell 22 days ago
The Jonestown Flood (east of Pittsburgh, PA, USA) in 1889 claimed 2,209 lives. It’s not a competition; just information. Read David McCullough’s book “The Johnstown Flood” and you’ll learn about more human error, carelessness, and callousness.
william f
william f 22 days ago
Wow i had never heard of this terrible disaster - yet we keep getting Titanic rammed down out faces
MrWolfsack 23 days ago
Forming the State of Israel, the world's biggest mistake
Patrick White
Patrick White 24 days ago
It seems like so many of these tragedies happen because someone says “that should be good enough”. When did people start the term “I would rather have more and not need it, than less”
Wayne Lawson
Wayne Lawson 24 days ago
Italians should stick with making pasta...
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh 25 days ago
Chalk up another one for"Science".
Robert M
Robert M 25 days ago
Wasn't it a Trump company that did this job?
American 14 days ago
Um no, it was a Italian company. Nice try trying to slander trump
Phyllis Arrington
Phyllis Arrington 26 days ago
Come Visit Waikiki
Come Visit Waikiki 26 days ago
wait....am I missing something here? Wasn't world war 1 & 2 a man made disaster? oh yeah....korean and vietnam wars as well?
Davide Sinigoi
Davide Sinigoi 26 days ago
Why the speaker who dubs the italian interviewee does need that idiotic accent?
Randy Green
Randy Green 26 days ago
Tragic...prayers for the Victims.
Zsiraf Ablak
Zsiraf Ablak 26 days ago
Stupid italianos😂😂😂😂😂
Eva DeVries
Eva DeVries 27 days ago
Here in California we need a soils report to build a 5 ft retaining wall.
Sir.Panda 27 days ago
The worst man-made disaster is the American Education System.
Luke out
Luke out 27 days ago
Thatl teach em for trying to create power while protecting this ungreatful earth and for not learning english requireing a translator serves u right!
El Leidholdi
El Leidholdi 28 days ago
Worst man-made disaster, did you ever heard of WW2?
XBlu501 26 days ago
Yeah but think about the deaths per minute compared to this dam
David Anewman
David Anewman 28 days ago
That's why you don't trust the experts. They are often wrong. I would have moved. It wasn't hard to predict the outcome.
David Anewman
David Anewman 27 days ago
+ushoys The opinionated would have survived. The penalty for trusting the experts is death.
ushoys 27 days ago
Yeah it's always better to trust the ignorant opinionated than the experts.
max bootstrap
max bootstrap 29 days ago
What? Wars aren't "man made disasters"? Then who made them?
darren marchant
darren marchant Month ago
see lake sarez
L Stastny
L Stastny Month ago
Actually worst man made disaster in history was socialism/communism. Over 100 million humans murdered.
Isac Jonsson
Isac Jonsson 27 days ago
what ab social democracy? the thing that runs fine in the nordic
L Stastny
L Stastny 28 days ago
Absolutely preferable to murdering innocent humans just because they rejected a failed economic system called socialism.
Isac Jonsson
Isac Jonsson 28 days ago
lmfao so you want a big gap between poor people and rich people?
Frank Strzelecki
And they called rally races in Sicily dangerous.
smooth move, idiots
Outback Wack
Outback Wack Month ago
Government ruins EVERYTHING they touch.
Daniel  Guaracha
Daniel Guaracha Month ago
Kitsalp Srewolf
Kitsalp Srewolf Month ago
Thanks again, SCIENCE!! You suck!
cleanview70 Month ago
did they jail the scum bum who let it happen classic italian work
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder Month ago
Of course not.
HsingSun Month ago
Humans are smart or stupid?
Quentin Alfonso
Quentin Alfonso Month ago
Why do they synchronize the people like that? To make it more authentic?
Pintkonan Month ago
get metric system ffs
jimmy white
jimmy white Month ago
Punishment for siding with the nazi's
John Sargeant
John Sargeant Month ago
if the watauga lake in Butler TN floods over, or the Holston Lake Dam breaks, the entire valley below will be a memory in mere minutes. there are still people who think redirecting water to flood an entire city to make a man-made lake with a small dam to keep the water in, is a good idea. if communities below the dam knew what we up here can see with the dam being many years old, and having cracks in it- they wouldn't live where they do...
indy_go_blue60 Month ago
Bad Day HQ "Disasters of the Century" has a better episode of this disaster.
VoB Month ago
Worst Man-Made Disasters is Plastic.
Lena Noro
Lena Noro Day ago
And man...
Kosta Kosta
Kosta Kosta Month ago
Italy = corruption Point
Buzzfeed-tier Smithsonian writer: "Though relatively small, it prompts a flurry of scientific research. What it confirms is SHOCKING"
rick frenay
rick frenay Month ago
Italian engineering?🤣
ahmednur ali
ahmednur ali Month ago
The humans has a mind to understand what's going on enough is enough but if you see you'r power it looks to you it's yet to continue but I'm only a refugee and under the united states of America's law and humanity
Lottie Ephendah
Lottie Ephendah Month ago
It looks like a really interesting program but I'm not going to watch it because it's the Smithsonian. If you work at the Smithsonian and you've not (yet) crossed over, you can rock this world: Find the Nephilim. They can't have destroyed all of the evidence. You would know where to look. Some people are born to greatness and others have it thrust upon them. So, if you just happen to find serendipitously, pertinent information pertaining to my plea you'll know there is something bigger perhaps guiding this whole thing. Nobody could blame you for not rocking the boat.... Most of the time doing the right thing comes at a high cost. But I have a good feeling that The Man upstairs would happily pay you back. Be blessed!
Ken O
Ken O Month ago
The title ought to be "One of the Worst Man-Made ACCIDENTAL Disasters in History" There have been significantly worse man-made disasters when including intentional attacks.
GetoverYourself Month ago
Biased media
Jimmy Gorman
Jimmy Gorman Month ago
The people must have been stupid,, nature screaming at you and you never heard anything,,
modeste nomad
modeste nomad Month ago
business as usual criminal politicians, businessmen and bankers......☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Bill Macy
Bill Macy Month ago
I thought this was about bringing blacks to America
Bill Macy
Bill Macy Month ago
+Ronald Cammarata another triggered illegal?
Bill Macy
Bill Macy Month ago
+Ronald Cammarata 🤯
Ronald Cammarata
+Bill Macy You aren't too bright.
Bill Macy
Bill Macy Month ago
+Tekboy 808 blacks and Hispanics hate facts facts are racist
Tekboy 808
Tekboy 808 Month ago
nah you are confusing that with the day you were born. now that was a disaster and a shit stain on the human race
pollywaffle79 Month ago
Well i'l be dammed
Tristan Causer
Tristan Causer Month ago
It's all Trump's fault!
Ronald Cammarata
Do you get on RUvid just to make stupid comments? I never understood why stupid people (like you) like to show off their stupidity.
BitterVoid Month ago
Just shows you. Humans shouldn’t try to control and make fun of nature, the earth, and animals. It all comes back, and it should.
Bill De Jesus
Bill De Jesus Month ago
Another Man-made DISASTER is 5G TECHNOLOGY which will "microwave" us causing CANCERS , LEUKEMIAS and other radiation related diseases unless people WAKE UP and walk away from this destruction pattern somehow. Anna
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