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One Direction - You & I (Official Video)

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Pre-order the You & I single bundle including a remix from Liam Payne now! iTunes: smarturl.it/1DYouAndIPreOrder?IQID=ve Taken from the album Midnight Memories out now! Amazon: smarturl.it/MidnightMemoriesAmz iTunes: smarturl.it/MidnightMemoriesiTu Music video by One Direction performing You & I. (C) 2014 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Follow One Direction
Website: www.onedirectionmusic.com/us/home
Facebook: facebook.com/onedirectionmusic
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iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/one-direction/id396754057
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18 апр 2014

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Man Man
Man Man 5 минут назад
Man Man
Man Man 6 минут назад
חן גדייב
חן גדייב 43 минуты назад
2019 I KOVE ONE DIRECTION ֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱ ֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱ
عآشقة وندآيركشن
Damn ... Its hurts..
Nathalia Souza
Nathalia Souza Час назад
I love you❤💕
Rawen Bouzaghou
Rawen Bouzaghou 2 часа назад
I love this song😍
belen perez guzman
belen perez guzman 2 часа назад
Extraño a 1D 😥😥😥
Daniela Larriam
Daniela Larriam 2 часа назад
I needed to listen to You&I again and again after a few years. Crying. Do you miss them so badly like me? 😭
Ana Flávia Silva santos
Ana Flávia Silva santos 2 часа назад
1d Forever Brasil 2019 ❤
Julee Vidal
Julee Vidal 3 часа назад
Xx Sniper
Xx Sniper 3 часа назад
Better than btshit
Ismail Mail
Ismail Mail 5 часов назад
Maverick 10 часов назад
2020? That's right read this comment's date
Bruna  Figueira
Bruna Figueira 10 часов назад
I never imagined that my boys would separate, I miss them so much together... what we have left are just memories 😢❤️
raysa puteri soraya
raysa puteri soraya 11 часов назад
Huhuhuhu kangen
Hasan Joy
Hasan Joy 12 часов назад
I 1der 1d will come back in 202...
Hasan Joy
Hasan Joy 12 часов назад
111d 111d 111d
kimberly Campos
kimberly Campos 13 часов назад
I cry every time I listen to this ugh I miss them so much 😭😭😭
Sommie Anastasia
Sommie Anastasia 14 часов назад
Poor Louis gets distracted so easily.
Nazy Johnson
Nazy Johnson 15 часов назад
I mean zayn is cut
Nazy Johnson
Nazy Johnson 15 часов назад
Zan is cut
Sherly Nurkholiah
Sherly Nurkholiah 15 часов назад
Jason Mirasol
Jason Mirasol 16 часов назад
Is breakls
Is breakls 17 часов назад
zayn high note ❤
Is breakls
Is breakls 17 часов назад
miss you zayn ❤
MLG Nick
MLG Nick 18 часов назад
That balloon at 3:19 in the background is encouraging water pollution One direction... I’m ashamed 😂😂😂
nelsonmarin20 20 часов назад
Tu y yo
shano gamer
shano gamer 20 часов назад
suresh irom
suresh irom 20 часов назад
I like it this grp member.and my favourite songs
Rosie Biddle
Rosie Biddle 21 час назад
Rosie Biddle
Rosie Biddle 21 час назад
Rosie Biddle
Rosie Biddle 21 час назад
Rosie Biddle
Rosie Biddle 21 час назад
Karolina !
Karolina ! 21 час назад
March 2019
Monica Sborea
Monica Sborea 21 час назад
Im reading 2019
Vitoria pereira
Vitoria pereira 21 час назад
Safitri Arum Nurlita
Safitri Arum Nurlita 22 часа назад
I miss these boys sooo badly 😢
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 22 часа назад
Devsonee Tamang
Devsonee Tamang 22 часа назад
Nice 👍 bro my one Direction
namelessjeff День назад
currently doing a 1d mv marathon and sobbing
Surya Ibrahim
Surya Ibrahim День назад
2019 indonesia mana 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Aurelia Vangie
Aurelia Vangie День назад
One direction, pls comeback and make songs... Bcs it always makes me happy
Kensi Blye
Kensi Blye День назад
This is the first time I saw this video and it scared me when there faces were changing!
Esma FIRAT День назад
*_im crying because The song is so emotional._* *_im crying because their voices is so beautiful_* *_i'm crying because they will not reunion_*
Nixon Voon
Nixon Voon День назад
This is my old song
Clarrissa Njoki
Clarrissa Njoki День назад
oh ma God....every hit just gets hold of me.....you n I😘
Nour Bouzegzi
Nour Bouzegzi День назад
هاري كم احبك 😍😍
Delpaa 58
Delpaa 58 День назад
Today? 20/02/2019?? Miss1D😭❤
Denice Aguilar
Denice Aguilar День назад
2019 plsss...
Brandon Daniels
Brandon Daniels День назад
The best transition was harry to zayn. The hair flowing made it perfect
Jilliane Lauren
Jilliane Lauren День назад
i miss u boys😢
RyRy owo
RyRy owo День назад
1.25x speed I swear!!! Its soooooo good!!!!
zhf pcy
zhf pcy День назад
I miss them, 2019?
Nandika Putri Mutia
Nandika Putri Mutia День назад
I miss them very much. I hope one day 1D can comeback together again because i really miss their performances on stages 😭😭
giordana fiala
giordana fiala День назад
i miss one direction more than everything FUCCCCCCCCCCK I MISSSSS SO MUCH
Asep Saifullah
Asep Saifullah День назад
2019 from indonesia
Yuli Villalobos
Yuli Villalobos День назад
shooky wooky
shooky wooky День назад
this was my shit when i was in third grade and still is a bop !!!
ilyes becha
ilyes becha День назад
😦😦😦😦2019 new????
Aldanavega9 Vega
Aldanavega9 Vega День назад
Me encantaaaa
Clarice Valery
Clarice Valery День назад
Alguem fala em portugêus ai ?? To me sentindo isolada aqui ... Da um salve por favor!!😖😖😂
Clarice Valery
Clarice Valery Час назад
Myh Army Chimchim
Myh Army Chimchim 20 часов назад
Clarice Valery mee💛
Duane Simbulan
Duane Simbulan День назад
Yağmur Göksu
Yağmur Göksu День назад
RED FOX День назад
Mari Alcântara
Mari Alcântara День назад
Jhennie Silva
Jhennie Silva День назад
Aadithya Ramlal
Aadithya Ramlal День назад
Any thala fans?
Quinn Jenny
Quinn Jenny День назад
Everytime i have depression .I listen to 1D songs...
Aryan Kalra
Aryan Kalra День назад
2:59 is what we are here for
Santosh Kalra
Santosh Kalra День назад
rahul chopra
rahul chopra День назад
zayns high notes are one of the bestest thing in one direction.
Vivek Grover
Vivek Grover 21 час назад
العربي الأكثر شهرة Anmar
2 0 1 9 ?
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford День назад
3:13.....liam being a bully to Zayn...looking him up and down... no wonder he left...
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford 2 дня назад
3:00 Harry.....ha....singing high.......
Mohammad Bilal Ahmad
Mohammad Bilal Ahmad 2 дня назад
zayn high notes
Leo 345 342
Leo 345 342 2 дня назад
rizel styles
rizel styles 2 дня назад
Mr. Mustafa
Mr. Mustafa 2 дня назад
المخرج اكثر من مبدع من يتفق معي على ذلك 🤔
Sophia Tace
Sophia Tace 2 дня назад
It's been 5 years and i'm still in love with this song😍
Heat 2 дня назад
2019 February?
Aulia Sofiana
Aulia Sofiana 2 дня назад
It's 2019 and I still crying watching this😭 I miss One Direction so bad... I hope they will comeback soon!❤❤ I love you boys, so much😘😭😘😭
SkyfulTV 2 дня назад
I Miss one Direction
Sarita Bidla
Sarita Bidla 2 дня назад
At 2:15 Louis turns into Harry wow Larry Stylinson😍😍😍😍 My favourite ship 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😊😊😊😊😄😄😄😔😔😔
Eliaz Silva
Eliaz Silva 2 дня назад
Lizette Rodriguez
Lizette Rodriguez 2 дня назад
They shouldn't gone apart from each other there the best thx to them I'm happy cuz there music cheers me up
Nixon Voon
Nixon Voon 2 дня назад
Who love this song, give me a like👍
Nixon Voon
Nixon Voon 2 дня назад
I very like this song
Nixon Voon
Nixon Voon 2 дня назад
This is my old song
Kim Yoshioka
Kim Yoshioka 2 дня назад
5 years and still fav
Happy Day
Happy Day 2 дня назад
Feb 2019 I miss them :(
Jasmine Da Diamond Artist
Jasmine Da Diamond Artist 2 дня назад
*all dislikes are single*
yoonbae uwu
yoonbae uwu 2 дня назад
lpm como los extraño bebitos lindos
Paola Bravo Jimenez
Paola Bravo Jimenez 2 дня назад
Febrero 2019?😍😍❤️❤️
Joana_Estrada Vlogs
Joana_Estrada Vlogs 2 дня назад
Wendy Lagos
Wendy Lagos 2 дня назад
Fakhruddin Vohra
Fakhruddin Vohra 2 дня назад
Feb 2k19 and still getting goosebumps @Zayan's high note 🔥
Abhi Abhishek
Abhi Abhishek 2 дня назад
2019 feb🙋?
Vkook Yeontan
Vkook Yeontan 2 дня назад
Whyyy!!!!porque malditos !!!por que se separaron
BISHAL MAGAR 2 дня назад
I wish they could come back again
garcia211 2 дня назад
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