One Direction - 'Steal My Girl' (Summertime Ball 2015)

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One Direction performing an AMAZING version of 'Steal My Girl' live at Capital's Summertime Ball!
#OneDirection #StealMyGirl
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Jun 6, 2015




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Comments 99
Rooney Wahengbam
Please comeback
kunam naga
kunam naga 19 hours ago
no matter how great they are, zayns high vocal could never be replaced.
James Ryan Jandayan
James Ryan Jandayan 23 hours ago
Unta magbalik silang tanan. Tapos mag concert sila pagka declare na wala nay virus.😊
Bobby Bagri
Bobby Bagri Day ago
where's Zayn!!????😓😓😓😓
upama _maharjan
they are separated now 😭 time changes so fast
JensMediaTv Day ago
Ellos son magia pura 💖
Dian Tri hariyanto
I miss all:)
Matheus Souza
2020 algum BR aqui ou eu sou único aqui ?😢🇧🇷😍
halee wut
halee wut Day ago
Ayetha Mercader
Ayetha Mercader 2 days ago
Ughhh! I miss them so much 😥😥😍😍
Saksham Vijay
Saksham Vijay 3 days ago
Nilesh Roy
Nilesh Roy 3 days ago
Welcome to one direction concert
KTM MOKTAN 3 days ago
Big fan🤨sir❤️🔥
Jasobanta yengkhom
The song needs Zayn
Apurba Sen
Apurba Sen 4 days ago
I love ONE DIRECTION. I pledge to be a TRUE DIRECTIONER FOREVER.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Apurba Sen
Apurba Sen 22 hours ago
@Muskan Agarwal 👍👍🙏🙏
Muskan Agarwal
I pledge ✋
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex 5 days ago
When Zayn left basically liam carried
Jaynee Lyrics
Jaynee Lyrics 5 days ago
Niall is so cute 🥺🥺💕
Padma Lahri
Padma Lahri 5 days ago
There is a indian tricolor in his mic....
Muskan Agarwal
@Padma Lahri yup...
Padma Lahri
Padma Lahri 3 days ago
@Muskan Agarwal ohh... Thats why..
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal 3 days ago
It is because niall is colourblind......strips help him to recognise his mic
Lenry Maricon Layugan
In 2:04 the band in the nial Horran's mic in Indian flag.. 🇨🇮
Tareq Nur
Tareq Nur Day ago
lol its ireland...his irish
Jennilyn David
Jennilyn David 6 days ago
Harry style😍
Zainab Gianna Rocha
I like you Liam
Ethan Chen
Ethan Chen 6 days ago
I miss zayn malik's strand of hair at BBC's award Steal my girl
Lyrika Divinagracia
It's 2020 and we're still waiting for your comeback. 🥺
TOXIC GAMING 7 days ago
Miss zyan in this concert
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal 3 days ago
It is zayn
Ko Hyemi
Ko Hyemi 7 days ago
Corona virus may last for a long time but one direction infection is forever
PAPA JAH 7 days ago
arat jakul
VC pro
VC pro 7 days ago
Shout out to the drummer
Khalid Said
Khalid Said 8 days ago
Wondering what happened to one direction brought me here anyway who's watching this till now oct 2020?
Ashmit Das
Ashmit Das 8 days ago
Seems like Liam wants to be indian......he sounds like 'maa' instead of 'mom'...
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal 3 days ago
Ohh ...yes I just realised ...yeiii ohh my leeroyy 😍😍😍😳
Rajat verma
Rajat verma 8 days ago
No one never beat one direction on Thier fan crazy act...see how much they shout
Rυƈԋι Sιɳɠԋαɳια
Seeing liam enjoying just makes me smile like an idiot.. such flawless singing and that joy.. 🤩🤩😍😍😍
PAPA JAH 8 days ago
finding shane 👇🏻
Muskan Agarwal
Shane or zayn😑
HRIS HAANT 7 days ago
veronica agray
veronica agray 8 days ago
*cry on zayn left the band* I know it was for his health, but it still hurts.
Tomiris Erengayyp
ALCHIE 9 days ago
One direction come back pls🙏😭❤️❤️
Nethmini Karunarathne
1:28 Louis is the boss.. We been knew 😎☀️
Taylor Yadav
Taylor Yadav 10 days ago
Without Zayn all songs are just lyrics with music but with Zayn songs are feelings.
Coleen Verano
Coleen Verano 10 days ago
I'm speechless 🖤😍
Kimy 1D
Kimy 1D 10 days ago
Jahnvi Mehra
Jahnvi Mehra 10 days ago
When u realise u r crying.... ❤❤
cinnyb51 10 days ago
And then there are those dad out in the middle of those screaming girls going "WTH!" LOL!
島人ぬ宝 10 days ago
win6110 11 days ago
Liam is no replacement for Zayn! This song will never be the same.
athena sahol
athena sahol 11 days ago
Adrita Majumder
Adrita Majumder 11 days ago
I'm in my room. On my bed. In my sweats. Eating pizza. Jamming to 1D and crying. PURR-FECT
***....... (✌️😊)​***
Fixed Bisham
Fixed Bisham 11 days ago
True directioners will still be here. Let's see how many!!!
lowken magar
lowken magar 11 days ago
Why no zayn??
Princess Didi
Princess Didi 11 days ago
One Direction is incomplete without Zayn malik
Exequiel Syke
Exequiel Syke 12 days ago
2015: where is zayn? 2020: where is the band? 🙁
Playing Sensation
5 days 5 likes..cool
ARYAN MUSIC 13 days ago
Zayn ❤️😭
Tamanna Passi
Tamanna Passi 13 days ago
This song was, is and always will be incomplete
VeryCool 13 days ago
I cryed when Liam sang the Zayn's part :'(
Christian Guinto
Christian Guinto 13 days ago
I miss them so much 😢😢
chiragsinh solanki
chiragsinh solanki 14 days ago
Marjun Agojo
Marjun Agojo 14 days ago
Hug to hug?
rombrown2002 14 days ago
i was waiting for zayn's high note in this but i realized he already left AJDHGWSKCMDWTIWPLDJGQGVAJNZBUGFH
Christina 14 days ago
I Miss zayn
Omonide Adegbite
Omonide Adegbite 15 days ago
Awwwww , Liam now had to sing Zayn's part 😢😭😭❤️
Christina 14 days ago
Oli Nomic
Oli Nomic 15 days ago
We want this team not BTS 👇🏻agreed
Allison Immerman
Allison Immerman 10 days ago
@Sumi Pandey if you want BTS more than 1D why are you here.
S10k GAMING 13 days ago
Sumi Pandey 1d is best wll r u from india?
Sumi Pandey
Sumi Pandey 15 days ago
I want bts But no harm in having 1D too
theAteam 15 days ago
I want Charlie puth to join 1d
Sophia Terry
Sophia Terry 15 days ago
dvndfvd dfv dfv dfv df vdfv dbgfnbrgjrtjgr grgrtg trgtrgbrhghhgr grtgjrbtg grtngrt grgrtgrhthghtg gtjrgrt n
Sophia Terry
Sophia Terry 15 days ago
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Usha Deka
Usha Deka 15 days ago
Missing HIGH NOTES of ZAYN. HE had HIGH NOTES in every song
Sheela Singa I want to know who is mary
So sad😖😖 ☹️😣😔😑😭Where is zayn ❓I can't see Zayn in these 🎥 video
Zone Empire
Zone Empire 16 days ago
if 1D can't back anymore, but at least bring back the long-haired harry!!
ASMAE BELCAID 16 days ago
Missing Zayn's high note 💔
salanmi chyrmang
salanmi chyrmang 16 days ago
I missed them😥😥😥😥
Bert Jimenez
Bert Jimenez 16 days ago
Who missis Zayn's high notes She belongs to meeeeee yeaaaaaaaaahh
Bert Jimenez
Bert Jimenez 16 days ago
Whos watching during this pandemic?
lana_ farraj
lana_ farraj 16 days ago
any directioners here in oct 2020??
Ashi's Gaming Channel
Microphone flip😍😍😍
Rida Omer
Rida Omer 17 days ago
Wow they look so happy here together I know there is still some hope that one direction will reunite soon.
Anku Patel
Anku Patel 17 days ago
Payne's Mic Role 🔥😭❤️
Ashwatha Raksha Selva Sathish
Harry’s clothes is what you would call Business Casual😂😂😂
Mohit Rawat
Mohit Rawat 18 days ago
Zayn Malik starting part ☹️☹️
Lenpichang Pongener
My best song
Dwi Purnamayanti
Dwi Purnamayanti 18 days ago
Incomplete without zayn😫😫😫
G4SHR BOYS 19 days ago
This sad watching in 2020
Esteban Quesada
Esteban Quesada 19 days ago
swmai Debbarma class XI B roll,no 43
Missing zayn 😦😦😭😭
Alfiatur Rohmaniah
Alfiatur Rohmaniah 19 days ago
Miss all of them so baaaaaad 😭💔
Suma pkumar
Suma pkumar 19 days ago
Vas happenin kevin...!! I got a chonce to hear this song without DJ malik..
kulyurat croteau
kulyurat croteau 20 days ago
Prakriti Kc
Prakriti Kc 20 days ago
I miss you 🥺🥺
Kusane Veswu
Kusane Veswu 21 day ago
Anyone from 2020 then 👇🏻
camila garcia
camila garcia 21 day ago
this do be got me tearing up :(
Daniela Sandoval
Daniela Sandoval 21 day ago
How do you tattoo your beautiful voices?
Mainak Biswas
Mainak Biswas 21 day ago
I think those are surely druken staggers who have disliked this song
John Carlo Del Mundo
September 2020? Whos here?
Amal 22 days ago
Only directioners are noticing the colours of their mics
Gunjan Rawat
Gunjan Rawat 22 days ago
Without zayn it was incomplete
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed 23 days ago
This song i searching 3 years but this year 2020 I get
S10k GAMING 13 days ago
Emmo kun
Emmo kun 23 days ago
Something is missing without zayn 😢
7 Colours Present
7 Colours Present 23 days ago
Purbasha Parui
Purbasha Parui 23 days ago
4 for eyes But....5 from heart.
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader 24 days ago
Who still waiting one direction's comeback since 2015🤔🤝
Kushal Bhusal
Kushal Bhusal 24 days ago
I came here everyday.
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