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Shanmukh Jaswanth
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Hi Guys check out our new video One Day CEO.
Cast : Shanmukh Jaswanth, Viva Harsha, Sheetal Gauthaman and Prudhvi.
D.O.P : John Christopher.
D.I : Vinay Shanmukh.
Editing : Avinash Varma and Pawan.
VFX : Pawan
Written and Directed By : Subbu.K.
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 2 165
Shanmukh Jaswanth
Shanmukh Jaswanth 7 months ago
We are very sorry for the the inconvenience of a music track missing in between 8:24 - 8:55 due to copyright issues. This wouldn't be repeated again. Thank you for being patient ❤️
KSK Home
KSK Home 3 months ago
@Harsha Naidu Dispacito
dikshit krishna
dikshit krishna 3 months ago
And bro I taught my headphones got damaged 😂😂😂😂😂
Manne Praneetha
Manne Praneetha 3 months ago
no problem bro☺️
Ashish Valentine
Ashish Valentine 3 months ago
bro part 2?
kutty puppy
kutty puppy 4 months ago
Topu tucker
Padmaja Divya
Padmaja Divya 18 days ago
When is the part 2😡😡😡
Shreevishnu Vishnu
I am CEO 2024 .
Shreevishnu Vishnu
Sridevi Kanuganti
Middle of the video it is getting muted
Joycee joy
Joycee joy Month ago
andhavarapu rahul
i thinl SARKAR MOVIE ....song has sensored
Varma Mande
Varma Mande 2 months ago
కాయ దొండకాయ ఫ్రై👌👌
Bala Raju
Bala Raju 2 months ago
the song track is nice
koteswar009 2 months ago
This interview reminds of Okeokkadu Arjun movie.
vallavan S
vallavan S 2 months ago
This is Tamilnadu Tamil language comment
Son of RJ
Son of RJ 2 months ago
Anna background music link or ye movie lo chepthara
potula chinmoyee
potula chinmoyee 2 months ago
Oooo it's so funny
Aarthi Malathi
Aarthi Malathi 2 months ago
9:47-10:00 super music where did u get
vijay N
vijay N 2 months ago
Areyyy entra idi
Techipedia Telugu
Techipedia Telugu 2 months ago
Okeokkadu remix
Rajesh Badanapuri
Rajesh Badanapuri 2 months ago
arey entra edhi ..super gaa vudhi 😍😍😍
Rakesh Vemula
Rakesh Vemula 2 months ago
Awesome bro
pavan kumar
pavan kumar 2 months ago
kulkarni manikanta
kulkarni manikanta 2 months ago
Middle lo sound poyendi
srinivas Dharavath
srinivas Dharavath 3 months ago
mi short film manchi girl select chesharu hahahhahaahah super broooo
Unkickable 3 months ago
Editing: Okay Sound Effects: Horrible 0 sound skills
pr g
pr g 3 months ago
Bouquet EMI lo try chesadanta....hahaha
Youtube MahaRaajah
Youtube MahaRaajah 3 months ago
School pilladila maatladaku neeku software rajakeeyalu theliyadhu 😘😁😉idhay Ra Babu raghuvaran dialogue antay 😀 software companies lo job chesey vallu thama secret loo weakness loo evariki theliya nivvakudadhu thelisina weekend parties organise chaysi manage cheyyalee lekuntay job udipothuntayi😁😉😋 yearly appraisal ivvaru neeku harassment shuru Ra Bai 😋😀👹
prudhvi yadav
prudhvi yadav 3 months ago
PRUDHVI ki oka like vesukondii👍👍👍👍👍
Nikhil 100dari
Nikhil 100dari 3 months ago
Harsh attitude is super introduction
Atkuri Raghavendra
Atkuri Raghavendra 3 months ago
What a fact dialogues from 1.20 to 2.00.. Excellent superb.. :)
praveen kumar
praveen kumar 3 months ago
Bhale sync chesaru content and music with oke okkadu. In fact it was my favorite movie, well performed viva and shanmukh. Kudos to director
Akhil raj
Akhil raj 3 months ago
Awesome dude.... 12:10 to 12:30
vuke Raju
vuke Raju 3 months ago
yogesh fco
yogesh fco 3 months ago
Excellent anna
Anudeep Steyn
Anudeep Steyn 3 months ago
Stella baavundhi
kranthiteja duta
kranthiteja duta 3 months ago
What is this
Hari Prasad
Hari Prasad 3 months ago
Okkeokadu Arjun movie scene base chesukoni CEO video chesaru so super bro video rock I'm become fan of u love u bro keep rock it & congrats for 1m ❤
ANJI AAANJI 3 months ago
2 sambar packet 2 pappu packets 2 donda kaya fry ≈≠ AREY ENTRA IDI 😅😅😅 You also bright future in future 😅😅😅
vasu sree
vasu sree 2 months ago
Hnjplekr9 op ok avenger
Sivarama Krishna
Sivarama Krishna 3 months ago
Super bro
anupolu rajesh
anupolu rajesh 3 months ago
Voice miss
anandbabu sikha
anandbabu sikha 3 months ago
Waiting 2.o
darshini mamidikayala
Shannu anna thop dammu unte appu ""arey Enti ra idhi ,"" ni videos ani awesome anna I will watch every video
Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna 3 months ago
ravindra k
ravindra k 3 months ago
Voice recording quality ledu
mohammed fasiuddin
mohammed fasiuddin 3 months ago
11:50 that call is from street byte person..
Hdisdj Hsisshshs
Hdisdj Hsisshshs 3 months ago
7:04 for Thalapathy's Sarkar
shivapathy shivapathy
Areyyyyyy antra Idi
jyothi duppala
jyothi duppala 3 months ago
Very good 😊
Kazim Md
Kazim Md 3 months ago
Awesome ❤️
Omkar Yadav
Omkar Yadav 3 months ago
how can u maintaining this much rich bro.
K Sudha
K Sudha 3 months ago
Who press like before watching shannu videos
RAGHAVA Muddineni
RAGHAVA Muddineni 3 months ago
Like for kushi music fan of PK
Srinu Padma
Srinu Padma 3 months ago
It is okay Anna just 31 seconds made pararavaledu anna
Chaitanya Gannarapu
Chaitanya Gannarapu 3 months ago
When will you release part 2
Abhi Kongari
Abhi Kongari 3 months ago
Ajay Sriram
Ajay Sriram 3 months ago
Oke okkadduu movie loo scene lagaa cheyasaruu
Habeeb's Tech Planet
Which fry sir? ✊✊✊✊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
K Sss
K Sss 3 months ago
Where's part 2
8:25 to 8:53 there is no sound
sivareddy sure
sivareddy sure 3 months ago
How many days we should for one day 2
Karthik Kumar
Karthik Kumar 3 months ago
Hello where is part -2 since from 3months we are waiting for next part.
singooru sravani
singooru sravani 3 months ago
Yousufguda sandulu..... Arey enti ra idi😂
Thirlangi Madhubabu
Thirlangi Madhubabu 3 months ago
Anna super
Suresh Chinthanippula
When will the part 2will come
Rajani A
Rajani A 3 months ago
Anna number pampu Anna edhi ma Amma phone
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