One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.
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Oct 7, 2019




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Comments 13 195
JustSaying 2 hours ago
Maybe as another population control planning for China, make The Purge legit.
JustSaying 3 hours ago
It's hard to unsee that twisted Donald Duck d*ck
Sahelium D
Sahelium D 3 hours ago
Communism looks great.
Zurt 3 hours ago
a friend of mine and her sister were adopted because of that policy, im really happy that they got to live in the uk instead of china, if that policy was never in place, they could have been raised in that shithole of a country
Tzvi Eisenman
Tzvi Eisenman 5 hours ago
Cool uncensored titty.
Qienna 14 hours ago
They likely haven't scrapped it completely because then they would have to admit they were never wrong!
Yun-chien Chang
Yun-chien Chang 15 hours ago
As a native Chinese speaker I can tell you the translation on 11:00 is wrong. It's something like: I did originally obey the (one-child) policy and did not violate the policy, but they did not let me born my kid. It's just the one who enforce the policy is too left-wing. The second sentence was translated as "The policy is just so senseless." for some reason. Not sure why.
YA BOY SAVE 15 hours ago
comparing waterboarding to water fountain is just like a cork screw duck penise
askthepizzaguy 16 hours ago
John Oliver is really angry underneath that smile, and so am I.
SpiralPoweredRF 17 hours ago
One wonders what the consequence of killing so many children in utero will be for the western world in 20-30 years for the current generation.
Sionistic 19 hours ago
He didnt even go into the women that are kidnapped off streets in neighboring countries to be put into forced marriages with Chinese businessmen who cant find Chinese wives.
reikimonster 21 hour ago
Why don't you ever tell us how you really feel John Oliver
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 22 hours ago
It is not that hard to not get pregnant. Of course there are crazy improbable occurrences, but you have to get very unlucky for that to happen. I'm not even on birth control and haven't gotten pregnant in the entire 10 months since stopping. Condoms & natural family planning are really all you need, birth control was just super-extra protection. Condoms fail, accidents happen. But not to the scale that these dumbass parents want to pretend it is. I only felt sorry for that woman who had a forced abortion due to her husband's previous marriage, that was insane and shouldn't count. "Oh my dumbass got pregnant a third+ time" is just stupid and somebody that unintelligent and poor at planning shouldn't be reproducing anyway.
as a Australian the big as snack a spiders was funny as fuck
Geordie Bailey
John is finally trash talking pandas? I salute you sir. Fuck you, you dumb bears.
Shiye Zhang
Shiye Zhang Day ago
Cherry-picked, biased facts (e.g. either very old or individual and not persuasive accounts) to only highlight the downside of the policy. Well, despite your every effort against Donald Trump, you are brewing a group in the country to support him by inundating them with this biased reporting.
Hana Di
Hana Di Day ago
My ex boyfriends sex drive is lazier than those Chinese pandas 😂
Raf Simon
Raf Simon Day ago
pro choice at 9 months...? Jw lol
Bikeman Day ago
John, how much resources were saved by China having less children? How about giving a little thanks.
Hufflepuff Dragonborn
You know what else Chinese government can make a 70 out of? Whinnie the Poohs
osiris Blanche
Why don't they fine the parents that GAVE UP THEIR DAUGHTERS for adoption, and/or DROWNED THE GIRLS they didn't want? KARMA IS A BITCH. SUCK IT UP, SONS ONLY PARENTS
Shashank Venugopal
They would be grateful because they live in harsh conditions and someone showing genuine concern makes them happy!
Eric Fu
Eric Fu Day ago
Per my 30 years plus experiences living in China, people is just a number, a kind of resource to CCP, they don’t give a damn what and how their policy impacts people’s life, which reflects the fact that they are not elected by people. The only thing, only thing they care about is holding onto the power eternally and getting themselves benefit out of it. I guess that is the trait of all authoritarian regimes.
The Centre
The Centre Day ago
Oh China, showing how Communism can be Great.......NOT.
李书珂 Day ago
The woman at 11:05 was saying: "They made a mistake, [my baby was allowed by the policy at the time, not a violation], they didn't let me to keep my child. [IT'S JUST THE LOCAL POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WAS TO 'LEFT']." The "left" here meant too agressive or extreme to reach the goal of a good cause in Mainland China. The word was popular in 60s-80s, it's a critisism on the method but not the reason. While the subtitle reads: "They made a mistake, [I should have had my baby], they didn't let me to keep my child. [THE POLICY WAS JUST SO SENSELESS]." It might be a small traslation difference, but it change the whole meaning from blaming the local officers to the policy itself. Even today, many Chinese agrees that the policy DID something in preventing a potential famine in 1990s-2000s like N.Korean, when Soviet collapse and the "Freeworld" embargoed China. I guess people in the First World Nations had forgot what famine was, but it's a vaild threat to Chinese in 70s and 80s. I've seen things like this too often, where western media took the words from Chinese and twisted it in translation or editing, so often that I start to feel they're not there by mistake, but intentionaly with an agenda. I'm not saying it's John's fault, I think the ITV footage came like that, but still... I had higher expectation from this comedy show than typical nowaday news. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favour of the policy, I just sometimes wondered, what should we do to make the western satisfy: they always you're saying the policy is stupid and brutal, yet they keep complaining about there're too many Chinese whom stealing the jobs and using too much resources. Maybe they can never be satisfied, maybe we shouldn't care what the westerns think of us ,not anymore. I know this won't mean anything to John's team or anyone here, but I just want to offer "the other side of the story", which I guess is worth less than a fart in this dangerously divited world.
Bowman C.
Bowman C. Day ago
As some one who speaks Chinese, the blatant mistranslation for your agenda really put me off at 11:11. She said “the people implementing the policy was too egoistic.” Not the policy was senseless. In fact, I would argue the policy itself wasn’t that bad at all. Most of the problems you talk about here came from the lower level implementors’ lack of supervision. In a lot of the cases, they could very well be doing those horrible things out of personal grudges with the family, greed or just sadism. Oh and technically according to the policy, in rural areas if you are assigned farming land, you are allowed multiple children. I guess the implementors didn’t get the memo. They just read the headline and started killing babies.
Mario Langner
Mario Langner 2 days ago
Lesson learned: When a country is trying to establish itself as a world-leading country and build up a powerful economy then it usually doesn‘t give a shit about it‘s own society. Look at Nazi-Germany for comparison. Funny how Socialism never has anything to do with being social.
Ciao Chao
Ciao Chao 2 days ago
One child policy was a stupid policy. Because the one before was even more stupid which created the whole overpopulation issue. It was a necessary evil. It was brutal but it worked. It also did the world a big favour. This you would never hear from countries like the US. My generation was denied the right to have brothers and sisters so we'd have enough resources to receive adequate education. And the world benefited from China being the world's factory enabled by these educated workforce. And China was able to lift hundreds of millions people out of poverty at a rate the world has never seen before. We have no problem accept criticisms, as long as our achievements were duly acknowledged. There are no perfect policies in an imperfect world. Don't be hypocrites.
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen 2 days ago
It was weird since Johnny Oliver didn't mention the mastermind behind the family planning. I remember seeing a documentary a little while ago about the IMF attached family planning to their financial aid to developing countries that resulted in a crazy forced abortion in India. All as to collect data on a IMF research.
Len W
Len W 2 days ago
as the one child from the one child policy. I can say this with confidence that Oliver didn't hit it hard enough. The policy had caused so much suffering on the personal level, community and as a country
George Edwardes
George Edwardes 2 days ago
The policy was bad, but let's not gloss over the issue of overpopulation which will inevitably lead to war.
sarcasmo57 2 days ago
My wife lost her sister as a result of the one Child policy, it's a really tragic and sad story. Having said that, I think (if done a lot differently to how China did it) the whole world should implement a 1 or 2 child policy.
Eat spaghetti to Forget your regretti
Hong Kong is not China
daniel job
daniel job 2 days ago
There is no global population crisis? Yeah, enjoy your Soylent Green! Coming to your local supermarket soon!
ksen333 2 days ago
Who would do this to a child? That haircut is horrific
askthepizzaguy 16 hours ago
Hey! John Oliver is a grown ass man.
Saoirse del Tufo
Saoirse del Tufo 2 days ago
If China was actually communist they wouldn't care about overpopulation, since the problem is not too many people but badly distributed resources
MrGarrisonSA 2 days ago
India is what u get with no population control. China made the right choice.
Rick B
Rick B 3 days ago
No wonder Trump likes China so much, it’s too bad his parents didn’t practice this policy back in 1945/6.😳
Griffin Jenkins
Griffin Jenkins 3 days ago
What furry artist did John oliver employ this week
Ollie 3 days ago
The planet is full though. The reason humanity will collapse soon is due to population growth.
Brendan Day
Brendan Day 3 days ago
Democrats love micromanage people too
Brendan Day
Brendan Day 3 days ago
Democrats now legalised infanticide
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 3 days ago
John is a fake feminist sycophant. If he really wanted to REPRESENT all women and seem like an activist, he should advocate the mass suicide/murder of all men everywhere... beginning with himself. "ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS", according to all women and loser beta males, like John Oliver.
Bryan 3 days ago
It is common to every country. When the country is poor, people tend to have many children and the country is too poor to support the population. When the country is rich, people dont want to have children because they are too stressed to have them
Bernie Zelvis
Bernie Zelvis 3 days ago
When I was a kid, China had a billion starving people... now they have a burgeoning middle class who have the cash to buy properties in the west. We have Donald Trump.
李书珂 Day ago
One of the main reasons for the policy, is that a national femine is on the horizon, like N. Korean did in the 1990s and 2000s. I don't think the policy is well thoughted, and I don't know how much the policy help in the situation if any, but I can understand it. I also think at least, when the western media talks about it, they should try to bring this reason up. Maybe they just there's still a thing called starving, or maybe they just don't want to hold the moral high ground.
Emma Olsson Thorell
Anyone else think about how THEY LITERALLY MADE FEMALE-LOOKING BODIES AND HUNG THEM UP LIKE PIGS AT A SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Ps. Aaaaaand there we got the human trafficking
Ben Burke
Ben Burke 3 days ago
4:35 Also Donald was a Nazi at one point. Granted, it was a dream, but it still counts.
Jenny Chen
Jenny Chen 3 days ago
So...... the world is glad to see another overpopulated developing country with scarce resources barely to meet basic human needs and is constantly seeking for “foreign aid” in exchange for a piece (or a chunk) of sovereignty (in any forms)......What a hypocrisy!
Andy 4 days ago
James Neave
James Neave 4 days ago
Why will one child be looking after two parents and four grandparents? Surely with China being the largest economy all the people will live off of their effective state support and enormous private pension plans? Surely it's now a capitalist wonderland where all the boats are raised or some other trite bullshit? I mean, where exactly has all the money gone?
Bitz Leonard
Bitz Leonard 4 days ago
so basically you are attacking Chinese over population problem, and meanwhile you are attacking Chinese one child policy. WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING THEM TO DO EXACTLY, Oliver? I think you simple want them all to die instantly. So do not pretend that you are actually catering about them. It makes me sick.
bucca2 4 days ago
My dad had a colleague whose LITERAL LEGAL NAME was “fined 50,000” so. Yeah.
Harvey Patterson
Harvey Patterson 4 days ago
What a sad, Orwellian story.
satori3000 4 days ago
Please tell us how to fix the over population problem.
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel 4 days ago
China is a mess. It will decline before the US does.
THINKER43 4 days ago
Can you put a link to where these fools are available
Cold Drip Gaming
Cold Drip Gaming 4 days ago
As an Australian I can say your comments are entirely wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh help me
last shadow
last shadow 4 days ago
0:28 tricia takanawa , is that you?
Jays Addelson
Jays Addelson 4 days ago
Chinese government owes an entire generation of Chinese citizens at least one sibling, and this generation is paying for aging and low birth rates.
Kai Sea
Kai Sea 4 days ago
I wonder if Chinese maternity and paternity leave and entitlements, plus family tax benefits are any good? Because that sort of thing can help encourage people to have kids. Plus you know, getting rid of the limitations and the threat of forced abortions...
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