OMG... THEY ADDED A NEW MAP & CHAINSAW TO LAST YEAR??? (Delirious' Perspective)

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Feb 14, 2020




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Comments 60
H2ODelirious 5 months ago
I want you and only you to hit the like button for me on this video
Padtul 4 months ago
Kyron Hobman
Kyron Hobman 5 months ago
Great video really funny as always but bit sad u didn't play as the killer like in the other videos
kingshark tyren
kingshark tyren 5 months ago
im big fan and know alot of games if your a fan of a scifi shooter play shadow gun legends
Juliusz Skoczek
Juliusz Skoczek 5 months ago
H20 please can you Play granny Simulator or do more tabs
Paul Davila
Paul Davila 5 months ago
Acid and flames we play no games if you want babes you need to get game
timmy lol
timmy lol Month ago
Delirous: SQUIRL U IDIOT U ALWAYS DIE NEXT TIME I WONT SAVE U Squirl: pls pls dont left me behindddd
Shakill The gamer
squirrel keep dieng by everything 😂😂 but well he is just a squirrel a dead one ;)
Byron Watkinson
Byron Watkinson Month ago
I don't think anyone should let Squirrel into any kind of construction-sight... Or logging-sight.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Month ago
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Mujahid Davids
Mujahid Davids 2 months ago
He never upgrades the pipe.
{Aryan Republic}
{Aryan Republic} 2 months ago
Your a spider Hagrid..
Juan Macias
Juan Macias 2 months ago
Squarriel: *Dies from saw* H20Delirious: OH MY GAWD
juanferla 4 months ago
Put stikers is better
Yhzzel Ompmej
Yhzzel Ompmej 4 months ago
Madden Sprague
Madden Sprague 5 months ago
Squirrel: Dies by everything but the killer
Kayden Irvine
Kayden Irvine 5 months ago
Please play more of this game I want it for myself but I don't have a PC so I wanna watch you play with your friends
Billian Agreda
Billian Agreda 5 months ago
Chiazzese Michael
Chiazzese Michael 5 months ago
0:43 lolol baby spider (baby shark)
Martijn Klaassen
Martijn Klaassen 5 months ago
13:14 spider-spawn
Aaron Revill
Aaron Revill 5 months ago
lol that was funny
gad shaked
gad shaked 5 months ago
H2o your the best chanel in the world
Tommy’s impeccable Meme tycoon
I dunno if it’s already known knowledge but delirious refers to cartoonz as Nick @9:43
Gummy 5 months ago
I love this game
hola taco
hola taco 5 months ago
Omg I love this can you play more
Jacaria Lloyd
Jacaria Lloyd 5 months ago
Squirrel looked liked the killer with that chainsaw
Maddox Zieders
Maddox Zieders 5 months ago
Spider) I’m screwed
Maddox Zieders
Maddox Zieders 5 months ago
Oh my gawd
Ramadhoni 5 months ago
ThatOnePufferfish 5 months ago
jexsterrZ roblox and more!
Sub to h20
rupture4rush 7
rupture4rush 7 5 months ago
Purty weapon there cowboi
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson 5 months ago
The videos you do with these guys are great, I'd love to see more game play of you guys. Definitely more co-op games with cartoonz.
PAEA MINEVA NUU 5 months ago
Get tea bag :killer thank you for the tea bag
Trevor Williamson
Trevor Williamson 5 months ago
why does nobody use the guy with the chain you can pull people into traps he's not as bad as people say I've gone 3 games in a row win using only him
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 5 months ago
10:03 ohm's joke was so flow it literally flew right over my head and then a split second later it clicked and I actually laughed😂
Bertha 5 months ago
that wierd kid
that wierd kid 5 months ago
Who ever drops a dumbs down is mad becous dey will never be as happy as delirious
CJPandasaidimyours Too
I said it wrong its aragon
Geneva Hodge
Geneva Hodge 5 months ago
12:09 haha nice
Antonio Miles-Moore
Antonio Miles-Moore 5 months ago
baby spider do do do do do
Redemption Sicko mode
No joke sounded like a girl 2:34
Enigma88 5 months ago
I can verify that the examples above 1:02 and 2:02 are in fact accurate..I have witnessed squirrels wait for traffic to run in front of and have had similar results. xD
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 5 months ago
More LastYear this one was so funny 😂
Rednaxelawe Plays
Rednaxelawe Plays 5 months ago
I LOVE Last Year so H2O can you continue Last Year videos please and thx
Kadmel Sanxo
Kadmel Sanxo 5 months ago
10:25 was cartoonz singing "Gasolina" by Daddy yankee?
Srivgx 5 months ago
play last year again but one of u guys play as the killer and the rest are people bc thats more fun to watch buti still liked
Joseph Nolte
Joseph Nolte 5 months ago
he screamed like there was an actual spider infestation lol i screamed to lol
Amirul_ Adnan
Amirul_ Adnan 5 months ago
Through the Acid and Flame!
Alejandro Mora-Gomez
i thought it was baby shark... 0:41
Clayton Kirby
Clayton Kirby 5 months ago
Just finished watching Cartoon's video and now I'm here.
Larry renz
Larry renz 5 months ago
6:06 that’s technically called the “Clam Slam”
An Imperial Guard
An Imperial Guard 5 months ago
I found Rule 34 content about Squirrel RUvid character. Every day that pass we straight further from the Emperor's light.
Winona Brown
Winona Brown 5 months ago
Love the videos
tania acevedo
tania acevedo 5 months ago
What a great way to start my morning. Derlious screams. 🥰☕️
Jay Hollow
Jay Hollow 5 months ago
I love watching Delirious man, it's like watching your favorite series on Netflix but endless episodes!! Love it
xTristanxThexGamerx 5 months ago
DS: *Takes one step onto the train track* Train: "I'm about to end this mans whole career"
KERMITNATOR 5 months ago
Your super grill XD sorry that's what I here
Gary Walls
Gary Walls 5 months ago
Happy ❤️Alintines Delirious
Jan vs. Wilderness
Jan vs. Wilderness 5 months ago
Loved the superhero landing lol got to love the Delirious Army
imKuyamo 5 months ago
Wanya Doolan
Wanya Doolan 5 months ago
Rip Nipsey
Smokey Nifty
Smokey Nifty 5 months ago
Delirious loses 20 hp “HELP ME”
Schmerto 5 months ago
When is this damn game coming to consoles
Humzzz Account
Humzzz Account 5 months ago
Squirrel dies not from the boss but the environment
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