OMG... THEY ADDED A NEW MAP & CHAINSAW TO LAST YEAR??? (Delirious' Perspective)

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Comments 80
H2ODelirious Month ago
I want you and only you to hit the like button for me on this video
YT Padtul
YT Padtul 6 days ago
Kyron Hobman
Kyron Hobman Month ago
Great video really funny as always but bit sad u didn't play as the killer like in the other videos
kingshark tyren
kingshark tyren Month ago
im big fan and know alot of games if your a fan of a scifi shooter play shadow gun legends
Juliusz Skoczek
Juliusz Skoczek Month ago
H20 please can you Play granny Simulator or do more tabs
Paul Davila
Paul Davila Month ago
Acid and flames we play no games if you want babes you need to get game
juan ferla
juan ferla 22 days ago
Put stikers is better
Yhzzel Ompmej
Yhzzel Ompmej Month ago
Madden Sprague
Madden Sprague Month ago
Squirrel: Dies by everything but the killer
Kayden Irvine
Kayden Irvine Month ago
Please play more of this game I want it for myself but I don't have a PC so I wanna watch you play with your friends
Billian Agreda
Billian Agreda Month ago
Chiazzese Michael
0:43 lolol baby spider (baby shark)
Martijn Klaassen
13:14 spider-spawn
Aaron Revill
Aaron Revill Month ago
lol that was funny
gad shaked
gad shaked Month ago
H2o your the best chanel in the world
Tommy’s impeccable Meme tycoon
I dunno if it’s already known knowledge but delirious refers to cartoonz as Nick @ 9:43
Gummy Month ago
I love this game
hola taco
hola taco Month ago
Omg I love this can you play more
Jacaria Lloyd
Jacaria Lloyd Month ago
Squirrel looked liked the killer with that chainsaw
Nancy Campbell
Nancy Campbell Month ago
Spider) I’m screwed
Nancy Campbell
Nancy Campbell Month ago
Oh my gawd
Ramadhoni Month ago
littenak407 roblox and more
Sub to h20
rupture4rush 7
rupture4rush 7 Month ago
Purty weapon there cowboi
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson Month ago
The videos you do with these guys are great, I'd love to see more game play of you guys. Definitely more co-op games with cartoonz.
Get tea bag :killer thank you for the tea bag
Trevor Williamson
why does nobody use the guy with the chain you can pull people into traps he's not as bad as people say I've gone 3 games in a row win using only him
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Month ago
10:03 ohm's joke was so flow it literally flew right over my head and then a split second later it clicked and I actually laughed😂
Bertha Month ago
Free movies Leal
Who ever drops a dumbs down is mad becous dey will never be as happy as delirious
CJPandasaidimyours Too
I said it wrong its aragon
Geneva Hodge
Geneva Hodge Month ago
12:09 haha nice
Antonio Miles-Moore
baby spider do do do do do
cool big dogg
cool big dogg Month ago
No joke sounded like a girl 2:34
Enigma88 Month ago
I can verify that the examples above 1:02 and 2:02 are in fact accurate..I have witnessed squirrels wait for traffic to run in front of and have had similar results. xD
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez Month ago
More LastYear this one was so funny 😂
I like anime
I like anime Month ago
I LOVE Last Year so H2O can you continue Last Year videos please and thx
Kadmel Sanxo
Kadmel Sanxo Month ago
10:25 was cartoonz singing "Gasolina" by Daddy yankee?
Srivgx Month ago
play last year again but one of u guys play as the killer and the rest are people bc thats more fun to watch buti still liked
Joseph Nolte
Joseph Nolte Month ago
he screamed like there was an actual spider infestation lol i screamed to lol
Amirul _ Adnan
Amirul _ Adnan Month ago
Through the Acid and Flame!
poppin_ale Month ago
i thought it was baby shark... 0:41
Clayton Kirby
Clayton Kirby Month ago
Just finished watching Cartoon's video and now I'm here.
Larry renz
Larry renz Month ago
6:06 that’s technically called the “Clam Slam”
An Imperial Guard
I found Rule 34 content about Squirrel RUvid character. Every day that pass we straight further from the Emperor's light.
Winona Brown
Winona Brown Month ago
Love the videos
tania acevedo
tania acevedo Month ago
What a great way to start my morning. Derlious screams. 🥰☕️
Jay Hollow
Jay Hollow Month ago
I love watching Delirious man, it's like watching your favorite series on Netflix but endless episodes!! Love it
DS: *Takes one step onto the train track* Train: "I'm about to end this mans whole career"
Your super grill XD sorry that's what I here
Gary Walls
Gary Walls Month ago
Happy ❤️Alintines Delirious
Jan vs. Wilderness
Loved the superhero landing lol got to love the Delirious Army
imKuyamo Month ago
Wanya Doolan
Wanya Doolan Month ago
Rip Nipsey
Smokey Nifty
Smokey Nifty Month ago
Delirious loses 20 hp “HELP ME”
Ethan Doyle
Ethan Doyle Month ago
Someone make an animation video of this please .
Schmerto Month ago
When is this damn game coming to consoles
Personal Account
Squirrel dies not from the boss but the environment
Interceptorex Month ago
6:27 You guys think Ohm's a doctor, but he's actually a shotgun surgeon😎
Tyreke Cooper
Tyreke Cooper Month ago
CaRtOonz has monsters in Minecraft
Lucas House
Lucas House Month ago
Yo delirious You must go to for Honor
Syrus Ghalatak
Syrus Ghalatak Month ago
play the new metro ecsedos( sorry for my spelling)
Gilbert Alejandro
Please play again!!!
Shadow Hedgehog
Shadow Hedgehog Month ago
Delirious you said go back on Minecraft it is doing crazy stuff cut tunes had this finished some blood magic their improve evil eye and goal of in square Tree house it's badd man
don pwner
don pwner Month ago
hey delirious, you should play the horror game "silver chains"...it is ao damn good
Naidskai Month ago
Pinku sutiku
Nox Lumine
Nox Lumine Month ago
2:01 -The less than stellar true origin story of how LiveSquirrel became DeadSquirrel.
Crip Naruto
Crip Naruto Month ago
i love your vids and you
Rolando Flores
Rolando Flores Month ago
You should play sos
Sango Youkai Taijiya
Ohm, Cartoonz and Derlirious my life is real
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Month ago
Serenity Sniiper
More dbd videos pleasee😪
Adarius Green
Adarius Green Month ago
This like the first time I saw them win this game
Braulio Rivera
Braulio Rivera Month ago
nice video
Mr Musty
Mr Musty Month ago
Is this on Xbox
POOTIES Month ago
do do do da do BABY SPIDER do do do da do -H2O DELRIOUS 2020
Olumide Aluko
Olumide Aluko Month ago
i love this game
billyandjoey blade
hey h20 i always hit the like button so boooommmmm
Kiki Jimzz Gaming
Taiya Busch
Taiya Busch Month ago
eeeeeeeeeeeek delirious my boo limme hit da bell like a boss owo~
Love Trolling
Love Trolling Month ago
the tyrant67
the tyrant67 Month ago
Super Thotlirious.
Random cats2.0
Random cats2.0 Month ago
For a person that hates spiders, I found this video enjoyable
Potatoo King
Potatoo King Month ago
12:08 😏
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