OMG Sri Lankan Seafood at MINISTRY OF CRAB! | Food Tour in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Mark Wiens
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Nelum Kole Restaurant - To begin the day we started off at Nelum Kole Restaurant, a Sri Lankan food restaurant serving a massive buffet of different Sri Lankan food dishes. Overall, the food was good, but not the best Sri Lankan food I had. Flavors tasted too similar to each other. It is a good place to taste variety though.
Dilmah Tea Lounge - After lunch we headed to a Dilmah Tea Lounge and drank a few teas all of which were very good.
Ministry of Crab - Rated as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Ministry of Crab is one of the most iconic restaurant serving seafood and especially Sri Lankan crabs in Colombo. It’s a high end restaurant, with prices that go with it, but I do have to admit that it was extremely tasty. The river shrimp, the black pepper crab was delicious. Price - about 30,000 LKR ($165.53) per OMG crab - I think it’s overpriced - but it is good.
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Comments 2 250
Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 11 months ago
Hope you’re having a great day! You can watch this Sri Lankan food series here: ruvid.net/video/video-4v9G2ArswUs.html Next I will publish some Japan videos, then come back to publish Sri Lankan street food. One more thing, have some extremely exciting trips coming very soon to share with you - follow on Instagram for current updates: instagram.com/migrationology/ Thank you very much for your incredible support!
robert kelly
robert kelly 20 days ago
would be curious if the ministry of crab there is different than the one in bangkok? i was very disappointed at the bangkok restaurant if i am going to pay high price for crab japanese red crab is much better
Psyche Salac
Psyche Salac 6 months ago
What is ur diet mark haahah u eat a lot but still slim ..
N Jay
N Jay 7 months ago
Thank you for this review on Sri lanka. Please visit us again.
D C 8 months ago
I HOPE u die
Dennis De Guzman
Dennis De Guzman 10 months ago
sir can i borrow ah money?
Crazy Joe
Crazy Joe 17 hours ago
I see jayawardane n sanga 😍
Vinvin Vlogz
Vinvin Vlogz Day ago
john macapagal
john macapagal 2 days ago
Crab has no fat
Anush Weerasinha Weerasinha
woow im so srilanka
Lalala Lalaaa
Lalala Lalaaa 6 days ago
Glória Maria Alexandre Herculano
I Love your vídeos Mark Wies, I watched many, very cool. Hugs from Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 I Love crabs.
Ma Garcia
Ma Garcia 8 days ago
It was so hilarious the face your wife made when your she tried the matcha...good vibes to you and your family
Kit Jay
Kit Jay 9 days ago
My mom is from Colombo and my dad is from jaffna
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo 10 days ago
Your videos are always great
kandru Ravi
kandru Ravi 11 days ago
I see now, you almost pefect the art of eating food with hands..
SpeakTruth 15 days ago
Hit like for Mark Wiens videos before the video starts playing...
Lawrence Barwick
Lawrence Barwick 18 days ago
I'm guessing half of them had a heart attack before they got home!
Julien Rey
Julien Rey 20 days ago
May I ask you which exact Nelum Kole restaurant you went to? I googled this restaurant in Colombo and found at least 4-5 results.
ORGA_CAFFEINE 21 day ago
Kavya Kandula
Kavya Kandula 23 days ago
Love you mark
Rapid_Trojan 444
Rapid_Trojan 444 26 days ago
I vote for you to make a shirt that says “Ohhhhh WOW” then a chili pepper and company name!
Rapid_Trojan 444
Rapid_Trojan 444 26 days ago
I got extremely confused to why those two chefs standing behind you only to realize they’re just banners!!! I love this video! 👍
BlackPaw 26 days ago
yeah they just throw at least 3 blocks of butter in the pan for a dish.
Yuanita B
Yuanita B Month ago
Sepertinya Enakan saos padang
Harendra Jayakody
River safari in Sri Lanka ruvid.net/video/video-rh6aKMEl7Hs.html
Kuki Gurl
Kuki Gurl Month ago
That is my favourite Sri Lankan authentic resturant 'Nelum Kole' 😍!! Thanks for visiting Mark!!! Im incredibly happyyyy :') xx
Jungkook Cooky
Jungkook Cooky Month ago
When you are eating Sri Lankan rice and curry you have to mix it well before eating. If you are not mixing it well, you will never get the Wright taste of the food. by the way I'm Sri Lankan. 😊😊😊
shah hilali
shah hilali Month ago
I have had amazing coconut curry crab in Malaysia for $10! $165 is ludicrous !!
i never realized how imposing it must be on the rest of the patrons this must be. wtf is with the light?
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Month ago
15:57 that’s Rusev from WWE.
E Daar
E Daar Month ago
Standing next to woks filled with garlic and calling it aromatherapy 😂😂
sheikh parbaz
sheikh parbaz Month ago
Mark, you are mentioning price of a street food but when you are going to posh restaurants you are not providing us price.
dan food suppliers io
Shevon Fernando
Shevon Fernando Month ago
you made us hungry 😖 i really need to taste some SL food but im so far away from home need to wait till june 2020 taste some unique SL food
BWR Rock
BWR Rock Month ago
I always have to have a plate of food in front of me, before I watch Mark's videos because the food looks so delicious I have to fool myself, I'm eating the exact same dish. I get so hungry! Thanks for showing us delicious foods from around the world. I wish we had those restuarant here were I live.
ආතල් Kitchen
හා mark අයියා
himashis barma
himashis barma Month ago
It is usual day for me.Bandors jura hua hai chamris?Should I awake Sree again badorski jaths moti chamriki jaths?
Owem Smith
Owem Smith Month ago
165 dollerw for a crab thats crazy
cbr1thou Month ago
Hey mark, you look like a butthole, cool man, see you later.
You only like meat....... buddy there is lots of thing in veg also.... show that also...... Don't show only....... same thing
Hey you are not making a good episodes in India......... you always comes to our neighborhood...... why......
Gorgeous Month ago
Best video I've seen in your channel 😍😘 love it .
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright Month ago
Mark...I like watching your videos... so I was watching the Sri Lanka crab video...you and your people put on a hair neys..... there ain't one cook who has a hair net on ... the hat dont stop hairs from falling I'm just saying
Rea Doria
Rea Doria 2 months ago
I love how mark review foods all over the world..i love the way he eats..we have the same in common we love spicy food😊..im from the philippines and i want to review foods like mike do..godbless you and your family as well mike..huge fan here..👏👏
Shimeath Danasheelan
This video should be banned. Holy mother of god
Zulaiha Zulaiha
Zulaiha Zulaiha 2 months ago
Woow..food looks so amazing...
kevin burns
kevin burns 2 months ago
This whole trip was organized by Sri Lanka Tourism Board, and all expenditures covered by them. These folks are lucky!!!
Buddhika Prasad
Buddhika Prasad 2 months ago
Best in the world come taste then reply
DEE STICCO 2 months ago
Happy Hungry food Lover ! 👌🏼😊
Darlene Sanders
Darlene Sanders 2 months ago
I’m on my way
Suresh.M Chanmugam
Suresh.M Chanmugam 2 months ago
These tourist propaganda videos of Sri Lanka drive me Nuts! Yes its a Geographic Paradise that can be enjoyed with $. But life for the everyday people is poverty and bad politics - Sucks! and that's reality! Of my once home sweet home. I wish I could turn back time!
iqram maliki
iqram maliki 2 months ago
I think u should make a rate or tag of price after u finish 😁
Kanishka Gayan Seelawansa
this is best .......... Please see this also facebook.com/205323883686998/photos/a.356781408541244/428657594686958/?type=3&theater
love u to
love u to 2 months ago
O M G ..........
subar ali
subar ali 2 months ago
Wah coming water fro. Mouth amazingly sea food srilanka
4u별님 2 months ago
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 2 months ago
wow your teeth at the end of the vid. brighter than my future
VIVEK MITRA 2 months ago
16.31 its cricketing hero .. mahela jayawardane and kumara sangakkaraa... legends👏👏👏
Ocean Boy
Ocean Boy 3 months ago
My friend in Sri Lanka many places you had food it's free? Because you have you tube
Nipun Fernando
Nipun Fernando 3 months ago
Mark this place is belongs to our great cricketers Mahela & Sanggakkara we love them both thank u for your video
Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad 3 months ago
$165 for a crab ....a bit overpriced
Ashen Wicky
Ashen Wicky 2 months ago
It's not for a crab... for whole meal..
guddie saluja
guddie saluja 3 months ago
Wish I could eat as much as you and not put on weight! What’s the secret?
viral n sharma
viral n sharma 3 months ago
You made me a food lover 😍
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