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Watch all the best magicians on Britain's Got Talent 2019. Checkout the judges reactions when they witness first hand what these magicians can do.
What did you think about these magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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May 30, 2019




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Comments 100
Drew 5 hours ago
18:05 my god 🥵
Drew 5 hours ago
Simon has fake teeth
Drew 5 hours ago
7:58 was pointless and stupid fake
Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford 9 hours ago
Whsts the Song at 13.51
Savage Clan Fam
Savage Clan Fam 11 hours ago
Man I’m on my 2nd one n I only was going to watch one
Armando Lico
Armando Lico 19 hours ago
the one wuth the sword prob said to deck " choose 2 if you dont want anyone to die.." ........... ;-; maybe not- 😌 🙂 😳 🤔 🙄 🥱 ............ ive wasted your ime you can stop now..;-; eh?? roses are red violets are blue Violets are purple not flipping blue k im bored now
YNG Tyler
YNG Tyler Day ago
That first one was absolutely insane ...
Pablos Hasapis
Pablos Hasapis 2 days ago
Amanda is always in the stage
Adams daily drive
Btw I said Italy before they revealed, I think I’m a mind reader now anyone else? 👇🏼
Adams daily drive
38:00 reminds me of that one couple that does similar to these two, these 2 almost feel like a parody of the original 2.
tony butler
tony butler 4 days ago
So fake
matty boy
matty boy 4 days ago
wasnt ready for a sad puppy story
26_Kalina McGagin
33:00 I thought of an object, just for fun. My object was an egg. How is that possible.
Donut tunoD
Donut tunoD 4 days ago
*Amanda went brrrrr:* *I WANT TO GO HOME*
Robert Sherman
Robert Sherman 5 days ago
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The Realist
The Realist 6 days ago
36:05 they literally invented teleportation , why isnt that a thing yet 😭
hyun jae ka-boom
hyun jae ka-boom 6 days ago
Jodi Orr
Jodi Orr 8 days ago
Pore Simon he was crying when the dog got stabbed
Enes Peker
Enes Peker 8 days ago
ip var
bahruzbk 8 days ago
Axirinci qaqasa halaldi
Maria Gina Hermosa
Well. The first act will never get out of my mind
dianne hackner
dianne hackner 9 days ago
Awesome I want to see more like this
Chemical Killjoy
Chemical Killjoy 9 days ago
why is nobody talking about the last act? 🚶
Charlotte McKinnis
Anika looks like she has no arms bro
Julius Bukenya
Julius Bukenya 9 days ago
Ahmet Karakuyulu
Ahmet Karakuyulu 9 days ago
Gelen giden amanda demiş ne var bu kadında :)
Slewed_Wheat 9 days ago
The trick is that the word heroic was written more than once In the notepad... Therefore the probability of It being chosen was a sure x/3. The variable being X is the amount of times it was written in the book, seeing as some of the pages were blank aswell. So what could've been on the other side of those blank pages.👀 There was a high probability or chance that the word heroic would be selected. For the first trick u could hear the breathing pattern of the dog. Let's compare it to substitution in algebra. Each amount of breaths is equal to a letter. Example... 3 breaths = T, 5 breaths = A; and so on... My point. The dog is not magical but is able to read as he was trained to🙃 Your welcome
Struxd Pro
Struxd Pro 10 days ago
Im literally confused
Sera Hess
Sera Hess 10 days ago
Simon: I had to turn down the lead part Matt: is it shrek Simons feelings: :(
techonlogy therapy
techonlogy therapy 10 days ago
First show is not talent...
Decarus Horne
Decarus Horne 10 days ago
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Sedat 12 days ago
Çeviriyi yapan bidaha yapmasın
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 14 days ago
3:02 Simon tries to keep his brooding ways XD
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 14 days ago
I mean 30:02
trin & syd lets play!
the first video gave me a heart attack i screamed soooooo loud!My dad rushed into my room with his fists ready to punch someone he thought with all the screaming someone was in the house i was sooo stinkin scared then when my dad barged in she changed back!
Carl Roberts
Carl Roberts 14 days ago
Our spirit is the most strongest thing in the world stronger than a mobile phone signal.
Carl Roberts
Carl Roberts 14 days ago
I love magic and after life experiences
Andreas Mache
Andreas Mache 14 days ago
Arcaïni Nicolas
Arcaïni Nicolas 15 days ago
Avec le show de Tesla c'est forcément des soeurs jumelles , selon Fabien Olicard il faut toujours se fier à la 1ère intuition de nôtre cerveau . Le choix dans le public était prémédité , donc ce sont des soeurs jumelles !
Sirius B
Sirius B 15 days ago
Inner Gaming
Inner Gaming 15 days ago
At the very very end it gave it away cuz it just moved her legs down and their not in half
Thuy Linh Duong
Thuy Linh Duong 16 days ago
Andreas Mache
Andreas Mache 16 days ago
Andreas Mache
Andreas Mache 16 days ago
Einfach Klasse der Typ 🍻
Alanwott 17 days ago
First girl look like a cyberpunk character
master cheese
master cheese 17 days ago
The guy from the second is illumonati
TheRealMaurnice 17 days ago
These illusion videos be scaring me 😂
Mohamed suja
Mohamed suja 17 days ago
Andreas Mache
Andreas Mache 17 days ago
Magie 🙌🙌💯😎😉🤫
George Caldwell
George Caldwell 17 days ago
bottom cards come out....guess the resyt...nice.
Irzhi Balbutsinovskii
Admiration 👏
Brel Clark
Brel Clark 18 days ago
29:24 through 29:45 made me cry for real 😭😭😭
Malik Petersen
Malik Petersen 18 days ago
First one is genjutsu
egg 18 days ago
when they put lily's theme in the background 😍😍😍
Suneater !
Suneater ! 19 days ago
The first clip WAS NOT MAGIC that was just pure witchcraft lol 😂
Justin .Y
Justin .Y 20 days ago
Put captions on and look what it says 42:55
LOUIZ Abdellatif
LOUIZ Abdellatif 20 days ago
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Johar Bryan
Johar Bryan 20 days ago
They all choose Amanda
Jaren Reynolds
Jaren Reynolds 20 days ago
First one was stupid
master cheese
master cheese 17 days ago
Yea i think its fake
BMWE36 21 day ago
Do they vet contestants such as dan rhodes at the end? I mean any lunatic can come on stage and pull out an electric saw and do anything they want really. Though its obvious that amanda must have been in on the act, owing to how the trick is actually done.
elaf Alqhtain
elaf Alqhtain 21 day ago
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Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 21 day ago
I think the first one made half the audience need a new pair of pants, lol.
Summer Cooper
Summer Cooper 21 day ago
why do they all use Amanda? lol
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 21 day ago
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Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 21 day ago
Those plant audience “moments” are annoying.
Gacha_ lifelike
Gacha_ lifelike 21 day ago
Dog: Is alive Simon: YES!
XFacts Media
XFacts Media 22 days ago
Subscribe and Share pls.ruvid.net/show-UCWgFY0dpsZRsg3hvHohsM1A
JohnMark Geroquia
JohnMark Geroquia 22 days ago
34:09 wow
Jo Lui
Jo Lui 23 days ago
12:10 this dude is incredibly scary TwT
Jo Lui
Jo Lui 23 days ago
At the first one I was about to cry and I was so scared T^T
Gail Jackson-Chapman
Umm, hell nope! How the other women transformed to the 1861 women.😳🥺🧐🙄. Did anyone else see that Amanda is always getting pick on?😂😂🤣🤣
Vikram Gurung
Vikram Gurung 23 days ago
All setup drma for TRP
Magda Jackson
Magda Jackson 23 days ago
WTF!! My head is destroyed from these
Chungy Viking
Chungy Viking 23 days ago
Elisabeth looks alot like Sombra from Overwatch
bulderassassin // Entertainment
#18:07 Every girl with a boy friend be like MY BOYFRIEND WATCHES THIS
Sarah Sayed
Sarah Sayed 24 days ago
Nothing is impressive
Sergej Romanov
Sergej Romanov 24 days ago
Monkey Revolution
Monkey Revolution 25 days ago
Comi um Cachorro Salsicha pensando ser um Hot Dog :) ruvid.net/video/video-c5qbjO8ifmI.html
Entela Nuhu
Entela Nuhu 26 days ago
Im a muslime and i know that ghosts are real the first woman will go to hell you know why cause she works with ghosts and who EVER works with ghosts GOES TO HELL AND I KNOW THAT CAUSE IM A MUSLIME AND BELIVE ALLAH AND I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS CAUSE I READ THE BOOK OF ISLAM QURAN
Entela Nuhu
Entela Nuhu 26 days ago
AMV Z_D_ 26 days ago
I WAS LIKE... WHAT??????????????????
Odise Dhima
Odise Dhima 26 days ago
All have it with Amanda😂
Conigliettoツ 27 days ago
That first one was absolutely amazing
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 27 days ago
24:31 when my friend steals my chips
Action Animations
Action Animations 27 days ago
The 1st trick was just camera misdirection. Camera changed and then she swapped places. That wasnt magic.
master cheese
master cheese 17 days ago
I know
Krzysztof Zajko
Krzysztof Zajko 27 days ago
From 18:55 minutes, a performance with the girls, you can see how the edge is made, or rather cheat with these boxes, just count the side rungs before and after, the trick of spatial vision, it's not magic :(
ɱıɖŋıɠɧɬ Mii
6:04 when that voice came in I though the purge came I was about to get ready for it to 😭😭
Itz EIZEY 27 days ago
Wow simons getting old lol
Devam 27 days ago
Did anyone else skipped that 5th magic (which you had saw in circus)
Arman times
Arman times 27 days ago
Judges are zombies
uno efx
uno efx 27 days ago
The chick wearing red in the chair would get my golden buzzer
Kevin Kilpatrick
Kevin Kilpatrick 28 days ago
You can't go home 🏡 Goosebumps a ALIVE ( Matrix + How Deep Does Rabbit 🐰 Goes ) impossible/possible
Jabberwocky Animations
As a past magician I see how the teleportation one was done. Use twins. Use bottom mirrors to make contraptions bottoms seem thinner. They can really hold a person. Basically just place a sharpie dot on the seat that the other twin will be in, in the audience, on the paper. quickly hand paper to whoever got the airplane. They think they make a mark on it, when really the pen does not work. Then show the crowd the pen mark that was already there. Notice his hand movments were fast there. And bam. Go on stage, blah blah, its done
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio 28 days ago
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Aaron John
Aaron John 28 days ago
Amanda.. Amanda... Amanda.. Omg why are they always picking amanda..! 🤣🤣
Kayden Bishoo
Kayden Bishoo 29 days ago
Me all over
Chat 0004
Chat 0004 29 days ago
Wtf les sous-titre, il dise vos bébé son mort ! Mais wtf !!!!!!????
Claudio D. Liempi
Claudio D. Liempi 29 days ago
9:51 How?
E Va
E Va 29 days ago
The ghost lady omg-
Narcissistic Serana
Caio Souza
Caio Souza 29 days ago
Jutsu invocação dos br
Mary Zheng
Mary Zheng Month ago
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Brandino Month ago
32:49 nobody asked...
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