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Watch all the best magicians on Britain's Got Talent 2019. Checkout the judges reactions when they witness first hand what these magicians can do.
What did you think about these magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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May 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Wisdom from Above
Wisdom from Above 4 minutes ago
There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer 11 or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, 12 for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. Deut 18:10
LemonN@de Hour ago
did anyone else see the girl's leg running in at 1830
Nick Darcy - Fox
Nick Darcy - Fox 5 hours ago
Me scared
That Meh Channel
That Meh Channel 6 hours ago
Alesha would have needed ear plugs if I were there! 🤣ringadingding!
Dion Stephens Davies
Dion Stephens Davies
_Harry_Johnson_ 9 hours ago
I’ve lost count on how many of these acts featured Amanda in it.
First one was such a waste of my time, literally, the dumbest thing I've seen.
A Shukri
A Shukri 10 hours ago
What is your names? Poor lady Say " what are your names?"
Динь-Динь Сэди
Крутяк!!!но иным-настоящим иным!!!ни чего не льзя делать на показ!!!
Khushi Jhinkwan
Khushi Jhinkwan 11 hours ago
aw,, the second one was so cute. he has kinda unique presentation
EHSAN YAQUB 16 hours ago
I know how he do that last magic..
UNICORNS _RR 17 hours ago
Me: Covering my eyes the whole time the acts was happening
Christine Grob
Christine Grob 20 hours ago
Crazy that no one is commenting on the human connection act. This is AMAZING!!!
Fun fact: Everyone likes Amanda 🤦
Aden Tube
Aden Tube 23 hours ago
Is anybody watching during quarantine?
Donald Fronheiser
This was creepy!
Nataly Diaz
Nataly Diaz Day ago
i wanna see sam and colby do the second one
Zara KB
Zara KB Day ago
Angels Inc was a bit.. not great, you could see them ‘appearing’ 😂
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Day ago
I want those Cages ..please...Lol.
Starshine Lps
Me: Crying for the dog Simon: Crying too Me: Crying because someone is crying
Speed Bey
Speed Bey 29 minutes ago
Why tf is this relatable lel
Els Cornelis
Els Cornelis Day ago
How did the connection guy did that!
Elizabeth is a girl that u shouldnt ask to tell a scary story
Bupe Mulenga
Bupe Mulenga Day ago
kazi faysal
kazi faysal Day ago
Kachan’s Fear
Simon’s face at 0:06 is when my girlfriend says she has a child ( note ,we are a lesbian couple )
Marie Miller
Marie Miller Day ago
Maddy Murphy
Maddy Murphy 2 days ago
i am crying waaaaa
Avoora Gamings
Avoora Gamings 2 days ago
This is the first time I've seen Amanda swear so much in such a little arrangement of mere seconds!
Gifty Aserekama
Gifty Aserekama 2 days ago
Man things really do exist on this planet
50k subscribers before quarantine end please help
Let see how many people are watching this after pandemic
Alexey Bakh
Alexey Bakh 2 days ago
15:17 is what a i look like from a weekend bender.
strask2008 2 days ago
strask2008 2 days ago
Paiges World
Paiges World 2 days ago
8:37 Were they being hypnotized?
Anju S. Vasu
Anju S. Vasu 2 days ago
14:45 This is the only act I genuinely enjoyed watching...
cheng jeff
cheng jeff 2 days ago
Shatari Holmes
Shatari Holmes 2 days ago
Abigail Honacki
Abigail Honacki 2 days ago
I’m still crying over Finn!
Dragogirl888 2 days ago
The second one was umbelievable
Dragogirl888 2 days ago
x willow x
x willow x 2 days ago
Elizabeth’s act was the best for me 😊
CG TV 2 days ago
mike boss
mike boss 2 days ago
Top talent thanks for the vids there keeping me entertained
Ismail Mussa
Ismail Mussa 2 days ago
That was sooooooooo scary
jay king
jay king 2 days ago
Ok that last one was kinda shitty and i wonder how anyone fell for it
FourWindBadger 2 days ago
1st: God i love her! :P My kind of girl
Squeakers and Mac n' Cheese
Who else felt bad for Alesha because she did nothing? ':P poor Alesha.
Bama Fan
Bama Fan 2 days ago
Marina is hot
Valeria Angulo Romero
The woman who said "Do you think he will be any good?" "No" are very rude.
Valeria Angulo Romero
The 2nd one was creepy but so cute because it shows the conection they had with each other!
Angie Parada
Angie Parada 3 days ago
i n s p a c e
i n s p a c e 3 days ago
I literally watched 44minutes and 57 seconds of magic tricks😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️
A 3 days ago
All comments : Elizabeth this, Elizabeth that.... Only me : Who else was crying hearing the story abot Finn :( Edit : thx for one like :D Oh no wait it's mine xd
That1sickguy 3 days ago
The first one is amazing
Kiwaai 3 days ago
My opinion.. Talents show are theathers but with 4 judges.
S AlQubaisi
S AlQubaisi 3 days ago
i can tell for the girl swap she is not the same (anika) xD
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck 3 days ago
Nankinga Shifrah
Nankinga Shifrah 3 days ago
damn Elizabeth
Ngozie Azubuike
Ngozie Azubuike 3 days ago
Omg I cried so hard during the dog part 🥺😭🐕‍🦺🦮 he surely is "HEROIC "
jun paulo bautista
Synthesav123 Howell456
i like this one with the girls but why did they commit mitosis
Led istic
Led istic 3 days ago
Anyone else dip as soon as you heard "Ghost"
Stjepan Cajko
Stjepan Cajko 4 days ago
Daniel Rhodes... i know another Rhodes
Aaliyah Boyd
Aaliyah Boyd 4 days ago
*Deathly Hallows music playing* Me: This gonna be some good magic
Aaliyah Boyd
Aaliyah Boyd 4 days ago
Magicians: *literally could die* Dec: Oh my God I nearly died
Anna Espinel
Anna Espinel 4 days ago
The first act was scary 👻
Mehran Athen
Mehran Athen 4 days ago
Wait. I'm watching AGT for quarantine, Dave is gay?
Engin Kapfer
Engin Kapfer 4 days ago
Wolfplayz 862
Wolfplayz 862 4 days ago
So many magicians on one day
Megan S
Megan S 4 days ago
Jamal Abdellateef
37:36 Guy: Are you ready??? Girl: * silence * Me: Is she ready or what!?!
Abigail Spencer
Abigail Spencer 4 days ago
Good shows bad shows ok shows Amanda: it was all about me so I loved it. Other judges: this was a bad show Amanda r u fuckin crazy Amanda: It was about me so I fucking loved it
Darren Callie Fugaban
But, the dog magician was the saddest
Darren Callie Fugaban
I like the funny magician hahaha
Dark Less
Dark Less 4 days ago
DUDE I SWEAR TO GOD WHAT WAS THAT I WAS JUST WATCHING AND I WAS LIKE okay let me guess the country with her why not u know get lucky maybe 💀 SO I CHOSE ITALY AND IT WAS ITALY WHAT
Indi Simpson-Romero
The second last act was sooooooooo bad
Serban Giovanyy
Serban Giovanyy 5 days ago
Talent de dumnezeu
ชัยพร ศิรินัย
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