Omarion Breaks His Silence on B2K Groupmate Lil Fizz & Babymother Apryl Jones Relationship (Part 13)

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part 14: ruvid.net/video/video-AUqNAOXYIH0.html
part 12: ruvid.net/video/video-EmDjr8T2rVQ.html
part 1: ruvid.net/video/video-f6HqFeEDEko.html
In this clip, Omarion broke his silence on the Apryl and Fizz situation. Omarion said that he doesn't really feel any type of way about their relationship, he'd just prefer to be left out of the "narrative."


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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 80
TheVille 043
TheVille 043 Hour ago
Omarion know he a bitch pushing for a reaction, but *congratulations Vlad you *played yourself*
kraw therapper
kraw therapper 10 hours ago
Mstrift Namikaze
Mstrift Namikaze 18 hours ago
My Boi lose no slp😂 omarion a real 1
Ronnell Stewart
Ronnell Stewart 23 hours ago
Got damn Vlad... Shit. No finesse at all just BAM!!! POW!!! You see how crazy that might look? That's why Vlad allot of on-camera interviews when he be on some bullshit.
Jeremy Fryar
Jeremy Fryar Day ago
Impressive young man
All the bishes in the world and you gotta pick your homies baby mama. That's some bish shyt.
Siphesihle Jele
This man is just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Jamel Scott
Jamel Scott 2 days ago
Jamel Scott
Jamel Scott 2 days ago
ashley marie ramirez
Omarian handled this very well. Good for you papa.
Bass Sass
Bass Sass 3 days ago
VLAD bro you trying to make him angry but he ain't falling for your shit bro he on some next level I don't give a fuck cloud.
Jay 3 days ago
I love how unbothered he is.
Darius Jackson
Darius Jackson 3 days ago
Look at this guy interviewing him. Stop instigating man! Omarion is chilling. Lol you can tell he does not care. 😂
Sean Adonis
Sean Adonis 4 days ago
These dudes are all gay anyway so they don't care about girls.
timothy lowery
timothy lowery 5 days ago
Media training is very important
Jermel Taylor
Jermel Taylor 5 days ago
Classic joint
Jay Foreign
Jay Foreign 5 days ago
There’s no red pill content on Omarion I’m surprised
chris williams
chris williams 6 days ago
My boi was too playa in this interview no cap
Markus 82
Markus 82 6 days ago
The interviewer tried so hard to rile him up and get a reaction but he failed hard..! Well done Omarion
Silky redd
Silky redd 6 days ago
My Ambitions as a Provider
Came back to watch this one more time after he delivered his final death blow.
Arusha Braithwaite
She is an idiot. He is fine as all heaven
jimmy jam
jimmy jam 8 days ago
@dj vlad been exploiting black people from day 1 and dumb ass omarian still goes on the show
Sandra Young
Sandra Young 9 days ago
Much respect to you Omorion for this interviewer wanted to see beef between you and little Fizz. This goes to show beefing is childish
Noman Tariq
Noman Tariq 10 days ago
Omarion: no fucks given
Kelly Harris
Kelly Harris 10 days ago
Vlad- ‘Did you see the video.... of him playing with her butt and stuff?’ O: ‘no I didn’t. I guess that’s just what couples do...🤷🏻‍♀️’ 🤣 Omarion did so damn good. ♥️
Ashley P
Ashley P 10 days ago
Imagine the number of times this 5minute clip of the Vlad/Omarion interview was talked about by Vlad while interviewing someone else and then playing this clip for the person he was interviewing. Hahahaha I got love for Vlad tho. But the one story he told his interviewee's more than any other was the Tekashi being in the La Strip Club and telling Vlad "Aey blood, u see I'm in L.A. Blood"....... I watch a lot of vlads interrviews and I swear he probably told that "Aey blood, u see I'm in La Blood" story to every guest for the next 10 months. Their would even be people stopping him as he began telling the story and would say "yea u told me this 3 months ago when I was here"
AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness
Guess thats what couples do 😂😂😂😂😂
AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness
Vlad would be the one to get this interview 😂
Michelle Jennings
Michelle Jennings 11 days ago
If ZEN was a person! And talk about integrity! Bravo young man. We should all protect our peace like this.
Nahom Seyfu
Nahom Seyfu 12 days ago
Vlad a great slick troll. ,lmao
Kitty Owens
Kitty Owens 12 days ago
If what you eat don't make me shit was a person!!!
He's the epitome of 'COOL'
Invincible Young Empire
What B2K had done in the music world is legendary.
Ward Atkins
Ward Atkins 13 days ago
Respect to him " this is a tough interview and he handled it very well " it shows this brother is well composed .
Freddie Wooten
Freddie Wooten 13 days ago
All these little dudes Bk2, Omorion etc. Was some new shit Great entertainment of their time. Just some weired shit to me but I'm old school parliament, cameo, Prince, jacksons etc. That type shit.
•Muzki Achiwa•
•Muzki Achiwa• 14 days ago
I love his energy
techas 14 days ago
When I’m about to throw an adult tantrum I watch this video and it brings me down a few levels 😆 😇😌
Kastrocarter5 14 days ago
Master class on Class. Respect O✊🏽
Night Lion
Night Lion 16 days ago
Omarion knows there are at least three and a half billion women out there.
Noface_ Rshard
Noface_ Rshard 16 days ago
Vlad is such a instigator
King Small223
King Small223 19 days ago
They say he handled this interview is probably making her boil lol.
Jackie Mac
Jackie Mac 19 days ago
I ain’t even mad at this interview. Salute to this young man!
WHOEVERKNEW ! 19 days ago
You can tell his spirit is above foolishness
willy1000 20 days ago
What a sad story. He handled it like a adult. Respect for that
I want his level of patience💓
Aaterio Valhalla
Aaterio Valhalla 20 days ago
Omarion said he does not feel any type of way about April.
cormac keating
cormac keating 20 days ago
Vlad you really are a fucking snake 🐍. Omarion is a real man in this interview 👏
Destro KINCAID 20 days ago
They all traded buttcrumbs; rituals to the goat
Jamal Thomas
Jamal Thomas 21 day ago
Well its certain lines, you shouldn't cross out of respect, specially if you guys are supposed to be best friends. Baby moms should always be off limits. You obviously have no respect for yourself, if you out here doing snake shit like that smh that a f*ck n!gga
msN fraser
msN fraser 21 day ago
Whys Vlad trying to hit his nerve??
John John
John John 22 days ago
O sound calmly enraged
yo.kxmxl 22 days ago
Omarion is a stronger man than me for real. "I've been waiting my turn". You mad bruh?
purrp 24 days ago
Lmfaoooooooooo Omarion that nigga
purrp 24 days ago
U gotta have a lil hate for bitches to deal wit one that or multiple bitches to deal wit one
Bobby Collins
Bobby Collins 24 days ago
hmmm.. this interview didn'T go so well...
Richard Bunch
Richard Bunch 24 days ago
Omarion is such a great example of a real man 💯 other men should take notes
An Lu
An Lu 25 days ago
I feel more disrespect from the interviewer than anything.
An Lu
An Lu 25 days ago
What people don’t understand is, who knows how many women has Omarion f with? If he is so cool abt, that means he had move on long time ago.
Baby Girl Jay
Baby Girl Jay 25 days ago
I love how Vlad was trying to get him to get mad and he still remained cool as a 🥒
King Fari
King Fari 25 days ago
There is no b2k without Omarion n he made money off singles he str8 lol
Matt Wuhu
Matt Wuhu 26 days ago
Why is this on CashNasty my career playlist
Aidan Blattner
Aidan Blattner 27 days ago
Why is this in cash nasty’s my career playlist
Noah Kelley
Noah Kelley 27 days ago
Who else found this on CashNasty my career playlist
Lyles music
Lyles music 27 days ago
he looks hi asf 😂😂😂
Kari Abraham
Kari Abraham 27 days ago
This that nigga
951reppin #1
951reppin #1 27 days ago
Glad was clowning him the whole time laughing
Devonne Williams
Devonne Williams 27 days ago
Why is this the first video you see when u go to vladtv RUvid page?
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 28 days ago
Just a all round good damn man. Vlad shit he ain't checking dey insta an feeds as much as u...but it's ur job bro,I guess research an inform... But still he was always the most mature an centered person.. I say don't lettum see u sweat..ever..vicious ass energy vampires!
Militantreturns 28 days ago
Elprincipenegro 28 days ago
Y’all stupid! This nigga so hurt that he had to get super high for this one. Unbothered my ASS
TopWaver MLK
TopWaver MLK 27 days ago
43paja y contando 😂😂
simonette Giselle
simonette Giselle 28 days ago
I don’t give a singular fuck about omarion.. next story vlad
hornetsXO 29 days ago
Great part of Cash's my career
Marissa Wilson
Marissa Wilson 29 days ago
I wonder if he meditates. He is so secure in himself.
Yvng 4øe
Yvng 4øe 29 days ago
Vlad tryna start shit between the 2 and O knows that so he not falling for it
lessons for future adults God's way
He said """ THAT WHAT COUPLE DO "" i was his jealous a little .
Jaz Howell
Jaz Howell Month ago
The way Vlad said “beautiful kids” and then said it again with exaggeration made me uncomfortable
Liz Ramirez
Liz Ramirez Month ago
Did no one else feel uncomfortable with the way Vlad describes the kids?!?
CandiCane Jane
CandiCane Jane Month ago
Good job Omarion! STILL very classy❤️
Don Giuseppe
Don Giuseppe Month ago
I truly respect his demeanor and vibes and he thought about his words accordingly before responding real man language
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