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Old Spice
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We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell like a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.

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Feb 5, 2010




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The World of Grimstone
"What's in your hand, back at me. I have it! it's an oyster with two tickets to the ritual of chud"
Btryx 4 hours ago
So that's what Mike did after they killed Pennywise
Syeda Shaheen Sultana
The newest comment in this video was posted 1 day ago. Lmao
boom bayah
boom bayah 3 days ago
Im starting to watch the video.but everytime this commercial pops up i cant skip em.
LO Angel
LO Angel 4 days ago
A dark secret of Luke Garroway 🤣
voll der gute Werbespot alda
Salt_Factory 5 days ago
When you're watching the stream highlight I need you to know something very important *IT WAS THE OLD SPICE*
Cyril Medel
Cyril Medel 9 days ago
Those RUvid Ads brought me here.
Its Trinity
Its Trinity 10 days ago
So this is what Mike did for all in his years in Derry...
Agent Hunt
Agent Hunt 10 days ago
Did you know that i'm riding this clown backwards? - IT chapter 2
yeah but WhY??
yeah but WhY?? 12 days ago
you guys are all here because of IT while I'm here because of shadowhunters XD
Matrix Master
Matrix Master 15 days ago
Bring Me Home: 2019.10.10^^
adoresphil 15 days ago
Clarenz Juralbar
Clarenz Juralbar 16 days ago
paulo dasilva
paulo dasilva 16 days ago
he had a better acting performance in this old spice commercial than it 2
Jake Green
Jake Green 19 days ago
After this, he drugged James Mcavoy
Obituary 556
Obituary 556 19 days ago
The old spice whistle is my ring tone
Sadly not Yoongi’s hand holder
The way this is aired NOW in our TV programs....
Ya Squishy boi
Ya Squishy boi 24 days ago
That was 20 consecutive punches to the nose and I saw *none of them coming*
Sydney Robinson Vlogs
And now he plays as Mike Hanlon in IT Chapter Two🤣🤣🤣
Nahim Javier
Nahim Javier 27 days ago
Sorry I speak spanish .. i didn't catch the end.... Did it have a double meaning ir just he was riding a horse??
superxtc 26 days ago
Nahim Javier He’s just on a horse.
GB vKS 27 days ago
So this is what mike did after he left Derry
Bookworm_of_Heaven 28 days ago
I can’t believe this is Luke from Shadowhunters
ohsnapiam59 28 days ago
I read that the commercial is all one take!
illuminating Wings
illuminating Wings 28 days ago
Wondering when that horse got there
mazen senary
mazen senary 29 days ago
So he became mike in It 2
Matt Dragoneed
Matt Dragoneed Month ago
What the hell is wrong with you M-M-M- Mike ?
Some Bullshit Name
0:29 KSI - i’m on a horse pt.2
Caitlyn Roper
Caitlyn Roper Month ago
Still one of the most brilliant commercials ever written
Fulcrum 67
Fulcrum 67 Month ago
Mike should’ve brought Terry Crews for help.
MrShoy Month ago
This will never get old, NEVER. reminder to myself, come back to check my own comment in the next 10 years.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Month ago
Hey it’s that IT dude
Monkey Wrench
Monkey Wrench Month ago
When you realize this commercial is 9 going on 10 years old!
BaronvonPiano Month ago
Still trying to digest the fact that he ended up playing Mike in It Chapter Two. Was great in the movie though.
Christopher Chavez
From Old Spice to IT Chapter 2. Congrats, Isaiah Mustafa! 🙌
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor Month ago
This man is old Mike in IT chapter 2
HeatThrills Month ago
anyone else come from IT Chapter 2
Soul.Charisma Month ago
Pennywise is no match for Old Spice Man. His Charisma alone can stun even the Gods.
Carl O
Carl O Month ago
Mike Hanlon should have stayed on the horse.
Michael Corteen
Michael Corteen Month ago
Anyone here after IT CHAPTER 2
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith Month ago
Came here after watching IT 2! Great movie! Had a blast watching him as Mike! He did a great job!
Mi Ke
Mi Ke Month ago
Mike from IT MOVIE 2
giles901 Month ago
Very amusing! Whatever happened to these?
jtman2012 Month ago
“Look at the clown in the sewer, now back to me”
wastedwords 18 days ago
jtman2012 underrated comment
So, who's here after It Chapter 2? lol
Twanski Month ago
“ Sadly he isn’t me “ lol
CJ Month ago
Johnson, Alan Johnson.
ahha6304 Month ago
You can't get ticket to watch It 2 because Isaiah Mustafa will tell you that the tickets are now diamonds.
Rogan Ezaric
Rogan Ezaric Month ago
Necr0Fenix Month ago
the secret to beat IT was old spice all along
Yee Hern Tai
Yee Hern Tai Month ago
Who came here after IT 2?
thepapakid Month ago
After watching It Chapter 2....I can't believe this is the same guy x)
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 Month ago
Why don’t we get ads like this anymore
Adam Sigala
Adam Sigala Month ago
Fun Fact: This is the same actor who plays Mike Hanlon in IT chapter 2
Genady Mitov
Genady Mitov Month ago
Jeremy Jahns brought me here from The IT - chapter 2 review 😂
Nate L
Nate L Month ago
Who is here because of the movie It? I’m on a spider.
jffry890 Day ago
Never saw it. Spoil it for me.
Alpha Male Relationship and Business Coaching
Who else is here after IT chapter 2?
Nigel Uchiha
Nigel Uchiha 7 days ago
WILL -I-AMZ 7 days ago
Omfg I was just talking about the old spice guy while watching IT chapter 2 😂👍
Zaire Tracy
Zaire Tracy 9 days ago
I am.... crazy
James Wigless
James Wigless 15 days ago
Nah I’m here after shadowhunterz
Funamunanagis 25 days ago
I forgot this was in it i deadass looked up im on a horse
Chainsaw Handiman
At Least we know what Mike was doing for 27 years.
Zandy Zain
Zandy Zain Month ago
kae m
kae m Month ago
mike hanlon aged well
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