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Old Spice
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We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell like a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.

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Feb 5, 2010




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Comments 27 157
MCTanman1 22 hours ago
The Kingslayer
Randyll Tarly
zanderdoesstuff 3 days ago
Hulu ad
Mehmet Can Köklük
Welcome to the market in Turkey.! :)
NoMore Food
NoMore Food 6 days ago
It's the exact same!
Ali Murray
Ali Murray 8 days ago
"Look at your man" Me a lesbian: *confused screaming*
Dog 8 days ago
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen 8 days ago
They say this commercial was the best ad campaign Old Spice made that saved them. I could see the effect, my brother got addicted to Old Spice immediately after the launch of this ad
Sarah Loki's queen
M'y fav French RUvid said that we should watch all old spice vid so here I am
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 10 days ago
Damn they still read the comments here. Impressive.
Dwckie 10 days ago
*Im on a horse*
Oh wow cant believe that they copied TFS dragon ball abridged S M H
Alexys L.
Alexys L. 11 days ago
This was 10 years ago... my god
Purple Strike
Purple Strike 12 days ago
I remember i remember!
RedEyePanther 14 days ago
" *_I'm on a horse_* "
Michelle Forrester
Michelle Forrester 16 days ago
How Richie tries to seduce Eddie.
Rudol von Stroheim
Rudol von Stroheim 16 days ago
Happy 10th birthday Old Spice meme🎉
Steve Lillie
Steve Lillie 17 days ago
I'm really serious did I miss something I've used old spice my entire life. But I'm white is it still okay for me to use it. I don't think I could use anything else.
GoldenPotatoBull 18 days ago
I love Isaiah Mustafa
Shoopdahoop 20 days ago
Look at your men Now back to me Look back to your men Now back to me Im not your men Im flipping you off Now look at the ground Now back to me Where's the Dragon Ball? It's gone I threw it AND THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO
Noll OW
Noll OW 24 days ago
Im on a horse
Alejandro Barreto
Alejandro Barreto 25 days ago
Why is everyone relating this to IT?
Sarah G
Sarah G 20 days ago
Alejandro Barreto he played the older version of mike hanlon in IT: Chapter Two
Katleho Motake
Katleho Motake 26 days ago
Best oldspice advert
Alexis Dennis
Alexis Dennis 26 days ago
Hello ladies.....Look at your man now back to me now back at your man now back to me......sadly he isn’t me but if he stop using lady scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me.....Look down back up....Where are you? .... Your on a boat with the man your man could smell like.....What’s in your hand?...... Back at me I have it ..... it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love.... Look again......The tickets are now diamonds.....Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice.....And Not a lady.......I’m on a horse
rat23 26 days ago
mike convincing bill to divorce his wife and come live with him
Vision- ary
Vision- ary 28 days ago
Everyone's like "who's here from it?" And I'm like .....I came here bc I saw a tiktok😐
Mimi Joseph
Mimi Joseph 28 days ago
That’s so cool how that’s Mike from IT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Infinite Content
Infinite Content 29 days ago
This is one of the best commercials ever.
Step into Your power
Is that- mike from it
Jet Fox2025
Jet Fox2025 29 days ago
This commercial is a masterpiece.
Max Eriksson
Max Eriksson 29 days ago
Konstantinos Month ago
Does anybody know about an animated commercial from like 2009-2010 that had a fat guy with red-white t-shirt watching tv and then talking food came out from his fridge? Guys I swear I realy realy need to find this I beg you
no Month ago
"Look at the ground. Now back at me. I am the captain now."
Alonso Lupercio
Alonso Lupercio Month ago
Here cause How IT 2 should have ended had that reference
Solo tenias que seguir el tren
*pure gold*
English With Dinela
Zeke Stein
Zeke Stein Month ago
Tfs brought me here
Dibil69 Month ago
im only here because of tfs
Shadowpixel Month ago
this is why im still alive. to know that this will exist forever
BAO TRAN [HD] Month ago
Edited by hulu
Remix- Rockstar
Remix- Rockstar Month ago
Why is like nearly all of the comments have IT in em? And isiah mustefa if so funny and its just the best!😅😂 He was good playing luke in SH(ShadowHunters) too🖤 Alec and magnus are the fav's tho💙😅
rbewoor Month ago
Gold class advert!
Tayler Maddocks
Tayler Maddocks Month ago
can you believe this man is now mike hanlon
Rixtor 98
Rixtor 98 Month ago
Du St
Du St Month ago
Damn it already a decade
GokuForHire SOOON
a decade later and still the best commercial ever
Kidwell Matshotyana
Still my all time favorite ad 👌
studio jerome
studio jerome Month ago
**looks at the man in the commercial, then looks back at nothing beside me** aw man
imagen a creative name
when you first realise that this is Mike, and then you realise that this is Luke and THEN you cant ever watch ITvor shadowhunters again, because you always have to think of this....
Adwa S
Adwa S Month ago
If this is inside the It: Chapter Two it will be *golden*
Rossy Films
Rossy Films Month ago
"I'm on a clown"
• bruh
• bruh Month ago
I can’t believe it’s the same guy that played Mike from Chapter 2
Stacia Byrne
Stacia Byrne Month ago
This is still the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen!
Aisha Montenegro
Aisha Montenegro 2 months ago
Does anybody remember the Sesame Street version of this commercial? 😄
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 months ago
Remember when this comment section wasn’t about it?
SPARTAN GHOST98 2 months ago
Just came here after seeing the How IT chapter 2 should have ended video
Solena Skylar
Solena Skylar 2 months ago
"Look at your man" *looks at a James McAvoy cut out in the corner of my room*
Julia H.
Julia H. 2 months ago
Love this ad but any fellow equestrians did u notice that there is no saddle pad on the horse just the saddle?
Sophie Lawson
Sophie Lawson 2 months ago
wow this was luke as a shadowhunter...
Jammy25 2 months ago
I'm on a horse
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