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Old Spice
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With the Old Spice Ref Whistle, the plays in your heart can never be blown dead.


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Dec 25, 2015




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Comments 101
meseyc Year ago
Please tell me this exist holy shit
Keevx Year ago
1:02 is all i came for
sangyun erio
sangyun erio 2 years ago
old spice become
IzzzYaBoiii 2 years ago
I called the number lmaoooo the hold music tho 😪 I have never heard anything so beautiful
Walter King
Walter King 2 years ago
William Dex
William Dex 2 years ago
The number still works a year later..
hi Man
hi Man 2 years ago
soo Zens comment
Matthew Pasnik
Matthew Pasnik 2 years ago
So I called the number and the music plays, and I stayed on for two minutes and a voice said "You will never get this time back" "this product doesn't exist" "we appreciate your fake business" I love the length the marketing team for old spice will go to make a joke
Opposite Kittie
Opposite Kittie 2 years ago
what is this about??
Matt Smillie
Matt Smillie 3 years ago
I really want this to be a thing
Shady Fungus
Shady Fungus 3 years ago
The tunes speak sweet dreams to my soul. I am at peace.
Supramii 2 years ago
Shady Fungus PREACH!
Sombistur 3 years ago
I get an adultswim vibe from this
Amanda Schaefer
Amanda Schaefer 3 years ago
So many callers ahead of you, please hold. No operators are standing by. You will never get this time back, but hey, that's up to you.
FoodFrogs 3 years ago
Anime lovers
Anime lovers 3 years ago
RedSpadeShadowFist 3 years ago
If the old spice comes with the actual vinyl, I'm f***ing sold!
Matt Britzius
Matt Britzius 3 years ago
ref pan
Sam Ferrante
Sam Ferrante 3 years ago
How do I purchase this album?
Majin WeaBuu
Majin WeaBuu 3 years ago
Why can't this album be real goddamnit I would pay actual money for this
Señor 3 years ago
I lost it when they said penalties of love vol.1 hahahahahaha
gubaguy 3 years ago
Not avilble on 8-track? fuck it, im out
Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson 3 years ago
stupid but funny at the same time
renragged 3 years ago
"Illegal Emotions" LMAO
bowman321123 3 years ago
Call now, Operators are standing by!!
Papa PumpAss
Papa PumpAss 3 years ago
Not a fan of American football, big fan of old spice though!
Ronald Chu
Ronald Chu 3 years ago
Da fuck?
Rank Baloney
Rank Baloney 3 years ago
When did Old Spice commercials become Adult Swim skits?
PLURAL 3 years ago
+FluffyPup64 incorrect. They were always amazing...
FluffyPup64 3 years ago
when they became amazing
Matthijs Elias
Matthijs Elias 3 years ago
damn im early
Sky Shaymin
Sky Shaymin 3 years ago
RpiesSPIES 3 years ago
The songs are supposed to change whenever a yellow-named song appears to match said song. Funny, though ^^
blargcoster 3 years ago
We appreciate your fake business.
WhisperQN 3 years ago
It's reverse 1 for the price of 3. Well that's the only thing I'm getting for Christmas.
Matt Musky
Matt Musky 3 years ago
Lol, I called the number
Blessranger 3 years ago
Playing multiple whistles... Like a flute!
jameste09 3 years ago
The Football Referee puts on the lightskin face at 0:58
King Bradberry
King Bradberry 3 years ago
Call the number the hold music is amazing.
Mike H
Mike H 2 years ago
anybody really play a mouth pipe set like that and can play the old Spice whistle?
trainfart 3 years ago
@Fridelain Dude, I think that is not possible.
AzureTheta 3 years ago
+Fridelain It's just the songs that were played in the video with some guy occasionally saying "please hold"
Fridelain 3 years ago
+Shaqula Bloodinstein I am not in the USA and do not want to bother with finding out how to make a transoceanic international call on the cheap. Perhaps somebody can record and upload it to youtube?
trainfart 3 years ago
+Tommy Wooding Jr That's true.
Xeno ze Serpent
Xeno ze Serpent 3 years ago
parkeryourefired 3 years ago
[Enter Patrick Star]: I'll take twenty.
Lobozo 3 years ago
Steven Woods
Steven Woods 3 years ago
what happened to the deodorant?
howtokillXD 3 years ago
so if you call you can listen to the Ref Whistle while a robot says several phrases like "we enjoy your fake business" and many more! Call now!!
AMBadamRox 3 years ago
I actually called lmao
Therandomman1213 3 years ago
*FOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAALL* **Crazy amount of explosions**
NachoChip62 3 years ago
Please let this be real
prettykitty39 3 years ago
I need one for every member of my family.
Patrick Kilton
Patrick Kilton 3 years ago
got damn it old spice
Xyronix 3 years ago
its lacking in explosions...
Cesarin Pillin
Cesarin Pillin 3 years ago
+Beriorn I hope it blows enough to inflate those deflated balls of Tom Brady
Craig Clark
Craig Clark 3 years ago
+Beriorn wow... Super deep
Nghĩa Nguyễn
Nghĩa Nguyễn 3 years ago
+Beriorn too deep :))
Beriorn 3 years ago
+The Darkness Within The Old Spice commercials with Terry Crews might blow your mind and body... but this one will blow your soul.
Jonathan 3 years ago
This might be the greatest one yet.
Connor Spencer
Connor Spencer 3 years ago
So what happens if I call the number?
IzzzYaBoiii 2 years ago
Beautiful things happen, beautiful things ☺️😪
Nick Nirus
Nick Nirus 3 years ago
+Connor Spencer Good things.
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 3 years ago
I need a cologne that can portray my dark side...and my good side with the ladies....yesss. a Star Wars cologne.
King Bradberry
King Bradberry 3 years ago
This simply brought tears to my eyes. After I broke 205 of my bones I saw this commercial and I immediately felt so much better. Thank you The football referee you get ALL the calls right in my book.
Erik István Fejes
Erik István Fejes 3 years ago
Can I actually get this, though? I'd love to.
KoromonDemente 3 years ago
1 for the price of 3, GREAT OFFERT!!!
jacob12sturdi 3 years ago
I dropped to my knees weeping. In my life I have never heard anything so beautiful.
Tomthekiller98 3 years ago
ElvenOfChaos 3 years ago
Called the number. Wurf. Was hoping there would be one final easter egg DL of some sort at the end of the recording though :P.
Itz Alfie
Itz Alfie 3 years ago
old spice is getting old now
Pineapple Plague
Pineapple Plague 3 years ago
This commerical is really making me want to buy some good ol' Old Spice! ... Right?
Coasty Son
Coasty Son 3 years ago
+Marie Miller shut up memefag
Marie Miller
Marie Miller 3 years ago
Notice me Senpai
devilmaycry1337 3 years ago
+Walter Hartwell White I think we're past that point. These newer commercials have nothing to do with Old Spice.
Jordan Fucking Peterson
Will this be distributed by WPI records?
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 years ago
call the number...fantastic
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