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The 5th round in our VS Themes series! The New Anime Theme side has had enough of the Old Anime Theme not giving them enough shine! Who do you think will come out on top??
Zelda Beat At the end: ruvid.net/video/video-_vQvhXMVlIc.html
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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 36 718
santiago donato
Im voting for old anime cause They have JoJo
Phobos 8
Phobos 8 6 hours ago
JoJo is all the king of both
jetta king
jetta king 7 hours ago
Their attack on titan op be on point 😂😂😂
tyray gordon
tyray gordon 8 hours ago
Beatriz Santiago
Beatriz Santiago 9 hours ago
Samurai Champloo cant be denied
McSHDW 10 hours ago
the first 2 openings from the old team was trash tho ngl, and wtf was 6:00 that shit extra Trash sounded like they just mashed a bunch of buttons on a Instrument sound board or some shit, i think the only solid one on their side was One piece and like they pointed out that shit should have ended 6 years ago New team won hands down
pell lewis
pell lewis 13 hours ago
Old anime win
Bl1tzCarter 16 hours ago
What was the third one
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman 18 hours ago
5:69 what's the name of the opening?
The GOD of GREEN 23 hours ago
that samurai champloo intro that shit made my day
Tu Tu
Tu Tu Day ago
I don’t watch anime but I love their videos.. any suggestions on where to start?
Samurai I
Samurai I Day ago
Old themes
$harpHarp Day ago
The bleach one had me fucking deadddd😭😭😭
Itz Hayz
Itz Hayz Day ago
Aight niggas les be real, nobody fuckin skipped the jojo theme songs, if you did then you got no taste and yall dumb af
K1NG KDl Day ago
Hate on the black clover anime all you want but it’s music is fucking goated
K1NG KDl Day ago
If you played 99.9 instead of the first mob psycho opening that would’ve been an insta dub ngl
K1NG KDl Day ago
Yeo that bleach opening made me nut
K1NG KDl Day ago
6:10 what tf is that? Never heard that shit and I sounded weak as fuck ngl
JimiiRootS _
JimiiRootS _ Day ago
Sharp as a edge of samurai sword a mental blade cuts through flash and bone
Ogi Janjić
Ogi Janjić Day ago
WHY no darling in the franxx or tokyo ghoul or death note
earlesstable 646
Gon Freeccs
Gon Freeccs 2 days ago
Not gonna lie That Rurouni Kenshin op was trash
Jerica Bello
Jerica Bello 2 days ago
"What you wanna do" is now in my everyday vocabulary
Crystal Chan
Crystal Chan 2 days ago
Erilea 2 days ago
The Samurai Champloo OP is my favorite and most nostalgic opening from any anime of all time
ernest williams
ernest williams 2 days ago
the anime erased."Erased" my depression
on-Q Organ
on-Q Organ 2 days ago
Naruto shippuden opening #16 would've killed everything 🤣 and the yu yu hakusho theme is not over hyped that's the jam!!!!!
Greg Powell
Greg Powell 2 days ago
Seven Deadly and Naruto
Stewart Paul
Stewart Paul 2 days ago
Love you guys keep up the good work gambatte
Stewart Paul
Stewart Paul 2 days ago
Hey guys can you do saiki to anime house
CpJ game walkthrough videos Purcell
You guys are my favorite you crack me up when i has bad day i wish i meet you guys?😎
CpJ game walkthrough videos Purcell
Old anime new thyme got this one
Gabriel Villarreal
Old won with the bloody stream
Pierre Smith
Pierre Smith 2 days ago
"We Reallly The G.O.A.T.S Of This Shyt" Why Was That So Fkin Funny 😂🤣😂
cesar salad
cesar salad 2 days ago
Old themes won
Angel Vizcarra
Angel Vizcarra 2 days ago
i like both
animedaisuki !!!
animedaisuki !!! 3 days ago
Naruto's fifth opening is the most underrated opening.. I had a hard time finding it on Spotify too
Crow Styx
Crow Styx 3 days ago
The old themes still got the w
FTK ZeroNoXeno
FTK ZeroNoXeno 3 days ago
Bro can’t lie I like old anime but some of the new ones be packin’ heat like dbs and my hero etc
Saiyan Tanti
Saiyan Tanti 3 days ago
Bleach made me watch more anime....
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