OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Ximo Pierto
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Portland Trail Blazers vs vs Oklahoma City OKC Thunder - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | April 23, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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Apr 24, 2019




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Comments 8 607
Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto 2 months ago
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edinaldo feliciano Feliciano
I hereby ask for a precise contribution to finance a house vaka.me/622154
sneakerheadjays 2 months ago
Call Me J. R. okc is ass
Gucci Fonzarelli
Gucci Fonzarelli 2 months ago
@Tyler Gray These nuts!
Gabriel Lyles
Gabriel Lyles 2 months ago
@Ciosy stfu
BRuH :p
BRuH :p Hour ago
Portland crowd is like a college crowd so it's hard to win there
The Master mind
Made a team rebuild from one shot
Shannon Sharpe
This was really Westbrook's last game at OKC damn
Eiji Sawakita
Eiji Sawakita 3 days ago
14:32 the moment of Damian Lillard changed the landscape of NBA which is sending OKC to rebuilding mode by trading Westbrook and PG13.
Jiren The Gray
Jiren The Gray 4 days ago
Paul George and Russell’s last games in OKC...
Avatar Wan
Avatar Wan 4 days ago
Russel in rockets now 🔥
Sawnic 5 days ago
Westbrook’s last game in an OKC uni
Crispy_Taco 5 days ago
This play broke OKC
roger peet
roger peet 8 days ago
Lillard might be the greatest athlete ever on Earth.
brandon thung
brandon thung 9 days ago
damn that shot send pg to clippers
Arctic PG13
Arctic PG13 9 days ago
Little do blazer fans know they helped start a rebuild they are going to wish they didn't OKC 2024 champs
David Page
David Page 10 days ago
cold blooded monster lol
Ike's Lions Den
Ike's Lions Den 3 days ago
David Page
David Page 4 days ago
for real tho he knew what he was doing and that he would make it absolute beast lol
Leonil Pena
Leonil Pena 11 days ago
14:22 This was the moment Paul George wanted out of OKC
glenny frias
glenny frias 13 days ago
Love seth curry
Sekou Murrell
Sekou Murrell 17 days ago
Still feels amazing to watch 💯💯
Viral Equinox
Viral Equinox 20 days ago
Can't spell choke without OKC
Flavio Solorio
Flavio Solorio 20 days ago
They blew that 15 point lead in the 4th because Westbrook got exposed every time on defense but on offense goes and let’s it fly
The Bolt
The Bolt 20 days ago
Shoulda ended that with Lillard's cold blooded face.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 21 day ago
Up 15 in the 4th Quarter with 7 minutes left and lose by a buzzer beater now that’s tuff.
Nicolas Huerta
Nicolas Huerta 22 days ago
The last one was sooo fucking epic
Andi 2K
Andi 2K 23 days ago
Only like the 15th time watching😂......no, I’m serious
Andi 2K
Andi 2K 23 days ago
Only like the 15th time watching😂...but I’m serious
hozeyy 27 days ago
I’ll probably tell my kids about this
tes516 Month ago
Still cant believe OKC traded away KD, Serge Ibaka, and the James harden
abtbanks1 8 days ago
and dont forget westbrook gonna get traded as well
duustin crawford
I didn't know they traded bread. Who did they for it?
ferzel Sanchez
ferzel Sanchez Month ago
The Cluth Lilar
Threelly AI
Threelly AI Month ago
arrrr....too good. chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer Month ago
Thunder Buzzer Beater
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Month ago
OKC’s been ass ever since I left
T_H_E K_I_N_G Month ago
SA Muel
SA Muel Month ago
I knew Portland was going to beat OKC but like this was priceless. If Russell Westbrook's stop trying to be an Batman OKC might've won
Gacha_Clumsy Month ago
Edzel Mejia
Edzel Mejia Month ago
Way to run your team. AND you had to make that.
waone boyz
waone boyz 2 months ago
Westbrick never gonna win ring.... Justified enough said
ChronicGamingHD 2 months ago
50 points holy
T Karthik
T Karthik 2 months ago
"When people ask you what happened here tell them Seattle remembers. Tell them winter came for OKC"
Qwerty Roosters
Qwerty Roosters 2 months ago
That was awesome game winner by Damien Lillard
Master Zypher
Master Zypher 2 months ago
Westbrook acting like steph curry shooting bricks from behind the arc. While dame be like : HEY WESTBROOK LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO SHOOT LIKE CURRY
Remarson Rosaldo
Remarson Rosaldo 2 months ago
Who's here after watching kawhi's game winner?
Jay Kirkwood
Jay Kirkwood 2 months ago
So nobody peeped the announcer call Damian Lillard Russell Westbrook at 12:35
duustin crawford
Good call
poetrhode don
poetrhode don 2 months ago
I am watching this even after they beat Nuggets for a spot in the WCF. Very sensational and exciting. Next to Miami Bosh-Ray Allen three pointer.
Cyrus Diaz
Cyrus Diaz 2 months ago
HAHAHAAHA seth curry telling the thunders that they're going home
小孩子 2 months ago
14:52 Music started here ???
cassidy erickson
cassidy erickson 2 months ago
I love being a trail Blazers fan
Teezy Chancellor
Teezy Chancellor 2 months ago
OKC stay getting that dagger to their heart on a last second 3 pointer by a PG that pulls up near half court. Steph curry and now Lillard.
kemba walker
kemba walker 2 months ago
Now your taking shots at okc
Hash Slinging Slasher
Gina Degaldo
Gina Degaldo 2 months ago
Devil Ninja
Devil Ninja 2 months ago
Damn Russell been injured the whole time🤦‍♂️
Christian Jay Selleza
who's here looking for westbrick's dick rider to annoy?
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