OKC Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | February 13, 2019-20 NBA Season

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OKC Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | February 13, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Snakesz 10 days ago
1:35 poor dude just wanted a high five
Vince The prince
Vince The prince 2 months ago
Okc 2020 nba champions
Nathan Locke
Nathan Locke 3 months ago
Okc fan here. Zion is going to be a monster
Sebastian Barthez
Sebastian Barthez 3 months ago
Man, Josh Hart has a poor "timing" sense to find his teammates for high 5.
Mareko 685
Mareko 685 3 months ago
1:35 Hi ......... Zion?
THEAGENIS Xinopoulos
Wonderful okc my Club go......go....okc
Sale CNC
Sale CNC 3 months ago
Pelicans should get 8th place and play against Lakers during playoff. Should be very interesting against AD :D
Sale CNC
Sale CNC 3 months ago
new team, new players VS old team old players :D
Pinar Ozge
Pinar Ozge 3 months ago
Reddick, Williamson and CP3 were good. Why do American commentators keep pronouncing Schröder's name wrong? It's "Schröder", not "Schruder" !
TomDS 3 months ago
I love steven adams
Allan Ruiz
Allan Ruiz 3 months ago
@ 7:40 ghadd... Zion so strong he just shrugged the strongest player in the NBA off like he's just some hs kid. Baby Shaq indeed.
ATB * 3 months ago
Shaq and D-Rose made love And had Zion Williamson
sennsir_ 3 months ago
5:06 when she tells me to shoot my shot 😏😏😏
Carlos Carter
Carlos Carter 3 months ago
Thàt one hand shot before the buzzer on Adams own half was crazy
Knate Deakyn Kellermeyer
Josh hart can't catch a break😂 1:34
Alan KS
Alan KS 3 months ago
okc is very solid, pretty much like the pacers' rebuild after PG except with even higher quality players as their starters.
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte
if only Gallo could defend a little bit, he would be an all-star
Gideon C
Gideon C 3 months ago
Josh Hart never gets the high five smh 1:34
Blake Allen
Blake Allen 3 months ago
1:34 Zion shading josh hart
LatisARG 3 months ago
Lonzo is looking like #2 pick now
Bliss Junkie
Bliss Junkie 3 months ago
1:35 Aaaand there’s Josh getting hung out to dry again 🤣🤣🤣
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto
OKC 👍🏻
Karl0f100 3 months ago
I think the pelicans are the next big team in the nba
Amirali Safari
Amirali Safari 3 months ago
zion is a major defensive liability, needs to work on that
iago mello
iago mello 3 months ago
Gallo was the game killer
Mykhailo Versta
Mykhailo Versta 3 months ago
I really like both of these teams! Pelicans - because of Zo! there are enough of talented players, and all of them deserve some credits, but with Zo I'm enjoyed more, than with anybody! OKC - obviously, because of Shai and Paul! first - will be your franchise pg, for many years. he is so smart and skilled with his age.. boi oh boi it's scarry! second - is an example of how your pg should look like! I hope, these two teams will make top 8th this year!
Mykhailo Versta
Mykhailo Versta 3 months ago
@Jackie Yo I didn't mention him, because he doing things that I expected from him. But yeah, their whole squad deserves some credits!
Jackie Yo
Jackie Yo 3 months ago
I would add Gallinari obviously
Alberto Meda
Alberto Meda 3 months ago
Jacopo Notarberardino
Gallinari is so underrated, he is a TRUE BASKETBALL PLAYER!
Jacopo Notarberardino
Francesco Nicodemo 😅😂😂
Francesco Nicodemo
Francesco Nicodemo 3 months ago
With only one knee
legendary collection
CP3 was true PG and always make team better in their prime whatever team he join even now thought he prime is over still make team so much better. Like nash in prime time, maybe much defferent skill set they have but i think that was cp3 is. Overated as PG are hell no. He is true PG, the playmaker, not like curry or Westbrook or dame or kyrie being scorer at the PG. He is always top 5 pg and maybe top 2/1 on prime. But his career looks similar like nash, cant win champ on his prime. I dont know why beside he always good and of the time he have cotender squad they never make it. I am not fans of CP3, i just admit he are top pg and i rank him more higher than several people.
Guy Etundi
Guy Etundi 3 months ago
It doesn´t matter much if this team doesn´t make the playoffs this year. Zion is coming off an injury and needs to rest. Next year will be fire for sure with Lonzo getting better and better.
JACK36AFC 3 months ago
Got to give it to OKC they’re really punching above their weight this season
Erik son
Erik son 3 months ago
The best Zion body comparasion is, not Barkley or Kemp, Is Marcus Faizer. He has the same body...
awal nur prayogi
awal nur prayogi 3 months ago
Hmm Adams with a three
SC 3 months ago
OKC's coach deserve to coaching on All Star or to be considering for coach of the year.Both teams playing nice considering they young teams
Furkan Demir
Furkan Demir 3 months ago
Josh Hart’s hand is left on the air again 😂😂
Animelytical 3 months ago
Zion is absurd. Absurd.
Naufal Rifqi Arrafi
Naufal Rifqi Arrafi 3 months ago
Zion pushed Steven Adams like he was a little man ☠ 7:42
Animelytical 3 months ago
5:06 NFL teams on his line And seriously, OKC not having Westbrook as their best player is a great thing. Adams has been stifled
Sharpshooter 02
Sharpshooter 02 3 months ago
Adams is even worse since Russ is gone but yeah OKC plays pure team and beautifull basketball right now
Mc Louies Belardo
Mc Louies Belardo 3 months ago
they left josh hart hanging once again
Greg Vernier
Greg Vernier 3 months ago
Alvin Gentry such a terrible coach... why tf is Josh Hart playing 30 mins a game.... last game frank jackson was a beast and was huge for them without ingram. Josh Hart is not a smart basketbll player.. How tf did frank jackson only get 5 mins playing time.... Fire alvin gentry , hire a good coach and watch this team make a run for a championship. Stupid alvin gentry with his rotations. FUcking idiot. Josh hart plays way too much, he is not that good at all.
8to8 3 months ago
1:36 Yooo.. 👋👋Josh hart always get left hangin🤣😂😂👋👋
LongHaired Baldy
LongHaired Baldy 3 months ago
1:35 their goes josh hart again lmfao
Andry Tratto
Andry Tratto 3 months ago
9:14 perfection
Riccardo People
Riccardo People 3 months ago
Gallinari on 🔥
ZanderPandaa 3 months ago
Anyone else think that the pelicans are looking more like a team without Ingram the last few games they have been playing a lot better without him on the court, no hate towards Ingram he’s a great player but he’s very greedy with the ball just saying, also the way ponzu was shooting this game they need to pass to him a lot more when he’s open rather than always looking for JJ.
giacomo peron
giacomo peron 3 months ago
Gallo is a superior offensive player. He is amazing to watch in how many different way he can score the ball jesus.
Jacopo Notarberardino
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte concordo pienamente con questo tuo ultimo pensiero!
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte
@Jacopo Notarberardino sicuramente è un giocatore intelligente nel complesso e che in campo ci può stare tranquillamente anche senza essere un bravo difensore; rubate e letture difensive ogni tanto ne ha, ma di talento naturale difensivo ne ha assai poco e non soltanto nell'uno contro uno, è lentissimo nei closeout specie fuori dal perimetro non perché sia scemo, ma perché sa che se accorcia senza pensare lo batte chiunque in uno contro uno, cosa che nell'NBA moderna è una condanna; detto ciò sono orgogliosissimo della carriera che sta facendo specie considerando tutti gli infortuni che ha avuto, anzi credo che il meglio debba ancora venire! il piacere è tutto mio, viva il basket assolutamente!
Jacopo Notarberardino
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte è un piacere parlare di basket e scambiarsi opinioni personali. Detto questo per me il Gallo resta un difensore almeno intelligente, puó subire dalle guardie più piccole, veloci ed atletiche, puó subire dai pari ruolo più grossi fisicamente; ma fin quando mette a referto rubate e stoppate (non chissà quali numeri ma gioca sempre nella lega migliore al mondo), fin quando non esce da una partita per limite falli raggiunto o perde minutaggio a partita in corso perché magari al 2ºq ha già tre falli (vedasi Ingram quest’anno) per me è accettabile da uno che, come dici, non fa quello di mestiere. Il mio commento era in ottica NBA. E comunque, sempre viva il basket! 🏀❤️
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte
@Jacopo Notarberardino e no, non appare decente nemmeno se corrisposto alla media NBA, il che ti fa capire quanto sia scarso in difesa; se però leggi il mio commento su questi highlights capisci quanta stima io abbia di lui
Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte
@Jacopo Notarberardino che in NBA non si difenda non lo scopriamo certo noi, ma il cruccio di Gallinari in tutta la sua carriera (infortuni a parte) è sempre stato la difesa, cristo se lo domandi a lui ti risponde che non tiene 1 contro 1 in palleggio nemmeno sua nonna
Kevin Hillergren
Kevin Hillergren 3 months ago
damn hart left hangin again
Kennix Sung
Kennix Sung 3 months ago
1:35 OOF
TeachM 3 months ago
Gallo such a beast
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 3 months ago
Zion williamson is so dominant in the paint,no one can stop him even the aquaman.If he played the whole season with this ridiculous form,the pelicans would be already a top seed in the west.This man is believed to be out of shape but still be a unstoppable force.What if he gains more muscle in the summer and enter the 2020 2021,nba at that time will be a playground for him to toy with
練白龍 3 months ago
zion is overrated. The league is helping him be a star. You can see that one third of his points come from free throw
C 3 months ago
you honestly think that❓
M G 3 months ago
Like I said one of thier issues is DEFENSE...if they play defense they get the 8th seed
JK 3 months ago
What a great game.. Gallinari exploded in 4th quarter
JK 3 months ago
1:34 lol
Marco Vargas
Marco Vargas 3 months ago
Zion getting superstart treatment at 19 y.o. SMH
freddygol99 3 months ago
Gallo should be an All Star
Alan KS
Alan KS 3 months ago
load manage this guy and he can be a playoff machine.
Angelo Del Duca
Angelo Del Duca 3 months ago
He coulde have been whitout all the injuries in career
Zeee Mua
Zeee Mua 3 months ago
Pelicans coach killed the momentum. They could have won the game if he let zion stayed the game in 4rthQ.
peppe von Matterhorn
That steven adams yolo moment is legendary! 😂😂😂
TCaad10 3 months ago
Congrats to Steven Adams for his first Career three-pointer. Now he is on par with Ben Simmons:)
BL4CK5M1TH 3 months ago
@Grant his first 3 pointer was in pre season which doesn't count towards career points made
TCaad10 3 months ago
@Grant No, check Bleacher Report. It was a career first 3-pointer
Grant 3 months ago
TCaad10 Adams 2nd three this season
whooo datt
whooo datt 3 months ago
Steven Adams made our first points this season which was a 3 🤷‍♂️
Animelytical 3 months ago
@TCaad10 don't worry. Adams gets extra points for range
TCaad10 3 months ago
It´s easy now for Zion, because it´s only the NBA, but it will be different later when he´s playing against grown men!
T TQC 3 months ago
One more time for Josh Hart at 1:35
Anything IPost
Anything IPost 3 months ago
Wheres ingram
Condy Loid
Condy Loid 3 months ago
For me Chris Paul is MVP so far
Dior Jay
Dior Jay 3 months ago
Why are all your videos capped at 9m 45seconds now? @MLG Highlights
DUBBLEOO SpaceAge 3 months ago
1 Kawhi Leonard 2 Giannis 3 KD 4 lebron 5 Ad
Dan Inbox
Dan Inbox 3 months ago
ZION HIGHLIGHTS (Rating 3.5/5) 0:35 - Dunk 0:44 - Layup 2:37 - 2 Pointer 3:15 - Block 3:43 - Alley-Oop 4:47 - Nice Pass 5:14 - 2 Pointer 5:48 - Layup 6:06 - Dunk 7:28 - Layup 7:40 - Layup 7:53 - Save + Layup 8:04 - Layup LOWLIGHT 1:34 - Leaves Hart Hanging
Dan Inbox
Dan Inbox 3 months ago
@Ben Yeah. Twice!
Ben 3 months ago
8:48 - Kiwi Steven Adams blocks Zion
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper 3 months ago
Win or lose still Zion is incredible!
Bill Farol
Bill Farol 3 months ago
Imagine Lebron will retire very soon and Davis will be going back to peli. it'll be: Lonzo Ball Jrue Holiday Brandon Ingram Anthony Davis Zion Williamson
Trey Hemopo
Trey Hemopo 3 months ago
Rorisang Pitswane
Rorisang Pitswane 3 months ago
Honestly, guys as Pelicans fans we can all admit every time they’ve lost they could have won, which is a good thing because it just means they are still getting the team formula down. Literally the only reason we didn’t win was because of -silly turnovers -missed opportunities, a few missed shots in transition I mean we’re already getting there but we’ll get there eventually.
Raft-Raft Frias
Raft-Raft Frias 3 months ago
I'm an okc fan but it seems that the reason the pelicans lost is bec. Zion has restricted minutes bec. of his injury. Hope he recovers fast. I'm curious how much he can contribute to the team at full strength.
Peeradech Lee
Peeradech Lee 3 months ago
Come to see Ingram.
Colin M
Colin M 3 months ago
Zion is a beast. But I'm not sure the coach wants to win. Each time he's taken out the team gets lost. At least get a bit of a gap between them and the other team... And then bench him.
Doffy 3 months ago
12 assist, 8 rebs - vintage CP3
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 3 months ago
who remembers 2k13 galinarri?....hes a god and we saw a glimpse of that here
Geronimo Corleone
Geronimo Corleone 3 months ago
Pelicans dangerous next 2 years watch out
Rayray jones
Rayray jones 3 months ago
Okc got some valuable pieces for other teams 😛
WU 33 Bryan
WU 33 Bryan 3 months ago
Hart is being ignored again😂
Sun Garden
Sun Garden 3 months ago
They need Ingram
Tee Honggildong
Tee Honggildong 3 months ago
OKC ช่วงนี้ ดีรึนี่
sadewa whah
sadewa whah 3 months ago
Apik maine tapi kok kalah yoo...
James Colbert V
James Colbert V 3 months ago
The color commentator for the Pels just needs to the let play breathe sometimes lol
STAAR KiLLA 3 months ago
James Colbert V yeah he’s wack to me
cai jacki
cai jacki 3 months ago
1:35 Hart : Why always me ?😄
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