OK, We're Confused! Attack on Titan 3x21 REACTION/REVIEW

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OK, We're Confused! Attack on Titan 3x21 REACTION/REVIEW
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Published on


Jun 24, 2019




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Comments 0
Ocean Anderson
Ocean Anderson 22 hours ago
Bro on the left is fucking fried lmaooooo
sing khalifa
sing khalifa Month ago
there's a theory that aot is a time loop and that explains whay eren saw those things before it happened in his dream on the first episode.
Regat Kahsai Staats
7:24 min *The attack titan* : Am I a joke to you?
1 ERRA Month ago
bro 100% respefto for the man who stays all the videos shinzou sasageo
Elrik Stormbringer
White dude literally predicted it to the T
green house
green house Month ago
their memories are connected even to the future holder of their titan power.
Erick Perez
Erick Perez Month ago
Just letting y'all know the latest chapter (#121) finally explains all that BS at the end.
Video games are my therapy
The first episode Eren dreams of the titan attack and his mom's death and wakes up crying. Then it fucking happens.
gotomas savickas
gotomas savickas 2 months ago
Season 1 first episode first thing that eren does, he looks into the future in his dream
Tally Wally
Tally Wally 2 months ago
Eren Yeager is Eren Kruger
eren Kruger
eren Kruger 2 months ago
I love rob LOL
theonly1jayt 2 months ago
maaaaan that shit had me lost i gotta go back t the first ep
taewae 2 months ago
DUDE i love the ending of this episode so fucking much, it's so mysterious. the owl could be mentioning mikasa and armin for so many reasons: 1) eren is mixing up his own memories with his father's memories, 2) the eldians are all connected through the "coordinate," so memories can be shared through the past and future, 3) there's some connection between all the past and future holders of a specific titan (in this case, the attack titan), 4) SOME OTHER WEIRD THEORY. it's so good
MarcoTrolo 2 months ago
Im pretty sure all the last scene means, is that all titans and subjects of ymir are connected to the coordinate, and the connection can go through space time
It's Me, Steve
It's Me, Steve 2 months ago
This is what I think is happening: This will to save Mikasa and Armin belongs to Eren. Remember how every 9 titan shifters have the will of each past titan shifter? For example the will of the 145th king prevents any violence and the ones who inherent the founding titan will be imprisoned by his will. I believe that Eren has placed his will on the attack titan and his will was affecting how the past, present and future is happening. Maybe in the original timeline Eren Kruger never said that line to Grisha but after Eren Jaeger received the attack titan his will was to save Mikasa and Armin (the people most precious to him) thus not even Eren Kruger understands why he said Mikasa or Armin's name. Its because it's not Eren Kruger's memories or any other titan shifter's memory from the past but it's from the future (future Eren Jaeger). Then later on when the colossal titan broke wall shiganshina and the Armor titan broke wall Maria Grisha brought 10 year old Eren Jaeger (at the time) in to the woods to turn him in to a pure titen using the syringe he had with him for him to eat his dad to access the power of the attack titan (and at that point the founding titan too). In the woods his dad said "To save mikasa and armin you have to learn to control this power". Its almost exactly like what Eren Kruger said to Grisha on that wall before he turned Grisha in to a titan to eat himself. So what so I think? Personally may be this was a message from future Eren to pass on to Eren Kruger to pass on to Grisha Jaeger so he could pass it back to 10 year old Eren Jaeger. Tldr: Eren passed a message back to himself from the future using his will like what the 145th king did to his will preventing violence. To save Mikasa and Armin is LITERALLY Eren Jaeger's will.
It's Me, Steve
It's Me, Steve 8 days ago
@RASHAD JOHNSON thanks! I just reviewed my comment and I also think this has a theme to it. Perhaps Isayama is creating this world where even if not every titan shifter has a morally "right" answer, it's the story behind every one of those intheritors that counts. EVEN if the will of the 145th king was wrong, HE thought it was right. Just like how even though Eren's will to save Mikasa and Armin may be selfish, HE thinks he is saving them. In these types of situations it's hard to tell who is right and who is wrong. How could you blame the 145th king for wanting peace? How could you blame Eren for killing anybody who gets in his way to save Mikasa, Armin and "everyone else"? Hopefully this is what Isayama is going for because it's a powerful message. Not everything has to be "right". We fight so long to see who is right and wrong but in the end we explode like how Bertholt did in season 3 where he gave his line "it doesn't matter who or what is right or wrong anymore". All that matters is how he felt like he could live with whatever happens next. Annie's dad also has this theme. So does Eren's dad. Both parents (and I'm assuming all titan shifter parents) told them it doesn't matter if the world hates them. Just know that daddy loves them. That's a powerful message. Cry worthy. Cause it doesn't matter how people look at you. What matters is how YOU feel. And hopefully to feel free. That's when Bertholt felt the most free. He felt the most free when he cast off his feelings of doubt. Just like Mikasa said, he looked like a totally different person.
It's Me, Steve you’re absolutely right
Often Unsaid
Often Unsaid 2 months ago
I’m confused too lol!!
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 3 months ago
He sees the future through erens eyes
らり 3 months ago
god vid ruvid.net/video/video-fzN1YkPzcB0.html
Terrell Hemphill
Terrell Hemphill 3 months ago
Go back to the first episode how eren was in the flowers and he saw into the future. Now the eren Kruger did that as well
Mikooljohn 3 months ago
Synthacon7 3 months ago
The line about completing your mission in order to save mikasa and armin is what Grisha tells Eren before turning him into titan. Is the same exact line so he was quoting Grisha talking to Eren there, it happens in episode 9 of the first season called "The Basement". So most of what Grisha and Eren Kruger talk here at the end is very relevant to everything that happens in that episode of the first season. Like Eren all of a sudden knowing how to transform, in order to save Mikasa and Armin from the cannons. So at that moment is likely Eren remembered parts of this conversation where Eren Kruger shows Grisha how to transform. Lastly with Kruger having those "memories" that aren't his it's likely he has them because of Eren possessing the Founding Titan power. More like Eren having access to his father's memories it was more like him reliving it, he seems very disturbed and experiencing all the emotions his father did, like a very vivid dream. He has the power of the coordinate that connects all Eldians beyond time and space; so with him witnessing that moment between his father (Grisha) and Kruger it could be the case the connection goes both ways so Kruger also had access to some of Eren's memories in that point of time. Like when Eren was having a dreams about Historia's sister (Frieda) it was from Frieda's perspective watching herself in the mirror and at that moment it was very likely Frieda was aware of someone else (Eren) being in her conscience so at staring at her reflection she was also staring at Eren.
kashaka111 3 months ago
When I saw this I remembered the very first episode where eren had a dream about the titan invasion, before it happened
Amanda Orozco
Amanda Orozco 3 months ago
The 9 titans are connected by “the pathway”. It works forward and backward.
Thomas Noblet
Thomas Noblet 3 months ago
That line is in the manga and could be the key of the end of the story, the explination of Eren's behaviour for the readers :-) For the potential different studio for season 4, there is nothing confirmed at the moment.
BotPlayerLegacy 3 months ago
My opinion is eren will DIED, ishayama as writer of SnK might be inspired by nordic mythology and german ww1 such as the wall (in real life it's called Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany), Nazi=Marley and Jews=Eldian. And as we know in nordic mythology there's odin,thor,and loki but my point is the norwegians are believe that the world are being connected by the Yggdrasil tree and in each part of the tree there are 9 realms or worlds and 9 creatures. And they are the gods, the elves, the titans, and humans. And in one of their beliefs, norwegians do not believe in the real future but they are believe that the future and the past are related in one circle of the tree of the universe that as we know is Yggdrasil tree. And the people who've already dead actually not really dead but they're returned to the root of the tree that in one circle which is affect the stem and the branch and will grow into leaves, and if we connect SnK with nordic mythology it is certain that Eren will die
Liam Duff
Liam Duff 3 months ago
When Grisha injected Eren to become a titan, he said "If you want to save Mikasa, Armin and everyone else, you must learn to master this power." Maybe it was Grisha's memories Eren Kruger was talking about, at least most of it. The conversation was from 1x09
cheezy guy
cheezy guy 3 months ago
I would hate to watch a show with these guys 😂😂😂😂
Noonenormal 3 months ago
If anyone’s confused, Titan shifters share the memories of their past and future holders. So Eren sees Eren Krueger’s memories along with his fathers. And vice versa, Grisha and Krueger have the ability to see parts of the future holder, part of Erens memories. It all goes back to what they said, how all subjects of Ymir are connected. Titan shifters just have a stronger connection, more so to people who held that Titan before them. Ymir could probably see Marcel (Reiner/Bertoldt/Annie’s friend), Reiner, Zeke, Bertoldt, Annie and the holder of the Cart Titan can most likely all see past and or future memories depending on what events happen. Zeke most likely has a stronger connection since he has royal blood as well
Ladislao Leonardo
Ladislao Leonardo 3 months ago
Attack Titian has the ability to look into future
Jimmy Sataz 4
Jimmy Sataz 4 3 months ago
So you guys went Aaron had that memory technically had that has memory and saw the people who turn into titans and he actually kill those Titans were people that were turned into Titans so technically he killed people it's not the Titans fault cuz those are people
rashad0026 3 months ago
Grisha said the EXACT same line to Eren in Season 1, Episode 9. There was a flashback right before Eren shielded Mikasa and Armin from the canon fire with the Titan husk. The answer to that final scene is literally stated within the episode. lol There's even a clue in the Info Card.
Charles Costa
Charles Costa 3 months ago
I started the manga from scratch last week caught up to the whole shit less den 24 hours I didnt give a fudge cuh dat hoe was good bruh😂😂😂
e double
e double 3 months ago
Love your reactions
Tomy fernandez
Tomy fernandez 3 months ago
I think what is gonna change is part of the staff but no the studio I think is that
DoppyDoe 3 months ago
I think it because eren is using the founding titan's power to speak to the Owl, idk if i am right, i haven't read the manga but i think that is a good guess? i am probably wrong?!!
DomBoyReady 3 months ago
It's because of the paths. Time works differently with the memories.
DemonRunen 3 months ago
Eren remembers to this memories so kruger was speaking to grisha and eren. Of course kruger didnt know that, its the link between the titans.
Sun Roriz
Sun Roriz 3 months ago
i think kruger said that because he was the old attack titan, just as eren is connected to his fathers memories because his father was the attack titan before him. i guess eren is connected to krugers memories thus kruger was too probably connected to eren before he was even born. avatar type shit, like the avatar is connected to every other who came before him, different is the titan may also connect to the ones to come.
chris zuniga
chris zuniga 3 months ago
Maybe Eren Krueger is talking to Eren Yager directly through Grishas thoughts knowing that Grisha would pass down the Titan power by that still doesn’t answer how he knows Armin and Mikasa. Maybe it has to do with that coordinar thing and how everyone is connected. That’s my best assumption
WarframeGuy 3 months ago
it is mind blowing but the past and future is connected in one line. they can go to future and past memories in one straight line.
WarframeGuy 3 months ago
that’s how I look at it.
Nick Holcomb
Nick Holcomb 3 months ago
How do you NOT remember the biggest mind fucking line of the story?
Ordr6Tsix 3 months ago
So, if the titan power isnt passes on, then someone is born with it. But you only live 13 years. So, how would an adolescent be able to know to pass their power on? Wouldn't that just lead to the whole race dying off quickly?
Ordr6Tsix 3 months ago
And also, how did Grisha give Eren the Attack Titan power without being eaten?
Cicada studio
Cicada studio 3 months ago
React to mikasa lost girl ova
ByMaNiiaC_ 3 months ago
this memories are from eren geager when grisha told him to save armin and mikasa and everyone a the begining. same as in chapter 1 season 1 when eren wakes up crying cause he have seen the memorien from eren when he was in jail seeing all grisha memories. memories still conected in all eldians and doesent matter if is in past or future
Matt B
Matt B 3 months ago
Wellz to Rob: “You see Ymir chained up?” Rob: “Yeah, so she’s alive?” Wellz: *gives Rob a look* Rob: *smiling* “So she’s alive! 😏” LOLOLOL
Matt B
Matt B 3 months ago
Come on Wellz and Jerry. How did you guys not remember that???? That was the biggest mind fuck of the arc tbh, bigger than the basement reveal by far. Y’all should really reread these chapters. Also Wellz PLEASE stop telling them what’s about to be explained right before it is. It’s a reaction to the episode, not a reaction to you telling them what happens...
adegiare 3 months ago
To SaVe ME Ka Sa aRe M i N
Dioo B.
Dioo B. 3 months ago
YEEE... everyone confused...
Aleks 3 months ago
does rob know what’s goin on half the time? it seems like he’s not retaining all the information givin in one line of dialogue lmao
Eduardo Catalán LCB
Nobody beleives u guys dont remember the part kruger mentioned armin and mikasa You just know that everyone critized u guys last episode for being spoilers and now tryna act u dont remember LOL good one great actors
three dollar chain forever
Please react to attack on titan in nine minutes so funny and please react to black butler and Tokyo ghoul good anime’s 💜
kostas kostas
kostas kostas 3 months ago
ok for me its clear and not cunfusing at all , cz at some point of this episode it said that the giants powers are connected threw time space and dimensions so past future doesnt matter what happens its connected between the ppl that had the same titan power , i know sounds very confusing but thats how i intercept it
TheUnknown Clone
TheUnknown Clone 3 months ago
great episode.... but i feel at some instances in the video ya'll kinda spoiling stuff from da manga
J-WILD Inc. 3 months ago
Do y’all read the Manga....cause nun of this was a shock to me
Twili Vaati
Twili Vaati 3 months ago
Patrick looking fine af with those jeans
Cov Fefe
Cov Fefe 3 months ago
They totally forgot the coordinates on how Krueger foresee eren's memories.
UNKNOWN56 3 months ago
That like infinite paradox. Eren memories = eren kruger memories = eren memories (infinite) One fact in manga: When people become titan , they will be have some memories of titan shifer before him. But in this case eren krugger have memories in future like paradox.
Nina Kennedy
Nina Kennedy 3 months ago
If Zeke gets the Founding Titan ability.....😳
pjamese3 3 months ago
Grisha named Eren after the guy who saved his life. Eren and Grisha's (and Eren Krueger's) memories are all flowing up and down the time stream due to them all sharing the Attack Titan power. It's probably harder for memories to go back in time, so only deep thoughts and strong feelings will go back. Who does Eren care about more than Mikasa and Armin? (That's not from reading the Manga. It's just reading/watching a LOT of science fiction.)
Bruno Quercetti
Bruno Quercetti 3 months ago
- Rob: "So she's alive..." - Wellz: "She was chained up" [...] - Rob: "SO SHE'S ALIVE" - Wellz: (fuck)
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