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Feb 19, 2020




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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 3 months ago
This was a fun little game, If you want to see more games like this I want you to press the like button! Show me you like this content :D Also please subscribe if you haven't yet. A huge % of you are not subscribed.
Stephen Peters
Stephen Peters Month ago
I from astraila
certain player
certain player 2 months ago
H20delirous pls more !!!
Proxy Firewall
Proxy Firewall 2 months ago
Hit clown 8 times then go to basement human
M. I. A
M. I. A 2 months ago
We aren't?
Thrall Dumehammer
Thrall Dumehammer 3 months ago
You screaming too funny
chevy nielsen
chevy nielsen 15 days ago
can the girl go faster or not aaaaa bloody eyes that scary first waird eyes then black then bloody call someone the hands come thuogh the walls slinder man what?
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 16 days ago
Keep going delirious!!! :3
ICanBeA no0b
ICanBeA no0b 26 days ago
5:17 jumpsquare thank me later
Virtualcomos 28 days ago
Haha 😂
Virtualcomos 28 days ago
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 29 days ago
Not sure if this the right number but if you put 1983 from five nights at Freddy's in the safe you will find a golden Freddy head
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 29 days ago
A ending after one tape go to kitchen you will find oil after you are away from ohm grab the slingshot shoot vase you will have a lighter and you have oil shoot ohm the hand on the couch use oil and lighter get of house now
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 29 days ago
Hit clown 8 times and go to basement and continue to go right the bricks will be gone go in reference
eduardo giron
eduardo giron 29 days ago
Please delirious pleassssssssss
Ashton Dickinson
Does anyone else think that delirious sounds insane when he laughs like that
Ali Soto
Ali Soto Month ago
Twisted Wolf
Twisted Wolf Month ago
Oh wait 1 sleep 2 escape 3 can’t tell you🙂
Twisted Wolf
Twisted Wolf Month ago
H20 nana I thought you were mr hops PLAY WITH ME DELIROUS h20 moo walks away and sings f this s I’m out
Twisted Wolf
Twisted Wolf Month ago
There’s 3 or 2 ending I think oh it’s 3 bad end
Jayden Schumugge
Mr hopps is now mad at you deleris
Jayden Schumugge
It’s mr hopp not owm
Angelo Jin Ventura
5:21 jumpscared
Ezekiel Williams
Shut up!!!!!!😡😠😡😠
Ezekiel Williams
U can run u n00b
Kevin Blades
Kevin Blades Month ago
Did you watch nana knows the ending
unusual freak
unusual freak Month ago
People are here talking about dels scream while im here waiting for ohm to see this
Kelvin D. Diestro
What category is this horror game?
the fancy doge ,
Put 1987 into the safe
Bass killer Gaming, hunting and fishing
When I played this game the parents bed was covered in blood and I also set the house on fire which to me has to be the best ending in the game cause the demon actually dies at that ending
syreeta Jackson
syreeta Jackson Month ago
I like the delirious
Lanchonete Marianos Lanches e Açaí
Ele é medroso eu já vi os vídeos dele eu bi e é sério mesmo
Lanchonete Marianos Lanches e Açaí
Manolo eu já vi os vídeos dele eu vi ele é medroso demelais
bendy plushie and friends
Hello H20
Titan Alpha
Titan Alpha Month ago
What the hell is Slenderman doing here?!?!
Zyon Majette
Zyon Majette Month ago
We will take over the world
蝶LUCKYchõ Month ago
It's the new OHM after getting COVID19
Maximilian Stefan Maksic
In 8:17 min he was so loud
Inthewoods102 Friga
Delirious can make any horror game funny
Tobes Month ago
I think deliours needs help
Constantine M
Constantine M Month ago
There’s Freddy in safe
Constantine M
Constantine M Month ago
There’s Freddy in the safe
mark puri
mark puri Month ago
Delirious sounds like kevin hart
Alodi Wilson
Alodi Wilson Month ago
I like how Delirious keeps in check with telephant, teddy bear, teddy bear general ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ💙
Alodi Wilson
Alodi Wilson Month ago
Alodi Wilson
Alodi Wilson Month ago
Not even five minutes in and Delirious already got me having goosebumps :'D
Alodi Wilson
Alodi Wilson Month ago
I love Delirious and his commentary in this game xD
Itz_me_your_bro English
:H2O gogogogogogogogo yes! The yes! Looked like bunny stayed i got you haha
Itz_me_your_bro English
:Me holy crap that basement is scary bunny hey :H2O ahhhhhhhhhhh
Virginia Lopez
Virginia Lopez Month ago
When he said get in bed an ad about a bed came on
superfox_fox cat boi meme
18:45 if you not scared of spiders you are now
Balraj Parmar
Balraj Parmar Month ago
Hit the clown on the ground 8 times and check the basement fully
Gwenifer Untoro
Gwenifer Untoro Month ago
I will not download that’ cared
Mo No
Mo No Month ago
When I watch this I almost shot my pants
Sassy Ses
Sassy Ses Month ago
Definitely pissed myself twice
Tritam Nguyen
Tritam Nguyen Month ago
congrats you just found an useless Easter egg
the cringe
the cringe Month ago
He almost said what the f
Kaitlynnjean1 2 months ago
Your laugh broke the night light
pAnimated 2 months ago
I just followed you on insta 😉
Pyro 2 months ago
There are three endings sleep tight, escape artist and firestarter
Oscar Groover
Oscar Groover 2 months ago
You can sprint in the game
Oscar Groover
Oscar Groover 2 months ago
Slender man is a secret Easter egg if you didn’t know
One piece Official
One piece Official 2 months ago
I follow you on instagram and you already follow me back
Rebel Savage
Rebel Savage 2 months ago
Its the damn date on the calender!!!!!
Ante Kvasina
Ante Kvasina 2 months ago
Clown 8 times basement (hint)
certain player
certain player 2 months ago
H20delirous pls more !!!
certain player
certain player 2 months ago
H20delirous pls more !!!
certain player
certain player 2 months ago
H20delirous pls more !!!
certain player
certain player 2 months ago
H20delirous pls more !!!
Noman Hayati
Noman Hayati 2 months ago
September 14 is my birthday
DamiansGameStudios 2020
8:11 H2O: you'll never know when he's gonna pop out. also H2O: *sees Ohmwrecker* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Trehez 2 months ago
i dont like how im watching this with my blanket off me
clone trooper xx
clone trooper xx 2 months ago
1 esater egg found
Spaceman crazy
Spaceman crazy 2 months ago
The objective was to find her mom never mind that lets find tapes Later so the mom is still with ohm
Anas Fikri
Anas Fikri 2 months ago
R.I.P. Nana
Sophia Maclennan
Sophia Maclennan 2 months ago
It was my birthday on the 19 😐😐
Sherry Byrne
Sherry Byrne 2 months ago
I followed you
Girly Guider
Girly Guider 2 months ago
I’m a big fan
xshdwx 1
xshdwx 1 2 months ago
That scream at 7:28 tho 🤣🤣
Richy Amador
Richy Amador 2 months ago
Why do you like teddy bear
Mr. Suicidal
Mr. Suicidal 2 months ago
Delirious: They didn't even call my grandmother to watch me Me: Your grandmother died
Abyzz Lizz
Abyzz Lizz 2 months ago
18:47 that scream
Poplemanic123 2 months ago
Alex Phox
Alex Phox 2 months ago
Has anybody else noticed that he’s gone through the game without sprinting?
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez 2 months ago
thomas vaughan
thomas vaughan 2 months ago
You need to.find her mother as well
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