Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Offset goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about his love for Nike SB, older Jordans, and not being able to get sneakers growing up and how it fueled his current passion.
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 60
Josiah Moore-Ford
Imagen offset Actually join faze clan
Michael Lanaux
Do nikki baby next
Oops _itsaliza
Oops _itsaliza 2 days ago
Imagine seeing something u like and jus getting it
mike wazoski
mike wazoski 2 days ago
Bru i pray i make it in music so i can take care of my family and buy them shoes and clothes
Joe Lowry
Joe Lowry 2 days ago
Damn I'm jealous asf
britney do
britney do 3 days ago
i love how unpaused he is by the total
Avas 8 days ago
Bro this dude finna moan when he pull out any AF1’s
Hardy Lee
Hardy Lee 9 days ago
Offset genuinely seems like a really nice person
Riley Kim
Riley Kim 9 days ago
offset seems kinda scary at first but then i see this video and hes a sweet as candy
Nate 10 days ago
Fit2DeTech 10 days ago
Bruh, my 5’s only be worth $240, half those are 500+ hell nah
El pollo Loco
El pollo Loco 11 days ago
I seriously need to start mumble rappin
Jet Genius
Jet Genius 11 days ago
He spent alot of money but them retros will be worth even more in a couple years. He probably got so many kicks there's no way he gonna fuck them all up
Quinn Glock
Quinn Glock 13 days ago
Love how you can actually understand what he’s is saying unlike some guests
Adarsh Raj
Adarsh Raj 14 days ago
All these 27 shoes ain't worth even a 1000 dollars. Made in Indonesia or Vietnam with workers not even earning 1 dollar a day.
jacobspf 02
jacobspf 02 14 days ago
you forgot the 12s
Nexxt Lai
Nexxt Lai 14 days ago
HAHAHA Waxed from head to toe bro !!!
will curtis
will curtis 17 days ago
He was definitely right about sb's "coming back in 6 months"
what? 18 days ago
loud ass music
TheRealUpdates 18 days ago
INSANE CLiiPZ- 20 days ago
FaZe Offset
D'marco Wood
D'marco Wood 20 days ago
This my fav episode
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 21 day ago
He looks like my area farmer
Kian Varshney
Kian Varshney 21 day ago
What is he going to do with 27 pairs of shoes when he has like 50 more?????????
cole 22 days ago
Bro was super right about dunks. Came back so hard can’t even cop a pair anymore for cheap
Rodrigo Killaa
Rodrigo Killaa 22 days ago
Offset said it best people weren’t fucking wit dunks now they copping the off white’s of em
L BoogIe
L BoogIe 22 days ago
His collection trash
Charles Gutierrez
Charles Gutierrez 23 days ago
Migos hella suck tho
This man bought more shoes in 2 hours then i did in 15 years lmfao...
Amanda Delgado
Amanda Delgado 24 days ago
俊凱吳 25 days ago
ㄅ 我有買過他家的( Wechat:AJ-TOP1 ) Dior x Jordan 1 非常ㄅㄤ! Fake里最完美的復刻!從中國莆田直接發貨到臺灣以及海外~~~~
WhyJaay 25 days ago
Him and Juice Dropped a college tuition on shoes
Andy Haelig
Andy Haelig 25 days ago
Bruh offsets pants are fire
Ryan Marvel
Ryan Marvel 26 days ago
that intro cold
Maong Imsong
Maong Imsong 28 days ago
Please Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber
Justin Parker
Justin Parker Month ago
He left the faze house to go and drop 30k on shoes😉😉
The Gaben
The Gaben Month ago
Why tf this mane wearing a faze hoodie. Straight booty
Deezy G
Deezy G Month ago
Man idc how rich I am, my ass never shopping at Flight Club, their prices are absolutely retarded
Sasha kardong official
Dang $31,333 !!!
EMC187 Month ago
30k is like $10 dollars for these rapperz
StannleyEarlXo Month ago
Offset pants said🤐
edson ferreira
edson ferreira Month ago
Imagine if they had Travis Scott be in a episode 💀
Brian Zol
Brian Zol Month ago
offsrping aint even a real one doe
milz Month ago
offset: ready to pay between $10k - $15k Complex: not if i have anything to say about it 😂😂
milz Month ago
almost didnt recognize offset without his glasses on 😂
KristoArmani Month ago
Bro Macklemore Hookin everyone up w 25 grand shoes
Kory Elmore
Kory Elmore Month ago
He mentioned Macklemore I personally love Macklemore I need his shoes
Nick Shred
Nick Shred Month ago
FaZe Offset Came Through!!!!!!!
Vincent Sham
Vincent Sham Month ago
He high af lmfao
Justin Womack-woods
I need a link for the jeans
Kwasi De Jonge
Kwasi De Jonge Month ago
i love offset but yall need travis scott on this show
Layla Tripplet
Layla Tripplet Month ago
8000 for one pair geezzz
Angelina Vang
Angelina Vang Month ago
She belong to the streets.
Paul Aouad
Paul Aouad Month ago
Damn he went crazy !
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Month ago
This due sounds a whole lot different on the mic..
S Hossieni
S Hossieni Month ago
This dude really left faze what's in the box challenge for complex sneaker shopping😂
Cody Jailbird
Cody Jailbird Month ago
cant even front, the boy knows his shoes.. gotta luv that
Saul Duran
Saul Duran 2 months ago
His jeans brand???
Out Box
Out Box 2 months ago
imma be like this in my next life
Truth 2 months ago
Damn $30,000 on shoes 😯
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