Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Offset goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about his love for Nike SB, older Jordans, and not being able to get sneakers growing up and how it fueled his current passion.
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 7 326
Arun James
Arun James 9 hours ago
31,000 holy Fack
Soos Day ago
His name is short for office settings
Cameron Saldana
He wearing Cardi’s pants? Tight as hell on them legs lol
dunkno Day ago
Offset swear he has drip 😂😂😂he’s in some dead faze hoodie and insta jeans
kaayyczn 3 days ago
MajinKJ 3 days ago
I would suck dic to even have 30k in my account no homo
That intro was fresh. Real Fresh.
Izanxmi XI
Izanxmi XI 4 days ago
What does offset have to do with Faze ?
CAL MAX 5 days ago
I swear it’s the uglier the shoe, the higher the price
reegan Duffy
reegan Duffy 5 days ago
Those first 4s where Clark Kent's
justin chisolm
justin chisolm 5 days ago
This man spent damn near my whole salary on some fucking shoes. I’m bout to start kicking in doors fuck it
HonestMe 7 days ago
Malik Kelly
Malik Kelly 7 days ago
Everyone talking but the shoes but those pants he got on hard asf. What are they?
Julia Maria
Julia Maria 7 days ago
Brasíl 😍😍
Luciana Oliveira Sumika
Esse é o Cara.
Kenneth Cayubit
Kenneth Cayubit 9 days ago
Sir Joe La Puma Could you please feature DJ BigBoyCheng of the Philippines. And his massive sneaker collection and Supreme items. An avid fan from Philippines.
Kenneth Cayubit
Kenneth Cayubit 9 days ago
Sir Joe La Puma Could you please feature DJ BigBoyCheng of the Philippines. And his massive sneaker collection and Supreme items. An avid fan from Philippines.
Kenneth Cayubit
Kenneth Cayubit 9 days ago
Sir Joe La Puma Could you please feature DJ BigBoyCheng of the Philippines. And his massive sneaker collection and Supreme items. An avid fan from Philippines.
kim Jong-un
kim Jong-un 9 days ago
Spend 31k only in nikes shoes that looks almost the same i think dont worth it
Nikki Plowden
Nikki Plowden 9 days ago
price gouging
Samurai XXX Games
Samurai XXX Games 10 days ago
Who else just skips to the end to see how much the total price is
Anxty 5 days ago
Me, i'm fuckin shocked to see how much he spent because people usually just spend 2k on shoes in these videos
Javier Coronel
Javier Coronel 11 days ago
Offset my favorite Migo for sure I would love to see his collection
hennyhann 12 days ago
balls in his face
Alexander Cintron
Alexander Cintron 12 days ago
I swear his spend the most out of every body that been on complex 💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥
Jameice Hancock
Jameice Hancock 12 days ago
I like offset lol He cool seem like one of the guys in school i woulda been cool with
Jameice Hancock
Jameice Hancock 12 days ago
I watch all of these just to see how spent the most money lol
lizmoi Mendoza
lizmoi Mendoza 13 days ago
Jordan skipping all tha way to the bank
Vuyolethu Ngebeza
Vuyolethu Ngebeza 14 days ago
This dude facially looks like Kevin Durant
Jameice Hancock
Jameice Hancock 12 days ago
Vuyolethu Ngebeza yes very similar
Tevans_1628 14 days ago
offest rly flexing on all of us
Sugar Marie
Sugar Marie 14 days ago
God damn!!
kamani fralin
kamani fralin 15 days ago
Izuku Midoryia
Izuku Midoryia 16 days ago
The editing when offset showed up said: ↗️↖️↙️↘️↩️↪️⬆️⬇️ 0:10
tristan fuller
tristan fuller 17 days ago
Get dj Pauly D to come do an episode
Cod Gaming
Cod Gaming 18 days ago
Dang he spent a whole 3 racks on dem shoes
Glasklart 18 days ago
Krytt like innit
Krytt like innit 19 days ago
Please get Machine Gun Kelly there
Alfredo Valencia
Alfredo Valencia 20 days ago
Do Quavo
Leigha 20 days ago
People are saying that hes bragging but he really not he made that money from his hard work that he did so his fans would like it! So I don't understand why you guys saying he bragging!
Choppaaah 20 days ago
Spends 31k and they still count 12 cents LOL
Damon Gibson
Damon Gibson 20 days ago
You have gotten Quavo and Offset on here. I’m still waiting on Takeoff
Jazlynn Baza
Jazlynn Baza 21 day ago
8:09 me at the pet store annoying the fish
Reagan Baby
Reagan Baby 21 day ago
This is all cap
Marthin Cochajil
Marthin Cochajil 22 days ago
I can't belive they got faze turkey diner
Be back dont unsub
Be back dont unsub 22 days ago
I love how he copy’s everything he says 6:30 I love offset tho 💪🏿
Rohan Harry
Rohan Harry 22 days ago
LeBlakkHammer 22 days ago
Run out of...film?
Liam Read
Liam Read 22 days ago
He’s wearing some fire shoes already
FlyBoyYB FTO 23 days ago
Sofia Selly
Sofia Selly 23 days ago
When the said the price is 31 k , I was like that’s more than I can make in a life time 💁‍♀️
Niko Trbojević
Niko Trbojević 23 days ago
He is right about the sb
Jeniffer Lara
Jeniffer Lara 24 days ago
Shi.this man just spent the most
Umanzor Bff
Umanzor Bff 24 days ago
they need cardi🤦🏽‍♀️
J leachy
J leachy 25 days ago
If I spent £31000 on sneakers I'd leave the store with 155 pairs!! I could have 500 million in the bank 200 for a pair is still a piss take🤷🏾‍♂️
Tyler Robey
Tyler Robey 26 days ago
Joe done had everybody on the show lmao
Khazia De Los Santos
my tuitionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Yeo Zhi Yong
Yeo Zhi Yong 27 days ago
He wore the faze clan jacket
Elijah Germain Germain
Damn u 31,333 u can buy a car with that kind of money
Tiara Tube
Tiara Tube 29 days ago
this is my first time hearing him take regularly and I was not expecting him to sound like thst
larry89 29 days ago
Alright, Offset needs to release his own shoe now
Lucas Adriano
Lucas Adriano 29 days ago
Even the seller is like “you already blew 40k bro wtf”
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