OFFICIAL Star Wars Episode IX Trailer BREAKDOWN - The Rise of Skywalker

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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 1 818
David Smith
David Smith 3 months ago
Star Wars: Return of the Mary Sue. I hope this rubbish film flops worse than Solo.
Guilherme Augusto
Guilherme Augusto 5 months ago
The planet's name is pasana
SkippThe Mag
SkippThe Mag 5 months ago
a lot of people are hating on the new movies but does anyone remember the Holiday Special from the late 1970's?ahhh, perspective.
cultusdeus 5 months ago
You said nothing about Rey brandishing the double-bladed red lightsaber?
Epiccat 255
Epiccat 255 5 months ago
3:16 that's landos place from SOLO. Am I he only one to see that?
Terry Head
Terry Head 6 months ago
So, like a angry ghost, the emperor is still alive and kicking. This movie seems like it will be pot, just pot filled with crap to the brim, brimming with crap.
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz 6 months ago
I think in the first scene ..Rey is Training..!
Janet Kauffmn
Janet Kauffmn 6 months ago
Rey killed luke and Rey is not a skywalker or a jedi she is a sith
loll boii
loll boii 6 months ago
Rey didint kill luke. Force did
kbhelpermonkey 6 months ago
Couldn't fight the the annoying voice cadence. That bit needs to go away.
Cameron Rosario
Cameron Rosario 7 months ago
4:03 that planet reminds me of where asaj ventres was from
The Sadistic Sith
The Sadistic Sith 7 months ago
What happened to R2? He's no where in the trailer.....
TheCloneWarsDiehard 7 months ago
This movie can eat a bag of dicks....this was a waste of time.
Sea Snek
Sea Snek 7 months ago
Anyone else feel like they'll watch episode 9 (just to finish the trilogy for them) but have barely any hope of it being satisfying or good?
JM Studios
JM Studios 8 months ago
What if Palpatine was laughing as he was falling?
Dimitris Theodorou
Dimitris Theodorou 8 months ago
I hate Rey
Steve Lord
Steve Lord 8 months ago
Can't wait to watch Rey fight Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base 2.
Taygan Wyman
Taygan Wyman 8 months ago
Rip old actor as Chewbacca
kanaal die ik niet meer ga gebruiken
Kylo ren pushes someone with his lightsaber ExUsE mE wTf
YDS77 8 months ago
I really hope they bring in the hammerhead ships from the Old Republic Era like they did in Rogue One
Cliperclaper !
Cliperclaper ! 8 months ago
7:35 That's a star destroyer in the background, could be a republic one because of the red strip though. I can tell because I can see the unique bridge shape.
pqsnet 8 months ago
Renaming the Jedi order to Skywalker is fucking stupid. Do Disney really think fans will take that serious? Fucking pandering to fans to come back. FUCK YOU DISNEY!
pqsnet 8 months ago
The deathstar FUCKING BLEW UP! You showed it your self 9:16 . There was no big chunks of the station left of neither of the Deathstars... This Deathstar in the ocean is a pice of shit plot as every thing else in this Disney FUCK trilogy. Nothing ads up. Its completely bullshit. And even if they re-edit the Original films, such a big object would fucking erradicate the entire surface of that planet. So fuck YOU DISNEY! Your logic is BULLSHIT!
pqsnet 8 months ago
Yeh, about that, 6:20 the Social Justice Bullshit Robot uploaded to the Falcon.... It doesnt only explain the wierd dialect, it also explains why the fucking ship always Malfunction when its most needed to operate. Fucking feminist twat!
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 9 months ago
I swear if we hear that stupid droid say a fucking word in this movie I am done with Star Wars. The falcon is not a god damn sentient equal rights wanting droid.
Yankee Boy
Yankee Boy 9 months ago
vader might come back maybe
Midnitesilverrun 9 months ago
Um Kylo is a Skywalker,or did everyone forget that part?of course unless Rey is one her self then.
Wolf-ChildYTBR 9 months ago
If it's the "Rise of Skywalker" I think this desert planet is actually Luke's Home.
Justin Ornelas
Justin Ornelas 9 months ago
So Mary grabbed both pieces of the lightsaber before leaving? Do we assume the crystal in the saber is new? I thought the crystal exploded which is what threw them both back when the saber split. That piece of the Death Star at the end could mean they’re on the actual planet of Endor, right? If the forest moon had the Death Stars shield, then it had to be close enough for debris to land on the planet itself, not just the moon
Craig Musa
Craig Musa 9 months ago
So which death star was it?
jedimasterashla 9 months ago
Did anyone notice that at 3:30 Kylo's lightsaber does not slice the person in half and that Kylo Ren does not seem to be physically touching the person?
Sandstorm McDowell
Sandstorm McDowell 9 months ago
5:27 anyone else notice that there is another of kylo's helmets next to the helmet he is working on?
Reylo Knight
Reylo Knight 9 months ago
desert planet might be Jedha also. But whos knows til movie comes out LOL
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 9 months ago
Star Wars episode 9 is a very good back story.
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 9 months ago
Star Wars is ((((TRULY))) dead if my Star Sun Crusher is not a main big long battle super weapon in episode 9.
klonaya 9 months ago
After reading meta's on tumblr, this video is nonsense and kinda bullshit. He just sees what we see, nothing more. He doesn't analyze anything. This is like a soap bubble video. Seriously, this channel has like 1M subs. Nah.
Tammy Of Skyrim
Tammy Of Skyrim 9 months ago
In Star Wars it is also known that with can attach themselves to objects so my theory is that Palpatine could have attached to Vader’s lightsaber which fell down the same shaft...🤔
Meli 9 months ago
Strange the way you assume Kylo is in the TIE fighter, despite nothing confirming it. Infact it's more likely they'd have shown his face for this scene but they purposefully dont despite, in my opinion, wanting people to assume it's him. Personally I think it's a Knight of Ren whose been tracking Rey and she goes out into the desert to face him/her.
xOtterz 9 months ago
Grandmaster Rey Makes me cringe
Nathan Toms
Nathan Toms 9 months ago
Think this could be dark. Also just wondering. Episode VI the Death Star revolves around Endor. I don't think that planet looked a lot like Endor. If it's not Endor then how did it get there?
f- puppet
f- puppet 9 months ago
Sooo basically you don't know anything...
CactusJack 9 months ago
*Endgame has left the chat*
Dagbar81 9 months ago
AKHIL Pillay
AKHIL Pillay 9 months ago
Having a venator class star destroyer will destroy them all
GenericUsername 9 months ago
its directed by JJA, just like TFA was a shameless copy n paste of ANH I guarantee this will b a shameless rip off of ROTJ
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 9 months ago
It was Tatooine
BXDoom 9 months ago
Could the Death Star fragment seen in the trailer just be a piece of a discontinued third death star which crashed when it was abandoned somewhere?
Matty D
Matty D 9 months ago
1:59 she somehow ignites the lightsaber even though her thumb is nowhere near the ignition button
Mark Ant
Mark Ant 9 months ago
Wow, this is good.
Aegon Stark
Aegon Stark 9 months ago
2:33 U cant know if it is Ren dude, u only see his gloves.
Joe P
Joe P 9 months ago
why do people assume the death star chunk has to be on Yavin or Endor? I mean, if characters are coming back to life etc. don't you think it'd be plausible a chunk of the death star could float through space and crash on some random planet?
Eric Alderson
Eric Alderson 10 months ago
The A-Wing was and Intercepter/Fighter and not a Bomber.
Izzy V
Izzy V 10 months ago
i dont know if youve coverd this yet but in reys firts vision in episode 7 it looks like she is on cloud city so im wondering if she will ho there in episode 9
MeBeMat 10 months ago
I don't think you know what the word "official" means.
Skywalking Studioz
Skywalking Studioz 10 months ago
The planet with the A wing reminds me of the planet Galen Erso died on
rmyancey 10 months ago
Guy repairing the helmet... Dude he slams is hairy like that too.
James Stray
James Stray 10 months ago
Or Kylo could be training Rey with the TIE for the Emperor.
Twisted Giggity
Twisted Giggity 10 months ago
Could be kylo ren killing the knights of ren
ElfNZ_OW 10 months ago
SURELY Starkiller Finally makes an appearance
Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey 10 months ago
Idk if this is important or not but take a look at the speader that’s being used by fin when escaping the sand troopers it appears to be the one that took place with Jaba the hut. This could be the planet they are returning to🤷‍♂️
Turrican73 10 months ago
Don´t forget to breathe.
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