OFFICIAL Star Wars Episode IX Trailer BREAKDOWN - The Rise of Skywalker

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Annette Bender
Annette Bender 5 days ago
vader might come back maybe
Um Kylo is a Skywalker,or did everyone forget that part?of course unless Rey is one her self then.
Wolf-ChildYTBR 7 days ago
If it's the "Rise of Skywalker" I think this desert planet is actually Luke's Home.
Justin Ornelas
Justin Ornelas 9 days ago
So Mary grabbed both pieces of the lightsaber before leaving? Do we assume the crystal in the saber is new? I thought the crystal exploded which is what threw them both back when the saber split. That piece of the Death Star at the end could mean they’re on the actual planet of Endor, right? If the forest moon had the Death Stars shield, then it had to be close enough for debris to land on the planet itself, not just the moon
Craig Morse
Craig Morse 9 days ago
So which death star was it?
Ana Azarov
Ana Azarov 10 days ago
Did anyone notice that at 3:30 Kylo's lightsaber does not slice the person in half and that Kylo Ren does not seem to be physically touching the person?
Sandstorm McDowell
Sandstorm McDowell 11 days ago
5:27 anyone else notice that there is another of kylo's helmets next to the helmet he is working on?
Freya Petit
Freya Petit 13 days ago
desert planet might be Jedha also. But whos knows til movie comes out LOL
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 13 days ago
Star Wars episode 9 is a very good back story.
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 13 days ago
Star Wars is ((((TRULY))) dead if my Star Sun Crusher is not a main big long battle super weapon in episode 9.
klonaya 17 days ago
After reading meta's on tumblr, this video is nonsense and kinda bullshit. He just sees what we see, nothing more. He doesn't analyze anything. This is like a soap bubble video. Seriously, this channel has like 1M subs. Nah.
Tammy Of Skyrim
Tammy Of Skyrim 18 days ago
In Star Wars it is also known that with can attach themselves to objects so my theory is that Palpatine could have attached to Vader’s lightsaber which fell down the same shaft...🤔
Meli 18 days ago
Strange the way you assume Kylo is in the TIE fighter, despite nothing confirming it. Infact it's more likely they'd have shown his face for this scene but they purposefully dont despite, in my opinion, wanting people to assume it's him. Personally I think it's a Knight of Ren whose been tracking Rey and she goes out into the desert to face him/her.
Hydreigon_Polarzz 18 days ago
Grandmaster Rey Makes me cringe
Nathan Toms
Nathan Toms 19 days ago
Think this could be dark. Also just wondering. Episode VI the Death Star revolves around Endor. I don't think that planet looked a lot like Endor. If it's not Endor then how did it get there?
f- puppet
f- puppet 19 days ago
Sooo basically you don't know anything...
supreme Plays
supreme Plays 21 day ago
*Endgame has left the chat*
Dagbar81 21 day ago
AKHIL Pillay
AKHIL Pillay 21 day ago
Having a venator class star destroyer will destroy them all
GenericUsername 21 day ago
its directed by JJA, just like TFA was a shameless copy n paste of ANH I guarantee this will b a shameless rip off of ROTJ
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 21 day ago
It was Tatooine
Nurik 23 days ago
Could the Death Star fragment seen in the trailer just be a piece of a discontinued third death star which crashed when it was abandoned somewhere?
Matty D
Matty D 23 days ago
1:59 she somehow ignites the lightsaber even though her thumb is nowhere near the ignition button
Mark Ant
Mark Ant 25 days ago
Wow, this is good.
Aegon Stark
Aegon Stark 25 days ago
2:33 U cant know if it is Ren dude, u only see his gloves.
TJP thewars1684
TJP thewars1684 27 days ago
why do people assume the death star chunk has to be on Yavin or Endor? I mean, if characters are coming back to life etc. don't you think it'd be plausible a chunk of the death star could float through space and crash on some random planet?
Eric Alderson
Eric Alderson 28 days ago
The A-Wing was and Intercepter/Fighter and not a Bomber.
KarnagePG 29 days ago
The Rise of Skywalker - Jamal Skywalker, the Black Knight, confirmed.
Izzy V
Izzy V Month ago
i dont know if youve coverd this yet but in reys firts vision in episode 7 it looks like she is on cloud city so im wondering if she will ho there in episode 9
MeBeMat Month ago
I don't think you know what the word "official" means.
Skywalking Studioz
The planet with the A wing reminds me of the planet Galen Erso died on
rmyancey Month ago
Guy repairing the helmet... Dude he slams is hairy like that too.
James Stray
James Stray Month ago
Or Kylo could be training Rey with the TIE for the Emperor.
Lord Scorpion
Lord Scorpion Month ago
Could be kylo ren killing the knights of ren
ElfNZ_OW Month ago
SURELY Starkiller Finally makes an appearance
Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey Month ago
Idk if this is important or not but take a look at the speader that’s being used by fin when escaping the sand troopers it appears to be the one that took place with Jaba the hut. This could be the planet they are returning to🤷‍♂️
Turrican73 Month ago
Don´t forget to breathe.
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski Month ago
splashy67 Month ago
imagine at the end of film rey defeating palpatine, and then in the moment rey thinks its all over she hears palpatine laugh again, and seeing his decayed and tortured soul in front of her laughing, next palpatine starts to talk something like: i cant be defeated anymore ive become more powerfull than anyone could imagine and now you shall die. And as he goes to enter her body, force ghosts of obi wan, qui qon, yoda and luke appear and stop his ghost from doing that, in the meantime palpatine laughs even harder saying you will not stop me, but then anakins force ghost arrives and by the power of the chosen one defeats spirit of palpatine and brings back balance to the force forever. This ending would make anakin still be the chosen one.
G3daBeast Month ago
If you played battlefront 2 campaign story, the people he could be fighting are those other resistance guys who had there own ships and everything
My theory is when Kyle talked to the helmet he was talking to palptine because Vader became good when he died palptine did no and he had a connection with the helmet to
Patrick Wentzell
Vehicle and ships really do not matter at all to rebels or the empire I'll tell you why because when your in battle here ah bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida bumpida
VaioStreams Month ago
One thing I wanted to point, At the end where Palpatine laughs, Right before that, Luke says "somethings are never truely gone". I also like the idea of a new force user order. I like that theory a lot.
Jbomb 360
Jbomb 360 Month ago
This better not fail like the last Jedi
James Iagnemma
James Iagnemma Month ago
Whats Ray holding at the end of the trailor?
Alvin of Lys
Alvin of Lys Month ago
The Rise of Skywalker. The one who was prophesied shall rise and bring true balance back to the galaxy. Ghost Anakin will re-manifest into Kylo's body and destroy Rey after her body has been claimed by the ghost of Palpatine who is actually Plagueis. Anakin vs his true nemesis.
William Harkness
there might be a Death Star that we never knew about that might have "crashed" while being built??
•Tasha Plays Gacha•
You forgot that Kylo Ren is technically a Skywalker, like you said, so the title could be talking about him.
george eskiadis
george eskiadis 24 days ago
it is
Cryo Klyps
Cryo Klyps Month ago
star wars episode IX: Cashgrabagenon
Tom Kazutara
Tom Kazutara Month ago
An A-wing is not an bomber, it's an interceptor.
Stephen Kadry
Stephen Kadry Month ago
Way back in Episode IV Obi Wan said "If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" but,, to my knowledge/imho we never actually find put what he means by that. Could same be true of Oalpatine. Or is Palpatine still alive? He falls out of sight in Jedi and everyone assumes he's dead but could he have disappeared into some alternate dimension?
bluelover929 Month ago
glad to see Daisy's acting is as good as ever. " 0o0 "
Dan Del Aguaro
Dan Del Aguaro Month ago
Stopped watching, commercials
Dan Del Aguaro
Dan Del Aguaro Month ago
A 2 and a half minute trailer is not a teaser.
Azael Contreras
Azael Contreras Month ago
Kinda cringed when you said “Grand master Ray”. She’s done nothing to earn such a title. This film will have to do a lot to change my mind. Thanks a lot Ryan Johnson
How to School
How to School Month ago
Yes the haunting the tombs is cool but you forgot that it is canon because in Star Wars the clone wars at some of the end episodes you see yoda entering darth banes tomb and his goat is still there and it haunts the place even after he is dead.
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Month ago
The rise of Skywalker could also be about kylo ren. Which would be a big turn around.
D1M3B4G 333
D1M3B4G 333 Month ago
What is with the lack of love for R2-D2 in this trilogy?!!
Haakon Schultz
Haakon Schultz Month ago
i hope anakin will be a part of the movie
A Month ago
O god I’m so sick of this Star Wars shit.
Iva Month ago
Those are not Kylo's hands repairing the helmet. Unless he got really hairy
Phil And Stuff
Phil And Stuff Month ago
Or... maybe... since Anakin returned after attacking Palpatine, maybe Palpatine infused his Sithness into his greatest creation, Vader, or more so his helmet? So Anakin is backing Rey, since he's her grandpa, and Palpatine is backing Kylo, since he's possibly his great grandpa.
Thor Ryzal
Thor Ryzal Month ago
This is bs fan fiction.
Cosmicc Muzz
Cosmicc Muzz Month ago
Palpatine said he had the power to stop himself or any loved one from death. this could explane his presence in the movie
Gungrave123 Month ago
Hype? LUL.
Dale Erdmann
Dale Erdmann Month ago
The speculation about the sabers near the beginning rose a question about types of sabers. What type of crystals are used in a training saber? Kylo's scar is almost gone by the end of TLJ, so it could be gone by this time. I think Hux wants to impersonate Kylo, and he's the one having the helmet repaired. This might also be how Sidious comes back - if Snoke was possessed by Sidious, Hux could put the ring on (if the obsidian ring was how Snoke became powerful and he was a puppet of Sidious) and become possessed himself...then impersonate Kylo. Maybe the ring is from Plagueis.
How is it going to happen? How ALL of this is going to be concluded in two hours? New characters, new plot, etc... with plenty of things being unresolved from previous movies... this movie is going to be a disaster... thank you, Disney...!
Asteroid Arts
Asteroid Arts Month ago
Grand Master Rey. Lol, yeah no thanks.
Welch Michael
Welch Michael Month ago
And will yoda return not yoda will be return
Welch Michael
Welch Michael Month ago
Not smoke snoke
Welch Michael
Welch Michael Month ago
If palpatine returns will smoke and mace windoo return. Not to forget Yoda will be return
MKCD 20 Month ago
Hearing "Grandmaster Rey" actually makes me feel physically sick
That One Guy
That One Guy Month ago
"Equals in the dark and the light" Are you kidding me? Mary Sue has beat the living crap out of Soylo Ren every single time.
Ian Charles
Ian Charles Month ago
I love your videos but the way you enunciate while you speak grinds my gears.
Benny Hackett
Benny Hackett Month ago
You will always be my ORIGINAL go to for any Star Wars content Stupendous Wave. AMAZING breakdown. Looking forward to all your upcoming videos before the movie release.
DracoTora Month ago
Wonder if they will have Lando getting the Falcon back from Rey, as it was his ship before it was Han Solo's
oganes karagezyan
Anna Month ago
I think rise of Skywalker may not be literal but is just the rise of the legacy of Skywalker? Or it could refer to Leia or even possibly Kylo Ren? He is the son and grandson of Skywalkers. I just feel like Rey alone is too obvious
Ronald Raygun
Ronald Raygun Month ago
7:06 mandalorians??
ValisFan3 Month ago
Billy Dee Williams is 82! He looks way younger than that. He's so full of energy just in this trailer, he actually smiles in the movie, unlike Luke, Han, or Leia.
Smengsquare Boabpants
The last two movies were terrible, hopefully this one is ok.
billy boy
billy boy Month ago
i dont care
Jon Murphy
Jon Murphy Month ago
Honestly I think she's on Tatooine. The Saga started there, that's probably where it will end...
NeroZero Life
NeroZero Life Month ago
I wanna know if Darth Maul will be in the new movie of Star Wars Because we last see him in Han Solo the movie in somewhere in the end and he is gonna meet up with someone
Olga K.11/3
Olga K.11/3 Month ago
α) Rey's outfit has a hood,like Jedi robes. β) Maybe D.Sidious has haunted this part of D.S. like Sauron's spirit endured and was the Necromant for years and years.
Kenny Bledsoe
Kenny Bledsoe Month ago
I’m not trying to be mean but can you show a bit more excitement in your videos
Derpy Turtle
Derpy Turtle Month ago
If lando dies I will riot
Ukulele Boy
Ukulele Boy Month ago
Are you kidding me they may have changed Jedi to sky walker what the hell
Jordan	 Binkley
Jordan Binkley Month ago
Screw the breakdown, is it Jana or Johnna?
Garrett S
Garrett S Month ago
U can see the line of the scar still their in the red hugh after he slams the guy to the ground
Garrett S
Garrett S Month ago
Since this is supposed to end the Skywalker saga do you think the title could be a tease a joke until we get the trailer Ian said take it with a grain a salt and was joking with the laugh saying the rise of Skywalker I don't think so do I think they could of gave use a fake title with the teaser just teasing a title
The Lonewolf
The Lonewolf Month ago
what is the name of the song playing in the background
camcamcam40 Month ago
Mary Sue pt 3
GorcStew Month ago
I was really let down after the last one but the fact that people are still speculating about this movie and showing excitement gives me...hope.
Opus Dei
Opus Dei Month ago
No. Kylo has a new tie fighter because Disney wants to sell more toys and merchandise...
Chris William
Chris William Month ago
If ion see Rey and Finn give one lil kiss ion care 💀😂
Girth Gaming
Girth Gaming Month ago
the skywalker force user order sounds like a shitty name, its not origional at all and its just named after a very legendary jedi, it totally shits on the origins of star wars and the jedi's real name, dont get me wrong the skywalker blood line name is bad ass but its a name not a title
Girth Gaming
Girth Gaming Month ago
and how to hell is rey already named grand master, she is not even qualified to be named master or even jedi, with the amount of training she had in her introduction she trained for like 2 minutes and is already somehow qualified to fight a sith who trained their whole life, not just as a sith either, they also trained as a jedi who is ACTUALLY a decendant of the skywalker blood line and she doesnt even qualify to pass the title padawan, granted she did help kill snok and she is the only one other than luke at the time who was a qualified jedi, but they made her skills as a jedi accellerate faster than a normal jedi, she is already titled grand master and she hasnt aged a year, and it took yoda 900 years to do so, now if i saw a realistic female lead in star wars i would be more than happy to see ahsoka tano as a lead because she was never actually shown in a real live action star wars movie and she actually took realistic time of training to fight like a bad ass, like fighting darth vader and darth maul
jeremiah jordan
jeremiah jordan Month ago
Okay but why did kylo Ren's lightsaber not slice right through the guy he body slammed? I'm not getting this. Lightsabers go through everything without resistance. If his lightsaber is stronger send others to the point that it has to have vents on the side how does it not go through that man?
Béla 378
Béla 378 Month ago
3:10-4:21 prehaps these are the same planets and places? Mmh
Umar Patel
Umar Patel Month ago
How do you know that that’s Kylo Ren
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