Official Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales - Shores of Gold Cinematic Trailer

Sea of Thieves
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Watch the trailer for Sea of Thieves' latest update: aka.ms/SoT_Latest
Embark upon a story-driven adventure into long-lost legends and mysteries. Wield wondrous artefacts, pit your wits against puzzles and face down truly fearsome guardians as you follow this trail of Tall Tales. Coming to all Sea of Thieves players as part of the free Anniversary update on April 30th! Visit the official game site at www.seaofthieves.com
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Apr 23, 2019




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Comments 80
حسن ﺳﻠﻂﺎﻥ
Please download the game on ps4
Mason Parisi
Mason Parisi 10 days ago
They should make the tall tales a moive it has a great story
Big Z Games
Big Z Games 15 days ago
Impossible rich 10k for all gold isle :/
Carlos Vinicius de Carvalho
w3r w3ar
Woodlore Films
Woodlore Films 26 days ago
Irshad Rayyan
Irshad Rayyan 29 days ago
i seriously thought this was a movie before knowing the game
susʇWǝ Month ago
yoinkerzoinker Month ago
shes kind of hot
Sean Jelly
Sean Jelly Month ago
I would really like a sea of thieves movie about all the tall tales
Rory Brooks
Rory Brooks Month ago
What it says: “Riches unimaginable” What it means: 2 captains chests, a villainous skull and a keg
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis Month ago
Can we get Crabs as a pet plz!!!
CrazyCryptic434 Month ago
Saw someone point this out on another video - 1:14 is the ferryman’s skeleton!
Blueninja1273 2 months ago
0:26 is that sans
Jonathan Hartfield
Jonathan Hartfield 2 months ago
There is a legendary island where no pirate has ever been before, the Shores of Gold.
Jdplaysfortnite124 56
I finished the tall tail but she skull was stolen by sweats
Intrapulation S
Intrapulation S 2 months ago
Go through ALLLLLL that. And all you get is a skull.
Intrapulation S
Intrapulation S Month ago
Greez Dritus
Greez Dritus Month ago
It’s not about the gold it’s about the glory
UltmateRagnarok 3 months ago
Hey, Rare, since this is the trailer for the entire Shores of Gold storyline, can we get one of these for every major Tale? Like the new partial one featuring the Ashen Lords, when it's done, or any other big string of chapters after.
Cookish 3 months ago
Feels like it was released yesterday.
Travis Shields
Travis Shields 3 months ago
These were incredibly fun to complete. I just wish my friends had my patience with the puzzles. I had to solo most of them :P
Aleksander Szyszka
Aleksander Szyszka 3 months ago
Almost 1 year after release i'm still hyped. I can't wait for another anniversary update ;)
Dominic's Game Room
Dominic's Game Room 3 months ago
This trailer music rocks. This is the best trailer I have ever seen.
entity303 666
entity303 666 3 months ago
That was so cool
Duke 3 months ago
This still gets me hyped even though the update has been out for almost a year
TheChaos791 4 months ago
1:10 That bloody crab is on every cinematic trailer of Sea of Thieves ! Friend or foe ? It's a spy from the Ancients ? ... or even worse ? I want answer Rare or i'm gonna chase each one of them, torture them over a pot of boiling water and taste crabs claws for my future dinner ! :)
secure.contain. protect
Make a movie
alex is cool
alex is cool 4 months ago
just finished the shores of gold, absolutely stunning story
Arnau López Mazorriaga
The sea of thieves sent us to devil's roar, but we are going deeper, take back everything we've lost. Captain, I'm already a reaper.
Hayden Sayce
Hayden Sayce 4 months ago
I love this game! It is by far my favourite and will always be!
BluetoothBran 16
BluetoothBran 16 5 months ago
I can’t believe it’s been 9 months since talks tales have been released. Can’t wait for more future content 😄
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 5 months ago
i want a movie made by these guys or a show for sea of thieves it would be pretty awesome cause if they can make stuff like this it would be awesome to see i have made ideas for a tall tales before and now i would like to say i have new ideas recently i restarted them to make them go with how the tall tales have been recently the newest one i made was reapers Fortune for everyone wanting to know i posted this idea before the sea bound soul came out last year and have seen updates they may show that this is already in the works i posted it to the fourms my name is the bomb 45tyle if anyone is wanting to check the full post heres a full tall tale and backstory for this nick reaper a young pirate starting out after being a very happy man after a loss of his job he hears about his friend who became a really infamous pirate named captain wreck who needs more people in his crew for a new adventure after almost getting sunk multiple times by flameheart and eacaping with loot he stole from him. after a bit nick ends up finding his friend and asks to join him captain wreck ends up putting him as first mate and starts his first adventure but it doesnt end up well after a few trips trying to find a map to the shores of gold flame heart ends up tracking them down and kills captain wreck and in a fit of rage nick runs at flame heart to kill him but gets stabbed to death with his final breath he says he will kill flameheart some day and get his revenge for his crew for his friend and in a chilling voice him self flameheart laughs at him saying he was notting but a worthless first mate which made nick more angry he dies being pushed into the water flame heart sinks the ship and takes the rest of the loot from there ship after a few years our characters gets a warning from one of the factions saying someone has come back to the sea of thieve and has been killing very famous and deadly pirates and they want you to investigate it but to you it seeming normal but you go ahead and look for clues heading to a island with a new shipwreck you see a man badly hurt he tells you to head to the reapers hideout to look for something just gonna skip ahead here after looking for clues and stuff and finding out who the reaper really is you head out with the other factions to take the reaper and his ghost fleet on once and for all you beat them up a few times but they are not dead yet and the end of a few ship battles and sword fights you go on land for the last time and defeat captain wreck and captain reaper they both end up dying for good this time whether this update is after flamehearts tall tale or before they could make it that you tell the reaper you have killed him already and he gets mad at you and wants to kill you even more or some thing idk i am currently working on a mew one called the greed of legends which is a pirate legends tall tale in some way you have to start it in the pirate legends hideout thats all im gonna say hopefully rare does put in reapers fortune though
Shibe Boi
Shibe Boi 7 months ago
1:10 Is it just me or there will be crab pets in the future? If you pause at the right moment, you will see why i think so.
GM6000 7 months ago
I swear they need to make some sort of movie/show
Teddy Johnson
Teddy Johnson 8 months ago
I can’t wait for another huge update like this
StevenT2002 8 months ago
Whilst the monthly updates are a thing I doubt we will see anything huge anytime soon. But as an insider I will say Novembers update is bigger and better than the recent ones
Teknő Tequila
Teknő Tequila 9 months ago
Saoirse the SilkWing
The game is now Indiana Jones.
somany no3s
somany no3s 10 months ago
Leon Beauchesne
Leon Beauchesne 11 months ago
Please ps4
xDestinGames 11 months ago
Can't believe this was 4 months ago I love this game and the love will never die.
BOUNTYHUNTER 7567 11 months ago
Me and my friend just completed the Tall Tales the other day and I have one main thing to say about them.......... HOLY CRAP WERE THEY AMAZING. All the time spend solving the riddles and banging my head on my coffee table while thinking about them. The puzzle vaults were amazing along with the story of the whole thing in general. Fighting the skeleton lords like Graymorrow and The Gold Hoarder were some of the most fun I have ever had in any game I’ve played. With that era of Sea of Thieves over for me I can not wait for the next batch of truly amazing quest. Just think of the stories you can tell people. I bet they would make for an excellent Tall Tale.
Donavan's Dragon
Donavan's Dragon 11 months ago
I want pets in the game because it would add a little spice to and if there was a parrot then it would make the pirate thing more cool and fun. Have you all movies with pirates didn't almost every pirate have a parrot. I would love if rare would add pets to the game. PS. Add pets please
Donavan's Dragon
Please add pets
Person Guy
Person Guy Year ago
I had an idea for a content update. It would be an addition to the crew selection screen and it would add an option to become a “pirate hunter” basically a much larger ship with a larger crew whose goal is to hunt down other pirates. There would only be one in a server for balance reasons. It would also always appear on the map so pirates could go and fight it together. Idk maybe it’d be like the imperial navy or something. Anyway if you like the idea please like and share so we can get it in the game
Ballistic Banana
Anyone else feel like this would be a great movie
Edward Topa
Edward Topa Year ago
All those Ponyes asking to put this game on PS4 are music to my hears, sooo it wasn't garbage as most of you ponyes said earlier? Ehh? But you know what? It's a Microsoft exclusive! So get an Xbox or a PC... It will never be on PS4 or PS5.
XxagoneyxX r
XxagoneyxX r Year ago
Porque no lo ponen en Play4?
Pls PS4
Grill Team
Grill Team Year ago
you guys need to fix the kraken it's annoying when you're on a sloop and you have to fight him every time that's why I'm quitting sea of thiefs I don't want to waste my time Solo him when there's no good loot need to fix really pissed off
The Cat Pilot
The Cat Pilot Year ago
the animation is brilliant, make a sea of thieves show seris
Greengamer Year ago
Y is the most fun part of this game the ending hour of this whole thing me and my bub did the whole thing two days in a sloop and we found out that the skull u get at the end is worth less than one skeleton for and u don't even get reputation from the ultimate skull
Foxy The Pirate
Sea of thieves movie
Nicola George
Nicola George Year ago
jack hamilton
jack hamilton Year ago
1:11 why is there a pet crab?
Solar_Blaze Mudryy
Sea of thieves hi and I really enjoy your game but I only have a ps4 and I really want to play your game so can you realese the game on ps4
Derpyderpdog Year ago
I love the plastic art style of this game
_Skunk _
_Skunk _ Year ago
I've watched this 5 times
Duss Year ago
The Living Glitch
If this was a movie, I’d DEFINITELY watch it.
REEeEeeEeEeEe Year ago
That will be fun
REEeEeeEeEeEe Year ago
Sea of thieves in vr
n0t-Mamoody Year ago
Plz bring this game to ps4
Edward Topa
Edward Topa Year ago
@n0t-Mamoody then you don't know what "exclusive" means...
n0t-Mamoody Year ago
We don’t care if Microsoft owns it or not
Patryk Patryk
Patryk Patryk Year ago
Szkoda że nie jest po polsku 🙁🙁🙁
Teddy Johnson
Teddy Johnson Year ago
This whole update was amazing I hope you bring content like this every few months because that would bring so many more players and make the game much more popular
flamin bacon
flamin bacon Year ago
rare I was playing wild rose and georges pendant glitched from my ship and I faled the mission can you do some thing about it
Matjaž Mertuk
Is this new update?
berzerker dude 65
There is always been Tales of leviathan's. in the sea giant serpents had consume boats whole bring that and bring all aboard the hell
berzerker dude 65
We need sea serpents in Sea of Thieves there are more sea monsters than just Krakens and megalodons
Vilkas Year ago
Please! Give me a only Sountrack Version!!! :-)
GracedApollo Year ago
Anyone else think there should be a animated sea of thieves series?1
Magic 1911
Magic 1911 Year ago
Best game ever- footedzero98
Launchpad Nation
It was cool until I got to Tall Tale 4 and some assholes destroyed my ship and then stole the shroud breaker crystal I had. There goes 3-4 hours of work down the drain and I gained absolutely nothing from it
The AJ Channel
Rare done a great job on this
Whirrlybird 01
I wish my xbox didn't break. I can't pay anymore money to buy it again on ps4.
Valentino Year ago
I got more information about how to do this tales from this trailers then the actual game :P
Besenyei Csaba
Greatest game ever.
Marcus Saifert
I have a ps4 why am I here?
The ChillWolf
The ChillWolf Year ago
This shoud be a movie,ITS SO GOOD
pandelis gamer
“Remember, it’s not about the gold... it’s about the glory!” We entered ancient tombs, solved puzzles, defeated tough threats, avoided deadly traps, and it all came together in this last chapter. What an epic conclusion to the first volume, the world is definitely big and strange, and there are lots more to see. Maybe we’ll become legends like the Pirate Lord himself, or even something bigger. But we should not follow the same path, we should create our own adventures, our own tales to tell over some grog in a tavern. May we seek fortune and glory over the horizon, may we sail together... ruvid.net/video/video-1g1bDDBNtgc.html :( we want MORE!its was so beutiful!i ended it!
pandelis gamer
@FoxyWoxy0w0 yeah i know from the video with the music sorry i forgot to place your link sorry...
FoxyWoxy0w0 Year ago
Dude, that’s my comment you stole.
Alias Sankar
Alias Sankar Year ago
I wish this would release on ps4
Hussein Harb
Hussein Harb Year ago
Sea of thieves on ps4😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Patryk G
Patryk G Year ago
Forget about that forever. Microsoft never give this to Sony
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