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Sea of Thieves
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Get your first sighting of the flood of new content coming to Sea of Thieves. The free Anniversary Update arrives on April 30th! Visit the official game site at www.seaofthieves.com/anniversary-update
Buy the game and forge your own legend: www.xbox.com/seaofthieves
Join the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme: www.seaofthieves.com/insider
Dive into the Sea of Thieves Forums: www.seaofthieves.com/forum
Follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter: twitter.com/SeaOfThieves
Like Sea of Thieves on Facebook: facebook.com/SeaOfThievesGame
Watch Sea of Thieves on Mixer: mixer.com/SeaOfThieves
Watch Sea of Thieves on Twitch: twitch.tv/SeaOfThieves
Talk Sea of Thieves on Discord: discord.gg/seaofthieves
Xbox Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).


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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Jack Cheater
Jack Cheater 24 days ago
It has been a year since the anniversary update first came out. I am so proud of how far this game has come. Keep on making this game evolve and grow. I am so proud of you Rare ❤
bence juras
bence juras 26 days ago
My birday is aprilis 30
Blake Trujillo
Blake Trujillo Month ago
0:43 dont even try and pretend like the shrouded ghost exists
Birnel 2 months ago
¿Who else came here because is excited of what are they going to show for the trailer on this friday?
EB Montage
EB Montage 5 months ago
Love the game
Leon Beauchesne
Leon Beauchesne 9 months ago
Please ps4
Epic 10 months ago
Everything we hoped for.....and a bit more!!
Sikandar Dero
Sikandar Dero 10 months ago
Please make sea of theives free please
Jemma Ryan
Jemma Ryan 11 months ago
I’m still trying to complete the shower breaker
Jakubowskyy tv
Jakubowskyy tv 11 months ago
Mój kolega powiedział że ta gra jest słaba to weździe go zabijecie. :) PS ja klaun morderca ❤️
Fat Cock john
Fat Cock john Year ago
Best....game..... EVER but yet I don't have it yet😭
The Communist Pirate
Those pirates have really good aim with cannons...
Captain Flintlock
0.09 wild rose
Galaxy Year ago
I’ve been with y’all since day 1. You’re the only reason I upgraded my PC to windows 10. Thank you for always listening to the community for feedback and ideas and consistently releasing and planning amazing and new content.
alexandre maroc
et l'option cross plateforme ; déja vous nous niquez des le début nous joueurs xbox mais en plus vous nous mythoné en balançant que vous allez mettre une option alors que c'est des conneries ; de quoi vous voulez demandez des conseils à fortnite ou quoi. vous êtes des sales raclures de merde prônant la tolérance zéro sur toute discrimination mais vous en créer vous même justement de la discrimination de classe. et si vous ne vous en rendez pas compte c'est que vous êtes sois des idiots sois des hypocrites. vous me faite vomir, assumez au moins vos actes le cross plateforme c'est juste pour la tune et nous pendant ce temps la on sert de jouet aux joueurs PC qui sont vraiment eux aussi de sacré enflures depuis plus d'un ans sans que cela pause problème à personne, du coup il y a pratiquement plus de joueur xbox et ceux qui reste accumule une haine envers vous que vous n'imaginez même pas.
Anvilshock Year ago
Will people finally not have to completely mess up their PCs's local language setting just to play the game in English and make sense in international multiplayer?
Not Morgan Freeman
He's right, you know.
Semo Official
Semo Official Year ago
I die as soon im in contact with online players #alwaysoneshotkill And that kills sea of thieves
Kardinal Ignatius
Help i have updated my game and it always crashes if I open it. At first i see the sea of thives logo and then i see a black screen for 10 sec. and then it crashes can somebody help me?
Vicki Abeyta
Vicki Abeyta Year ago
Its April 30th right now
BLOB MAN 200 Year ago
The game was released 5 days before my birthday. I have the day 1 eye patch. does anyone else have it too
WWHW Year ago
Hey, does the Anniversary Edition include the basic game too? So if i haven't bought the game yet, and i buy today the Anniversary Edition, i get the basic game as well , right?
StevenT2002 Year ago
@German Zocker no there is a new version of the game called anniversary edition which is what is confusing alot of people. It's the same as the original game, but it's £10 cheaper and you get a few bonus cosmetics. Both the standard edition and anniversary edition include the anniversary content however. But new players may aswell get the anniversary edition to save £10
German Zocker
German Zocker Year ago
there is only the basic game, if you buy sea of thieves you have everything
WWHW Year ago
soo when i paid the 40 bucks (-25% anniversary, -20% pass) for this, i also paid for the basic game, which wont disappear when the pass is over, right?
SlappyHei Year ago
WWHW This is a DLC. Every DLC is free.
spirál Year ago
Ridley Year ago
It’s Tommorrow Guys
Syravel Year ago
Is the update free? If so whats with the anniversary edition of the game on the microsoft store?
SlappyHei Year ago
Syravel Every DLC is free
Frederik Lindhe
what time is the update?
spirál Year ago
u mom gei
Declan Kent
Declan Kent Year ago
It is April 30th and I haven’t received the update is their a specific time or something
Killer Kenny
Killer Kenny Year ago
Yes, it releases at a specific time.
Louis Gendron
Louis Gendron Year ago
hopefully there will be 60 fps on xbox
PhenixTV Year ago
at what time is the update comming? h
1 day left
SeekerOfTruth Year ago
What time is the release? Midnight?
Giacomo Bellecci
Ps4 please
proxima p
proxima p Year ago
looks good!! now if you can ban all the grievers... that would be great.
SrKoala OW
SrKoala OW Year ago
At what time is it gonna be released?
Ethan Osborne
Ethan Osborne Year ago
Hope they make more storys
Mekrovor Imperatoris Suprema
2 days bois !
Lachlan Tahau
Lachlan Tahau Year ago
Lightning strikes!!!!! Please
Mucstar [Mucinator]
Cameron Hess
Cameron Hess Year ago
Apparently yall forgot the best part.....THE HOT TUB
Vigdís Sigurlínudóttir
Ummm....why does xbox get sea of thieves but ps4 dosen't
Anti Hypocrite
kermet 08 do you know how games work Microsoft is the publisher you moron
JasperTube Year ago
CONTENT O.O Finallyy
Simon Tye
Simon Tye Year ago
polishing a turd in my opinion.
gh sot
gh sot Year ago
Lord Jesus Christ, please handle them for me. Please cast all rare plans into hell. and let them all die ASAP, they block me as a hacker and I'm not. Help me, Jesus. #SeaOfThieves #HelpMeJesus ruvid.net/video/video-xRbTaMStHIM.html
Anti Hypocrite
gh sot so you want all rare employees to die because you were falsely accused of hacking and your praying for Jesus to help you kill them...
Scooty Dooby
Scooty Dooby Year ago
Maybe they should add this PL harpoon: instead of a spear it shoots a green lightning bolt or a glowing unicorn horn and the harpoon part is glowing green Ocean crawler harpoon gun:instead of a spear it shoots a light blue and red claw and the main base is the same color as the harpoon but has claws all over it Kraken harpoon gun:shoots a purple metal tentacle and the main base is purple and has a tentacle raping around the mainbase of the gun Hunter harpoon gun:shoots a silver colored spear.the main base of the gun has a metal square on the back of it and has triangles on the edge of the harpoonMaybe thet should add this PL harpoon: instead of a spear it shoots a green lightning bolt or a glowing unicorn horn and the harpoon part is glowing green Ocean crawler harpoon gun:instead of a spear it shoots a light blue and red claw and the main base is the same color as the harpoon but has claws all over it Kraken harpoon gun:shoots a purple metal tentacle and the main base is purple and has a tentacle raping around the mainbase of the gun Hunter harpoon gun:shoots a silver colored spear.the main base of the gun has a metal square on the back of it and has triangles on the edge of the harpoon
UEGames Year ago
So lovely game! I'll be back to the sea!!
PlayerPlus Year ago
Well damn...
Robbe VC
Robbe VC Year ago
Ps4 pls
SlappyHei Year ago
Robbe VC Nope
krazeemazee Year ago
its near impossible to get a hold of these pple... does anyone have a email...
Feral_Paissa Year ago
Finally actual content
BA Blaze
BA Blaze Year ago
Lol see of thieves or so epic latterly and they are just so like OMG👌🏜🌋🏖
Jamie Brice
Jamie Brice Year ago
They should do a weekly invasion thing where once a week someone like black beard or the skeletons invade an outpost on the game and everyone in the server has to defend it by sea or land and if the players loose then that island is taken over for a week and the week after the players try to take it back
썰프리 Year ago
This game is very unfriendly to Asians. Game Ping 180-200 is the best server. I can not do pvp properly.
Three Strikes
Three Strikes Year ago
I live in the U.S but my internet makes it the same way :(
Sea of thieves is making moves
NicoPasto Year ago
Bonjour à tous, Pour ceux qui viennent de commencer le Jeu voici trois tutoriels rapides pour bien débuter: 1- Comment lancer/réaliser les Quêtes : ruvid.net/video/video-ac2GqBkkNU4.html 2- Comment s'armer, recharger et s'équiper : ruvid.net/video/video-CL0VYcmYMEM.html 3- Comment manoeuvrer/réparer votre navire: ruvid.net/video/video-cB40MYAiumA.html En espérant que ces rapides tutoriels pourront vous aider à bientôt ! NicoPasto
Parker Maclean
where do i get an email to make a complaint?
DaniT Year ago
Very nice update,i love Sea Of Thieves (especially the Pirates Of The Caribbean feeling) I love this game! cheers
Bulkysine TV
Bulkysine TV Year ago
Ohhhh Now it Become a mega good game!!!
GAY GAY Year ago
wow this looks pretty neat , maybe in a few more years it will be worth playing
Scypus Year ago
25 days
booty eating nigga moon pie
Angry Joe: this game is so boring rare: oh really
Troto-kun Year ago
I can't apply to be a pirate and the message says that this pirate was not found in the sea.
Epic Kiwi Productions
Cool boi
J Waite62
J Waite62 Year ago
Why doesn’t rare make a new limited time in game event where skeleton ships are attacking a outpost
J Waite62
J Waite62 Year ago
SlappyHei yeah I guess
SlappyHei Year ago
J Waite62 That will just be Cursed Sails all over again. RARE is all about making new stuff
The Undergrowth
My friend met the devs btw
Unlucky Year ago
28 Days!
Enjoy Year ago
Dude wtf.. Now this game gonna beat every other garbage. This is what I was waiting for! Sea of Thieves is the only number 1 forever!
Captain Leech
Captain Leech Year ago
fix the pvp in this game it's trash
Captain Leech
Captain Leech Year ago
@Enjoy *you're apparently a "9 year old" knows more about grammer then you😅👍
Captain Leech
Captain Leech Year ago
@Enjoy no quatople you
Enjoy Year ago
@Captain Leech Oh okay. Youre 9 years old. Go back to fortnite.
Captain Leech
Captain Leech Year ago
@Enjoy no you
Enjoy Year ago
Git gud.
mastergamer gaming
When will u put the game in android sea of thieves
booty eating nigga moon pie
Never because its a console game
RuntDog Year ago
Can’t wait to grief more people
Zach M
Zach M Year ago
Xbox - Moose Mudbutt if anyone still plays hmu
Bob Year ago
YourBoyGodly Year ago
Mom !! Get the camera
Derpy Sans
Derpy Sans Year ago
I hate is that I like this game sooo much I could buy it but it has to be a Microsoft exclusive that’s just my luck hey
Derpy Sans
Derpy Sans Year ago
I have a ps4
Enjoy Year ago
Just buy it.
Tim van Kampen
I have the game it is a lot of fun i look forward to play the new gamemode The Arena Im EXITED
lord lordran
lord lordran Year ago
i love this game and i cant play it
lord lordran
lord lordran Year ago
DrDevil TV
DrDevil TV Year ago
If u guys wanna see some ever evolving Sea of Thieves gameplay from a raw and unedited perspective of a small RUvidr go sub to channel
BeteRagout Qc
BeteRagout Qc Year ago
Best update ever
h4rdstiffy Year ago
TreekTheNeet Year ago
The only thing keeping this game afloat was the crossplatform
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