Official Jeffree Star DREAM House Tour!

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HEY EVERYONE… HAPPY NEW YEAR ANDDDDDD Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we're giving you all the official Jeffree Star Family dream home castle tour! We invited Shane Dawson and Ryland over to see our new house for the first time and they come along for the FULL tour! So excited for what 2020 brings us.
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Comments 80
Mintz Aline
Mintz Aline 9 hours ago
Your house is like hotell
SIR 10 hours ago
The dog room is a bigger than my house 😂😂😂lol
Sara Tinna
Sara Tinna 10 hours ago
Omg congrats to you🤗🤗I am so excited for you 😁❤️love your wig btw❤️❤️❤️
SIR 10 hours ago
i would like to be lockdown in this mansionz
Katie Marie
Katie Marie 11 hours ago
Imagine if u managed to successfully break into his house he wouldn't know u were there for years!!
츄Chuu 12 hours ago
im happy he aint using a clickbait pic.
Colleta Ngigi
Colleta Ngigi 12 hours ago
My head like....physically hurts..just imagining this😂😂😂
Colleta Ngigi
Colleta Ngigi 12 hours ago
He is literally so humble and encouraging...the best thing that has happened to youtube😇😇😇
chitra prasanna
chitra prasanna 13 hours ago
Wait what about his pink vault
Adelaida Rosales
Adelaida Rosales 14 hours ago
Who thinks Jeffrey should make a book like if u agree
Wanlada M.
Wanlada M. 14 hours ago
Oh my gosh her room is bigger than my house.
Oziel Ochoa
Oziel Ochoa 18 hours ago
Please Jeffrey star could I come To your palic please
Just Me
Just Me 18 hours ago
Jeffree, You are truly amazing. You have an amazing heart, I cry when you talk to people, normal people on the street, like they're your best friend.. they're truly aren't many people like you left in the world. I had to leave my dream, 30 years later and I'm still telling myself that it was because of something that it happened, and I was right. Four years ago, my husband's best friend came to visit me and my daughter and ended up telling me that everything that happened was because he made it happen so that we would be apart. He even tried to get him put in prison. He was going to kill him. Not only did he destroy our love, but he destroyed my family. We're from Ann arbor, and we moved to the smallest town in the middle of nowhere... He manipulatedhim to do things that made me look bad to my family for staying with him through, does this make any sense? It's been 27 years, and my heart still aches.I know he doesn't know what his friend has done, he has me blocked or I would tell him. He immediately married the woman he was cheating on me with, and I just saw pictures of their daughter going to prom.... I know this doesn't make any sense, but even though everything I was living for was taken from me,and I have been in the worst depression for 30 years, I love watching you and I love watching your videos. You are so happy, and I guess you could say that I live vicariously through you.. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out and I find it beyond belief that someone like you has had to endure any heartbreak. My doctor left me with no equilibrium and then ran away to Scottsdale Arizona and started a new life, I love your videos when you go to the Dollar tree and the dollar store, because that's me 😀😀😀!!! I especially love your makeover videos, I have never had the nerve to have one, and I love that there's nothing that you're not afraid to try😍😍😍 I love all of your fan groups on Facebook, all they do is build each other up and love each other and it's just amazing. I look forward to every new video that you post ❤️
m 18 hours ago
shane clutching the box of water in shock kills me!
UNicorn Girl
UNicorn Girl 18 hours ago
So um... you know the movie Coraline? Imagine the scene where counted every window and every door- but in Jeffrey’s house. I would end up dying before finding them all! LOL
UNicorn Girl
UNicorn Girl 18 hours ago
Ok, I don’t know if I’m the only one thinking this but… what would happen if Jeffrey couldn’t find his dogs? Likeeeeeeeee they need tracking colors. Also all of the dogs could have there own rooms- LOL I mean what’s the matter with it?
Lauren Dwyer
Lauren Dwyer 19 hours ago
why is my house the size of ur kitchen
fruitbythebecbec 20 hours ago
Imagine Jeffree Star being your landlord
Jeilyn Vasquez
Jeilyn Vasquez 21 hour ago
Half of the bathroom is my hause😮
Marilyn Fermin
Marilyn Fermin 22 hours ago
My house: *size of his garage*
Adriana Gaitán Terrazas
I love you so much❤️
Ragad Day ago
I have never felt more poor in my life
happy hour
happy hour Day ago
This called me poor in all Jeffree languages.
Sofia Ferreira
He probably built this on Sims some years ago and said "Okay so Imma get it in the future"
gdobhar Day ago
This video called me broke in 9 different languages
Richie Riungel
Jeffree are you going to put you vault in your house....during this house tour you didnt talk about the vault..Im really happy for you for getting a big house.❤
Mara Song
Mara Song Day ago
Give me money please
kristen Enebeli
How much is this castle
Food Gurl
Food Gurl Day ago
14.9 mil i think
kristen Enebeli
This is massive
Biki J Kenzie
This house is bigger than my entire city
Khadija Eldeeb
I'm like this is not a kitchen it's a country
Вероника Белянкина
The house is amazing. You deserve it.
puteri haziera zulkarnain
Good job jefree !!!! YOU DESERVE IT
Georgie Balshen
Am I the only one who really wants to find like a secret room in there house or am I just a psychopath 😬
Oli Allsopp
Oli Allsopp Day ago
His fridge is the size of my house lmao
It’s not a house, it’s a castle @@@
Lara Alyssa
Lara Alyssa Day ago
Now this is a house tour! ❤️
Shey Malit
Shey Malit Day ago
Lit. The gym is the same size as our house
Eggs & Bacon
Eggs & Bacon Day ago
My reaction would literally be the exact as Shane’s- I’m shook
Evelyn V
Evelyn V Day ago
Imagine trying to yell at ur mom across this house
plsyoon Day ago
Rewatching this video again and I’m still obsessed with this house!! The back garden is absaloutely beautiful, so so SO proud of you Jeffree, it is soo amazing how far you’ve come, on your own. You’re such an inspiration to me and you always have been, you’re hard working and your so determined! I love you!! 🖤
Emma Boblitt
Emma Boblitt 2 days ago
i think he’s doing well in quarantine right now 😂
its your gurl DQ
its your gurl DQ 2 days ago
when jeffree was filming this had him and nate already broke up?
Kent Harmon
Kent Harmon 16 hours ago
No, but they seemed a little unusual....like the connection just wasn't there...
alya mzabi
alya mzabi 2 days ago
Jefree : ' So this is my fav part of the house ' *Next Room* Jefree :' So this is my fav part of the house ' *Next Room* Also Jefree : ' So this my fav...
Julie Crespo
Julie Crespo 2 days ago
We are at the Bellagio is there a valet lol
Eva Munce
Eva Munce 2 days ago
My one goal in life is to play hide and seek in this house
asya fauzana
asya fauzana 2 days ago
sleepovers in this house would either be super fun or super chaotic
Dahlia Johnson
Dahlia Johnson 2 days ago
This is my favourite...
Potato Plebby Witch
Ok wait so I’m the bathrooms you don’t need toilet paper to clean yourself when you do a number 2 😂
Pooja Thakur
Pooja Thakur 2 days ago
You inspired me 😘
Abigail Pool
Abigail Pool 2 days ago
Me encanta muchísimo lo uque me da cosa es que los perritos se pierdan xdxd
Cory Bradshaw
Cory Bradshaw 2 days ago
I love it :)
Juanita Hernandez
Being alone in the house 🥺😲 I could never I’m such a scaredy-cat
Taryn Sawyer
Taryn Sawyer 2 days ago
Lowkey I kinda hope Shane moves in
Deasia Hawkins
Deasia Hawkins 2 days ago
Just WOW
Bella Davies
Bella Davies 2 days ago
Imagine losing your keys in this house 0_0
Angel Bersalona
Angel Bersalona 2 days ago
Jeffree’s kitchen is like big as our house lol HAHAHAHAHAHA
Natasha Leonard
Natasha Leonard 2 days ago
I cant belive it is the last of jeffre anf nate
Savannah Triplett
I’m about to go to school for massage therapy... here I come Jeffree 😂
Holly Easton-Lankester
ItsGeorgia 3 days ago
This house I insane! Best house I’ve ever seen
The antisocial Kid
Jeffree would never need tp during the quarantine cause he has a bidet!!
Lauren Goodman
Lauren Goodman 3 days ago
How do they remember where each room is?? Lmao
Chel die Rose
Chel die Rose 3 days ago
jeffree's puppies are so cute.they follow wherever she goes
BooBooKittySheri 3 days ago
The toilets should be bigger though. I'm not pleased. :o)
Mikey Tharan
Mikey Tharan 3 days ago
Ella Clark
Ella Clark 3 days ago
Tallulah Ward
Tallulah Ward 3 days ago
I want to live there
Abigail Chorley
Abigail Chorley 3 days ago
That's not a house, that's a hotel and spa...several spas.
Лариса Спицына
старомодный дизайн. особенно в ванной комнате хозяина.
Trinity Longuiera
MTV welcome to my crib 😂😻
Hannah Denise
Hannah Denise 3 days ago
I adore Jeffree in so many ways. He's not like other youtubers bragging about how they have huge mansions and cars and bags, etc and masking how they worked hard for it because they want to filter everything.. But Jeffree on the other hand, shares the struggles and the real stuff. It's really very motivating. God bless you Jeffree!
Deepika Sundesha
Deepika Sundesha 3 days ago
Jeffree you always make me feel motivated inspired not like other youtubers
Deepika Sundesha
Deepika Sundesha 3 days ago
Jeffree you should finally settle down have kids
Deepika Sundesha
Deepika Sundesha 3 days ago
You should do a video on how to build an empire
You Are Enough
You Are Enough 3 days ago
What dreams are made of. It's like an all inclusive resort. 💖
Ï̤ẗ̤ÿ̤ö̤ṳ̈r̤̈g̤̈ï̤r̤̈l̤̈ T̤̈ä̤n̤̈ẗ̤ä̤n̤̈
His air in his cost more then my life... HOW
Soulツ YT
Soulツ YT 3 days ago
Jeffrees house I litarly bigger than my high school
Do they own like billions of dollars 💀👀
A marketable Salmon
This house probably costs more than Wyoming!
Dizzy Kittenears
Dizzy Kittenears 3 days ago
Bathroom lights n the gym area needs to be brighter xD sorry this is new to me and I feel like I'm a part of this experience rn
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