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League of Legends: Wild Rift
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Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends, now built from the ground up for mobile (and coming soon to console). With fresh controls and fast-paced games, players of every level can team up with friends, lock in their champion, and go for the big plays.
Learn more at wildrift.leagueoflegends.com.
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Oct 27, 2020




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Comments 100
JAY- Kali
JAY- Kali 3 days ago
0:25 thats a smooth combo right there
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 5 days ago
0:23 ezreal bullied nice to see
BalmungTaishou 11 days ago
Im sorry but a gameplay trailer... Like this isn't League of Legends that even people who live in isolated pre-industrial civilizations know, that extraterrestrials we remember our conquered species for. What we need to see is UIs, control schemas, how much your gonna recharge us for skins we brought already, how much visual fidelity will be lost on PS5s and xboxSx.
Hiddenus 16 days ago
How mobile game has better quality of models than PC version had despite better everything?
Random dude
Random dude 17 days ago
Now I deleted ML their ads still annoyed me when I collect coins and diamonds from PVZ 2 but luckily I mute it so I won't hear their ads
DnarxusYT 19 days ago
Best game! 💙
Erika Nakagawa Gaming
It looks a lot less dark than the desktop version. And ugly.
rujid sayson
rujid sayson 23 days ago
its been like a year since i play league and like 5-6months since the beta and here i am still stock in plat because of this always trash team :))
umu hani
umu hani 27 days ago
Best ad ever
Cola Hapa
Cola Hapa Month ago
ur game became log after the update of server in US
Bralion Month ago
Dear Riot, my boy Jax is in the need of a visual overhaul Maybe Gragas too.. Singed.. On pc
Suzy Month ago
Do I need iPhone17 to play this with 800mb internet
09SkyFrost Month ago
Finally a mobile game ad that makes sense
09SkyFrost Month ago
the ad that shows the actual gameplay 😂😂
Sapo Predador Alfa -FrogAlphaPredator-
Funny that I can't mention the word Hack in the subrreddit. Ironic Indeed. So I Shall write it here anyway. Yes, I did open a ticket. What it seems to me of ultermost importance and it should be given heed as first priority at Wild Rift/Riot headquarters. Emulators. I see this as such corrupt, wrong, unfair thing that players are doing. The game was developed as mobile and I think it should remain as such until Riot officialy release an official version for PC (cause sincerely Wild Rift is P E R F E C T. A Thousand times better than LoL PC... It's like a new born baby of League Of Legends that will one day become League Of Legends Remake PC)... Anyway. If there is a way, or gather a team group in order to try to block, or stop, etc players from using emulators of android, or whatever they do to play on PC, I believe that will be a victory for those who are playing mobile.
LoL Hub
LoL Hub Month ago
Finally wild rift ads is back! Im sick of ml ads
Kind Karma
Kind Karma Month ago
Sooo jinx is basically the main character because almost everything I see of league is jinx
BalmungTaishou 11 days ago
Only in America. in Korea its Ahri, in South America its Nidalee I think you get the picture.
Thassio666y Month ago
Definitely_Not_ Kenneth_Griffin
awesome. Now I can lose on the go.
Alber Month ago
League of legends good mobile legends bang bang bad game
LoL Hub
LoL Hub Month ago
I hope someday in the next few months or years wild rift will become the #1 game in all sea countries including the Philippines
Marklee Ramos
Marklee Ramos Month ago
Ml ripped off the first girl character shown in the add
Cabeça Quadrada
Eu tive um sonho . 🤨
Lt-General_Goon Month ago
Mobile league lol how's about nooooo
Joo Dee
Joo Dee Month ago
Mobile Legends belike “okay, copy that copy that”
0:02 pretty face...
Fernando Alvarez
Das Game ist echt cool gemacht, ich zocke es fast jeden Tag, aber die meisten Spieler verstehen die Lanes nicht, gehen zu dritt auf eine Lane oder es fehlt ein Jungler, Supporter auf Top-Lane-Solo, Supporter und Mage auf Bot-Lane usw. Das geht gewaltig auf die Nerven und versaut die ganze Spielerfahrung. Bitte patcht eine Vorwahl für die Lanes und die Rollen (so wie beim PC-LOL), das wird echt mal Zeit.
hm Month ago
So can someone explain to me Wtf is mobile legends
gerald 0986
gerald 0986 Month ago
A MOBA copying league of legends
bukanpokok -
bukanpokok - Month ago
Shit, that's all I can say
nur iman
nur iman Month ago
See you guys 10 years later when youtube recommended this again
[Titanius] Month ago
Underrated comment👏👏
ThEsAbEr secondchannel
i lost my google account im still trying to recover it can you recover my wild rift????
NotNinjaPredator21 2 months ago
Ish 2 months ago
i played both games. not being bias tho, ml is overrated (even tho i playey more ml than wild rift). there's a lot of difference between ml and wr, not just on the gameplay itself but on the skins and heroes omfg! i'm starting to think that moonton is taking our money for free. gotta say, wr is much fun, exciting and much hard to play than ml. i've watched a lot of tips for every role in wild rift and i enjoyed. the only thing that is keeping me from playing ml, is the lag on wildrift. i get 999 ping
Spartan306 2 months ago
Game isn't even out yet it's been on pre-register for months now
Alec Cotler
Alec Cotler Month ago
@Spartan306 its availiable on march 29th :)
Spartan306 2 months ago
@Polished Toilet thank you I hope your right
Polished Toilet
Polished Toilet 2 months ago
@Spartan306i think its going to be available this march i dont know when is the exact date tho
Spartan306 2 months ago
@Polished Toilet United States
Polished Toilet
Polished Toilet 2 months ago
What country are you from because in our country its been available since November
the ml us3r
the ml us3r 2 months ago
I tried this and it's really anoying
Kilo Metro
Kilo Metro 2 months ago
Mobile legends is more beautiful than this game🙄
Polished Toilet
Polished Toilet 2 months ago
Lol atleast this ad is better and its not cringe unlike copy/paste legend ads and the game itself
Marcus 2 months ago
You're too young for this game little boy
baby patrick
baby patrick 2 months ago
Gameplay: lee sin steals buff and kills olaf Me: kicks enemy to their tower
bystander GG
bystander GG 2 months ago
Visit my channel guys, I'll help all new players to know how the gameplay ang laning works here on our favorite game. Thanks
j tv
j tv 2 months ago
Mobile legend rip. Wild rift born wild rift rip ml born
Senthil k4
Senthil k4 2 months ago
seems to be fast passed
Vince Anthony10
Vince Anthony10 2 months ago
Wild rift did you prison moonton??
Purple Francis
Purple Francis 2 months ago
Purple Francis
Dreamers songs
Dreamers songs 2 months ago
where is the incipitor?
Random Person
Random Person 2 months ago
When is this comming out its been forever...
donald spencer
donald spencer 2 months ago
Unfortunately a lot of the players in this game are extremely dumb. I hope it's better once NA opens.
HiiighAsAKite 3 months ago
LoL: Mild Thrift
Ankit Kacher
Ankit Kacher 3 months ago
Release league of legends in india
Royal PBJ
Royal PBJ 3 months ago
I’ve always wanted to play League and now I finally can on console! I’m really excited to try it. And all of the characters look amazing
Best Gameplay
Best Gameplay 3 months ago
Hi riot game how long you release the console?
Marxquzj Laset
Marxquzj Laset 3 months ago
"Mobile Legends is just being played since there are no League of Legends in Mobile except now"
Saaqi 3 months ago
When will it come to Pakistan 🙄🙄
• Søø CüTë
• Søø CüTë 3 months ago
I am ready for the Rift
ricardo torres
ricardo torres 3 months ago
top !!!!!!
Shotgun Dick-Nose
Shotgun Dick-Nose 3 months ago
Looks dope
Circūs_Clowñ 3 months ago
Can't wait for it to come out on mobile.
Dániel Seres
Dániel Seres 3 months ago
Dont play this sht or any riot game. After a league game a window popped to ask me how I felt in the last match. I wrote them I didn't enjoy it because I know they intentionaly want to keep me in my elo. The next day I was banned. Truth hurts. Riot is just toxic that eats up your time leaving you tilted and ure not getting rewarded for that
Ahmad Saugi
Ahmad Saugi 2 months ago
Haters gonna hates
House of M
House of M 3 months ago
Sounds like a VPN user here got banned
Dániel Seres
Dániel Seres 3 months ago
Not advertising but Mobile legends have a way of compensation tho..
Zo0mah 3 months ago
It asked me to update because of yordles, it asked me for 500mb. I even uninstalled the Facebook app for it! And now my phone is filled up with nothing again and I uninstalled wild rift itself and now i don't even have space to install it, making sense because I couldn't install the update... It started updating and 70% through it suddenly didn't have space anymore... Jeez whatever I'll just play on pc and watch anime when I'm trying to fall asleep in bed. Thanks though. Might aswell only stress out with this stupid game I love so much only on pc...
ICCYS 3 months ago
Lets play LOL
ICCYS 3 months ago
Leage of legends
rywen zaballero
rywen zaballero 3 months ago
Mas malupet pa kesa sa ads ng ml na sumasayaw si balmond😅✌️
L3 3 months ago
wow, now i can be a degenerate on the go
Ruiz sancho ervas
Ruiz sancho ervas 3 months ago
Basura Lakers
Basura Lakers 3 months ago
This game is a trash
gerald 0986
gerald 0986 Month ago
No you
rj casupanan
rj casupanan 2 months ago
Haziq Aiman
Haziq Aiman 3 months ago
You too
52AKJ 3 months ago
Too much feeders☹️
Aizad 3 months ago
Wild rift public released Moonton: my time has come
Migz Gaming
Migz Gaming 3 months ago
Mobile legends is better because i have already played LOL and it was not enjoyable... The graphics are a little good but mobile legends graphics are better i know that mobile legends only copied LOL but LOL needs to fix its graphics No hate but its true LIKE SO HE CAN SEE
LoL Hub
LoL Hub 4 days ago
Wild rift graphics are way better than all moba games including lol pc and ml
LoL Hub
LoL Hub 4 days ago
Maybe your graphics settings in wild rift are set to low try ultra graphics if your phone can handle it if not buy a new phone
Sky Seung
Sky Seung 3 months ago
in which way of graphics you talkin about? u like that 8 bit game more than this fhd game??? oh come on, just play mobile legends then. stop lying to urself, this game has way more better graphics than those game. oh btw i am a mobile legends player since s2. but now im resting cus this game is way more better, lolll
Migz Gaming
Migz Gaming 3 months ago
Citro's YT
Citro's YT 3 months ago
LoL: 1Gb update for six champs. Me realizing there are 157 champs. Me: Seems Fine.
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez 4 months ago
@Riot: Habt ihr schon mal darüber nachgedacht die Vollversion von League für Konsolen umzuprogrammieren? Dürfte nicht so schwer werden denke ich, vorausgesetzt die Steuerungsmöglichkeit bleibt bei Maus und Tastatur - wird länger schon von XBox und PS unterstützt. Auch Crossplay mit PC,Xbox und PS wäre dann möglich. Ich liebe League und spiele sehr gerne Wild Rift- Wirklich gelungen! Würde dennoch gerne das Original League auf der Konsole spielen wollen- natürlich nur mit Maus und Tastatur 🤓
tophat production
tophat production 4 months ago
League of Legends just send them to rule 34
She kinda looks like Marcia, pewdiepie's wife.
Miura haruma
Miura haruma 4 months ago
Please unlock the medium graphics
Tom's detailing
Tom's detailing 4 months ago
HH checked your champion pages the other day to see your masteries you recommend and shirimani and pyxniel have master hexer selected. But master hexer doesn't help with freeze abilities, thought I'd bring it to your attention 👍
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 4 months ago
I like it
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper 4 months ago
We are all here for the girl aren´t we
Fai Sin Za Warudo
Fai Sin Za Warudo 4 months ago
Thanks LoL for making Mobile legend gets an anxiety
MJching23 4 months ago
This game is coming to PS4
Fatih Demirhan
Fatih Demirhan 4 months ago
sorry mobile legends bang bang
what up
what up 4 months ago
My nephew and his babysitter said that League of Legends:WR is just a copy of Mobile Legends LOL 💀
what up
what up 4 months ago
My nephew and his babysitter said that League of Legends:WR is just a copy of Mobile Legends LOL 💀
Luuku 4 months ago
Pls more man characters
Erlou Cunanan
Erlou Cunanan 4 months ago
High Noon Darius
High Noon Darius 4 months ago
Wow, the amount of stupidity in on this dude is just WOW
bukanpokok -
bukanpokok - 4 months ago
Zurick Jess Hao
Zurick Jess Hao 4 months ago
No one like this game
rj casupanan
rj casupanan 2 months ago
Well 100 million people playing this rn... Wow bro.. Congratulations you are a clown
kevin 4 months ago
No one likes you
High Noon Darius
High Noon Darius 4 months ago
Well at least it has cheaper skins so yeah
POTUS 2020
POTUS 2020 4 months ago
We do lol
C4MPER 4 months ago
I do
nelsonthekinger 4 months ago
Track name please?
Angela Bunny Bot
Angela Bunny Bot 4 months ago
Don't mind me I'm just peeking :b
bryn 4 months ago
her voice is lowkey cute tho
itzmeVince 4 months ago
@Moba Play No. Samp Will win 🖕
yeety 72
yeety 72 4 months ago
Wow they put a shit game on a shit platform
Dinu Bogdan
Dinu Bogdan 4 months ago
Bring to switch the normal version
¿Taklampan? 4 months ago
Looks shit
Jennifer Key
Jennifer Key 4 months ago
rip mobile legends
rj casupanan
rj casupanan 2 months ago
@High Noon Darius wow... Such a stupid reply
High Noon Darius
High Noon Darius 4 months ago
Wow.......... Such a stupid comment
Leonard Sotelo
Leonard Sotelo 4 months ago
Wow that so cute?
razvan feraru
razvan feraru 4 months ago
The add are being annoying stop it dudes
I watched the SM live today, congrats all and thanks for thinking of us 👌👌👌❤❤❤
glen 907
glen 907 4 months ago
Inked my pants
Inked my pants 4 months ago
Why is jinx chest wrapped in bandages?? Did I miss some lore or something?
C4MPER 4 months ago
ItzEthan 4 months ago
I think its just for censorship lol
Steb Gaming PH
Steb Gaming PH 4 months ago
I'm so addictive for this Game since my First Week of playing. Good Job Rito you're the Best. 👌
Bakugou yezzir
Bakugou yezzir 4 months ago
𝗠𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗱 𝗥𝗶𝗳𝘁 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗟𝗲𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀🤭
Amir 4 months ago
does anyone know if there is a play style in the game w/out joystick and auto fire button? I was a vg player b4 and couldnt stand the new standardized joystick. Actually made it harder to play with less freedom I feel.
Filipina to Europe
Filipina to Europe 4 months ago
So Time to say goodbye to mobile legend??
Vahid Moqimi
Vahid Moqimi 4 months ago
Where is Mota 2 then?!
TopLanersLife 4 months ago
Please stop putting ads all the time. I just want to see a video.
WILLIAM Morandi 4 months ago
Hola you very Beautifull merry me
KAIKE OP GAMEPLAY 4 months ago
Algum BR ai esperando o jogo ser lançado também? Kkk
Zero Khaoz
Zero Khaoz 4 months ago
Arena of valor pisses on it