ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin Movie HD

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ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin, Romantic Comedy Movie HD
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Jul 10, 2019




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Comments 437
Stop Wasting Your Life
Cool movie but being frankly women don't chose men with low esteem for themselves but only men who respect him self being directly and respectful
Adun W
Adun W 11 days ago
somebody know? what the soundtrack name of the movie ? , I can't find . If you know pls tell me. thx
Penny Lacson
Penny Lacson 15 days ago
no, as a matter of fact
So, uh, love triangle the movie? Thanks, but no thanks.
5 subs by doing nothing
So is no one gonna mention PLOP?
Samed Mekic
Samed Mekic 27 days ago
I just wanted to listen to Beethoven ffs
Lilly Euphoria
Lilly Euphoria Month ago
Hahaaahaaa , zzzzzz
ausborncurry Month ago
davehshs Month ago
Another gimmick comedy....
Anonymous Human
Anonymous Human Month ago
Miss the time when these stories could make it to the cinemas and not go straight to a streaming service.
Yokie Miller
Yokie Miller Month ago
Oh, Lord, another movie about an older man being able to attract/date two younger, very pretty women when he is flawed...gak.
Adlin Ling
Adlin Ling Month ago
All's well that ends well.
I adore these two people. Firfly, deadpool, hobbit, sherlock, it's always sunny pilot (they eventually got someone else to play mac's trans woman). Awesome actors
Ankit Sinha
Ankit Sinha Month ago
Loved the combination of Freeman & Morena
Fizz Hobbes
Fizz Hobbes Month ago
it took me the entire trailer but i finally know where I've seen that girl from. dead pool.
Suki San
Suki San Month ago
Can Martin freeman marry me ?
The Bear Jew
The Bear Jew Month ago
Lol, it's a good thing he's a Mets fan...
Rami Ouki
Rami Ouki Month ago
thrailer song plzzz.
Attila Krauss
Attila Krauss Month ago
Yeah song name somebody...i searched a hour still didn't find it .SONG NAME Please somebody!
rich1516 Month ago
0:08 Is that Lil Dicky?
santro ezs
santro ezs 2 months ago
I dont want anything to happen to Bernadette. ..😁
Tá grá Dé foirfe♡
Blond girl was Summer, Hoyts girlfriend in true blood, lol
jain thorne
jain thorne 2 months ago
Um....also Bernadette in Big Bang Theory.
Nornazrin Othman
Nornazrin Othman 2 months ago
Ode To Joy: European Union anthem
ruatsanga white
ruatsanga white 2 months ago
Omg bilbo baggins did indeed becomes immortal due to the one ring
Martin Grøtting
Martin Grøtting 2 months ago
I came for Beethoven
JayLovesTacos 2 months ago
So, Plop (Pete) from the Office decides to dump Erin for Morena Baccarin
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov 2 months ago
You couldn't pay me to watch this plot.
Theophilius Jasson
Theophilius Jasson 2 months ago
Looks lukka
S S 2 months ago
I thought the title said Morgan Freeman, and I waited the entire trailer to see his appearance (or at least his narrative) (I know Martin Freeman as Watson)
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt 2 months ago
I'm starting to think movie studios are making more money on RUvid trailers then from ticket sales. The previews routinely show the entire movie's premise.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 2 months ago
It still hurts.
Matthew Coast - Relationship Advice
Bilbo... you can have the love that you want... you made it out of the friar!
Princess of Fireflies
This movie is nice! I wished the brother would have been less of an assholes and Bethany would have gotten more respect because she was sooo cute and adorable.
marion mcgill
marion mcgill 2 months ago
name of the SONG ANYBODY
Titanguy 2 months ago
This looks more like an SNL sketch than a movie.
ramzi moussa
ramzi moussa 3 months ago
2 things . First im not into lovely comedy but this seems fresh and nice . 2 i had the chance to talk to talk martin freeman and john goodman the same day and damn they were super nice
Sim Cele
Sim Cele 3 months ago
Martin Freeman!
Igor Reacts
Igor Reacts 3 months ago
Why does Bernadette sound weird?
Lil Sleepy 666
Lil Sleepy 666 3 months ago
I have this diagnosed, and well it’s funny and offensive at the same time
Lil Ugly Dude
Lil Ugly Dude 3 months ago
deadpool dead girlfriend (spoiler alert)
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