ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin Movie HD

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ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin, Romantic Comedy Movie HD
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Jul 10, 2019

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Comments 365
thelindofiles 12 hours ago
wow this trailer has me feeling feelings... a person who avoids joy to save his life? man, that's a unique premise
Matt 13 hours ago
Hey, Plop's in this.
Patrick Holt
Patrick Holt Day ago
This maybe a romcom I can actually get behind, in that Freeman is just hangdog and character actor enough to deserve a Morena Baccarin.
raul buster
raul buster Day ago
is Martin freeman related to Morgan? like his twin brother or something?
Yazarch Liseed
Damn the fucking feels. I have narcolepsyw/ cataplexy... my life in a nutshell.
Hylian Legend
Morena Baccarin is so fit
Coblin Day ago
Best 2 minute movie I've watched this year.
Shweta Somwanshi
Shweta Somwanshi 2 days ago
I've seen the film. And Oh God it broke my heart. It's really really beautiful!🌺
raees khan
raees khan 2 days ago
such a lovely movie I recommend it
Hamid Siddiqui
Hamid Siddiqui 3 days ago
can anyone plz tell me the name of the song in the trailer?
Fiel Panganiban
Ed Sogota
Ed Sogota 3 days ago
Did I see lil dicky
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy 3 days ago
Yeah, I'd be down to pass out every day for Morena Baccarin lol
Kimberly Wright
Kimberly Wright 3 days ago
I love when Martin does an American accent 😍
Thomas Raines
Thomas Raines 3 days ago
Morena Baccarin is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. How is it that she isn't a bigger star than she already is?
hyperbunny 4 days ago
whoa this is interesting
Marko Todorovic
Marko Todorovic 5 days ago
I'm soooo Bethany just a little more sarcastic... Ok bye
gurney85 5 days ago
She's too freakin' pretty, especially when she smiles. I'd pass out too.
Pawe Mhlana
Pawe Mhlana 6 days ago
He look like Bilbo in LOTR
Kabira Speaking
Kabira Speaking 6 days ago
I m human I came for morena...
Stressbean 6 days ago
Does this woman ever age like seriously Morena is supposedly 40 yet she looks so much younger and still as beautiful.
M H 6 days ago
One last time to see the twins before they head south?
Mag neto
Mag neto 6 days ago
Chick flick only.
Haku Ponyo
Haku Ponyo 7 days ago
So I saw that this has come out to see online and the frontpage/pic for the movie is such a rip off to the movie she's out of my league ~ just needed to say that 😂😌
Aleks Martini
Aleks Martini 7 days ago
This is really dumb man I’m glad watched the trailer to save 1.5hr of my life
Patrick Sta Ana
Patrick Sta Ana 7 days ago
Maverickmordy 8 days ago
Why melissa have a small part here? She is the most famous actress among the other on this movie...
mk 90
mk 90 8 days ago
Yo, the guy who plays the brother is plop aka Pete from The Office 😂
funsize198 8 days ago
I was wondering where I knew him from
nikolsan15 21 day ago
I feel his pain I get bobble-headed. It’s like I lose all sensation in my spine and struggle to remain still thus I will die a virgin 😢
Milly Stinnett
Milly Stinnett 22 days ago
1:10 *Phantom of the opera fandom has entered the group chat*
Peter Seckold
Peter Seckold 26 days ago
omg its plop, looks solid!
Jeff Marlatt
Jeff Marlatt 27 days ago
Morena Baccarin was born to play these type of roles. She is so beautiful & tempting. No heterosexual man can resist her. Except Capt. Malcolm Reynolds that is. But if Firefly ever got a second season, he'd be passing out as well.
Valicroix 27 days ago
Can't do it. I'll be thinking Bilbo Baggins the whole time and wondering why he doesn't just put on his ring?
want loot
want loot 28 days ago
I'm glad they are making regular, meaningful movies again. Tired of marvel spectacle, cheesy, unnecessary dialogue and rubbery special effects that don't even look like the characters are actuality in the scene they're in. Also, tired of the over the top fake action, it's time to go back to actors who do real acting and stunt work and make memorable films with poignant themes and messages to ponder during and after the movie. Complete, emotional and gripping tales. Time for movies we can reflect on after watching, with real good acting and powerful music scores. Time for marvel to go away and let film making be a storytelling art again. This movie looks refreshing! I appreciate the serious yet heartwarming tone and I think the music is a little too perky and all over the place but it's nice that it's not so melodramatic like lots of movies today that tell you when to feel certain emotions. Let us experience the story without being forced, unlike blockbusters and superhero crap. Bye, forgettable flicks, time for the artful ways of telling a story that we can experience and appreciate to flourish again.
Egor Zvorykin
Egor Zvorykin 25 days ago
this aint it chief
want loot
want loot 28 days ago
why does the music pause, then the character/actor says a line, then the music continues?
Soumik Naskar
Soumik Naskar 28 days ago
So Watson is actually interested in women? Sorry Mrs. Hudson😁
juniasat 22 days ago
@Soumik Naskar hi five, mate ✋✋😂😂😂😂😂
Soumik Naskar
Soumik Naskar 23 days ago
@juniasat lol damn true😂
juniasat 23 days ago
don't you see? he can't, he can only be with Sherlock that drive him mad everyday, that's the whole point 😂😂😂😂😂
JADE MOJICA 29 days ago
La parte 1 me dio una peresa 😑
JuegaConJota Month ago
Morena Baccarin and Bernaddete beautifull
Jau imperfect
Jau imperfect Month ago
Who remembers the series the VISTORS
David 26 days ago
YES OMG I LVOE THAT SERIESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I searched this comments for someone who mentioned it haha
Mariana moba LEGENDS
si el hobbit se ligo a la chica de deadpool xq yo no a la chica de mis sueños 😳 soy gordo 😞
oscar l.
oscar l. Month ago
Morena Baccarin is one of the most vile person in Hollywood according to multiple sources, so I am passing this one by.
Epic Rants
Epic Rants Month ago
When Bilbo Baggins has a growth spurt and is no longer a manlet
Flamez Month ago
Me: Finally a Beethoven movie! * sees that it’s not* Me: FU.....
Massi Alim
Massi Alim 18 days ago
Look like you never heard about immortal beloved or copying Beethoven
Katrina K
Katrina K Month ago
This actually looks so good. I can't wait to see it!
lukus black
lukus black Month ago
Not that I'd miss anything with Baccarin, but this looks particularly hilarious.
Taco Baco
Taco Baco Month ago
Wow. Another movie romanticizing and profiting from a serious and rare disease.
Sheri Alexander
Sheri Alexander Month ago
Good to see Plop out there making movies!
Gmail User
Gmail User Month ago
No one: Captain Obvious: Morena Baccarin is such a dish.
WanRussian Month ago
Whats the song in This trailer
top kek
top kek Month ago
*_The priest is the high sparrow xd_*
ItsCrispy Month ago
Only reason I clicked on this is because the actress in the thumbnail is from Gotham
88Netor Month ago
Soooooooo cuckold the movie ?
Cbricklyne 29 days ago
Much like her real life.
DARK PRISM Month ago
Ahh! a movie that promotes cheating, nice.
Gonads1259 Month ago
I'll pass, thanks.
Dan Abrahams
Dan Abrahams Month ago
Let's Go Mets - lie this purely for that reason ;) #LGM
Merritt Artim
Merritt Artim Month ago
The fact that they’ve got cataplexy all wrong in this really bothers me... You’re fully conscious with cataplexy but your muscles just give out. And if he has cataplexy, then he really has type one Narcolepsy. I just kind of wish they’d actually do their research beforehand
Generated Talent
Generated Talent 29 days ago
Based on a true story
fumblerooskie Month ago
Morena Baccarin is dreamy.
Geralb 4u
Geralb 4u Month ago
I actually wanna see this movie
billybrooks1 Month ago
I've had a thing for Joy ever since she was banging Mike in Homeland
RedDragonM1 Month ago
Here's how it ends...the wall explodes...and it's DEADPOOL! "Huh?!? Venessa?! What the fuck!!?" and Freeman is like "Uh..you see.." "SHUT IT, BILBO!" and Deadpool shoots him in the knee! "The book was short! It didn't need THREE FUCKIN MOVIES!! Venessa, let's go home...I wanna see if I can get my taco on!"
MARTIN YAY Also, is that a real illness because damn.
Taco Baco
Taco Baco Month ago
phanchesterinski yes it is. It’s narcolepsy.
Ahmed abou Alfadl
ىسكس في
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Month ago
Guard your heart above all else Jesus said and no good thing will he withhold from those who diligently seek him 👟❤️📖📖📖
Douchy McDouche
Douchy McDouche Month ago
You know this would be a lot funnier if they replaced cataplexy with premature ejaculation.
jade fire
jade fire Month ago
So John Watson aka Bilbo, aka Ross bangs Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz *AND* Dr. Thomkins?!? Dang. Dude getting it all over geekdom , isn't he?
Simon McGovern
Simon McGovern Month ago
I’m just wondering why British actors have to be cast and made to do unbelievable American accents? Are there no English people in America? Would it be detrimental to the narrative for him to be English?
Sam S
Sam S Month ago
I pass out whenever I am in immense pain or stress. It's called vaso vago syncopy.
Mukinayi Seth
Mukinayi Seth Month ago
Is this girl in the video the one who owns the Life of Luba channel?
Shreyas Vishwanathan
this whole movie is about a single first world problem.
Taco Baco
Taco Baco Month ago
You idiot. Narcolepsy isn’t only a “first world” disease.
Andy King
Andy King Month ago
Morena is my soul mate--she doesn't know that
tee brinner
tee brinner Month ago
Oh dear
Logan Coe
Logan Coe Month ago
Whats Venessa doing alive? I guess deadpool's time machine really worked
Caffeinated Nation
Watson and Deadpool's girl.
Katie McGowan
Katie McGowan Month ago
#thisisincrediblydepressing #yes My conscious vs my heart
Diego Month ago
Manoj Chowdhary
Manoj Chowdhary Month ago
Mark J
Mark J Month ago
If you watch this and love it, then go and immediately watch Dan In Real Life. Steve Carrell, Juliette Binoche, Emily Blunt, Dane Cook. Thank me afterwards...
snoo333 Month ago
Martha Lucas
Martha Lucas Month ago
So it's those fainting goats, but a movie
Nung Yang
Nung Yang Month ago
Fawken PLOP. Always trying to steal other mens girls
mekdes mulugeta
mekdes mulugeta Month ago
prvi front
prvi front Month ago
Who makes this shit
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