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The functionality of the wave power station developed by Voith Hydro (www.voith.com). Animation produced by the company "i-explain" ( i-explain.at). This video explains the function of the Wave Power Station with Wells turbine. This plant was shut down. It was built mainly as a test plant. There is a new bigger plant in Spain, near Bilbao - Mutriku Wave Power Plant. (tethys.pnnl.gov/annex-iv-sites/mutriku-wave-power-plant) Yes, this video is old, but it still explains the functionality of this power plant, so please don`t complain about it.​

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Jun 23, 2009




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David Schmidt
David Schmidt Year ago
theAneja, I don't care how old the vid is. It is, as you say, an excellent, very clear and concise explanation of the wave-driven power generator system. I am grateful you took the time to share it, and I use it in my classes along with other videos on alternative power-generation. BTW, Don't worry about the whiners....they usually don't contribute anything except useless noise.
"✓ Науч. Студия ✓ Sergey Kachan": ruvid.net/group/PLlEX99xZE8qOvEV7vDZf_oAkyCOrS1p-z
spikedpsycho 2 months ago
Other than the fact you have to cover the coasts with concrete to even generate a fraction of the energy needed.
j p
j p 2 months ago
AnkhAnanku you really have no clue about the advances in nuclear power, do you? We have more than enough fuel NOW, to run the new types of plants, for generations. The ones we have now are not efficient. Use only single digit % of the fuel. The news ones can use all the spent fuel we ALREADY have on hand. Much cleaner than all this other useless renewables.
j p
j p 2 months ago
Do you also include nuclear and the brand new ways of doing it, that is much cleaner than solar or wind?
spiddyman007 7 months ago
I love ur profile pic
Bernald Tibia
nice ocean energy share
Janidu Hemachandra
Janidu Hemachandra 18 days ago
Is this patented or open
Ideas for the Green Planet
As far as we know the harvest of wave energy with "Oscillating Water Column" principle is open, without the patent.
Kareem Dyb
Kareem Dyb 19 days ago
اتجاه الرياح متقلب كيف يتم حل هذا الإشكال ؟
Ideas for the Green Planet
Google Translate helped me with your question about how the oscillating air direction is solved. The special Wells turbine is producing energy regardless of the direction of the air.
Michael Dealumina
Michael Dealumina 25 days ago
The rocks make ocean salty right? So the water has to be in contact whit the rocks...
Or Chantha
Or Chantha 26 days ago
lee thomas
lee thomas Month ago
great idea....wave power is way forward as its 24/7...much better than solar or wind and looks easier to construct and less impact on environment
Ideas for the Green Planet
@Apollyon Yes you are right. But there is also the fact that not every coast is suitable for harvesting the wave energy. There are some regions in the world where the ocean carries a lot of energy and some regions don't.
Apollyon 26 days ago
@lee thomas it is likely irrelevant how many % of Earth are covered by oceans. The right question would be: How many countries have access to oceans. And even for superstates like Russia, USA, Brazil, Australia, China, etc. which have enormous access to oceans it means only they can power their costline with electricity generated from ocean power. Inland would still be depended on other sources of energy, like nuclear power plants. That was the point of my comment.
lee thomas
lee thomas 27 days ago
@Apollyon yes well done 10/10 for observation.....more like a coastline.....and what is 70% of earth covered by.......
Apollyon 27 days ago
It has only one flaw... you need ocean. :D
Livi LetsPlay
Livi LetsPlay Month ago
I love this video my class and I watched this to learn about Energy good job you got a class of 23 students to watch your video!
Livi LetsPlay
Livi LetsPlay 21 day ago
Ideas for the Green Planet we are now working on sustainable energy! So this could be a good help
Ideas for the Green Planet
Hello Livi! Thank you so much for your comment. We are very honored that the students like yours find it interesting enough to watch it. At the moment we are working on further videos which will explain the "Oscillating Water Column" concept more in detail as well as the explanation of the Wells Turbine. Also, the explanation of further (mostly unknown) kinds of sustainable technologies are​ in the pipeline. Unfortunately, the production of this kind of 3D explainer videos is very difficult and time-consuming, but we will do our best to publish the videos as soon as possible.
Nestor Matos
Nestor Matos Month ago
I don't see any in the western hemisphere nor Asia, what's the story?
Ideas for the Green Planet
Hello Nestor Matos, thank you for your comment. This Wave Power Station on the Isle of Islay has been closed in summer 2018. In the year 2011 in Mutriku, Spain the first commercial wave power plant with 16 turbines based on the "Oscillating Water Column" principle was opened. We are working on a video which will explain it in detail. Every new technology has to be proven in real life, and the experience will show if this kind of power plant produces enough energy in comparison to the investments and maintenance costs.
Mudd Month ago
Gru: I AM GOING TO STEAL THE MOON! City: *turns into darkness*
lilith romero
lilith romero Month ago
So Cal Bee Guy
So Cal Bee Guy Month ago
I have to wonder how large is the grid on the Scottish Isle of Illa [sic]- and unless they have figured a way to stop corrosion, it won't produce more than you spend on maintenance in the long run. Floats with simple mechanics easy and cheap to produce could take advantage of wave motion without so much concrete and corrosion of the more sensitive parts of the machine.
Ideas for the Green Planet
Thank you for your comment. This power plant on the Isle of Islay has been closed in summer 2018. It had 2 turbines, 250 kW each. In the year 2011 in Mutriku, Spain the first commercial wave power plant with 16 turbines based on the "Oscillating Water Column" principle was opened. It was designed to produce approx. 300 kW for 250 households. We will create a video where we will explain the plant design (the turbines are placed in the water breaker) and want to address the costs as well.
Sal Lopez
Sal Lopez Month ago
Lets do it
James Younger
James Younger Month ago
You asked youtubers not to complain? That's a really tall order for a lot of youtube commenters, so don't get your hopes up... lol
prajapati kumar yadav
Good idea
Rk mojar tv
Rk mojar tv Month ago
Nice post
ip tech 1
ip tech 1 Month ago
Amazing Technology
Piston Addicts
Piston Addicts Month ago
Air is compressible.so it wont rotate the turbine unless the air pressure is very high. Better connect a reciprocating piston with a fluid medium.
whitebird77 Month ago
lets blow up the moon
Rohan Wani
Rohan Wani Month ago
Wow amazing tech... Why don't you implement it all over the oceans...???
Sarfraz Yousuf
Sarfraz Yousuf Month ago
Nature should be wild and free
Từ Duy Ngọ
Từ Duy Ngọ Month ago
The problem is this need a high wave to push the air to make the plan efficient, which is usually come with strong wind. And wind turbine is better.
KandaPanda Month ago
....almost? When is the exception?
Every wave generated power system I have ever seen or heard about has yet to be commercially viable. They all look good on paper though...
@Ideas for the Green Planet: Thank you for your response. I LOVE the idea by the way. Past attemps indicate it just seems to be too difficult to bring profitablely into fruition. I'm pulling for you
Ideas for the Green Planet
@LovelyObscurities Thank you for your comment. We are working at the moment on video about Mutriku Commercial Wave Power Plant. It was opened in 2011. We hope we will get accurate data about profitability and other facts.
Anjum Shahzad
Anjum Shahzad Month ago
Pariliment or Mps will never let this happen ,
Sohail Jafar
Sohail Jafar Month ago
Well MSPs did so
Pussy Eater 338
Pussy Eater 338 Month ago
Just put a wind turbine in the water
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Month ago
I have a better idea. Use a Sterling engine to take advantage of temperature differences between water and air (also heat the top w magnified light.
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Month ago
@Unhappy Attendant Ughh - Maybe you should try career change? Parking Attendant seems to put you in bad mood ;-).
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
What happens at night or when it’s cloudy stupid boy. Fuck you there’s barley a temp difference
J Will
J Will Month ago
I'd be interested in know the maintenance demands for this generator. Specifically with effects of corrosion from constant moisture and sea salt exposure.
Marc Boutilier
Marc Boutilier Month ago
Turbine (alloys like stainless steel) The body (Coatings, etc)
Ideas for the Green Planet
@J Will. Thank you for your comment. We are working at the moment on video about Mutriku Commercial Wave Power Plant, which was opened in 2011. We hope that we will get some real data about maintenance costs.
E'raan Lue
E'raan Lue Month ago
Ever heard of a boat? Just look up there.
mustafah umar
mustafah umar Month ago
johnstarr2001 Month ago
A inventor for air direction generation. Turbine blades needs to be similar to a foil. Fat in front of foil then narrow to a point on the back edge.
Yogi Chakalall
Yogi Chakalall Month ago
Turbine not turban lol
Jasiel Witherspoon
Jasiel Witherspoon 2 months ago
But what if the moon *disappears* ‘-‘
aeak oudron
aeak oudron 2 months ago
Admire Betera
Admire Betera 2 months ago
Wow! A great idea.
We 'A
We 'A 2 months ago
Path Ray
Path Ray 2 months ago
Can u please mention which animation software is used to make this videos.
Path Ray
Path Ray 2 months ago
@Ideas for the Green Planet thanks alot.
Ideas for the Green Planet
The most parts were made with Autodesk Maya Software, water was partly animated with RealFlow. I hope this helps :)
Elliander Eldridge
Elliander Eldridge 2 months ago
Tie it into levies so not visible, and bundle it into the cost of new levies, so cities facing rising waters might adopt this as their solution, but make it accessible for maintenance.
Mythical Motionless
Mythical Motionless 2 months ago
The Power Station is another robot lungs breathing
Kalyan Dande
Kalyan Dande 2 months ago
Can a gas of some chemistry be used instead of air that can resist effect of sea water for longer life span of plant equipment, I feel bad to see so much money, skill, efforts wasted for technology race in mobile devices by MNC companies every year instead of developing clean energy systems. Very nice video
Al Sp
Al Sp 2 months ago
Jizz power!
Дима Романов
It's bullshit. Because the individual waves wont generate enough power to drive a turbine. The only way it can work is by creating an environment, fully.. no, it doesnt work.
Justin 2 months ago
Turbine not turbin
American Made
American Made 2 months ago
Those Germans so are smart
Marcelo Bezerrapereira
X😎👍👍👍🇧🇷🇧🇷 Like
Jacobe Norbs
Jacobe Norbs 2 months ago
LOL right.
Samuel Lin
Samuel Lin 2 months ago
Why aren't we using this thing??
Piruzinho Sagaz
Piruzinho Sagaz 2 months ago
Memet Rush
Memet Rush 2 months ago
i love how people think this such an amazing idea. if you think your such a genius go build one yourself and realize that it wouldn't make any money. there's a reason nobody uses tidal power
Usha Sharma
Usha Sharma 2 months ago
Recommended in 2019?
Amogh Vastrad
Amogh Vastrad Month ago
Jimi Hendrix Santos
Jimi Hendrix Santos 2 months ago
And still, we're using coal powerplant
Jimi Hendrix Santos
Jimi Hendrix Santos 2 months ago
And still, we're using coal powerplant
AkshAy Rathore
AkshAy Rathore 2 months ago
Yes, we are using coal power plant and we will be using coal power plant because A major part of consumption of electricity is fulfilled by coal steam power plant. And these methods of energy generation are not as helpful as steam or gas power plant.
Visionary Star
Visionary Star 2 months ago
Salt destroys everything
sibiryak s
sibiryak s 2 months ago
Как при одном и том же направлении вращении вентилятора воздух ходит в обе стороны.
VINA BETTA 2 months ago
Ý tưởng hay. Trái nguyên tắc khí động học. Cần làm van một chiều hai đầu in và up
luckyisme10 2 months ago
I have a better idea. .. use a hose to move water from one end to another with a turbine in the middle. Free endless energy using the ocean.
DMan7892 2 months ago
I like the concept but I also see the potential for high costs to fight corrosion
Jeramel Barcelo
Jeramel Barcelo 2 months ago
How could this maintain power output, frequency and etc, since airflow varies from waves, and turbine varies from air flow?.
rachman3339 2 months ago
Electronics can do that and mucho more
Elisabeth Svendsen
Elisabeth Svendsen 2 months ago
Hi i need too come in contact whith you ? Can you please e-mail me gro69@live.no for details.
Kumpul Bareng
Kumpul Bareng 2 months ago
The nice one
Elvin Bert Corvera
Elvin Bert Corvera 2 months ago
Looks simple.
Actionboy_ XR
Actionboy_ XR 2 months ago
Mr3344555 2 months ago
You can just harness waves.... More power input. Good way of harnessing water in Lakes and seas though!
JORDAN VILHENA 2 months ago
Laidert fiul creockd
BMW E39530D
BMW E39530D 2 months ago
very expensive. very little kwh output. very expensive to maintain. dead on arrival
earlibee 2 months ago
to buy them and install yes. but maintaining them shouldnt be too expensive
Madison Briggs
Madison Briggs 2 months ago
Cost nothing To run after construction but people will be charged out the ass to use the power this turbine generates
Zaim Marzuki
Zaim Marzuki 2 months ago
Yea cuz it's free to build, right?
Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma 2 months ago
I have different idea of producing electricity as from low and high tide phenomena its has more potential to generate good amount of power
Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma 2 months ago
as the water rises during the high tide and water flows to the lower areas, for example, like in small narrow streams connecting to the sea, if we locate them and built dyke over them then we easily operate water turbines with that sudden flow of water in and out both time as the water resided too.I don't know for what extent it is applicable but it gives clean energy in an easy way
WAR BOT 2 months ago
Why didnt u mention ut
Ideas for the Green Planet
Rohheit Verma, thank you for your comment. Can you provide us some more information about your idea?
mr boss smart
mr boss smart 2 months ago
Love this kind of videos❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Гази Магомедов
Интересная тема и очень нужное на таком на таком основе можно многое сделать
Павел Щетинин
А если все это сделать плавающим ) Или в океане постоянный уровень воды )
Гази Магомедов
Это все должно быть не подвижным что бы вода могла делать свое дело
Fayyadh Hariz
Fayyadh Hariz 2 months ago
All these free energy, we still need to pay to use electricity
Fayyadh Hariz
Fayyadh Hariz 2 months ago
@Este Erue couldnt agree more, but yeah. Still payin for the bills
Fayyadh Hariz
Fayyadh Hariz 2 months ago
@earlibee yes, but we still need to pay electricity bill for the rest of our life
Este Erue
Este Erue 2 months ago
Besides take from the point of view that this will reduce our Dioxide Carbon footprint
earlibee 2 months ago
well it costs money to install and maintain them you know. That isnt free
yabloki Б.
yabloki Б. 2 months ago
Я чет не понял, как воздух туда-сюда перетикающий крутит крыльчатку?
yabloki Б.
yabloki Б. 2 months ago
@Ilya MZP да я уже прочитал про осицилирующий столб. Фигня, фигней :) На видео не указали, там разные каналы впуска и выпуска воздушных масс. Японцы протестировали данное изобретение, кпд всего до 25% доходит, что очень мало. Сложным считается поплавковыц генератор, но кпд зато виде до 80%. Однако стоимость, сделать установки и т. д. Не каждый решиться халявой такой обзавестись.
Ilya MZP
Ilya MZP 2 months ago
Скорее всего лопасти крыльчатки могут регулировать угол. Но это не точно.
trick chins
trick chins 2 months ago
Seems like a sound idea how many of these exist today?
Ideas for the Green Planet
Hi, thank you for your comment. There is a power plant with 16 Wells turbines in Mutriku, Spain. They are built in the water breaker and generate energy for approx. 250 households.
shadowdance4666 2 months ago
Sounds like Rod Sterling lol
davetileguy 2 months ago
Just build a dam across a bay, easy peasy.
vikash kamde
vikash kamde 2 months ago
nuclear fuel solar cells is the future...
Terry Byrd
Terry Byrd 2 months ago
Been tried too many times - and failed just as many times. The design is faulty - the output is consumed by the input.
Ideas for the Green Planet
Power plant with 16 Wells turbines in Mutriku, Spain generates energy for 250 households today, in real life.
Teun lll
Teun lll 2 months ago
How is that.
Bogdan Toma
Bogdan Toma 2 months ago
2018, this scotish one one has been shut down and only the concrete remains. Rated output 250kW dropped from 500kW
acynder1 Month ago
@chuchu kamurabba not even close, these are KiloWatts, Coal Plants operate on MegaWatts (1 MegaWatt = 1000 KiloWatts) So if we say that average basic coalplant is 50 Megawatts, and this wave thing is 250 KiloWatts, you will need 200 of these to reemplace the coalplant.
Bogdan Toma
Bogdan Toma 2 months ago
I cannot confirm or deny, Here is the wiki and based in their links you might find out more. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islay_LIMPET
sinchiro ichihada
sinchiro ichihada 2 months ago
@Bogdan Toma its take time for me to get those data lol...! Too bad, wiki don't give enough data. Idk that power output for a day or an hour.. But tidal wave must be can produce at least 8 kw/h for every m2 potential coastal surface with 80% generator efficiency... Anyway, its 1st time i see this design n its impress me.. Its lead to efficiency of maintenance n construction cost, due to simplicity design to avoid corrosion n easy to access..
Bogdan Toma
Bogdan Toma 2 months ago
sinchiro ichihada from google i ended up on wikipedia and from there to the bottom of their page, leading to the documentation. Initially it was rated at 500, but dropped to 250. There is an analisys at one point and conclusions, lessons learned from this experiment and the building of the one from spain using the same tech as this, More details there. I just wanted to save the trouble of people googling this basic info at the very least, as i was curious as well and started shuffling the web oages for more.
sinchiro ichihada
sinchiro ichihada 2 months ago
Can u show some technical data?. If my caculation not wrong, that concrete structure must be capable to generate up to 300x power output, with moderated power exchange system.. Idk with additional cost, but mostly come from new 75-150 mw generator.
Iqbol Ash
Iqbol Ash 2 months ago
981 dislikes are people who work for nuclear power stations
G James
G James 2 months ago
Turbine - not turban
G James
G James 2 months ago
@j p yes it can be pronounced many ways. The right way, and the wrong ways.
j p
j p 2 months ago
G James you do know that the word is pronounced differently right? Trying to sound all smart huh. To quote dictionary com turbine [tur-bin, -bahyn]
Siddu Siddarth
Siddu Siddarth 2 months ago
Hi, very clear. You have good no. Of views, why can't you make more videos of this kind.
Ideas for the Green Planet
Siddu Siddarth, thank you for your comment. We are working right now on new animations. Stay tuned!
JAMES TUTTLE 2 months ago
NOTHING IS 'FREE OF CHARGE' There is ALWAYS a cost to be paid which the people promoting this 'Free Energy' are Unwilling to disclose. Additionally there are ALWAYS environmental impacts which they FAIL to consider or disclose. Just Look at the Wind Energy industry.
Tärpätti Tuopponen
In Finland the Nature Preservists want to build these large scale and in masses. The only problem is that the Baltic sea waves are foot-high and it freezes in winter hence there are no waves for 4 months a year. Still these ’’will power the whole nation one day’’.
Шифр Инкогнито
Это всё ХУЙНЯ
Avito 2 months ago
How does the turbine get bi-directional wind while spinning same axis?
Ideas for the Green Planet
The Wells turbine rotates ALLWAYS in the same direction, although the air oscillates. We are working on an animation where we will explain the working principles of this wells turbine so also the people who are not engineers will understand it. Stay tuned.
jeddles 2 months ago
@shaind it simplifies the system and changing rotation direction every wave will cause excessive wear and stress as it breaks the momentum
shaind 2 months ago
You don't have to keep the rotation direction, because the AC current generated can be fully rectified to generate unidirectional DC current, which is then inverted back to AC according to the phase of the grid.
EvM 2 months ago
@deepak thakur You mean Autorotation?
deepak thakur
deepak thakur 2 months ago
Its work on chopper blades principal. You can checks aerodynamics of this.
Graham Bird
Graham Bird 2 months ago
Waste of time and money !!!
Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal 2 months ago
Good vid ,Tysm I learned something new and wow why this tech hasn't been implemented yet!
Алик Амрин
Алик Амрин 2 months ago
Ну сцуко пидносня 👍👍👍😂
Mr.Beard 2 months ago
if generoter rotated in wrong direction???
Comfy Huawei
Comfy Huawei 2 months ago
Вода в 600 раз больше массы имеет, чем воздух. Знач при одинаковой выработке энергии, водяная турбина будет в 600 раз меньше и в 300 дешевле.
Omar Ignacio Silvestrini
"FOITH... with a V... because we don't give a DAMN about pronunciation... just clean energy." ;)
Pineapple Plays
Pineapple Plays 2 months ago
"V" is pronounced [f] in several languages, most notably german. Besides, how often does english spell things as they are pronounced?
YE E 3 months ago
what frequency could result from this turbine?
chuchu kamurabba
chuchu kamurabba 2 months ago
Faceofthesun 3 months ago
If wave-powered dredges could be made, they could prevent coastal erosion, create new islands and deepen shipping channels and create land bridges. Importantly lower sea levels.
Fitrian Hidayat
Fitrian Hidayat 2 months ago
How could it create new islands?
Bilbo Ben Banging
Bilbo Ben Banging 3 months ago
Everyone that watches this video is on a gov hit list. cause, we are becoming a threat just by getting informed on alternatives to the oil industry that keeps dirty politicians in power
Jepthah Cole
Jepthah Cole 3 months ago
2019 and I am just seeing this. This is amazing idea, if this is that good, why is it that we don't see anyone else using this technology?
Ideas for the Green Planet
Alex Van Horssen, there is a wave power plant in Mutriku, Spain. It has 16 Wells turbines build in water breaker. It supplies 250 households​ with energy.
Alex Van Horssen
Alex Van Horssen 2 months ago
Not enough power output I understood from others
Hammel G
Hammel G 3 months ago
We have a lot of ways to generate eco energy... But WE're the worst specie in the nAture.. WE need To change
j p
j p 2 months ago
Hammel G no. We don’t.
musicisbrilliant 3 months ago
People complain about erosion of devices for clean energy in the ocean, but this is pure concrete in the ocean, brilliant!
ashok Kumar
ashok Kumar 3 months ago
Fikret Nart
Fikret Nart 3 months ago
Harika, yük olarak suyu kullanmak akıl işi, tebrikler.
Brabus 76
Brabus 76 3 months ago
Why not put another turbine that recieves the outer draft that can generate again that power!
Raymundo Cruz
Raymundo Cruz 3 months ago
Difícil de creer
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