OCEAN by Anuv Jain (a song on the ukulele)

Anuv Jain
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The second studio recorded single, written, sung and composed by Anuv Jain is here!
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Illustration and animation by Vibhav Singh
For inquiries- vibhav.eob@gmail.com
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Comments 80
Yojit6 Tripathi
Yojit6 Tripathi 2 years ago
can you please tell the chords on ukulele
Rhea Arya
Rhea Arya Day ago
Ada Kretkowska
@Rhea Arya D DU UDU
Rhea Arya
Rhea Arya Day ago
Can you also please tell the strumming pattern
Hassan Bin Taher
Hassan Bin Taher 11 days ago
@Anuv Jain Thank You Boss
Ada Kretkowska
Ada Kretkowska 14 days ago
@Anuv Jain On Ukulele, Capo on 3rd fret, C Em Am G. Sounds like the right ones
frizel francis
frizel francis 3 hours ago
Twenty one pilots fan???
Narayani Saraswati
Narayani Saraswati 4 hours ago
Damn!!! Bro you are really good at this....keep embracing your talent:)
Avi Kumrawat
Avi Kumrawat 7 hours ago
WOW..... the actual chords are shown in the animated video. Well, Anuv took the video too seriously. By the way, very beautiful song with mind-blowing lyrics.
Anjana Kanakaraj
Anjana Kanakaraj 8 hours ago
i don know if its a coincidence ...but this music is soo similar to the song minni minni from the movie JUNE. Thanks a lot Anuv jain for providing us these amazing songs!
Abhishek Bharadwaj Sharma
loved this...wow
Drums of Nature
love it
egiuw Day ago
Sweet 😍
Black ii
Black ii Day ago
Your life is the ocean
Luandeptrai Cowboy
I heard about 1000 😂😂😂
Luandeptrai Cowboy
So good
Sun Tana
Sun Tana 3 days ago
priya kanodia
priya kanodia 3 days ago
From where to buy a good uklele
Sehrish Nabi
Sehrish Nabi 3 days ago
Just loved it!☻🖤
Adnan Saiqat
Adnan Saiqat 3 days ago
sometimes youtube recommendations are blessing! Love this song. Love from Bangladesh.
Sambadi Sen
Sambadi Sen 3 days ago
Soooooothing ❤️♥️
Screw You
Screw You 3 days ago
Can someone please film a tutorial for this song? Thank you
John Official
John Official 4 days ago
Lamisha Hossain
Lamisha Hossain 4 days ago
Take love from Bangladesh ♥️
ThePseudoGirl 4 days ago
I know I'm late but woww😍🤗🖤 It's so calming 😌
Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma 4 days ago
Most Beautiful Song I have heard today!!!
parni sharma
parni sharma 4 days ago
listening this song daily during lock-down period :))))
Lee Han Joon
Lee Han Joon 4 days ago
Thanks for bringing up my mood on a sad day😊
Big Bang
Big Bang 4 days ago
Radhika Choubey
Radhika Choubey 4 days ago
My room Is painted pink and green
Ajay Tamla
Ajay Tamla 4 days ago
relaxing ...hmm
Asadul Islam
Asadul Islam 5 days ago
Subahtunnoor Munia
I just love to hear this song again & again.
rose Dsouza
rose Dsouza 5 days ago
amazing song!! today's reality !!....
Archana Gupta
Archana Gupta 5 days ago
Titas Biswas
Titas Biswas 6 days ago
RivuDon 6 days ago
One of my favourite songs.
Art_Pad 6 days ago
Love this song!!!
Pritam Gupta
Pritam Gupta 7 days ago
*Hey Momo!* If you ever come and see mine comment here, you may understand how much insane I am for you dear :P Today I just saw this beautiful song on your WhatsApp Status. Love you dear, love you so so so much
Medha Chatterjee
Medha Chatterjee 7 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-zJl6Qopi4Sw.html covered this song.. spare some moments if you can ❤
Rohith Babu
Rohith Babu 7 days ago
My favourite 😊
Shweta Chauhan
Shweta Chauhan 7 days ago
Playing song in the time of lockdown:) ruvid.net/video/video-Q8ill9bpcwo.html
khadidja salaouatchi
So beautiful and sooo relaxing song.. I loved it💝👏👏👏👏
shreya vishwakarma
I found my peace in your song, great song.
Deepti Dhyani
Deepti Dhyani 7 days ago
This song has some really realllyyy beautiful vibesss❤️❤️
Sneha Aggarwal
Sneha Aggarwal 7 days ago
love this so much
Namrata Chand
Namrata Chand 7 days ago
I really really appreciate this talent of yours❤ lyrically and vocally..beautiful 💝
Nica L.
Nica L. 7 days ago
Minha musica favoritaaa, amo❤️
Priya Garg
Priya Garg 8 days ago
Hey man...all I wanna say..I got stuck in this song since the last few hours and when i decide to listen it for the last time, i change my thought towards the end ..never heard something so raw and sweet.. the collaboration of the voice and the lyrics is just so good..my heart is filled with unknown happiness... thanks alot 💖
Shristi Acharya
Shristi Acharya 8 days ago
Had I been living under a rock 2 years ago😶
Mariam LShimray
Mariam LShimray 8 days ago
I love the lyrics . I can fel the simple life with happy life. I love your voice
Sam Sam Smith
Sam Sam Smith 8 days ago
I like song .. thiss song is beautyful and be patient with me..😘❤taste
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 8 days ago
Thank you youtube recommendation, your trending list still suck balls though.
Mr Hunk Wang's
Mr Hunk Wang's 8 days ago
Aradhya Kiran
Aradhya Kiran 9 days ago
I am in love with your voice.. I am sorry but single soul loves such voices 🥰 it's soo soothing and you made me subscribe automatically
NEHA CHAUHAN 9 days ago
In love with your voice at first and then with you as well. What to ask? Who is that lucky girl for whom you have written and sung all these songs......... Waiting for your reply
NEHA CHAUHAN 8 days ago
Is she Drishti Barar
NEHA CHAUHAN 8 days ago
Is she Drishti Barar?
Ruhan Ahmed Drubo
I think it's one of the most beautiful song that I will ever listen in my life..
Damn Right
Damn Right 9 days ago
i thought it's billie eilish's 8
Markshane Mahilum
Sino pilipinong nakikinig nito? Ako lang ba?
Chum Chum
Chum Chum 7 days ago
Wag mo pag kala tong kanta satin satin lang to ahahaha
niharika singh
niharika singh 9 days ago
Everything in this video is just wow. The song, voice, lyrics, graphics...amazing work 😍
glen dsouza
glen dsouza 9 days ago
Ok shit
Roy Gaming
Roy Gaming 9 days ago
Wow talented
Ritesh Samurai
Ritesh Samurai 9 days ago
Loved it bro.😍😍
Swagboiii 9 days ago
That's cool
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar 9 days ago
i am in love with tis song ❤️
ShinKuro 9 days ago
Dayyymn. ❤️❤️❤️
Karishma Kerketta
Your voice is so soothing!
Akshay k
Akshay k 9 days ago
Anuv sir u should thanks you tube and i should too becouse youtube recommended me dis lovely song 😻😻😻 your voice
Tiya Bharati
Tiya Bharati 9 days ago
"Coz your life is the ocean and your heart is a wave like a dog in the sun I found peace in your strome ,as is sailed for days now I keep drawing away ,will my gods forgive me for feeling this way" You wrote such a heart whelming lyrics gods will definitely forgive you
Broken Letters
Broken Letters 10 days ago
I love this 😍🙁😍
avishek naskar
avishek naskar 10 days ago
Darun. Awesome man.
everything around us
Add a nice video too.. just a suggestion 😅
Ananya Thakur
Ananya Thakur 10 days ago
The song was pretty soothing but what got my attention was the visual... Loved how simple yet captivating it was! 🙂
cooldude karan
cooldude karan 10 days ago
is this guy is indian??
Joydeep Nath
Joydeep Nath 11 days ago
I just realised that the chords are given in this motion video
Radhika Choubey
Radhika Choubey 11 days ago
Hey anuv Heard your song yesterday And since then I've heard it 1000s of time on loop Loved it
Hassan Bin Taher
Hassan Bin Taher 11 days ago
someone give me ukulele chord, use in this song
Suchismita Bagchi
Suchismita Bagchi 11 days ago
your voice is awesome!!! i love it
Dk Gallery
Dk Gallery 11 days ago
Who the fuck disliked?
Dizzy Woo
Dizzy Woo 11 days ago
Listening to this while on quarantine makes me feel like I'm relaxing all alone in the beach
Nandini Tyagi
Nandini Tyagi 12 days ago
My poetic depravity has been satiated. This song is what the world needs
Annie kims
Annie kims 12 days ago
is sailors is the mind you are talking about!!!!
jackson chongtham
jackson chongtham 12 days ago
please decipher your meaning of like a dog in the sun i found my peace in your storm
Shreyash Sav
Shreyash Sav 12 days ago
Only if bollywood would stop remaking old and try this for once so many talented artist are writing so beautiful in india
meer ishfak
meer ishfak 12 days ago
I miss you Meghmala, more than anything else, i hope you will see this someday and that day might be too late but i there's nothing we can do to change the past or skip the inevitable, All I can say is, I love you, take care
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