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EveryThingMe AllTheWay
8:52 2019 Lia said tictac instead off KitKat
Georgianna Sandbo
Georgianna Sandbo 10 hours ago
The kit Kat with the bite taken out in the middle. It was two kits Kats both with a big bite taken out then put side by side
Oof Productions
Oof Productions 13 hours ago
4:42 Me NANI!?
Lorelei Mezei
Lorelei Mezei 15 hours ago
This really pissed me off
Just A person called Katie
I have very bad O.C.D....
Global Tae
Global Tae Day ago
16 🤮
Damn the pencils got me
Halima Khatun
If those people were nere me I'd move house and report it to the FBI or I'll just faint and call the FBI. Like WTF are you doing with your life.They had one job and they MEST UP 😭
Cobra King
Cobra King Day ago
I failed this
OctoFlower YT
OctoFlower YT 2 days ago
3:15 my only problem is hes *EATING PIZZA WITH A FORK!* 7:13 yeah idc man
OctoFlower YT
OctoFlower YT 2 days ago
I honestly thought most of these were absolutely hilarious
Ken Wai
Ken Wai 2 days ago
1:43 you forgot to look at the soda
v KillwitMe x
v KillwitMe x 2 days ago
Reporting her to the FBI, SWAT, AIR FORCE, AND NAVY, U MUST DIE.
Sarah ODowd-Jackson
My children have done well.
Nickee Corl
Nickee Corl 2 days ago
1:53 the can has a straw on the side instead of a top
cbeqq 2 days ago
I just can’t... The lady at my friend’s Birthday party cut the cake in rectangles skinny rectangles she was an animal and one whole slice of the cake fell onto the table, and I just couldn’t live anymore.
GlitterJen Gaming
All of them bothered me sooo I have OCD
Psycho Area 51
Psycho Area 51 3 days ago
0:40 who knows the 100 digits of pi?π🤔🤔🤔™
White Phoinex
White Phoinex 3 days ago
Throw the pizza at them
Amira Caffey
Amira Caffey 3 days ago
5:36 how are they taking the photo??
Candelaria Garcia
Somebody called the FBI on that girl she needs to cut the pizza the actual way 3:29
Brianna Gacha
Brianna Gacha 3 days ago
I learned something new... I HAVE OCD
bunnymusicnote 4 days ago
I failed. I hate this video so much. But I still love your channel.
Salha Bader
Salha Bader 4 days ago
Did she say tik tak instead of kit kat
galaxy cupcake
galaxy cupcake 4 days ago
I think I have OCD... they all annoyed me like.... *face palm and sighs*
unicorn Squad
unicorn Squad 4 days ago
Like of u love sssniperwolf puppy if you don’t like it you hate the puppy
1:49 look at the soda THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS
I N F I R E S ?
I N F I R E S ? 5 days ago
I failed as well
Michael Tharan
Michael Tharan 5 days ago
Cyan Joeshep Santiago
I'm OCD....yes i am when my bag is not perfect i have to make it really perfect...
Mckenzie Sanders
Mckenzie Sanders 5 days ago
0:02 - 0:08 I wanted so badly to stop everything.
dog lover
dog lover 5 days ago
O M G My dad did this duty whith A Burger
Plebster 5 days ago
Same i was at camp and we all had pizza and a whole lot of people did not want thier crust so i ate it ALL!
ThunderGamer 2
ThunderGamer 2 6 days ago
I Don't Have OCD FBI: Wait That's Illegal
Mariska Vosloo
Mariska Vosloo 6 days ago
the cake has to be a teacher trying to cut the smallest cake in the world into 40+ pieces 😂🤣😂😋
Joshua Gindhart
Joshua Gindhart 6 days ago
Only the head phone wire and the toilet paper got me with toilet paper I I I grrr
Fidelia Hernandez
2:21 is the exact same thing that was in 1:53
Fidelia Hernandez
In 1:53 you see that the straw in in a hole of the soda can
Emms Chittom
Emms Chittom 7 days ago
the first 30 seconds and i'm rubbing my forehead. my friend asked what was wrong so i showed him and he said "ok so?" i can't even XD
Headless Horse man
3:43 I didn’t notice a green M&M because I’m color blind
Shaheen Niemel
Shaheen Niemel 7 days ago
Zestiy the gammer Heroic
If my girlfriend does that to a pizza I’ll be like I’m going to the bathroom and run far
My bird Popped !
My bird Popped ! 7 days ago
I hate pancakes
Julian Abramo
Julian Abramo 8 days ago
5:13 So relatable
Rhi Dykes
Rhi Dykes 8 days ago
I have ocd but only a few things bug me like the leg of my glasses not being even
Antonio Biorato
Antonio Biorato 8 days ago
2:37 $AME
DJ Kittenz
DJ Kittenz 9 days ago
right after 8:52. Tik Tak? Not... Kit Kat?? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???????????????????????
Kori’s Gatcha life
I wanna reach my hand I and fix it
Zack Of Italy
Zack Of Italy 9 days ago
All of those bothered me
A Cringy Person
A Cringy Person 9 days ago
1:27 YuMMy
Coolman Worrier
Coolman Worrier 9 days ago
I failed big time
Vanessa T
Vanessa T 9 days ago
2:40 Me: looks at the top of the paper paper Is that a jojo reference?
Pati Lefelbajn
Pati Lefelbajn 9 days ago
You did this video before my birthday 😮🤯
Nikola Mclean
Nikola Mclean 9 days ago
Look at the soda
piper _haliwell
piper _haliwell 10 days ago
Me does not has ocd
It’s Lyli
It’s Lyli 10 days ago
Ummm so 21 of these bothered me .........
Krystal Brizuela
Krystal Brizuela 10 days ago
i got 24...
That Skater Girl
That Skater Girl 10 days ago
What is the best part of the pizza The crust=like The middle=dislike
Kaitlyn Baguette
Kaitlyn Baguette 10 days ago
My O.C.D O= Obsessive C= Chocolate D= Disorder
Cute Kitties
Cute Kitties 10 days ago
My brother actually eats pancakes like the first one.
Fort Thomas
Fort Thomas 10 days ago
Octogonal SQUARE this don't make no sense
MyLifeAsAsya Playz
MyLifeAsAsya Playz 10 days ago
Look back at 1:39🤪😂
Adventure Trolls
Adventure Trolls 11 days ago
I have ocd I knew that before this vidio
Elizabeth Jeranio Valerio
Eating pizza
Piggy_Master603 _
Piggy_Master603 _ 11 days ago
All bother me
Cats Rule
Cats Rule 11 days ago
damn sadists
Saiesha Kumar
Saiesha Kumar 11 days ago
“I’m a rectangle in a world of OCTAGONAL SQUARES.”
Garrett Chapman
Garrett Chapman 12 days ago
All of them do
Cecilia Ott
Cecilia Ott 12 days ago
717 over all the way
Paris France
Paris France 12 days ago
She said tic-tac instead of kit-kat
Paris France
Paris France 12 days ago
The first thing I noticed was the soda with the straw
zainab Potia
zainab Potia 13 days ago
Use a compass or scissors for the kit-kat. But srsly how... And most of them bothered me
random person :-:
random person :-: 13 days ago
So I have OCD?
kerri darling
kerri darling 14 days ago
Maybe i go with imperfection beauty😂they dont bother me at all...some makes me laugh😂...am i too normal or danger state...😂😂😂
Siona Hernandez
Siona Hernandez 14 days ago
I think have OCD
Emma Raye's Fun-filled Days
I bet she has tiki tok
ThatGingey Boi
ThatGingey Boi 14 days ago
Passed de test
Ambrosia Scales
Ambrosia Scales 14 days ago
All of them bothered me
Blessin Stukes
Blessin Stukes 15 days ago
Hanging With RENA
Hanging With RENA 15 days ago
This is how many people failed the test 👇⬇👇⬇
KERMIT THE FROG 15 days ago
Pie crust has left the chat😂
Katie Marie
Katie Marie 15 days ago
23 bothered me
Krusevzap 15 days ago
I'm at home from school cause im sick and im just gonna watch u vids all day cuz I luv u btw this was:monday 3:36 p.m. hope you enjoyed the comment. and I can't subscribe on my phone, but just pretend that I subscribed. btw sorry 4 mah grammar. :3
Candy Animations
Candy Animations 16 days ago
Report him to the fbi
Ciera Matchen
Ciera Matchen 16 days ago
I have bad ocd but nun of these made me mad?
Jean Toad
Jean Toad 16 days ago
I actually have an aunt Kathy who would do this.
SageyBear! OwO! UwU!!!
Can everyone stop hating and stop saying how it’s not ocd??? It’s a VIDEO made for ENTERTAINMENT
A l b í n a
A l b í n a 14 days ago
If you had ocd you would understand :)
SageyBear! OwO! UwU!!!
First pic is me XDD
Alyssa O'Connell
Alyssa O'Connell 16 days ago
That bagel is a hamburger bun Someone cut a hole in da middle
kenedy.grace 16 days ago
She called the Kit-Kat a Tic-Tac
Ariana Gladbach
Ariana Gladbach 16 days ago
reporting to the FBI!!!
Azzy Chan
Azzy Chan 17 days ago
the fricken subway print. no.....
Lexie Powell
Lexie Powell 17 days ago
The one at 1:56 you were supposed to be annoyed by all of them 😂 but everyone is different. The burrito one is cuz they didn’t eat it from the top it was the side, the bagel was the teeth marks and the soda was that they stuck a straw in the side and the top not through the hole 🤣
Bts Oi
Bts Oi 17 days ago
I was fine the whole way
Triston Lathrop
Triston Lathrop 17 days ago
1:39 she didn’t even notice the straw is stabbed through the can
Azul Sanchez
Azul Sanchez 17 days ago
I got f*en triggered watching this
sophia peeters
sophia peeters 17 days ago
This makes me not be able to breath
sophia peeters
sophia peeters 17 days ago
FBI open up 🕴🏻
Priscilla Mcgehee
Priscilla Mcgehee 17 days ago
I have ocd
Nightcore Anime
Nightcore Anime 17 days ago
1:55 anyone notice da straw???
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