"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

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As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents' dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.
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Apr 30, 2016




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Comments 100
Albert Jackinson
Albert Jackinson 6 minutes ago
32:25 "Obama out". *Physically drops the mike like a badass.*
Daisy Patrick
Daisy Patrick Hour ago
I just love them.
David Smith
David Smith Hour ago
Worst president ever...he should be in prison👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
Max well
Max well 2 hours ago
I miss Obama and the peace we had in this country. Obama truly loves this country. Such a difference now with a president who hates my country.
Aleida Merino
Aleida Merino 2 hours ago
Obama OUT!! omg coolest outtro ever 🤣🤣😁 we miss you Obama 😁😁
skilions 3 hours ago
lmao trump isn’t good but obama isn’t good either.
Aleida Merino
Aleida Merino 2 hours ago
Yes Obama is the best
Jordan Taal
Jordan Taal 4 hours ago
That was so sick!!!!! Obama is so hot, I would let him lick my face any day. My friend Holly tried to steal my joke but I didn't let her. I love obama
Tiana Zhang
Tiana Zhang 5 hours ago
Worldvoyager 2005
Worldvoyager 2005 7 hours ago
This will be a landslide victory for Trump - Paid actors doing a bad job - look how bored and disinterested all the people are in back of him lol
Evette Tsang
Evette Tsang 8 hours ago
Is this this lifetime? People of different views can actually sit in a room and share a joke? Free Press is actually valued and not labelled as enemy of the ppl?? Pray the civilization will come back to this life...
Bella G
Bella G 10 hours ago
I’m not too into politics but I really love listening to Obama talk. He has such a good heart and he’s so funny and kind, it seems like he cares about every little thing. He’s way more humble than president trump and much more humorous. I disagree with some of his world views but overall he’s a good guy. Trump isn’t a bad president, he’s just narcissistic, he cares too much about himself, and this presidency is just a way for him to get more attention. But from what I’ve heard he was doing great things for the economy and the country before COVID-19.
Katey Lynn Caballos
Katey Lynn Caballos 14 hours ago
Let's hear it for the worst president ever!
rgeKILLER 14 hours ago
morgan freeman is in the dinner?
P.R. Gaipadik
P.R. Gaipadik 15 hours ago
Yaboi out too
John Touchstone
John Touchstone 16 hours ago
Wow, if he only knew. The end of the republic.
Hugh Jorgan
Hugh Jorgan 20 hours ago
Vote Blue on November 3rd and Dump the Orange Turd.
phien danh
phien danh 20 hours ago
I have watching this situation in a couple weeks
phien danh
phien danh 21 hour ago
Good luck
world clique
world clique Day ago
zero asians, go figure
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
I miss u so much Obama 😢😭.... Pleeease COME BACK!!!!!! 😭
Cecilya Biggs
I miss having a president I could trust and believe in. Freedom of the press? That’s a joke in 2020, as is our president.
Kevin Callihan
I appreciate orators. My mind continues to remember recitation from Zero Mostel on Cavett years ago when feeling the inflection of words from Ulysses, a good thing.
Lito Manrique
Trump will never be President ... Obama ouch!
giavanna Day ago
who else wishes he was still president :((
Garry Webster
Pedro Alfonso
God bless America and President Trump
Amanda Ryan
Amanda Ryan Day ago
Now this is the classy comedic relief needed in politics. Burn ya but keep it 💯classy. Not like The last four years of Jerry Springer in the white house
Carolyn Stevenson
Thank God Our President stayed in D.C. and active in our politics because today we have many more serious dilemmas and we need his guidance and help. Over 200,100 deaths due to COVID-19 and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed. The COVID 19 problem could have been caught if we had had a real leader. Don't let your VOTE be stolen this time. VOTE and encourage your friends and family.
pauline joseph
Love it❤️❤️
Valkyrie Sardo
So long and no thank you.
1 Day ago
Obama is a brilliant and great leader of the world.
Michael Asaba
Thanks,you speak like the leader and President I cherish.Long live your legacy.
Liz Reynolds
Liz Reynolds Day ago
Obama is a murderer for funding 2.7 million or more to the Wuhan lab in 2015. Then all the viruses started coming out. Obama is a murderer and a puppet to the Democrats
Liz Reynolds
Liz Reynolds Day ago
Your a lame Duck
Wysteria Herr
Running late....CPT...... jokes white people should make......it's funny because it's true.
Faith Isaac
Faith Isaac Day ago
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Save The Planet
I want Barack Back
Peggy Reely
Peggy Reely Day ago
I wish Obama could have debated or could debate Trump as an exhibition game if nothing else.
Colin Cleveland
Colin Cleveland 3 hours ago
Omfg, that would be a bloodbath. Trump would have another dozen strokes.
Joanne Marsello
Who she will be? Wrong
E p
E p Day ago
“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” ‭‭ TRUE WORDS.
Gibbo Goblin
Gibbo Goblin Day ago
2:43 something tells me that the women next to the lady in pink is strongly against the current regime.
renaeb450 Day ago
How can America go from having this intelligent, articulate wonderful man as President to Donald Trump 😣
Marsha Perry
Marsha Perry Day ago
renaeb450 🙁😩
Jar Aung Phone
Jar Aung Phone 2 days ago
Why is Joe Biden not at the stage table?
Rudy Sun
Rudy Sun 2 days ago
This is how a REAL president should look like.
Mauro 7 hours ago
So... It's all about the looks?
Chody 16 hours ago
Pfffft. Ok bud.
kekistani citizen
The Obama Administration was peak virtue signal
kekistani citizen
Obama = Make China 🇨🇳 Great Again
Angela Crealey
Angela Crealey 2 days ago
Bring this man back please if only !
kekistani citizen
“We tortured some folks” Barrack Hussein Obama (wow what a cool 😎 dude)
Tip T. Whip
Tip T. Whip 2 days ago
With an audience like this, who needs canned laughter for sitcoms?
A. Vergeson
A. Vergeson 2 days ago
“It’s like the Red Wedding”😂
Bob Hope
Bob Hope 2 days ago
Well...this aged well
Angela Ponder
Angela Ponder 2 days ago
"on the Donald" LOL
TWhitePersonally W
Trump steak🤣🤣🤣
Mike Bolton
Mike Bolton 2 days ago
Who is planning on watching this on November 3 2020 even though it's September right now?
Ivania Fernandez
Ivania Fernandez 2 days ago
TWhitePersonally W
Obama is something else🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson 2 days ago
wow and he was presdint you sure i hope not
Vinesprob 2 days ago
Legend's are watching this in September 2020
Casey Butt
Casey Butt 2 days ago
Obama will go down in history as one of the most ineffective, do-nothing presidents in U.S. history. He talked up a mean storm though. All talk, did nothing.
Tal 2 days ago
Biden & Dem cronies worked a deal with China to induce the China Virus trying to bring down Trump.
Maria Rangel
Maria Rangel 23 hours ago
Trump brings himself down and America too. He’s made America laughing stock of the world
Richard Kan
Richard Kan 2 days ago
Does Trump host such a dinner? Would he be able to muster grace and decency in public?
kekistani citizen
Richard Kan this is peak fake
Patti Bausic
Patti Bausic 2 days ago
Just go to jail and stay away from voting don't need you there again You talk a good talk but you're a terrible president Just say goodbye and leave
Van Harris
Van Harris 2 days ago
Yes children, there really was a time when we chose such people to lead us.
Oumar Sountal
Oumar Sountal 2 days ago
Some people they found out some they think mindset freedom only being female or something in between fabricate Doctors or religion problems that's is statement not true at all not every countries or every community some problem you have it, some people they never ever have any of these problems, but people they coming to the first place millions reason people they left everything coming to place, why people are they pushing harder than harder everyone have to be female or something else if we come to the reality millions opportunity we are going to be a better we are right now, Some people they never ever regret whatever they saying & or they have been done unless locked of knowledge everything behind & also they never ever blame anyone because locked of knowledge it's our enemy still never ever too late always with hopeful
Kemisola Omoyiola
Will Trump be able to drop the mic so easily when he loses?
Gon Freeccs
Gon Freeccs 2 days ago
I miss a president that we can be proud of. Sense of humor, calm, poised, professional, well respected despite political lines. Quite the polar opposite with the orange clown 45.
kekistani citizen
Gon Freeccs Obama is a war criminal
Camron Nicolay
Camron Nicolay 2 days ago
I think i just felt in love
qweasdzxcname 2 days ago
8:10 so true.
Jake Jhons
Jake Jhons 2 days ago
Lol now we have an orange lump making us a laughing stock of the world.
Pat Thoman
Pat Thoman 2 days ago
Right out of the box.."Jokes that white people should not make".. This guy just can't help himself but to perpetuate racism. He doesn't realize that as the President of the most free and advanced nation in the world, his words mean more than a random comedian.
B G 2 days ago
Biden couldnt even keep score.
Muhammad Ibraheem Nadeem
Awesome Presidents Of all Time.
No Good
No Good 18 hours ago
You just don’t count the drone strikes that nuked hospitals and children? That happened under him too and they were innocent.
Brandy Evans
Brandy Evans 2 days ago
God I wish we could have kept him as president forever!! He’s a breath of fresh air. Didn’t realize how good we had it until the angry carrot took office. I would give anything to have the Obamas back in the white house!
Divya Vyas
Divya Vyas 2 days ago
32:25 What you came for.
Jhawy Samonte
Jhawy Samonte 2 days ago
Amayazing Floofer
Ah, yes. Back when the standard for humor wasn't highjacked by butthurt conservatives, and lowered to being party based and toxic.
Amayazing Floofer
So republicans really comparing democrat city state deaths to smaller republican state deaths? pfff, okay. I didn't see Obama encouraging anti maskers during a pandemic. Beat that, trumpie. 😂 /s
Monchi Vibz
Monchi Vibz 3 days ago
is this a dinner speech or a stand up comedy
jennsname 3 days ago
Funny to watch this sept 2020 after searching "exploding trees" what a great suggestion youtube🤣 (am canadian) vote 2020 usa this is absolute beyond le ridicule!!
Geani Tsucuneli
Geani Tsucuneli 3 days ago
If you smart ....why you read Obama ?!
Geani Tsucuneli
Geani Tsucuneli 3 days ago
You wrong!! Obama.... Mr. Bill Clinton did 1000 times better ,then you ,and any other Democrat President before you.That's the true!!!
Amayazing Floofer
Why does an alarming majority of people against Obama sound like they're just now learning to type?
Robbyn Zimmerman
Robbyn Zimmerman 3 days ago
Oh how I miss him!
Saywow22 3 days ago
From the words out of Dr. Thomas Sowell's mouth...Obama was the worst President ever!!
Saywow22 2 days ago
@Amayazing Floofer Can't get more unbiased proof than that huh?
Amayazing Floofer
proof? Unbiased sources, plz
Harry Atkinson
Harry Atkinson 3 days ago
Still suck
Amayazing Floofer
proof? Unbiased sources, plz
alex johnson
alex johnson 3 days ago
Shouldn't this be taken down,THIS PATHETIC VIDEO of the Most CORRUPT,LYING President in U.S. HISTORY????????????????????????????
Amayazing Floofer
Yeeeees let the butthurt flow through you
Alpha & Omega Painting & Construction
No disrespect. But surely you nothing about the American Presidency. My friend
Amayazing Floofer
proof? Unbiased sources, plz
Bradon Schwindt
Bradon Schwindt 3 days ago
It's anyone's guess who she will be... sad that he had to go, but hopefully this year we will get a good president
nunu3138 3 days ago
Worst ever
nunu3138 Day ago
@Amayazing Floofer First he was elected for his skin color and nothing else. He was a "community organizer"... what the hell is that!!! Second his foreign policies where AWFUL!!! Look at Libya and the slave trade that is going on now do to his policies. And damn look at his policy with Iran WTH. And last but not least he is a racist, look up the "reverend" Jeremiah Wright who in Barrack Hussein Obamas words was his mentor. He divided this country like no other
Amayazing Floofer
proof? Unbiased sources, plz
Jaxen Sweet
Jaxen Sweet 3 days ago
Imagine being the president that was so bad that they had to replace you with a billionaire reality TV host like or hate Trump this guy was AWFUL 🤣
Amayazing Floofer
Fact checking time. My favorite time of the hour. (yes, hour, lots of ya need it, tbh) 1. He didn't run for a 3rd term 2. He was competing with Hillary, and I will say, we're better off with him.
Amayazing Floofer
That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
Sandra Hadley
Sandra Hadley 3 days ago
This never gets old! You were a Godsend and we love you Barrack Obama!!!
Drengl1 3 days ago
Amayazing Floofer
k, but why?
valerie Jones
valerie Jones 3 days ago
Barack can make jokes Trump is one !!!
Geraldine smith
Geraldine smith 3 days ago
He is one the greatest President!!!
david stock
david stock 3 days ago
96-months one shot at glory, raise your banners high. 🌙 walk is re-lived. Needs a little wax within the toe fronts, tie looks level, hopes it's helpful towards the 96-month economy beveled. Hang in there's it's coming to another theatre near you, air force 1 has just begun. Rushmore combined couldn't reel them off even close to obama. Could have sold ice capades to sarah palin, would have melted along with everything else he sold, mortal man with green hornet horizons. What a joke.
Brandon Danielski
There was such hope at this time compared to now. We miss you Obama, and you're ability to keep things somehow serious and lighthearted at the same time.
kekistani citizen
Brandon Danielski don’t miss his corruption at all
von lessig
von lessig 3 days ago
this guy seriously manipulated America using words written for him !!!..SICK ..you people are nutzzz who still protect him ..
von lessig
von lessig 14 hours ago
AreayArn Day ago
Obama > Trump
Amayazing Floofer
At least he can bring himself to say em. :T Trump will burst into flames if he criticizes himself. Not just that, but I've heard a hell of a lot of people calling him a bad president, but they never really provide proof. And whatever they do provide, it doesn't seem like he really has control over it, or it was fake right wing news.
Plug 3 days ago
1:39 Far Right is Will Smith
Aleida Merino
Aleida Merino 2 hours ago
Omg your right lol
Garbage Can
Garbage Can 2 days ago
Mitchell Maseba aliens can wait.
Mitchell Maseba
Mitchell Maseba 3 days ago
Aaaah, that’s hot.
Plug 3 days ago
Coolest President
Linda Scarafiotti
Dear God I miss this man...
kiki iriawan
kiki iriawan 3 days ago
Shin Yagami
Shin Yagami 3 days ago
Who else is watching this in 2020 reminiscing of a time America had a President that was respected and respectful of the job he was given by us the people to do? This year’s elections will determine the future of the country Please vote the orange clown out...
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