NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic as it spreads across New York state, which has the most positive cases in the United States.
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Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Published on


Apr 3, 2020




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Comments 80
Eleni J
Eleni J Month ago
Good to see he's covering up his pierced boobs.
Joey Loey
Joey Loey Month ago
Has anyone proposed an explanation for the enormous numbers of cases and deaths in New York?
NecumNaTo Month ago
Weapons for killing some Afgan civilians: PROUDLY MADE IN USA Health and safety products: Outsourced to China.
Satanists run the world ruvid.net/video/video-IgP88z6h-Zk.html
D Ques
D Ques Month ago
Softcore ManaSpark
President Giant Fart Raisin has alzheimers
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez Month ago
The spread will slow down in 3 weeks
Thank You TIMOTHY MCVEIGH of the US ARMY for protecting me better the 1994 U S President Clinton who ordered it. The 1995 Indefinite Nuclear non proliferation treaty was signed with 195 States in this building I signed the 1995 Bangkok agreement here with VIETNAM ASEAN Mock Engineers moved in May 1995 when treaties where signed 4/20/2011 Asian SEAfood and Oil Spice moves in when Breached or Asian food & Spies 4/21/2011 $250,000 warrant served for 10x uttering forged instruments at Publix Grocery store to breached the 1995 in force WMD treaty and the 1995 Nuclear nonproliferation treaty signed HERE in this building with 191 States. ruvid.net/video/video-Txwo9Vx5npY.html
Johnny Belsome
Johnny Belsome Month ago
This is why you won’t see help in New York. If other states give ventilators and when they need them NY will have people using them. Do you think at that time when other states need them they will take people off of them. No way
Ember2460 Harrington
How many people did you wake up today HOOONKKKK LOCKING YOUR CAR? Medical Personnel? First Responders? Sick people? Please!! LOCK YOUR CAR QUIETLY WITH LIGHT FLASH O N L Y. ONE CLICK OF THE FOB NOT TWO.
Cruising with Goldy
ruvid.net/video/video-4J22lxzW_o0.html Plz Sir help me out to reach this video to every Indian .. this is not the time for Hindu and Muslim which our media is doing 😞,.. plz watch this video if u like this video plz share it for India 🇮🇳... (Recovered From Covid-19 In 5 days.. kandivali Charkop (Mumbai) )
Anthony Dowdy
Anthony Dowdy Month ago
Cornoavirus Chicago ruvid.net/video/video-a7Bk-WvJT_4.html
rick Month ago
Hey CooCoo Cuomo tell us about why you rejected an offer from a manufacturing company in New York State to make ventilators ?. They are long established in your state . Idled from the non essential protocols . They have the machinery , the workers , and the time to make them . But you refused them . Tell us why Cuomo ? Have anything to do with their name perhaps ?. What's their name again ? , oh yeah like Remington ?. Hummmm. Better to let patients die first , huh ?.
yo daddy
yo daddy Month ago
He lied to get more funding from Federal government
Johnny Weng
Johnny Weng Month ago
if they emphasis on social distance, do they know how dangerous if social distance is not applied? Do they know how risky it is if people get too close physically? So if they understand that, do they know what the proportion of the population have to go out work or do some essential things and cannot avoid violating social distance? If they really know the number, why not they lockdown everything?
Johnny Weng
Johnny Weng Month ago
if they play innocent and say they never ever have this situation before, why do they still repeat their guidance again and again on no need to wear masks? why did they do that? do they really know what does that mean?
Crissie 27
Crissie 27 Month ago
Until we can mass produce more masks why not disinfect these n95 masks (which is better than havibg none at all or wasting the ones used instead of reusing) the science shows this is possible even with just an oven... Or use uvc light/ozone generator. Make national campaign to make masks you have a workforce of americans at home- why not use it...smh.
Ny Rod
Ny Rod Month ago
Please share this information. Organic hidrogen peroxide food grade kills viruses and bacterias. This will help with this virus. Research info online Azchemistry.com has info on this.
ffairlane57 Month ago
Joshua McNally
Joshua McNally Month ago
So, there's a shortage of equipment, but he's going to be able to send what he takes back when upstate needs it. Huh, makes sense. #upstatelivesmatter
Selvaratnam Sridharma
Please don't blindly support Cuomo. Look at the graphs in covid19.healthdata.org/projections, and figure out how well Cuomo handled the spread of Corona.
Betty C
Betty C Month ago
Chinese Commnusit Party's (CCP's) VENTILATORS MIGHT BRING GREATER DISASTER TO THE US AND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) fake generosity, the CCP are demons destroying the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE YOUR OWN, IT'S SAFER!!!!!!!!
Mark R
Mark R Month ago
Trump gave you over 1000 ventilators in one shipment alone a week ago
KaraokeRockStar Month ago
#FilmYourHospital !! This is what's REALLY going on at hospitals around the country!
Sally Butts
Sally Butts Month ago
I stumbled across this last fall with respiratory virus ... fever, congestion, sore throat, every symptom gone in 5-10 mins... yes I had to sip the beverage 3-4 times a day for 4 days, but I ate and worked out... I am currently training for the US. Olympic Tack & Field Team
Sally Butts
Sally Butts Month ago
Grune Feee Absinethe, Rum 151, both 130 proof, you only need a few swallows... someone get this to the President and CDC .. people don’t have to die anymore ... what do we have to loose.... everything
Griselda Guzman
Griselda Guzman Month ago
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Griselda Guzman
Griselda Guzman Month ago
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Griselda Guzman
Griselda Guzman Month ago
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The Cranky Cranker
seven23july Month ago
This video should be mandatory viewing for every American.
White Candle
White Candle Month ago
Ken Baldassarri
Ken Baldassarri Month ago
so succinct and profound.....yet so ignorant.......
Bruce Hauge
Bruce Hauge Month ago
He looks exhausted. Poor guy.
Fred Lenway
Fred Lenway Month ago
I know he keeps saying he's not but do you think Governor Como's running for president now. I think the DNC is finally realize that they got to do something to get Joe out of there. What kind of harebrained shenanigan are the Democrats going to pull. They can't be planning on really running Joe. Watch and see some stunt is coming down the pike. It's just what the Democrats always do
George Q
George Q Month ago
You heard that Gov. Cuomo didn't let the Deaths of Thousands of his constituents prevent him from refusing Personal Protection Equipment for New Yorkers from the Remington Company because he hates gun makers. Remington offered him 10 million units and he said No Thank You. You New Yorkers must be so PROUD.
Birgit Wilhelm
Birgit Wilhelm Month ago
Are all of you who worry about beginning videos too dumb to move the little red dot until you see the start? #NBC would be stoned if they started too late and held on to it, just for editing. THINK People THINK.
Christopher Cochran
Cuomo in 2020
Ed 865
Ed 865 Month ago
Better to call me than admit your sense of entitlement skews your view on reality.
Asegu Abebe
Asegu Abebe Month ago
USA should be prepared for this type war with invisible enemy. This is a wake up call and we will make it through by the grace of God!! Lord have mercy upon the universe!! If only China was transparent in the first place all these crisis would have been avoided. NO MORE MADE IN CHINA!!!! Period
Anita Lamonica
Anita Lamonica Month ago
Send in the robots, AI, drones. Seek and y shall find.
Better Stand Now
The lies are fantastic.
Good Fractals Poker
Trump sneak disses Cuomo every chance he gets because he’s a threat to his presidency.
Cathryn Tran
Cathryn Tran Month ago
NYC need at least 50,000 coronavirus test a day right don't be late , act now period .
Sara Raymond
Sara Raymond Month ago
When you place faith in Pelosi your placing faith in Satan and that's wrong.
Sara Raymond
Sara Raymond Month ago
So, theft starts with Cuomo.
James Halder
James Halder Month ago
My comments on our great leader Cuamo Governor of New York. You have said blame everything to you. Do you have the money or power to give us back what we have lost. Our great leader we have selected you to take care of our state in the time of disaster and calamities, why are you Asking for help, you are the leader of the capital of the world it is your leadership who will help others states, The Wall Street the world finances is in New York. You come from a family of the great American leaders, you are serving our States and USA federal governments from the beginning of your livelihood, you know the political power of the country from the time You spoke the first word. The world sees you as a emperor not a governor, when you speak the world media is tuned. How come New York is broke you have no money. Where did you spend it. Our road is in bad shape, airports are in bad shape, too much traffic jam, homeless are seen in every corners, our hospital is in bad shape, in other words you are running the state without money. Please forget the past and look for reality help us from this crisis as an emperor and make sure we do not have to see this type of crisis Be prepared in advance. Thank you for what you are doing forget bipartisan and be United States of America.
Cathryn Tran
Cathryn Tran Month ago
URGENT: THE GOVERNMENT MUST ACT NOW Abbot Pharmaceutical Company must sell the formula to other companies to increase the number of TEST KITS, or buy from Korea, Japan, Taiwan ... absolutely do not buy from China Must be done immediately, the United States needs over 1,000,000 tests every day because of the government's delay in the past. The more you test, the more likely it will be infected, For early treatment and mortality reduction, focus should be on large cities and the elderly. There is no longer any time for immediate action (4L). We've been locked up for almost 20 days and don't know who's sick or not.
Trever Whoever
Trever Whoever Month ago
chng.it/cSmvL49Tzr impeach cuomo
SeedPlanter Month ago
CBS was caught misleading the American people by showing a hospital in Italy as if it was one in N.Y.. to instill fear and panic! This is who the people put their faith into? They read from a pre written script. Their math is criminally manipulated. Doctors have been directed by the CDC to write down deaths as death from the Corona virus without absolute certainty, in order to make the death rate seem higher! The media is not reporting on medicine that has cured people! They are including people with severe underlying diseases as part of the total death rate. They have unjustly made you scared and are trampling on your Constitutional rights! We cant afford to hide any longer if we do we will never recover!1 America will be no more! Go to the emergency room where you live and see for yourself! These people are above the president and employ the "scientific community " as well as the media! This is fact
Peterbilt Pilot
Peterbilt Pilot Month ago
NY should have more PPE on hand than almost anywhere else in the country. NYC was the major site of the 9/11 attacks and the first responders suffered health problems from being in the clean up without protective gear. The NYC mayor and governor have failed by not having supplies on hand
JR wood
JR wood Month ago
I don't understand why governor Cuomo. Didn't take the Remington firearm Co offer to build ventilators? They said they had the factory and tools and we're more than willing, regardless of differences with the way things seem to be help is help!
Carol Vega
Carol Vega Month ago
Why tf are people standing around with out a mask!!! Lead by example!!!! Cuomo you want to get more resources then lead by example! Show us!!!
Tony Luo
Tony Luo Month ago
he much more better than that stupid trump
DPTalk Month ago
If you watched this video please stay safe I learned a lot during quarantine in China
N Lee
N Lee Month ago
Governor Cuomo, please keep healthy and safe as New Yorkers and the US needs someone like you. A man with a clear sense of what to do in a crisis. Thank you for your efforts in saving lives and supporting the hospitals there. Your willingness and offer to help other States thereafter is admirable as well ... I think many people will respond to the obvious love you have for New York State and USA.
N Lee
N Lee Month ago
Joshua McNally Oh, I am surprised to hear that. I hope that he will ensure that all of the affected areas get equal assistance. I take it that you live outside of the area he only cares about? That is horrible if he only addresses the needs of certain areas!
Joshua McNally
Joshua McNally Month ago
Correction: he loves downstate NY. The rest of us don't matter.
Pax Trap
Pax Trap Month ago
Elizabeth Wallace
ruvid.net/video/video-Xktx7MD2SnE.html Jonathan Cahn the sign of a nation that turn away from God, sept 19 2016 New York builds the statue of baal that leads a nation to judgment, must be removed to honor the true God
Little Dees
Little Dees Month ago
Thank you for leading by example in NYC! Peace and love to everyone💕especially those who are suffering🤗virtual hugs, the safest hugs
Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle Month ago
This man, Andrew Cuomo, exists yet Donald is placed in the Oval Office. The system is broken.
David Miller
David Miller Month ago
The United states are only United federally. Otherwise they operate independently. The mentality here is self serving. Whereas America doesn't want to offer help to other countries, Trump attempted to secure ownership of a vaccine in Germany that look promising, with the intention of "America First". That self serving ideology on the national level also exists on the state level. Americans are not going to want to share ppe, or any life supporting goods with other states. Just look at what happened these past 3 weeks. Hoarding. People are buying up way more than needed from alcohol, to toilet paper, to oat meal. Americans are self serving individuals, and for the nation to overcome this pandemic, this nation is going to need to change. Not on ty he governmental level, but on an individual one.
Cipher Crypto
Cipher Crypto Month ago
R.I.P. Chris Cuomo. Very sad.
Fuzzybeanerizer Month ago
I think the cameraman needed to pee really bad near the end.
Julie Month ago
what about CPAP machines?
Angel Castellanos
WHY THE VIRUS IS SPREADING SO FAST? IS IT PERSISTENT IN THE AIR? We know that the virus is spread by people that are infected via their respiratory droplets. These droplets can land around themselves if they cough or sneeze, or on people around them nearby. The virus can stick to their hands if they touch the fluids in their noses or mouth and then be spread to any surface they touch. Research has shown that the virus can stay active on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for about 48 hours or longer, and on paper and clothing for about 24 hours [1]. To minimize that spread we have told the infected to wear masks so the viruses in their respiratory droplets are trapped on the mask and do not fly out far from themselves. This countermeasure is the mask containment of the virus. We have told people to maintain social distance of 6 feet or about 2 meters [2]so when the infected talk and breathe without a mask, his/her breath droplets does not reach others around them, yet the virus continue to spread very fast, the number of new cases keep on doubling almost every 3 days. So, one question comes to mind “Is the virus spreading in another way that we have not yet considered? And the answer is more likely, yes. The virus is spreading through the air and at distances more than 6 feet, perhaps as far as 15-30 feet or longer, especially when the infected are not wearing masks. Let me explain, if the virus remains active on surfaces for as long as 48 hours, then the virus will stay active for as long as it is protected and cocooned in a respiratory droplet that came out of the infected. When we exhale respiratory droplets near a glass, we fog the glass. In winter we can make fog when we breathe. When we drive in fog one thing you notice is that mist does not fall to the ground, it stays floating in the air. Similarly, exhale air droplets stays in the air for long time; you do not see them because they are not dense enough to fog. The smaller the droplets the buoyant they are, they float. If there is airflow or wind, the droplets can travel a long way. We do not know well the electrical polarity of the virus, but it could be that the viruses packed inside a water droplet are holding the droplet intact through surface tension and the virus owns electrical polarity until that droplet touches a surface, breaking and unloading the viruses, like tiny Trojan horses. Because these droplets are persistent in the air, people walking by will breathe in them; some of the droplets will land on their faces, mouth, eyes, ears, contributing to a more extensive spread of covid19. The more infected that do not adhere to the use of masks will be contributing to higher density of the virus in the air. Let me put things in perspective. The radius of a coronavirus, from electron micrographs [3], is of the order of 0.0000375 mm, the radius of a pin head is about 0.75 mm. You can pack a layer of 397 million corona viruses on a pinhead. Now an exhaled droplet has a radius of the order of 5 micrometers or 0.005 mm, which is about the size of a fog droplet. In this droplet, that floats and persists in the air, moves around to distances longer than 2 meter by airflow or wind, can carry as much as 2.3 million corona viruses. Therefore, the virus is hitching rides to vast distances by airflow and wind, spreading itself to many more people and surfaces other than the surfaces near the infected. I propose a simple experiment for the NIH, the CDC and the WHO to perform immediately, and it is as follows: place an infected person to read a book out loud at the center of a 30 feet (10 m) wide room for 30 minutes. Place some fans to create airflow and simulate wind near the person, this will carry his/her exhaled droplets around the room. After 30 minutes take sample swabs on the walls, floor, and ceiling and test for the virus. I am sure the virus will be found on all surfaces. If healthy people stand near the walls of the room, they would be breathing in virus particles. Perhaps the dose is low; nevertheless they are being exposed, increasing the transmission of covid19. A similar experiment was performed by Jamie Hymeman and Adam Savage in an episode of Mythbusters on June 5,2010, titled “The Art of sneeze”, in which they found that droplets from a sneeze can travel as far as 17 feet (5.2 m). In another episode called Contamination, using a florescent dye, a person with a running nose contaminates everyone in a party of six, by simply serving food, drinking and being cordial. Coronarvirus infected droplets should be no different. These episode are searchable in YuouTube. How can we prevent the spread of the virus if it is persistent in the air? Everybody mask up, 100% of the population must wear a mask, a handkerchief, a scarf, or whatever to minimized exhale droplets in the air. The point is we need to hold the droplets on the mask. We all have to act as if we are all infected. Eventually we all are going to get infected, but this mandatory action will reduce the number of infected right away. The infection will continue to spread, but it will be gradual. Our hospitals will be able to handle the sick, and many lives will be saved. I know some people feel weir wearing a mask in public; they think they look sick or not cool. But we have to be creative; we can fashion our own mask out of our coolest looking handkerchief or bandana. The fashion industry should begin production of masks using dense materials. We need to reduce those exhale droplets directly into the air. I was a Nuclear Medical Science Officer with the US Army Public Health Command and I did studies on the health effects of airborne depleted uranium particulates. I have sent this analysis to the Public Health Command, the NIH, the CDC and the WHO. I hope they take note of it. The use of masks or other barriers for exhalation must be obligatory for all citizens. This will reduce the spread, and it will help our hospitals manage the pandemic, and save our economy. With this precaution we might be able to go back to work. MAJ (R) Angel Castellanos, Ph.D Public Health Command, US Army. April 3, 2020. References 1. NIH website. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces. SARS-CoV-2 stability similar to original SARS virus 2. CDC website. Guidelines for coronavirus (Covid-19) 3. Electron microscopy studies of the coronavirus ribonucleoprotein complex; Miao Gui,1 Xin Liu,3 Deyin Guo,3 Zhen Zhang,3 Chang-Cheng Yin,corresponding author1 Yu Chen,corresponding author3 and Ye Xiangcorresponding author2
Fuzzybeanerizer Month ago
"Will it hold up in court?" Maybe it only has to hold up for 3 months...
Julie Month ago
will sucking up to Trump help? i mean, these aren't normal times and we are desperate.
jeffrey luciana
jeffrey luciana Month ago
Excellent. Updates from Governor Cuovorkian. Hey, here's what you need to do to make your city just like New York
Grandma Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KLV2vyH4fP4.html Hi.This is it. I create funny video - for you , little bit try looking about this from funny side. :D
Karen Month ago
OK, why is the press so obsessed with public order enforcement, seizing, force, etc?! I am amazed at how they keep glomming on to that. It comes up every time. "But what if..." "Oh, but THEN what if..." Come on people! Grow up. It's like they are eager for him to crack down and show force so there can be a dramatic story. Cuomo is doing an amazing job. Give him a break.
Cheryl R Leigh
Cheryl R Leigh Month ago
Strategic National Stockpile description altered online after Kushner's remarks politi.co/3dVZTkq via @politico
Carol Jeffrey
Carol Jeffrey Month ago
New York is not the only state in crisis. So if my community needs our PPE and vents back before your area is over the curve, are you going to take your people off the vents to return them? You can’t return supplies that are used up. If you take my personal property against my will, it is not sharing it’s theft. Dangerous territory.
J Rock
J Rock Month ago
Blah Blah Blah Blah he is just so spiteful do your job.
masonicman Month ago
Yea, trump should take your advice too.
Daddy Shan
Daddy Shan Month ago
ATTENTION! US army is planning to start WW3 NOW to transfer sharp internal contradictions!
Cu Tèo
Cu Tèo Month ago
Why NY Governor and NYC Mayor let the virus spreading to the level like this. They should be removed from their posts.
stuart dunn
stuart dunn Month ago
He is over his head, passing the buck
masonicman Month ago
You talkin’ bout “i take no responsibility” trump? Yea he does that all the time.
Irfan Rifaldy
Irfan Rifaldy Month ago
Is he Italian?
Babyblue33 Month ago
How is he going to give anything back when there won’t be any resources to give back, this is just one state peaking that can not get support. 🙏🏻so awful
Yohiness Black
Yohiness Black Month ago
Where do they get these guys from no wonder NYC is in trouble...
Roley Chiu
Roley Chiu Month ago
If i was American, I'd vote for Cuomo.
Everett Barber
Everett Barber Month ago
If this pandemic originated in China, then why are we negotiating with them? It's up to the people running China to make this right.
Emily Broden
Emily Broden Month ago
He doesn’t like the word “seize,” instead he likes the word “sharing.” However, this is not voluntary sharing this is forced sharing, therefore it is being seized...
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