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Linkin Park
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Linkin Park "Numb" off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn.
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Comments 80
Ravi Gupta
Ravi Gupta 2 hours ago
Теодосий Raykov
Тука ли си Радо
Zein 2 hours ago
Nostalgia zaman SD main di warnet 🙃
Javi Mitre
Javi Mitre 2 hours ago
el mejor tema que escuche desde chico!!
Dolai Tv
Dolai Tv 2 hours ago
Aussie Gz
Aussie Gz 2 hours ago
Love this song, it's my mobile phone ringtone and message tone :) such an incredible voice, and now it's gone.. Meaning of life never makes sense to me.. I'd gladly give them bieber for him back.. :(
eletroremix EMX
eletroremix EMX 3 hours ago
Cadê os BR em 2020 ??? 🤘🤘❤
Daniel Flannelly
Daniel Flannelly 3 hours ago
A wonderful talent lost.A great band gone also.
Sebastian Fuentes
Sebastian Fuentes 3 hours ago
Daniel Flannelly
Daniel Flannelly 3 hours ago
Someone was playing away.
Daniel Flannelly
Daniel Flannelly 3 hours ago
Someone did him wrong.
Daniel Flannelly
Daniel Flannelly 3 hours ago
Chester had the whole world in the palm of his hand .
Zed ii
Zed ii 3 hours ago
2020 im here 🔥🔥
R.I.P Chester.
Aayush Raj
Aayush Raj 4 hours ago
just one question, why only legends? why.
Dinesh Shrestha
Dinesh Shrestha 4 hours ago
Miss u chester😓😢
RANDYX 3 4 hours ago
The only one scream i love to hear.❤️❤️❤️ RIP CHESTER. 😢😢😭
Muhammad Zein
Muhammad Zein 4 hours ago
Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu 😍
。マイク 4 hours ago
i came here bcus youtube recommend me :)
Sibak Kabis
Sibak Kabis 5 hours ago
this comment section are like an annoying instagram page
Hiep Le
Hiep Le 5 hours ago
only me??
Jenny Annunziata
Jenny Annunziata 5 hours ago
Wait you still alive in heaven heroes never DIE. 2020
Jenny Annunziata
Jenny Annunziata 5 hours ago
Ever since I found out he died cuz of suicide 💔 I feel a little depressed 😞 ______. _________ Irip llll
SaLeh Medani
SaLeh Medani 5 hours ago
YeaH 🔥🔥💀
Yohaan x
Yohaan x 5 hours ago
This song will never get old
Yohaan x
Yohaan x 5 hours ago
@1k proziN Tv are you having a seizure or wht?
1k proziN Tv
1k proziN Tv 5 hours ago
Csaba Ladanyi
Csaba Ladanyi 6 hours ago
Quarentine sounds badass this way!
Reign descalzo
Reign descalzo 6 hours ago
I will be singing dis when i gave birth this october😊😊😊my fave song since i was 13.. now im 31
metalheads6666 6 hours ago
All that screaming and yelling and no one could hear him....you impacted people's lives more then you will ever know...R.I.P Chester
Hk Nahid
Hk Nahid 6 hours ago
Whats kind of this song... everytime when i heard this i fell just cried without tears
Ítalo Marcos
Ítalo Marcos 6 hours ago
m m
m m 7 hours ago
This song was posted when I was born, but because I now speak English it's even better 😊
2DOR- 7 hours ago
Nostalgia is real..
ahad 7 hours ago
Awesome beats 😘😘
Andrei Aniskin
Andrei Aniskin 7 hours ago
Музыка крутая снимай их дальше
Drak Scorpion
Drak Scorpion 8 hours ago
nhạc hát kiểu j ấy
panus thuenthum
panus thuenthum 9 hours ago
รู้จักกับวง linkin park ก็เพลงนี้
Lân Lê
Lân Lê 9 hours ago
This song has a shadow of one legend
mass vain
mass vain 9 hours ago
chester 😚😚😚
Alba Blevins
Alba Blevins 10 hours ago
I’m not depressed but this song shot me in the heart deep for some reason I am not afraid of the Coronavirus, I died the day Chester passed away.
do Kamikaze
do Kamikaze 7 hours ago
Om Pandey
Om Pandey 10 hours ago
Let us make it to 2 Billion by the end of the month of April Today is 31.03.2020, and 13.35 IST, with exactly 1,351,874,834 views, can't just we make it to 2 Billion and set another record in the world history? I promise I would be sharing this video every day on almost everywhere I can. Moreover, this song is legendary and it deserves double the views than "despacito"
Janusha R
Janusha R 11 hours ago
why can I hear the dog parody behind the music? XD
The DomRunner
The DomRunner 11 hours ago
Linkin park: No sex No drinking No drugs No dancing women !!!!! Those Days !!
Andrey Vyazovtsev
Andrey Vyazovtsev 11 hours ago
2007: рано 2017: нет ещё, подожди 2020: в самый раз, иди в предложку! П.С. видел кавер Радиотапка раньше этого видео.
Moon Of Desire
Moon Of Desire 12 hours ago
I am playing this now in a high volume!! can’t breath the silence of my surroundings 😭 I feel like I’m chocking at the moment of quarantine.
veelem rai
veelem rai 12 hours ago
who else watching in 2020 respect for linkin dont drop a like in my comment just respect linkin park
mad max
mad max 12 hours ago
I remember the day he died 😢
Lata Jagga
Lata Jagga 12 hours ago
Yes finally it got 1.3 billion views.
danii adäms
danii adäms 13 hours ago
Leyenda.!!! Siempre presente Chester.!!
Catia Gomes
Catia Gomes 13 hours ago
musica muito linda adoro essa musica show de bola ok e nois passa ok
Catia Gomes
Catia Gomes 13 hours ago
musica muito linda adoro essa musica show de bola ok e nois passa ok
lukas e miguel Sousa
Jordin Eatherly
Jordin Eatherly 14 hours ago
I love is song so much and RIP Linkin Park we miss you so much
Lolita Surfina
Lolita Surfina 14 hours ago
2000 hope
Jesus Carreon
Jesus Carreon 14 hours ago
kazi Asif
kazi Asif 14 hours ago
One man can save Millions,but millions couldn’t save one.
Snitch 15 hours ago
who remembers when every AMV had this song
Lucas Gomes
Lucas Gomes 15 hours ago
Pior q sei oq é isso cara ser rejeitado por todos sem nem te conhecerem por vc ser diferente é triste cara
Karinha 15 hours ago
Atualizando os comentarios
Lollipoping Sivan
Lollipoping Sivan 16 hours ago
R.i.p chester😔.......... I miss u
Amanda Maria
Amanda Maria 16 hours ago
2020 🇧🇷♥♪
vermut1 16 hours ago
Now heres something for u. Ive been listening to LP since i was 7, im now 19. My first language is not english so i only realized the full meaning of their songs something Like after 7 years of listening and empathizing with their sound. This is what, for me, makes LP music so unique
Lan Trần
Lan Trần 16 hours ago
From Việt Nam
THE PINK LIFE TV 16 hours ago
Quarantine time from Madrid 31/03/2020 Tiempo de cuarenta desde Madrid
Sharit de leon
Sharit de leon 17 hours ago
Quien mas lo escucha en la cuerentema por el corona virus??
EdwardYT 17 hours ago
nadie absolutamente nadie yo: SERVIRA PARA PELEAS DE ANIMES :v
SMELLS SALTY 17 hours ago
How does this have 1.3 billion views
Nikolai Sn
Nikolai Sn 17 hours ago
Elizabeth-Jose Lopez
Like if metal and reply if rock 🎸
Karen Murray
Karen Murray 17 hours ago
This is the most beautiful song I’ve seen in years and it’s a song that I’ve been able 2 relate 2 xxx R.I.P KAZ XX LUV U AND YR MUISE
mehmud 17 hours ago
I can never get bored of this song... been listening to it since 20 years... And its still the best. Nothing like it.
Raijew Kaijew
Raijew Kaijew 18 hours ago
So this quarantine got me so bored, it made me look at the good ol' days.
Marcellllll 18 hours ago
Enquanto a Quarentena acontece, nós ouvimos um pouco de LP
wilmer bracho
wilmer bracho 18 hours ago
2020 activoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
carlos eduardo
carlos eduardo 18 hours ago
2020 na quarenta
MS приветик
MS приветик 18 hours ago
don't speak. zombie 🧟‍♂️
MS приветик
MS приветик 18 hours ago
ups kokaine
MS приветик
MS приветик 18 hours ago
hello there . morons sorry not to u.
DCR YT 18 hours ago
here in 2020
Rashonda Smalls
Rashonda Smalls 19 hours ago
Rami Abou Eisa
Rami Abou Eisa 19 hours ago
♥️..from Italy
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