Nuclear Weapons: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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America has over 4,800 nuclear weapons, and we don’t take terrific care of them.
It’s terrifying, basically.
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Jul 27, 2014




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Comments 80
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch Hour ago
Human nature is astonishingly stupid and in denial.
M H 3 hours ago
Mutually Assured Destruction is the only thing that's saved us so far..
Nuclear bombs have been dropped on Mars Bluff, SC and off the coast of Georgia, which was not recovered. We are good at this,....not!
ArisCarroll 11 hours ago
while i dislike the reality i am a firm believer in nuclear detterence and the mad doctrine, i don't see how any significant country could risk giving up their nuclear weapons
Paul TheSkeptic
Paul TheSkeptic 14 hours ago
"A huge explosion." is somewhat of an understatement. A rocket launching basically is a controlled explosion. This thing leveled the entire underground complex. The explosion in the silo, like a gun, launched the 770 ton circular silo door along with the warhead hundreds of feet into the air. And then the second stage exploded. The debris field covered the area around the silo for 400 acres. But the nuke itself never went off. If that says anything about America, we can engineer the shit out of it but we can't maintain pet rock.
HBC423 15 hours ago
Forgot to talk about the thermonuclear weapon dropped in the ocean off the coast of Tybee Island, GA... it’s still out there somewhere
Klint Karas
Klint Karas 16 hours ago
Just an fyi... the old floppy is for encryption through obsolescence. Cant hack on old IBM.
Logan 327
Logan 327 16 hours ago
Is it weird that I was thinking about nuclear war this morning
Larisa 7
Larisa 7 19 hours ago
Do you hate ferrets or not I need to know!?
Michael Laverty
Michael Laverty 19 hours ago
You guy's can look at this however you like But these highly skilled & loyal Servicemen are acting completely out of character because of why now ? I'm telling you they know something so so horrible is coming they were ordered to shut up and just do as they are told and because of the Dishonorable Agenda & the Violation of our constitution they are in crisis mode and acting out ..Almost intentionally so they could be dismissed rather than continue on .. At least that's what I get from this..
Aranornan Gwathòr
Aranornan Gwathòr 22 hours ago
This shit continues to show up in my recommended. I'm so fucking happy tv is dying.
Loren Renee
Loren Renee 22 hours ago
This was obviously recorded before the age of the orange blob.
salvador torres
Go lunch ladies go... be math magicians you glorious bastard
Uthandir Day ago
WHY IS RUvid PUSHING THIS STUPID SHOW SO FUCKING HARD?!? Enough! They're fucking rediculous, unfuny and outright lying more often than not! I am not interested. Geez.
Dimitris Papadakis
he's not wrong that often, and when he is it's just a mistake. His team works really hard to fact check what he says. Also if you don't like the show and don't want it recommended, you can press 'not interested' and it will stop recommending it to you. If you press on the videos to leave angry comments, the algorithm will keep recommending the channel to you
Death Prime
Death Prime Day ago
So capital Xucked is the human species. How did shit get this Xucked?
gr3yh4wk1 Day ago
To be fair, even in the 80's the day after was hilariously bad.
Aiden Evans
Aiden Evans 2 days ago
Jim Cooper sounds like one of the Game of Thrones writers
Battalon 2 days ago
Russia: We already knew all of that 😈
Tino J
Tino J 2 days ago
well... trump may make that true john.
Willie Martinez
Willie Martinez 2 days ago
The old computer system is there still because of a couple of reasons ...1 the old system will do exactly what it was designed to do.....but it is a much more secure system ....like almost impossible to break into .....2 upgrade coast a lot and we have to build a wall
Bruce Freadrich
Space Force - safer with slide rules.
birdkin 2 days ago
Seriously, why do humankind need this much nuclear warhead? Over 4800, really? U guys trying to do real Star Wars?
J. Christie
J. Christie 2 days ago
This made me 😅 and 😢 n cause I live iN the USA
Rachel Baker
Rachel Baker 2 days ago
Holy baby titans!
cameron hinde
cameron hinde 3 days ago
actually theyre using outdated and old software like that because you cant hack them with modern computers
Los 3 days ago
All accidents seem suspicious. How do we not know that the nuclear war heads weren’t replace with fake ones in the 36hrs of them just being out in the open?
rowan tiska
rowan tiska 3 days ago
h. Everyone please stay safe and healthy!
freedom1234573 3 days ago
we should allow men a plot of land, if they dont rape it, kill it or exploit it in a decade we will give them something else
Ganonymous 3 days ago
But we'll need all of these in our fight against the aliens! ... The space ones, not the Mexicans. Because they are too close. Also blowing up chihuahua is mean. That being said, the nuklear explosion above the planet's atmosphere might not be especially wise either. So, to make everyone happy, the sensible thing to do would probably to get rid of all the missile at once by blowing up Pandora. Who care about giant blue hippies with an hair fetish anyway? --- In other news, some crazy people's have suggested that in order for a defensive bluff to be effective, developing weapons that do not destroy earth and/or humanity everytime we try getting rid of a bloodthirsty dictator might be a good idea. They have now been taken to the nearest asylum along with the Joker, Penguin and other psychopath like them. Xept for Catwoman. Because our internet cat Overlords will not allow it. ...
meivin123 3 days ago
This episode is a good example of how john oliver often argues with common sense but actually has no clue. If you drop uran on the ground it wont explode the same happens with a nuclear warhead. You have to exatly time the trigger and process of fusing to actually cause an nuclear explosion. For example burning dynamite in a fire would do nothing because you need the inital explosive for it to go of. If it would be actually dangerous to drop a nuclear warhead we would have seen far more catastrophes.
Kyle Tekaucic
Goldsboro was different. While modern warheads do indeed have better safeguards against accidental detonation, there wasn't really much of a concept of strong-link/weak-link safety back then. One bomb landed intact on parachute, and while its safe/arm switch had not armed, the rest of the firing circuit was ready to go. The second bomb impacted the ground with its arm switch activated, and only a single unclosed high-voltage switch in the circuit prevented detonation. A retrospective analysis of the weapon design by Sandia Laboratories (one of the chief labs for nuclear research and weapons design) concluded that it wasn't safe for a production weapon. And even if you don't get a nuclear detonation, those bombs still have a significant mass of high explosives contained within, which could still devastate a significant portion of land and spread radioactive material over a wide area. We were damned lucky, even if uranium doesn't explode on contact like nitroglycerin does.
J.C. Kincaid
J.C. Kincaid 3 days ago
"D" for did you? dunno!? guess we will wait and see...
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes 3 days ago
Buddy look around you! Society is in the toilet! They don’t have all these super hero’s everyone demands for the police and military and McDonald’s workers! Shit is still hard and takes years of training! Like who grows up thinking I want to be the guy who pushes the button 🤔😂
Paul MacLean
Paul MacLean 4 days ago
obama autherized 1 trillion for nukes over 10 yrs on the way out .its ok .single payer can wait
jorged06 4 days ago
well, watching this during the Trump presidency and a world quarantine will really make me sleep well
betunia98 4 days ago
Holy **** tie scares the day lights out of me.
Czech Mate
Czech Mate 5 days ago
Idk man, that's a LOT of 'if's'
Jayde Hall
Jayde Hall 6 days ago
We are worried about Iran's nuclear program? They don't have to bomb us they just need to wait until we successfully bomb ourselves...
Chris Cauley
Chris Cauley 6 days ago
That last joke about the president riding a bomb as he ends the world did not age well.
TheDuck 7 days ago
The problem is once they are all updated with new computers, those computers are obsolete
Salem Saberhagen
Salem Saberhagen 7 days ago
Dear USA, PLEASE be careful! - Europe
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 8 days ago
GERWolf 8 days ago
What scares the living crap out of me is who is in charge of launching those nukes -.-
Ime Familiq
Ime Familiq 9 days ago
14:59 the scary moment when this is looking more like a prediction than a joke lol
Vibhor Bajpai
Vibhor Bajpai 9 days ago
As far as the floppy disk part goes, the reason it is used is because it cannot be hacked, it's the safest way you can store info digitally today without the risk of someone usurping your usage rights sitting a thousand kilometers away. So that part I get.
Johnathon Nielsen
The older floppy disk system can't be hacked remotely
Dimitris Papadakis
neither a newer system, if you don't connect it to the internet
Kolleen Hanetho
Kolleen Hanetho 11 days ago
I laughed so hard
PatchesRips 13 days ago
1:04 The worst thing actually is Danny would have been fine if his father hadn't yelled "Hey, Danny, turn around and look at the bomb going off!"
The Pied Bagpiper
The Pied Bagpiper 13 days ago
One problem I have with this is that the T-Rex analogy is not enough to explain to me why total nuclear disarmament is a good idea. After all, I was under the impression that nukes have been preventing full-scale invasions since 1945. As far as I've hitherto figured, humanity is not at a place where such insurance is not necessary. It seems like relationships still need to be nurtured and alternative insurance needs to be put in place.
Erik Swink
Erik Swink 13 days ago
theres also a nuclear bomb that dropped in Georgia (near tybee island) and the crazy thing about that one is that they never found it
Tim Loves Bacon
Tim Loves Bacon 14 days ago
🚀 🇷🇺 💥 🌍 🥳
William Eriksson
William Eriksson 15 days ago
i kinda wish john oliver could relay the amount of complexity that is entailed in setting off nuclear devices, even the ones that were used and tested during the first world war rarely functioned as designed
Obviously you should have them guarded by Japanese school girls and make a show called Girls und Kernwaffen.
yuhkuj tkuykl
yuhkuj tkuykl 17 days ago
Don't joke about nuclear weapons, you might not be able to laugh after the explosion.
Joshua Rowley
Joshua Rowley 18 days ago
Russian Mexican food sounds good rn.
Gaius 1968
Gaius 1968 19 days ago
Fortunately a nuclear chain reaction cannot be triggered by exploding rocket fuel ... you can throw as many spanners at the missiles as you like. That doesn't mean that the Moronic Murican Military might find a way to actually set one off by mistake one day, of course. If anybody can overcome the multiple safety precautions by sheer dumbness, it is them.
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD 19 days ago
What an absolute legend.
Kolli Sri phani tejaswi
Montather Aati
Montather Aati 21 day ago
Nuclear weapons the most boring thing ever
nishad malbari
nishad malbari 21 day ago
Plz do a show on indian politician
Justin Jasper
Justin Jasper 26 days ago
03:32 11:06 03:30
TheHighNoonSaloon 26 days ago
"Oops, oh shit" Should be our last words individually, not collectively.
Willie Martinez
Willie Martinez 27 days ago
Yes they screw up but using that old old technology keeps people out of it is a very safe program and functions and would cause billion to replace or upgrade
The Alejandro Show
The Alejandro Show 27 days ago
"Go ask them if i can play guitar" plays air bass.
notgordan 28 days ago
You all realize the simpler the rocket software, the less amount of data to scan for malware from threats right? Keep it simple. We don't need much code to drop a command prompt into a computer on a rocket.
Otsile M
Otsile M 28 days ago
Gen Carey sounds like a riot.
Ishan Roy
Ishan Roy Month ago
I think you are looking at it the wrong way. A drunk hippie playing guitar, listening to beatles, throwing peace signs, smoking weed(hopefully) and with a good sense of humour is exactly the guy you would want handling the nukes. All the nukes. In all the world.
typelogin Month ago
Any ladies watching this, if you are single and like Aquaman Action Figures send me a dm and I'll buy you a drink
Nathan Boatright
The real question is there are Mexican restaurants in Russia
Sebastian Contreras
The Goldsboro nukes didn't detonate because a loose lanyard caught the arming switch and flipped it to "disarm" during the crash
Justin Martin
Justin Martin Month ago
I hate how these guys will shit on Republicans for saying things that they think will make people less safe or not taking things seriously enough. But then do the same thing like trying to win an award for hypocrisy. Duck and cover if your at the epicenter, sure, silly. But if SF or NY takes a hit, not everyone is going to be at the epicenter, there’s going to be tens if not hundreds of thousands in the zones where windows will be turned into flying glass and buildings will have their foundations tested. So duck and cover would most definitely save lives and eyes.
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey Month ago
1:15 Wow, who could have predicted that 2014 would be considered "a simpler time" so quickly
Sheena Mazzella
Sheena Mazzella Month ago
06:15 08:09 06:27
The Tennessee
The Tennessee Month ago
Watching that ending monologue now in 2020, all I can say is, "Ssssshhh! You're jynxing it!"
A B Month ago
Dumbass they use floppy discs cause its way harder to hack them in any way but that doesn't suit your quippy shitty remark you four eyed fuck
Dane Laitinen
Dane Laitinen Month ago
that.... never mind...
Yandri Fadli
Yandri Fadli Month ago
And yet americans get really angry if any other country has a couple of those nukes. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!
Sp00ly Boys
Sp00ly Boys Month ago
Its better to keep the software outdated. Less chances of possible hacking
Richard Pauli
Richard Pauli Month ago
Wow... time for an update to this story. Wait, do they get tested for Covid? Oh no, there's a movie plot in this.
Tom Eyres
Tom Eyres Month ago
I'm just going to put this out there, W'ere f*cked
Bryan Chapman
Bryan Chapman Month ago
Fuck Tucker
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