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Oct 30, 2014




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Brofist play
Brofist play 15 hours ago
"High Quality"
Jailam Myles
Jailam Myles Day ago
I wish I could be immune to damage like superman or some other fictional superhuman character, just for one day so I could just stand dead center of a nuclear explosion and see what it's like firsthand
Marco profwebsite nl
these terrible bombs are so beautiful to see
Gorgunsun 2 days ago
Fake news.
YaNoAwantoMas 2 days ago
Just drop a few in africa and middle east and world peace will be guaranteed forever
DD Jacobs
DD Jacobs 3 days ago
Mmmm yum yum shock wave
A.I. Joh-An Gerrison Bot
The true, and terrifyingly awesome power of the dark Universe: the atom-splitting weapon.... ☢️😎🚬
Hungary Matee
Hungary Matee 3 days ago
The Forbidden Mushroom
Искрен Стоянов
btw who gave the idea for a nuclear bomb in the water?
Искрен Стоянов
0:59 rip caravan :
"Don't play with fire." Humanity: _"WELL I DON'T LIKE THAT RULE SO IMMA IGNORE IT."_
jayvon williams
jayvon williams 4 days ago
USA: if u decide to bomb us we we will destroy the whole planet Lol
Enzo Game's Simulation
Avalanche X
Avalanche X 4 days ago
Trees: survive the bomb Groot: Dead from falling up in the sky 15k ft high
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers 5 days ago
It still bugs me how kids today think a single nuke could practically destroy an entire US state.
Token Lmao
Token Lmao 5 days ago
1:17 look at all that condensation
lagadema16 5 days ago
People. People. People.
Synthcope Breakbeat
Hi, In the series "futur is cool", it might be interesting, 6 intense little minutes: ruvid.net/video/video-TZQcZoUfCSI.html Turn up the volume, and good unhappy sequence to you.. Thanks IamBrian for these images!
Evil Murlock
Evil Murlock 6 days ago
1:22 wow someone must be casting a realy high level spell with all those rings
Foxtraill Foxtraill
Quand est ce que l'iran va la lâcher sur Israël. Sa crains
Nadzar Abnay
Nadzar Abnay 7 days ago
Utuk mana utuk
Xander Shrive
Xander Shrive 8 days ago
HD huh?
Gabe Hawley
Gabe Hawley 9 days ago
Damn plutonium is one crazy substance.
Rob Keller
Rob Keller 9 days ago
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle 9 days ago
Ah yes. Welcome to the internet.
Nemesis 10 days ago
1:11 the castle bravo detonation
lugzy 10 days ago
*BOMB PLANTED* -Albert Einstein
Jackarunda Jiralhasari
could do without the fake sound effects
Jeremy Weir
Jeremy Weir 12 days ago
One punch man “hold my drink”
Olivia 13 days ago
What are those skinny vertical cloud looking things beside the explosions?
Mighty Fist Of Zeon!
It's a good thing these were invented. We'd have had another two world wars otherwise. Those idiots who want nukes dismantled don't realize that nuclear weapons are the *only* reason big countries like the US, Russia and China haven't duked it out in all out war. Take nukes out of the equation, then say goodbye to peace.
Big Bang Attack4561
Incase you didn't know, you can't look at one of these with the naked eye
Atrumoris 8 days ago
Yes you can. Once.
Eatinsomtin 13 days ago
In the United States you explode nuke BUT IN SOVIET RUSSIA NUKE EXPLODE YOU!
13 days ago
But why?
Balnazzardi 8 days ago
For the same reason we have armies....deterrence or more precisly, nuclear deterrence. And it has worked quite well, since after WW2 there has been no major wars with the richest nations of the world and the nuclear powers in particular
taroto1000 14 days ago
Hiroshima nagasaki
GameMaster Sniperbro990
Imagine dying in a penis shaped explosion, pretty gay but it's ok
Atrumoris 8 days ago
it looks like mushroom to everyone else
Itz Shard Craft
Itz Shard Craft 14 days ago
I hate the camera man meme thing cause its getting old and unfunny
Everyone: * \gamemode spectator * Camera man; * \gamemode creative *
ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa
This is awesome
David Scott
David Scott 15 days ago
1:34 imagine being at home and seeing that outside ur window :(
Henry Of Skalitz
Henry Of Skalitz 15 days ago
I hate humans.....
mamamelissa25 16 days ago
“Yes I am the cameraman” -Albert Einstein
The Unknown Dungeon
Hey OP, I heard your mom yell "CANNONBALL!" at 5:05
ColYT 16 days ago
How to survive any nuclear bomb attack be cameraman
Rick Y
Rick Y 16 days ago
Someone engineer this in to a portable paint removal booth.
Av63PNT0 17 days ago
I can't believe the number of nuclear tests we have done and the amount of nuclear waste we have created. Next time your eating that Sushi dont forget we have dumped thousands of tons of nuclear waste in the oceans because we had no where to put it and thought dilution would make it harmless and did this for decades until it was finally stopped in the 90's or 80's.
Tim Lutz
Tim Lutz 17 days ago
That gives me chills. Just Blow Eversthing Up and all the hate and Problems are History in the books of Future. Who's next mankind?
TheDisabledGamer 17 days ago
Mankind should not be allowed to harness such power, the human race isn't responsible enough to have power like this at their disposal.
Enitro Music
Enitro Music 17 days ago
imagine beeing so dumb to use cuclears to kill everyone to get the country and then you realised you exploded the whole fucking country so you cant do anything with it
truth betold
truth betold 18 days ago
wow .......... wow . sorry that is all i've got
Nicolas Sotera
Nicolas Sotera 19 days ago
just in case, I'm from vault-tec and we think that now it's the best time to get your place inside on one of our vaults!
J R 19 days ago
7:37 I see no reason why live pigs should have ever been tortured in such a way. They were massively burned after this to the point where they had to put a lot of them down.
Lummerotta 19 days ago
Am i only one who thinks that looks fking skary
Michael Stancic
Michael Stancic 19 days ago
Some much wasted on explosions rather than harnessing the energy.
PredatorTalh4 19 days ago
"Do that to russia" -John .F kennedy
Gabriel Palmones
Gabriel Palmones 20 days ago
"It's all over but the crying"
Farrision Cremshwa
Farrision Cremshwa 20 days ago
Well these dinosaurs nukes are tickles, compared to what is now, Can you imagine if all the nukes went off, an then all the flash points, Then earthquakes, volcanoes, tidalwave, solor flares an asteroids, all at once. Well let's just say the virus would finally be ridden of the planet. Lol.........hahhahahaahahahahahalol...it's funny lol..👿.
I thought Robert Oppenheimer was responsible for the atomic bomb? Why dafuq is everyone talking about Einstein?
Barney 20 days ago
So is a nuke like spawning a tiny star on Earth?
Emmanuel Fletcher
Emmanuel Fletcher 20 days ago
This was oddly peaceful.
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