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Oct 30, 2014




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Ederson Erick
Ederson Erick Minute ago
beautiful and scary
Rommel Aguero
Rommel Aguero Hour ago
5:32 well that boat got oofed
Zion Smith
Zion Smith 6 hours ago
Just to video and watch it sick cntz
At the very beginning, at about 3:00, again at about 6:30, and a couple times later on, what are those lines going up to the sky....can anyone explain please?
Elliot Games
Elliot Games 14 hours ago
5:29 R. I. P that boat
Spaceman Savvy
Spaceman Savvy 16 hours ago
nigga missed the 1st shot smh
Kpop Lover
Kpop Lover 17 hours ago
4 nuclear bomb and the world ends I'm not kidding we learn that in Texas History and we came to nuclear bombs and we need four so the whole world gets destroy
Robert Workman
Robert Workman 18 hours ago
Wiser minds prevailed so that one orange imebecile--ONE!--could potentially screw all of us.
Myo Samuels
Myo Samuels 21 hour ago
Let's make cloud by ourselves
synth1970 Day ago
What the hell are we doing?!?
Arnob hossain Alif
I think these aren't nukes.These are gases and fire of a big monsters fart💨💨 Like here👇👇👇
Sam GG
Sam GG Day ago
Fake Audio
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Day ago
Interesting how the shock wave never pushes the tracer smoke out of the way...
Пабло Хорхес
While you watching this video radioactive damage to you body has become irreversible. Thank you for watching, hope to see you soon.
Kathy Howell/Nash
What are the streamers on the right of the blast.
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 2 days ago
My ass after Taco Bell.
panda kimmy
panda kimmy 2 days ago
1:45 no offense, but the buzzing of the jet airplane makes it sound that much horrifying. 😢😥💨🙄😟😮😮😮😯😯😦😧😧😧😬😬😬😬😳😳😳😳😳😷🤢🤮
Itz_Just_Jack 2 days ago
God it’s terrifying what we’ve made
FixItStupid 2 days ago
So.... Its A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other.
healthdios 2 days ago
No one knows who'd win a third world war....but we all know the fourth one will be fought with sticks and stones....
Kaden Eliason
Kaden Eliason 2 days ago
This is just a montage of my dad sneezing.
Simon Gray
Simon Gray 2 days ago
😈 evil 🌍
Original Laserbolt
What happens after you eat Taco Bell...
Typical Bean
Typical Bean 3 days ago
Nuclear weapons don't keep world Peace if we nuked anyone who wanted to start a war we would just get nuked to high hell nukes are not necessary in any way shape or form we still would have won world war 2 Japan was losing anyways nukes will be and always have been uneeded you can say it keeps peace but their was peace before the nuke so the belief that nukes are needed is just bs
António Oliveira
Horror and Beauty, but always a nightmare. Remember me the 80's movie "The Day After". Still having nightmares.
Danial M
Danial M 3 days ago
adam toth
adam toth 3 days ago
The last explosion, 9:20 you can see lightning in the explosion after. I N S A N E
Happy Boi
Happy Boi 2 days ago
OMG you can
When my mom goes skydiving
samuel thomas
samuel thomas 3 days ago
is the graphers are cockroach they had no pp safety protection
Wilfel Lemos Ramirez
Nuclear power😱😱 OMG!!!!!!
Steve Moss
Steve Moss 3 days ago
David Crosbys face at 442 upper left of mushroom cloud
raymond haley
raymond haley 3 days ago
What are the almost looks like lightning bolts white lines going up into the sky on a few of these
Президент Скруб
The smoke trails you might be referring to were markers to see how much air was moved during the shockwave released from the detonation.
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco 3 days ago
How much radiated water do you think the U.S. created with all the under water nukes?
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco 2 days ago
@Perry Rhodan Thanks👍
Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan 2 days ago
answer: Yes
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco 3 days ago
3:45 - how did the sound of the explosion happen at the same time as explosion????
Myo Samuels
Myo Samuels 12 hours ago
@Mucho Taco so.... That's a i like it laugh or sarcastic thing?
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco 12 hours ago
@Myo Samuels 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Myo Samuels
Myo Samuels 13 hours ago
@Mucho Taco listen to it. It's not the same. Sound is really fast after the explosion, I agree.... But I think it's possible. ( P.S. I'm doing Highschool😊)
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco 17 hours ago
@Myo Samuels so in your world, the speed of light and speed of sound are the same. Go back to school
Myo Samuels
Myo Samuels 21 hour ago
Nope, you hear it in a second after explosion. That's possible
oRgz Phantom
oRgz Phantom 3 days ago
Only a nokia could record that and not be destroyed by the blast
Desert Storm
Desert Storm 4 days ago
5:04 how to make tsunami v2.0
Dacian wolf
Dacian wolf 4 days ago
I hope the whole earth would be nuked to pieces and desintegrated into nothingness.
A.I. Joh-An Gerrison Bot
Stephen Hynen
Stephen Hynen 4 days ago
Man the biggest pest on this planet.
Dan Callanan
Dan Callanan 4 days ago
Great job guys! now you opened the door for Judy.
The juice lord
The juice lord 4 days ago
What a horrendous, destructive nightmare
Wamiengel 4 days ago
Can someone explain me what the White lines are at the beginning?
MrBakedDaily 4 days ago
Everyone always talking Bout nukes...what about 'll them heavy satellites every country been sending to space.No need for nukes when u can basically drop an asteroid.
Rumply Jupiter32
Rumply Jupiter32 4 days ago
This is surprisingly nice to look at
Hunter aventureiro
The final countdown (Europe)
Larry 5 days ago
The day they play with your house it will be no comments
fau sto
fau sto 4 days ago
you said it.... Like this is a problem of nobody , like they did this on another planet. It's so sad what we are doing to our beautiful planet
kewltroll1212BC - Roblox
Watch Now Nuclear Explosion with *H u g h* Quality Video
Khánh Đoan Nguyễn
Andre Magano
Andre Magano 5 days ago
The sound is fucking scary imagine that happen today
gristlepounder 5 days ago
Hugh quality is the best!
John O’Rourke
John O’Rourke 6 days ago
“I’m Albert Einstein” -Albert Einstein
модест модестов
Ups - the most terrible word in nuclear physics...
Selbst ist der Mann trau dich
Very bad bombs.
Hatem Abdullah
Hatem Abdullah 6 days ago
Damn you Americans
Runi 6 days ago
"I am become Death, destroyer of worlds."
Runi 5 days ago
@Adam Kiehl You got it 👍
Adam Kiehl
Adam Kiehl 5 days ago
I believe it was Oppenheimer who said that. He was quoting Bhagavad Gita.
C N Rosa
C N Rosa 6 days ago
Okay - am I the only one, but I see faces, eyes, expressions of anguish, screaming, etc. in the orange mushroom cloud starting at 1:10...
Castlehill650 6 days ago
Is the audio actually real for any of these? I really want to know what a bomb sounded like at a distance or various distances.
Ajaax 6 days ago
The way everything darkens around some of them really, *really* bothers me, it looks like hell
Marie Fisher
Marie Fisher 5 days ago
It is hell
Op Lo
Op Lo 6 days ago
Come on this is some Hollywood bullshit The camera didn't move an inch !!
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