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Sep 4, 2019




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Comments 7 262
THE PRINCE FAMILY 2 months ago
The Prince Family Merch: www.officialprincefamily.com
Uria Melvin
Uria Melvin 3 hours ago
Randy Sooklall
Randy Sooklall 7 hours ago
We didn't damion in the wig tho
Bebe Harrison
THE PRINCE FAMILY baby nova is cute
Kylie James
Kylie James 2 days ago
The 2019
GodsSunFlower5 3 days ago
I need I need those clothes because literally like I just have a newborn baby cousin and a one-year-old cousin she's cute I have a 3 year old cousin I need those clothes really first of all our clothes even small or big I just wanted to know love you guys Prince family I'm doing great I'm doing alright I'm doing alright I'm doing alright love you I am a prince family lover Prince family lover Prince family
Samantha Perez
Samantha Perez 17 hours ago
Team B
Whitney Boykin
Whitney Boykin 21 hour ago
I need some
HALL Electra
HALL Electra 22 hours ago
Yip I need the baby girls clothes for my nephew
Zakiyah Evans
I can use it the diapers 😃
Bri Walker
Bri Walker Day ago
I could really use some of those clothes u don't use
Kaylee Kane
Kaylee Kane Day ago
I did it
princess maya that cutie Smith
we need baby choths
Deniecha Nelson
i wanna get the merch for my bday
Glenda Morales
Those ribs are not just for you girl
Richard Bowen
Richard Bowen 2 days ago
I do really do Text me and fb timeiiboo
Kylie James
Kylie James 2 days ago
The 2019
Kylie James
Kylie James 2 days ago
The 2019 and I love you 😘💕❤️
Londyn Williams
Londyn Williams 2 days ago
I did it
Beverly Coleman
Beverly Coleman 2 days ago
We need some clothes for the baby
liza njuguna
liza njuguna 3 days ago
If you like The prince family then give them a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel like me
GodsSunFlower5 3 days ago
I need those clothes for my newborn cousin she's a baby a girl you cute
Angie Martin Stewart
My niece is 3 months and she needs some more clothes and diapers
Angie Martin Stewart
Are them clothes still available?
Kyana Williams
Kyana Williams 3 days ago
I need alot of baby clothes
Richard Radcliff
Richard Radcliff 3 days ago
Bianca: how u doin girl Me: im doing alright im doing alright
Samariah Gordon
Samariah Gordon 3 days ago
I do. I remember
Valerie Carter
Valerie Carter 4 days ago
Kelsie Joiner
Kelsie Joiner 4 days ago
I need baby clothes
Natasha Robson
Natasha Robson 4 days ago
Happy holidays from the prince family love you guys.
Autumn Lockridge
Autumn Lockridge 4 days ago
Bianca: Say hey boys Damien: NO! Biannca: Say heyyy! Damien: you know you ain’t bout to have a boyfriend, I don’t wanna have this conversation with you
Amanda Gabriellah
I will like to take them girl baby clothes
MariaJose ontiveros
My sisters name is Mia and we have a golden retriever
aida price
aida price 4 days ago
I need babes and pacifiers baby close
Keke Baynes
Keke Baynes 4 days ago
Please give in need
Rayhan Enaiyet
Rayhan Enaiyet 4 days ago
Omg how nova is supperrr CUTE
Sarah Mirreh
Sarah Mirreh 5 days ago
Me please
Walter Smothers
Walter Smothers 5 days ago
your ulgly
Walter Smothers
Walter Smothers 5 days ago
nova is adoorabla
Queen Mya
Queen Mya 5 days ago
I need baby stuff
Adnel Cardona
Adnel Cardona 6 days ago
I love you guys you are the best😍
jameka robinson
jameka robinson 6 days ago
Jennie Williams
Jennie Williams 6 days ago
Yes I am indeed
Allysa kauffman
Allysa kauffman 6 days ago
I'm doing alright
MoonzHD 6 days ago
Did you see her drool 20:15
Sandra Mayah
Sandra Mayah 7 days ago
I really need some clothes
cuddly kitten
cuddly kitten 7 days ago
please please i need some baby clothes for my baby doll she is newborn to 3 months. i don't have any more money for her but she needs needs shoes. i am 10 years old and i would love to be in a shout out.
Tammera Greenlee
Tammera Greenlee 7 days ago
How old I she
jay_¿ squad
jay_¿ squad 7 days ago
Hey yes I would like all the baby clothes and diapers
Blanca Serrano
Blanca Serrano 7 days ago
I need the baby girl clothes
TAYTE TRICE 7 days ago
Hi Nova
Cutie Pie123
Cutie Pie123 8 days ago
Can i get some
Keirston Meeks
Keirston Meeks 8 days ago
what size are they
Myrion Ford
Myrion Ford 8 days ago
ssl ssl
ssl ssl 8 days ago
I turned on the post notafacatins
Danny Le
Danny Le 8 days ago
She might be tired
Heiress Christopher
I need some clothes
Tracey-ann Thompson
this is kool
serenity hudson
serenity hudson 9 days ago
I need some baby clothes
Ketsaina Jean-Charles
what parent doesn't know how to rock paper scissor shot.
Quintina Torregano
No 🤢🤬🤯😭🤮
Quintina Torregano
No 🤢🤬🤯😭🤮
The Krazies
The Krazies 10 days ago
queen bee
queen bee 10 days ago
your wife got the same shoes as my big sis
Ayonna Taylor
Ayonna Taylor 10 days ago
I would love to have novas baby cloths I
Susan Carter
Susan Carter 10 days ago
I want the clothes for my doll
life as Gina tanue
life as Gina tanue 10 days ago
I've turned post notifications on DING DING
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