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Sep 4, 2019




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Comments 7 668
THE PRINCE FAMILY 5 months ago
The Prince Family Merch: www.officialprincefamily.com
Davon Miller
Davon Miller 3 days ago
wazzup 2000 was my
Carmelita Heard
Carmelita Heard 4 days ago
Nova teem to
Carmelita Heard
Carmelita Heard 4 days ago
Damien suck
Jammael Mustapha
Jammael Mustapha 7 days ago
Can my baby have the clothes? 🙏🙏😭
laayba jamal
laayba jamal 9 days ago
Marwa is not pretty in the middle class but is not a bad thing okays or not x a bit of a joke about it in my opinion and I am not going anywhere but the best way to do it is to keep your day off x and it was a very good day for me but my husband and I hope you will become the most beautiful person in the country to help them yh and
oo oo
oo oo Hour ago
I wish i was your kid
Ahmaryah Myers backup channel
I’m buying y’all merch either this weekend or the next
Lakeya McEachron
Lakeya McEachron 6 hours ago
hi nova,kyrie, and dj i hve a liltle brother who shares the same name as nova i hope we can meet someday
kortney edds
kortney edds Day ago
I subscribed and turned on notifications 💝💝💝💝💝
mneff2003 2 days ago
She is the best one meaning nova
Danasia Sowder
Danasia Sowder 4 days ago
I mean I would like the baby clothes
Danasia Sowder
Danasia Sowder 4 days ago
I'd like the
Zoey Carlton
Zoey Carlton 4 days ago
cani get it p
Lee Ostler
Lee Ostler 4 days ago
Markecia Owens
Markecia Owens 5 days ago
I remember that song and I love it
sergio sachez
sergio sachez 5 days ago
I need baby culottes passafiers and dipers and ips sheos please
thalia plenty
thalia plenty 5 days ago
Kaimann Rodgers
Kaimann Rodgers 6 days ago
my mom need some for my baby sister if you can send us some
April Maynard
April Maynard 6 days ago
My baby cousin has nothing we need all of that
Joselynne Seward
Joselynne Seward 6 days ago
Shandra Phillips
Shandra Phillips 6 days ago
Hey this might be to late but you can exchange your diapers at most stores like Walmart or Target
Lee Draper
Lee Draper 6 days ago
I remember that
Michael Brefford
Michael Brefford 6 days ago
I do
Kei'Arryana Mills
we need girl stuff
Kyra 7 days ago
okay i thought that wig was kyries actual real hair, im like wtf
Jammael Mustapha
Jammael Mustapha 7 days ago
I am a fan of yours ever since. You are my inspiration you are my medicine I held on you too while suffering from depression. You make me happy you make me feel especial. Your videos makes me smile everyday 😍😍😍 keep doing a video for us guys. Keep loving each other ❤️❤️❤️
Jammael Mustapha
Jammael Mustapha 7 days ago
Can My baby girl have it? 🙏😍😭
Garnaia Garrett
Garnaia Garrett 7 days ago
I love yall thanks for shouting me out
Tanishae Bolton
Tanishae Bolton 7 days ago
I love my baby happy birthday
Allie Nesbit
Allie Nesbit 8 days ago
I love all of your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Erika Henderson
Erika Henderson 8 days ago
My birthday is on September 2nd. On Labor Day
Samantha Meade
Samantha Meade 9 days ago
I love Nova too❤️❤️❤️
Samantha Meade
Samantha Meade 9 days ago
I love your videos❤️❤️
Tatiana Berry
Tatiana Berry 9 days ago
I do happy holidays from the prince family😍I love the prince family
Brionna Graham
Brionna Graham 10 days ago
I need some my mom had twin baby 🤱🏾🤱🏾
jennifer almeida
jennifer almeida 10 days ago
I need them
Jacob Avalos
Jacob Avalos 10 days ago
Team Damien
Lexus Buckley
Lexus Buckley 11 days ago
Mia as hyped as Dj & Kyrie
Shyanne House
Shyanne House 11 days ago
I hoped you had fun
Secred spook1
Secred spook1 11 days ago
thAT babY chUNky
Makayla the Dancer
Makayla the Dancer 11 days ago
Joyce Cruz
Joyce Cruz 11 days ago
I need Close
Dadja Thomas
Dadja Thomas 11 days ago
That dog is a biter😂😂
Unicorn Girl power
Unicorn Girl power 11 days ago
Annecia Edwards
Annecia Edwards 12 days ago
I will take the baby dipers , the wipes and the comfiter
Shamya King
Shamya King 12 days ago
destiny lawrence
destiny lawrence 12 days ago
hey mia and dj and k and d and b
Kimixss 12 days ago
Can u pls make videos with simon
Mia Caraballo
Mia Caraballo 12 days ago
I want the baby close
Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ
Damian dad was funny
Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ
Kyrie face inside the wig that Damian use for the uber cideo
Deandria Carter
Deandria Carter 13 days ago
You're my favorite Uber
Miyah Brown
Miyah Brown 13 days ago
Prince family gang gang
BRAX THE LAST 13 days ago
Dj looks like that kid from proud family with that hair 🤣🤣
BRAX THE LAST 13 days ago
I'm doing alright I'm doing alright I'm doing alright
Geanna Beaird
Geanna Beaird 14 days ago
I want the pastifers
Nadine Duteste Marc
All of the food is for you Bianka
Chiquanta Lawrence
Chiquanta Lawrence 15 days ago
I do
Crandall Williams
Crandall Williams 15 days ago
I want it for my baby cosine
Medina Imamovic
Medina Imamovic 15 days ago
This is funny kyrie running around
tiffany carter
tiffany carter 16 days ago
i need Baby close
Shamya King
Shamya King 16 days ago
Amina Mwanilelo
Amina Mwanilelo 16 days ago
Team Damien
Nyre Henderson
Nyre Henderson 17 days ago
We need some baby girl clothes
Patricia Collins
Patricia Collins 17 days ago
we need the cloths
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