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Notre Dame Cathedral came within 30 minutes of being totally destroyed last night, according to the French government, with ministers praising the speed and bravery of firefighters.
Tonight President Macron addressed the people of France and vowed to restore the cathedral within five years. And as billions of euros are pledged by those wanting to help, French spirits have been lifted by the news that so many priceless artefacts have been saved.
BBC News at Ten’s coverage of the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire, with Paris Correspondent Lucy Williamson, Arts Correspondent David Sillito, Fergal Keane, and presented by Sophie Raworth.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Dan The car guy
Dan The car guy 3 months ago
Mr bean goes on holiday to France and then this happens 🤔ruvid.net/video/video-LZfIzJ6XwPQ.html
Drmcx 4 months ago
When that spire fell, It got a rotten feeling in my chest. So sad...
Christine Daae
Christine Daae 6 months ago
I wonder what in the World caused the fire in the first place. I guess only time will tell. What a terrible loss.
Gary French
Gary French 9 months ago
As Catholic do all you can to keep what you have.
Magni Magistri
Magni Magistri 11 months ago
Thank God that the sacred relics were protected. Remember, the imperial coronation of the glorious Napoleon within these walls. All must be preserved.
_simplechloee __
this is why you need to do your duolingo spanish lessons
Matthew Mc D0nald
Just like wwll the USA is spending their money well the frog's drink wine
Fr0st Year ago
mcesar53038 Year ago
Probably god wanted to be dune that way who knows ..
Maaiket S
Maaiket S Year ago
How are investigations going? ? Dont hear nothing?
Hwang Jaehong
Hwang Jaehong Year ago
It's bad enough that the fire itself took place, can't imagine the loss it would have been for those priceless artifacts to have been lost as well. Thankfully, the fire didn't do as much of a toll as it might have, I hope the recovery operations go well, Paris.
emile zola
emile zola Year ago
..."inside job".....come il settembre 11 a new york.....capish, povere pecore
Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler
jesus hates the poor but loves korporation.
Annabeth Year ago
That is so terrible a loss with human beings
Namoth Year ago
This reminds me of how many other historical fragments in the world thats destroyed without anyone but the destroyers knowing it happend...or forcing others to stand idly by at gun points or helpless agenst forces of nature that WE made unstable.... guess its an exellent chance though to arange artistic stuff to replace those paintings once the structure been rebuilt. ...honestly though...those donations to rebuild it ,considering how rich the chatolic church is I'd say thats exploiting peoples emotional effections thats tied to the structure.
Hannah A. Gehrels
I do not believe this was an accident. This was part of the war being waged on Christians and Christianity by (not the religious), but the insane and wicked! Religion is not the problem; because many who find a religion--find peace and love --and want to share that peace and love. The ppl who carry out these acts under the guise of religion are insane, unhappy, angry, evil... .
Please restore it as soon as possible.
talon55130 Year ago
Notre Dame is no more a French building as the great Pyramids of Giza are Egyptian, Big Ben is British or the Leaning Tower of Piza and the Roman Colosseum is Italian. These are buildings that belong to the world and are part of the history of humanity.
I_Am A_Messenger
Don't weep over a building! It's only a building. Personally I weep for the lost souls who are damned by man's tradition and turning their backs on God.
I_Am A_Messenger
Wait till God sends New York it's tsunami.. And California's in the sea, helped by earthquakes and the volcanoes that are there popping. It's God's Judgement. Rightfully so. I do pray there were no innocent captives inside that giant building to die of smoke inhalation. And if so that they went as peacefully as possible without much suffering.
joe stalin
joe stalin Year ago
Europe,esp. western Europe has turned its back on God and you see the results.
I_Am A_Messenger
Titanic was the"*unsinkable*" ship... That God sunk on April 15th. See any connection? God is God and it isn't any priest. Mary was a regular human who was used by God for God's purpose. She was a vessel. She wasn't to be worshipped. A false church burned down. Yeah it's old. An 800 year old house of lies had it's steeple brought low. Jesus said He was coming with fire.. Maybe they took those scriptures out of the Canon? Well folks you can Google it by topic and type in KJV alongside the search query. Jesus comes with fire kjv. There..copy and paste it. Repent so you can rejoice and not go to hell for idolatry. It's idolatry. And that's what God thinks about it based on what He did. At first I thought they were talking about the Roman collesium was on fire and didn't even look at it. Heard a headline on it that referenced the "church" and celebrated! Maybe some of them will come out from among them! They've strayed from the faith and call themselves Jews when they are not. They're not Christian. Or they'd never pray to Mary or any angel or any Dead man they deemed as a saint. Jesus is the only intercessor! Mary doesn't hear your rosary prayers. She's in paradise and deaf to your prayers. Or how else could it be paradise for her? Constantly bombarded with the prayers of world? Bit Jesus is big enough to handle them all and has time for you and wants a relationship with you. Come out from among them. They've strayed from the ways of their fathers and have adopted tradition as doctrine and are teaching millions of souls to commit blasphemy daily! No wonder God brought it down. Amen.
Derk Doys
Derk Doys Year ago
And the most peacefull religion people where dancing of joy.
Ok so Basically I’m monkey
Adam Enekes
Adam Enekes Year ago
European countries in the past history 100 years advocate democracy only to their own people but colonized other countries making slavery. so don't trust them. They so called democracy countries are the most invasive and attack other country. Don't be fool by their double standard hypocrite standard. They invaded and rob other countries. When comes to refugee Syria, Souther America, Mexico, they built walls and let infant child die in the mediterranean seas. They keep robbed wealth to themselves. Yet talk highly environmental standard yet ship their garbage and diaper to 3rd world countries. Talk high morale standard yet interfere into other countries politic by supporting opposition to create instability and create war and sell war weapons to profit and slaughter people.
Lance Coles
Lance Coles Year ago
priceless artifacts????..you mean worthless garbage dont you and pulled out before they set the fire..
monizdm Year ago
I will never understand firemen. I worked across the street from the WTC, and was there that morning. While we were running out, they were running in. Nearly every firehouse in Manhattan has memorial pictures of sacrificed firemen. I have a hard time going by them without getting choked up. Look at this video. There are firemen fighting the blaze from the upper reaches of the cathedral.
Alona Israel
Alona Israel Year ago
Priceless artifacts huh? More like worthless pieces of junk. GOD SAID DON'T WORSHIP WOOD OR STONE. THAT CHURCH HAD A LOT OF WOOD AND STONE IDOLS IN IT! Every SUN DAY people would kneel down and cross their chest to WOOD AND STONE STATUES. You all seen the video about THE SLAVE BIBLE? Some European Slavemasters thought it was a good idea to change the original KJV bible into a bible that would help them control their black slaves. Look up THE SLAVE BIBLE! It's on RUvid. Apparently, it's part of their SECRET HISTORY ARCHIVES. What you do in the dark will surely come back to hunt you in the brightest of light!
Rafael Alba
Rafael Alba Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video--lB5QbMxvac.html In words of Macron, Notre Dame rebuilding will be "consistent with our modern, diverse nation". Yup, because the old one, patrimony of humanity, was old age, fascist and racist... But hey, it was an accident like the other 874 church vandalised last year in France... TV has said five minutes after fire it was an accident, without any prior investigation, so must be true. anyone doubting it must be wearing a tin hat...
Calvin Abbott
Calvin Abbott Year ago
The Catacombs under the Cathedral are home to the Human Trafficking industry of the French Elites.
Calvin Abbott
Calvin Abbott Year ago
The Muslims burning the place stopped a mass Human Sacrifice that the Masons had planned their, so they had it in Sri Lanka.
Jocelyn Brisebois
Nothing in the state is going in the direction of a voluntary act, "summed up Tuesday the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz, after opening on the night of Monday to Tuesday an investigation for" involuntary destruction by fire. " Suspicions converge on the current construction site on the roof of the cathedral. It is from there that seems to have started the fire which then devoured in part the emblematic Parisian monument.
There is one who knows Everything
They are Scattered over the whole world How they'll Rebuilt it ???
joe stalin
joe stalin Year ago
Keep drinking the Koolaide,what could go wrong,ask the people of Sri Lanka.
Big Todd
Big Todd Year ago
absoftitanium Year ago
'ArtEfacts'? What the FUCK is wrong with you?
Mhogo Mchungu
Mhogo Mchungu Year ago
well planned event to quiet down yellow vest movement, well done
다니 Year ago
To be honest, as much as I like the idea of restoring the cathedral, I think the hundreds of million dollars should be used for more important issues. The cathedral is an important landmark. Yes, I very much agree to that. But I think such amount of money will never be able to restore such historical landmark because we all know that it will never be the same. I mean, what's the use if we know that it will never be the same? But what if the money donated by these rich people is used for something MUCH important such as free education, clean water to our African brothers, cleaning up our environment, etc. Because at the end of the day, Jesus doesn't care about material things such as stained glass or golden cross, he care about this planet and to his people the most. ps. I hope that I am not the only one to realized that rich people can help saving our planet and humanity if they truly cared.
Calvin Abbott
Calvin Abbott Year ago
Sloppy Job Mossad.
Ambee Gaming
Ambee Gaming Year ago
artefacts??????? Come on BBC right click the red line word and it becomes artifacts.
Chris Mahoney
Chris Mahoney Year ago
It's the first time I've seen the difference, but take a look here grammarist.com/spelling/artefact-artifact/
Ambee Gaming
Ambee Gaming Year ago
@Chris Mahoney Canada uses British spelling and I've never seen that word before.
Chris Mahoney
Chris Mahoney Year ago
It's the British spelling
Notre dame revivra!
L. Figueroa
L. Figueroa Year ago
No one is mentioning why were there statues and other artefacts removed from this building just days before this very "suspicious" blaze... Coincidence? And now Sri Lankan churches blown-up...No connection?
joe stalin
joe stalin Year ago
All the earmarks of a French DSG operation ,carried out by willing Muslim Dupes.
Kleek McGeek
Kleek McGeek Year ago
:( come on
Isoraide Piquero
Very hard this and very sad too.oh god i'm so sad
Richard Gilmore
She survived wars !! Whom ever did this needs to die.
Dany Daniele
Dany Daniele Year ago
macron end company ………..satanist
stab war
stab war Year ago
The ONE Idea An anguish incident of the Notre Dame Cathedral really has distressed the people from all walks of life, religions including atheist/agnostic all around the world. The people whether attached with religious emotions or the people who really love the art of this artistic gothic wonder felt great pain. On the other hand the French government is determine and well-focused on the restoration of the church, and definitely they will restore the church in the given time. A very prudent step taken by the French government who has invited the whole world for the ideas of restoration of the church. Therefore I would like to avail this opportunity and presenting my idea for this noble cause of the restoration of this holy structure. The idea which is being asked that should Notre Dame church be restored in the same gothic style or should it be given a modern look? Whether the Gothic church is restored in ancient look or a modern I would like to present an idea in a different manner. Since the whole world is in under the threat of terrorism and unfortunately France also had faced the horrible terrorist attacks in near past. In these circumstances where all the religions unfortunately couldn’t play that positive role, I think this is the right time to reunite the whole world and all the religions under one umbrella by restoring a church along with all different religion symbols. In which there should be a fusion/merger of Buddhist Temple, Mosque Dome, Synagogue and the atheist icon. In this manner not only a new era of peace and harmony will start and a clear message that in fact all religions gives the lesson of humanity and peace, but also will give a ONE religion concept. Which will lessen the hatred and bring the nations close. Moreover, France will be the very first country taking this initiative to merge all the religions in ONE, and hopefully this will be appreciated by all religions throughout the world as well. To make it more useful and pragmatic, a special area can be specified in cathedral where anyone from any religion can come and perform rituals according to their religions, which will give the sense of ONE nation world. The Gothic church will be ICON of the unity of all religions. More over the Notre Dame Church will have more attraction towards all kinds of religious tourists from all around the world. Peace stab73@hotmail.com
Black Cadillac
If the French ever find out who did this... you can be sure that they won't be taking them to court. What awaits them is far worse than death you can be sure.
Sean Casey
Sean Casey Year ago
Hardly an accident. It was far to advanced to be an accident. Don't forget the other churches that were also attacked. Way beyond co-incidence.
joe stalin
joe stalin Year ago
The Sheeple of Europe will believe what the Media and the globalist filth in Brussels tell them to believe.
Linda Lee
Linda Lee Year ago
Ha! Look at the BBC comment in the description. What a bunch of hype! It's on video of so many people's cell phones. The firemen did NOTHING for the first 3 hours. It was a controlled burn.
Rejected Dan
Rejected Dan Year ago
Blame Esmeralda
Zionism toHell
Cut the bullshit, nothing was "saved". The only damage was to a wooden platform above the concrete roof. The interior sustained ZERO damage. If a French president-thief wants to "rebuild" it's just so he can STEAL the phony construction funds.
xaraxen Year ago
It's like watching a loved one burned alive.
Tubsy McGhee
Tubsy McGhee Year ago
Burn like the heretics were burnt!
rocha333 Year ago
What the Nazis have to do with that? What a stupid comment from whoever it came. Stop spreading deceit on the internet. It was the french and the british that declare war against the nazis not the other way around. If someone is to blame is the french themselves. Stupid cocks.
John Davies
John Davies Year ago
And the muslims praising allah!!! Did u here it.?? Wow
RoadKillzine Year ago
disgusting, billions given to a building but the amazon burns 10,000 acres a day... and people die and suffer and the wealthy don't dip into their pockets like they did for some bricks and mortar and wood
Rosa Palmenteri-Ka
Am I connected with something precious, which I deeply love and touch my heart, care and I pay particular attention to it. Accidents / disasters do not "happen", they are caused by the stupidity of the people or because of "goddamn sloppiness". That in time too recognizing is just as important as sadness afterwards. It's easier to do something right later than explain why you get it wrong did or why you were not careful. Question: How to deal with people who are not really important things endeavor?
Victor Voss
Victor Voss Year ago
Ok - vollkommen korrekt.
Peter Foster
Peter Foster Year ago
Whats the problem ? Just build a new McDonald's !! ......... Problem SOLVED !!!
aksi Year ago
God liked memes and EU took them from him... This was his revenge
John Clay
John Clay Year ago
I understand the Notre Dame Cathedral was under restoration? The same happened here. MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY/AP) - A Milwaukee fire official says heating tools apparently caused a fire that destroyed a historic downtown church. Deputy Fire Chief Dave Votsis says the tools placed on adjacent scaffolding may have ignited the roof of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Votis estimates damage to the structure at $13 million and an additional $4 million in damage to the church's contents. Votis said Wednesday that the building is not structurally sound after the fire. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports a condemnation case was filed at the city, suggesting the church may have to be razed. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran was founded by German immigrants in 1847, according to its website. The building was constructed in 1878. It is one of the oldest churches in Milwaukee and the second oldest Missouri Synod church in Wisconsin. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and it is a State Historical Landmark.
juist schijnsel
The cathedral is a symbol of Catholic France, which is a French tradition. This is a terrorism by Islamic extremists to destroy the European traditional society and build a flat society for Islam.
joe stalin
joe stalin Year ago
Bingo, at least some of you are awake.
Carl Boucher
Carl Boucher Year ago
850 years many hundreds of thousands of people men women and children have lost their lives starvation murder Wars imprisonment torture list goes on and on but the artifacts in this 800 year Church are ""priceless""
B Paulusma
B Paulusma Year ago
Hunderd of millions are here. This is a bilding. Shame on all .There are so many people that have hunger!
David Smith
David Smith Year ago
I have the money to go visit Paris with my husband but dont have the health to travel so long... My wish is to visit Europe and see all these great cathedrals and museums before i die!
Susan Camp
Susan Camp Year ago
Is the firefighter critically hurt in the burning of Notre Dame OK?
Misti Blu
Misti Blu Year ago
Thank you for such a great and informative covering of this! This is the 5th video I have watched to get the proper coverage I knew I could count on BBC 🌹🌹🌹 Truly heartbreaking but we will rebuild and thank God not everything was lost! #Priceless
Arrynn Year ago
did anyone notice they spelled artifacts wrong in the title?
Rytis Januškevičius
we all know who did this... same as other 875 attacks last year on other catholic churches...
Robert Castle
Robert Castle Year ago
another day another false flag atrocity
For me, Notre Dame could well become a home to the thousands of homeless people in Paris.Then the Church would follow Jesus' example!
Leave Mealone
Leave Mealone Year ago
Do some research. Very old Oak does not burn. All the most valuable items removed shortly before. Two water cannons.. Tell me more
Douglas Taylor
ruvid.net/video/video-unE5es7a-bc.html Now check this out
Leave Mealone
Leave Mealone Year ago
Gilets Jaune Gilets Jaune Gilets Gilets Jaune
Leave Mealone
Leave Mealone Year ago
Leave Mealone
Leave Mealone Year ago
Bullshit news. Not a word of sense. Twin towers again, but not Grenfell, so the rich pay for what
sam halim
sam halim Year ago
death to dictator Zionist slave macron and all his gangs whose been leaving French suffer for long time and now they all 😢 for what happen Notre dame but none cared about human how ironic and hypocrites.
Henrik Year ago
History is what makes us strong! Notre Dame will become alive again!
Stephan Zuev
Stephan Zuev Year ago
And just before Easter Sunday!
Esthoo Sampule
This is a gift of Angela Merkel and her Mad companions open boarders policies EU leadership who is welcoming the Anti-Western elements on our blessed nations do NOT feel shame on this EVIL, because they are feeding the Anti-Christ this is time No-Talk deport all antes take your ARMY support stop this destruction they will destroy EU History completely as you are working on human Right but they do NOT think your human stop feeding migrant and stop their import and stop destroying our TAX payers money on Evil dowers wake-up its TIME to take action PRAYING for it is OKAY but GOD has given us WISDOM please STOP feeding SNAKES instead of feeding antes if you give 1000 EURO per kids for all married couples with FREE medical, educational and Jobs in Government sectors benefits to your real white citizens to May they give you 3 to 6 kids per family you will build your nation again or mail me I will give you plan HOW to Stop Evil and How to build a real peaceful Christian generation on our backyard of our ROOTS Email; samuelcharles1@yahoo.com?
Cathy Builds
Cathy Builds Year ago
Did they spell artifacts wrong? Or is it a different type of spelling for others?
Paul Manning
Paul Manning Year ago
Notre Dame belongs to me and also to those that treasure iconic art works of history like this great historic cathedral, regardless of your religion or even if you lack any faith in God, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we see Notre Dame as a cultural marvel of the enlightened west. Therefore, Notre Dame also belongs to the enlightened people of Europe, and perhaps also to a wider world of the enlightened. However, if you aren't culturally enlightened then it definitely does NOT belong to you! But I know for a fact that some delighted in its burning, its easily seen on line that many smiled as it burned and also after its further fall. But why? because they see Notre Dame as an imperialist emblem of the west, and being ignorant of what such a cathedral truly represents, they are happy to see its destruction. There are no prizes for guessing who I mean by this. I wonder.. hmm? But you can bet your last pound that the BBC will not report on those that rejoiced as great culture burned, they are far too politically correct to do so.
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