Notre Dame fire: Firefighters battle blaze as night falls in Paris

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Smoke clouds engulfed the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, as firefighters at the scene battled the blaze. Read more: wapo.st/2vcdCy1. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Apr 15, 2019

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Comments 1 795
Namoth 2 months ago
And thus the Spires of the decivers tempels will fall and people will be one step closer to reincarnate more honest older gods. ..seriously though ,such a shame on a old building as its a 'mummie' showing what construction methods was used at that time , but its also a good example why you never should skip on the maintance..regular frequvent maintance often is the sort with the least risk of accidents...turning into catastrophies. sort of reminds me though on how much many of the far far older remnants of civilization sufferd in the middle east and africa due to the last centuries of unstable politics there :/
Namoth 2 months ago
plumps talk though..urgh..so pointlessly plump.... yes a historical building , but hardly the greatest treasure in the world I saytheres no 'greatest' there are many 'great' ones..but no 'greatest' ...or would anyone dare to try and argue wich hade most vaule...pyramids....buhddist tempels..or christian tempels ? after all they all are inffused with historical vaule byond measure. wich includes being reminders of negative stuff aswell..for he whom is blind to history ,is doomed to repeat it.
Achilless Barreto
Achilless Barreto 2 months ago
Oh the benifits of muslim immigration.
Brad Disen
Brad Disen 2 months ago
I'm glad this IDOL has been burnt down ! Praise God ! People need to worship the true GOD of heaven rather than some temporary & PROUD man made architectural IDOL.
Brad Disen
Brad Disen 2 months ago
@GeekGamerGuy81 There are no dots to connect. I don't ADVOCATE burning down buildings. I'm simply pleased it has happened because it's hopefully showing people that buildings are only temporary LIFELESS stones, mortar, wood and paint. I find it amazing people mourn so much over lifeless structures that can do NOTHING. The only ETERNAL things are HEAVEN, HELL, GOD, and PEOPLE. Focus in these things, rather structures that really just symbolise mans PRIDE. Perhaps this fire was to HUMBLE some people, who think such man made buildings are timeless - well this shows - they are NOT.
GeekGamerGuy81 2 months ago
@Brad Disen Hitler was telling people to burn anything and everything that disagreed with the philosophy that he espoused. You just advocated the burning of a historic landmark because if offended your beliefs. I'll let you connect the rest of the dots.
Brad Disen
Brad Disen 2 months ago
@GeekGamerGuy81 Oh really, so Hitler was telling people to worship the God of the Bible rather than worshipping idols? Never heard of that before.....
GeekGamerGuy81 2 months ago
You just made the same argument that the Nazi's made when they starting burning books that disagreed with their racist, fascist, ideology.
Melissa Raaymakers
Melissa Raaymakers 2 months ago
BITCH helli
BITCH helli 2 months ago
So sad what happen in this world first newzeland now noterdame such a sad world
adres manica
adres manica 2 months ago
Rebatir apres l'avoir detruit en utilisanr une operation a fausse baniere gg
Tv Land
Tv Land 3 months ago
It reminds me of the Yuanmingyuan Park, what French and Britis did.
Supreme commander Drak
Frollo took his song way too seriously Edit: But in all seriousness this building is a piece of history it’s really sad to see it burns it survived the French Revolution, WW1, And WW2.
Diamond Light
Diamond Light 3 months ago
I heard Notre Dame was built by a satanic person called "2 horns" in French that sold his soul to the devil. Also every person entering that building will get possesd. It's confirmed. The satanic satututes surrounding the building are inhabited by demons/jinns. They watch every person entering the building.
Lofty Smalls
Lofty Smalls 3 months ago
_Democracy Dies in Darkness_ that's one hell of a truth
ByronRaver 3 months ago
Notre Dam come forth...Rise!
Gention Qeli
Gention Qeli 3 months ago
Remeber the hunchback of notre dame the movie
TheWitchof SeaCliff
TheWitchof SeaCliff 3 months ago
Why is the smoke white and green? Wood fire burns black smoke. Anyone else here suspicious? Or am I unaware of some chemical or stone that burns this way?
stighelmer 3 months ago
The only church that illuminates is a burning church.
Prophet Ayatollah Savilcus Fixi-it atus,CBE
Prophet Ayatollah Savilcus Fixi-it atus,CBE
i got you those ACME apostate donkey penis companions for your aching apostate bumhole that you couldnt get on ebay,..but the price is up,....they where very hard to come by on the dark web???,. ........so let the haggle barters,.begin!.................200,000 000 rupeees, was the opening bid i think!??
Paul Sabian
Paul Sabian 3 months ago
Rebuilt? Is there anything to rebuilt? Just remove it and place new one. Parts u may get from IKEA.
Emii •
Emii • 3 months ago
Los famosos 'donaron' millones de dolares para arreglar eso, ahí aparecieron pero para ayudar se re borran, son unos hijos de re mil puta, forros de mierda.
TRaNsLi 3 months ago
Pitifully....just a shame,so long stood
mansao 05
mansao 05 3 months ago
Sie sprachen von 400 Feuerwehr Leuten und mehr . Ich habe nur wenige gesehen. Haben die Anderen den Verkehr geregelt ?
waner Lin
waner Lin 3 months ago
Good job!
ChucksterOLove 3 months ago
Burn baby burn, it's a Jesus inferno! LMAO!! 😈🔥😆
Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable
@ChucksterOLove How do you think I responded to your comment? On another note, stop using emojis. You look like a fully grown adult. It is really cringe worthy.
ChucksterOLove 3 months ago
@Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable You need to see a teacher so you learn to read someday... 😉
Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable
You need to see a therapist.
secrets 3 months ago
Two French billionaires donated 300 million dollars to rebuild this, while kids in foreign countries are starving.
arbanaskocudo 3 months ago
Yes terrible, when was the last time you helped the poor
Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable
@secrets I never said you did. I used Africa as an example because it is an area which many starving people that is foreign. It's an example of why transferring just 300 million dollars won't help.
secrets 3 months ago
Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable I never mentioned just Africa
Saltine Forkwad the Impenetrable
Billions of dollars have been donated to Africa and yet the African governments waste it on weapons and luxuries for the leaders. It would be a waste of time.
Gayann 3 months ago
A terrible tragedy for France, best wishes. love and respect from Canada
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 3 months ago
Damn.. that sucks... so did the french wait for the Americans and British to arrive to put out the fire? Hahaha
Slim Rudy
Slim Rudy 3 months ago
Why would someone burn it?
Ariel Biernacki
Ariel Biernacki 3 months ago
Accident again?
ishtiaq Bhatti
ishtiaq Bhatti 3 months ago
Totally Not Connor
Totally Not Connor 3 months ago
overrated channel
overrated channel 3 months ago
This reminds me of Bloodborne
Porkchop Sandwiches
Porkchop Sandwiches 3 months ago
Why ruin a good piece and put a clip of Dumbo the Orange clown in there? Derp the stone structure is going to burn to the ground because Stone is so flammable derp derp. I think the whole world can agree upon that we are tired of hearing Trumps stupid voice saying stupid things.
Eric Grijalva
Eric Grijalva 3 months ago
PENG LI 3 months ago
马航预言 1.红色的绳子:森林大火 2.奇怪的房子:巴黎圣母院着火 3.金色的珠子:黑洞照片 4.高大的栅栏:特朗普的墨西哥边境墙
Eric Grijalva
Eric Grijalva 3 months ago
John Abramsky
John Abramsky 3 months ago
islamist finger crossing and laughing,like on 9/11; declared war on Christianity and Jesus Christ our God and Saviour, finger crossing and laughing it is beginning of ending,for them in western world why this scam macron did not used helicopters like in bush fire?
Ruman Khan
Ruman Khan 3 months ago
Very sad to see it. No words to describe my feelings. Condolences to all french people. 😢😢
F B I 3 months ago
No words cuz you have no feelings
Xi Jinping's last visit to France was disgraced. This illiterate fool is narrow-minded, evil has no bottom line, China's disasters continue, Xi Jinping has a crisis of trust,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, will it???
Krzysztof Klapkowski
Macron dismiss
Martha Vilchez
Martha Vilchez 3 months ago
Muy primer mundo y nada más una manguera para apagar ya ni en México
Mike 3 months ago
Y’all acting like someone died. It’s just a materialistic thing. Y’all shouldn’t be that emotional about this. It’s sucks but still. I bet companies and the government are putting money towards this and not towards suffering people. Smh
Big Papa
Big Papa 3 months ago
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 3 months ago
I had buttsex with my grandma there 😱
Meth Ready
Meth Ready 3 months ago
It will never be the same
SimpleVlogTV 3 months ago
You are really sad people. It is just a building that has had historical and maybe spiritual significance just be happy there were no casualties and move on
F B I 3 months ago
Will you marry me
ldavis6767 3 months ago
Macron worked for the Rothilds before his appointment to the head of France.
s bright
s bright 3 months ago
ldavis6767 oh so now it’s the Jews fault?
Dania Martinez
Dania Martinez 3 months ago
I know everyone is saying “you can just rebuild it” but it wont be the same 😪💔
F B I 3 months ago
Yes it will you melodramatic dumbass its burned before
mrk107 3 months ago
It was under construction? I wonder who got paid to leave the soldering gun plugged in.
kahamarca kemosabe
kahamarca kemosabe 3 months ago
What people forget...Not only the fire but the water used to put it out will cause damage! 😐 This is the building that survived Hugenouts attack in the 16th Century Desecration during the French revolution, World war 1 and World war 2 but it is also the place where Mary Stuart Queen of Scots got married as well as James V not to mention the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte and the canonisation of Joan of Arc took place here as well as the requiem masses when DeGaulle died and later on Mitterand...That building IS Paris...
kahamarca kemosabe
kahamarca kemosabe 3 months ago
@F B I Uhm..no
F B I 3 months ago
K..........................you want a cookie
T Wik
T Wik 3 months ago
I saw a black with a lighter.
Robert California
Robert California 3 months ago
Hope all the child molesters got out safe
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